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“I don’t know what’s wrong with her mom. She keeps on crying and she’s got a really high fever. She’s not eating either. I’ve tried to feed her and she just keeps crying and saying that she’s sore,” Brian told his mom over the phone.

“How long has this been going on sweetheart?” his mom asking trying to remain calm so that Brian wouldn’t panic even more.

“She’s had a fever off and on for a few days but I thought that it would go away,” he said pacing back and forth in Elly’s room.

“Ring the doctor and get him to come out and take a look at her. I’m sure it’s just a virus that she has but maybe he will be able to give her something so that she can rest.”

“Ok thanks mom.”

Brian hung up the phone and immediately rung the doctor who said he would be round within the hour. He went and sat on Elly’s bed and watched her as she lay there. Her forehead was covered in sweat and her face was puffy from the tears that she had been crying.

“It’s ok princess, daddy’s here,” he said as he stroked her face.

The next hour seemed to drag and Brian wouldn’t leave Elly’s side. His panic got worse when the doctor suggested that he take her to the hospital for some tests.

“What does she need tests for? Don’t you know what’s wrong with her?” Brian asked.

“I can’t say for sure but her symptoms are not of your average virus. I would like you to take her to the hospital so we can rule out a few things. Just go to the desk and tell them who you are. I have anything arranged and they will be ready to take her for tests,” the doctor said as he walked to the door.

“Ok I’ll take her straight away,” Brian said.

On the ride to the hospital they seemed to get every red light. Brian kept looking in his mirror at Elly and could see that she was getting worse. As soon as they got to the hospital he scooped her into his arms and ran into the hospital.

“The doctor told me to bring my daughter here,” Brian said to the woman that was behind the desk.

“What’s her name?” the woman asked kindly.

“It’s Elly Littrell.”

“Oh yes Mr Littrell. We’ve been expecting you. I’ll just get a nurse to come out to you. Please take a seat.”

Brian carried Elly and took a seat. Elly felt really warm against him. She seemed to get worse by the minute.

“Mr Littrell?” a nurse asked as she approached him. “If you’d like to follow me.”

Brian carried Elly into a small room where they were going to perform some tests on her.

“Daddy don’t go!” Elly cried as Brian moved to pull a chair closer to her bed.

“Daddy’s not going anywhere princess,” Brian said as he took her small hand.

He watched as they took blood tests and a doctor checked Elly’s body over. All the while feeling helpless.

“Mr Littrell can I have a word with you?” the doctor asked.


“Daddy will be back in a flash princess,” he said to Elly.

He followed the doctor to a small room and followed his lead as he sat down.

“I need to ask you a few questions about how Elly has been feeling recently,” he started, “Has Elly been feeling tired recently? Has she had a lot of bruising? Any pain under her ribs?”

Brian tried to take all the questions in and digest them.

“She’s been tired more than normal but I thought it was the fever. Erm I guess she’s had a few bruises recently but she’s a kid they are always banging themselves. She told me earlier that she was feeling a little sore,” he answered not sure why the doctor was asking these questions.

“Thank you,” the doctor said getting up.

“Why do you want to know that?” Brian asked.

“If you had of answered no to those questions then I wouldn’t have considered doing the next test on Elly,” the doctor said.

Brian could feel himself start to panic again and knew that he would probably regret the next question he was going to ask.

“What next test?” he asked slowly.

“A biopsy,” the doctor stated.

“Biopsy? Why what’s wrong with her?”

“I can’t be sure but she’s showing early signs of leukaemia,” the doctor said as he left Brian alone in the room.

Brian could feel his world shatter around him.