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I've been writing stories forever and have plans to write a young-adults series someday. I am a communications major in school, majoring specifically in public relations. It's strange how an author can describe someone that they've created in their minds from the color of their hair to the size of their feet, but can't come up with anything interesting to say about themselves. Ha,ha. Anyway, I basically just wanted to thank anyone who is reading my work. I appreciate you taking time out of your lives to read something that I have written. I plan to finish one story at a time or else I probably won't finish anything. I have several other ideas. Illusions of Deceit is my first posted novel; however it won't be the last. Please feel free to e-mail or IM me if you ever have anything to say or would just like to chat!! Oh, and if you're on livedaily my screen name is MySweetMelody. (I'm mostly just a lurker though.)

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