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I've been a fanfic writer for 9 years now, and a BSB fan for about 17 years. Because I vanished on the boys a little after Kevin left, somehow I never thought to combine those two things until now.

So basically...I'm new around here, but not at all new to fandom. Still, this all feels very different to me because I'm used to the world of AO3 and tumblr and I wasn't around writing fic for these guys back in the day and...I'm rambling, but basically I just feel a little nervous and out of place but I'm hoping that'll go away soon. :)

Anyway, I write and read slash 95% of the time, though for this fandom it's more like 100%. My greatest love in fic for these guys is all of them as a poly ot5, but that seems really rare to find. It's what I'll writing mostly(if not entirely) and I'll read any combination of the boys, but if I had to pick favorite individual ships those would be Nick/Brian, Kevin/AJ, Brian/AJ and Nick/Kevin.

So um. Hi everybody! :)

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