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I am a long time fan fiction enthusiast, based out of New Oxford and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. I've been writing and reading fan fiction for many years now and am just recently getting back into working in the Backstreet Boys fandom. I am highly inspired by music, performing arts of all kinds (especially dancing, as I've been a dancer since the age of 5), television shows, other authors both published and unpublished, movies, real life and random trains of thought. I am a nursing major (I wish to work in neonatology or nurse-midwifery) starting my sophomore year at Harrisburg Area Community College, though I hope to transfer to York College of Pennyslvania in 2-4 semesters. I love writing and I love getting feedback and constructive criticism equally so I'd love for you to contact me! You can find all of my stories, finished and unfinished at my personal fiction site. Enjoy!

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