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Hey all,I'm Lore, or Pupura, from Could You Do Me Right?

I have been a mommy forĀ 10 years and have been working on finding the balance between, wife, mother, full-time employee and writer. Always something new! :)

Stories incomplete on AC:
Unwinding Truth - Collab with awesome author Carter-Orange
Severed Identities
DOV: Antigone
Wulf's BaneĀ  (hiatus)

I am also a part of the collaboration 00Carter! Fun, action-packed story. If you get a change, give it a read. It is fun to work on and the girls still I work with are a great group!

You can find me on twitter @ PurpuraLipstick

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An accidental explosion of an experimental time travel device sends Julie through time. What was supposed to end when her volunteer found her was only the beginning of time traveling days.


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A fight to live and die has been brewing for centuries. Read the very beginnings to the gruesome end.


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