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Author Topic: The Official August Challenge thread  (Read 3942 times)
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« on: July 16, 2008, 05:01:36 AM »

This is where you should let us know who has challenged you and what they wanted you to write. This is also the thread we will use to post up your stories when the time comes for them to be posted. All you have to do is modify your post that states the challenge and who it's by with the link underneath it.

No chatting in this one please!

Any questions or witty banter etc... should be taken to the two other threads about August. I am pleased to see so many challenges so far. It seems like you guys like this one! Smiley
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« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2008, 07:29:02 AM »

This was Rose's challenge to me:

I challenge Mare to write a romance, where the girl is with leading man (your choices are Brian, Howie, or AJ)

As a side note the girl does NOT:
*fall into a coma
*vanish into thin air
*get kidnapped by aliens
*turn into a groundhog (or any other creature)
*spontaneously combust
*sleep through the entire story
*have anything else happen that could make the girl out of this world forever lol

However, breakups are perfectly acceptable

Plus, the girl must be human.

(In August I will post the link to that challenge right here)


Writing is something you do alone. Its a profession for introverts who want to tell you a story but don't want to make eye contact while doing it. ~ John Green

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« Reply #2 on: July 16, 2008, 07:30:35 AM »

Lenni's challenge to me:

I challenge Mare to write a story about Howie & a kid or two [or five-lol].


- NO killing the kids off, no causing them any serious harm [comas, car accidents, fatal diseases, etc.]

- Must be a happy ending story, because I love those!

- Relation of kids to Howie doesn't matter.

- They must be REAL children! No sci-fi stuff, or anything like that.

(This is where the link will be if I do it)

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Writing is something you do alone. Its a profession for introverts who want to tell you a story but don't want to make eye contact while doing it. ~ John Green

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Uh oh! We lost Nick again...

« Reply #3 on: July 16, 2008, 07:32:58 AM »

Here are my 3 challenges (lol I had to save em anyway to keep track later)

Mare's Challenge: Rose I challenge you to write a slash story!

It has to be at least 1,000 words but since you don't like the word count that shouldn't matter lol

One of the people in the couple has to be Brian and then you can pick anyone else. It doesn't even have to be from BSB it can even be a superhero if you'd like lol


Dee's Challenge:
I challenge Rose to write a story in which the plot is an old cliche. Doesn't matter which cliche, doesn't matter which genre (to an extent). However:

*If you use a leading man, it must be Howie or Kevin, because quite frankly, they need more love.

*If there is a female lead (or female leads) they must be named after members of the forum. And at least one female lead must talk in teenyspeak, if there is only one, then this is applicable to that one.

*You cannot kill, torture, or maim any of the Boys. Especially not: Nick. In fact, you cannot kill, maim, or tortue any character that steps into the fic.

*It is not allowed to be a parody or a dream.

*You must put a twist on the cliche plot, but (and here's the kicker), it cannot be so out of the box. That means:

~no Sci-fi, fantasy, or AU

~No spaceships, aliens, demons, ghosts, Star Wars references, Buffy references, or any other sci-fi/fantasy tv shows you love. None.

~No secret agents. I repeat, no secret agents. NO!

~Nothing that resembles time travel, the Butterfly effect, magic, alternate worlds, alternate existences, etc, etc, etc. If you think of an idea and it seems like something you would come up with in an insomniatic chat with a can of mountain dew in your hand, back away from it slowly.

And that's it. Some ideas I would like to see are: the epic bus crash fic or the girl band fic. But if you have another cliche, please toss it into this challenge. Myabe you can combine more than one cliche into a story. lol

And I don't care about word count, enjoy.


Reb's Challenge:

Rose... I challenge you to ANOTHER cliched fic, lol.

- The genre will be romance/suspense
- YOU have to be the main character, the leading gal who escaped from physical abuse
- Both Kevin AND Alexander James have to fall in love with you somehow
- You have to establish an affair with Kevin and a secret hookup with AJ, where you will then become pregnant and you don't know who the baby's daddy is.
- You have to establish a fight between Kevin and AJ over you, and a fight between you and Kristin for having an affair with her husband
- A little steamy, slashy thing has to go on between AJ and Kevin
- Nick has to contract 5 cancers somehow
- You finally find true love with Howard somehow, ya'll get married and live happily ever after with your TrainBone twins.
- It must contain some grammatical and spelling errors, maybe on Nick's behalf
- It has to be mainly dialogue. If you give discriptions, it has to be brief.
- And your word count will be... 1,501.

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« Reply #4 on: July 16, 2008, 08:21:18 AM »

Rose's challenge to me:

I challenge Julie to write a very violent horror story.

3/5 of the backstreet boys MUST die.
The killer cannot be a Backstreet Boy but must be a celebrity. A human one lol.
There must be at least one graphic death scene
It cannot be a dream

And I believe that about covers it.


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« Reply #5 on: July 16, 2008, 10:55:12 AM »

This is KentuckyChickr k's challenge to me:

I challenge you to write a story where the leading character is either Nick or Howie.  The other guys can be in the story too... but one of those two have to be the lead.

The rules

-- The story can be any genre other than romance... there can be no romance involved.  The story has to be as completely utterly unromantic as absolutely possible.

-- There can be no female character in the story at all (even as a background character)

-- The story must be less than 3,000 words...

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« Reply #6 on: July 16, 2008, 02:59:10 PM »

Julie's challenge to me:

I call this the LD Fanfic Challenge LOL.

The genre is comedy/suspense.

- Your story centers around a LiveDaily fan convention, which many of the LD regulars will attend.
- Unbeknownst to them, Nick gets wind of this convention and also decides to attend, incognito.  Nick will need a disguise, which you must describe.
- You must include encounters with at least three real LD regulars who are not Nickaholics.
- At least one act of violence takes place at the convention.
- During the convention, Nick finds himself drawn into a situation that would be deemed suspenseful, mysterious, or horrific - something along those lines.  This situation may or may not be connected to the act of violence mentioned above.
- Someone at the convention dies.
- There is to be no sex and no romance.

Yup, I'm a Nick girl!!  But I love ALL my Boys!


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« Reply #7 on: July 16, 2008, 03:22:57 PM »

Rose's challenge for me:

Dee, I now have a challenge for you!

I challenge you to write a visual, one between Nick and another member of the board EXCEPT me. (learned my lesson from Mare lmao). The visual must have at least 1,069 words. Also it must involve a tuna can.

Krystal's challenge for me: ya go then, Dee...

I want you to write a super outrageous comedy.

The story line should be this...all five of the guys get together to celebrate something. What they are celebrating can be anything from Leighanne being abducted by aliens to AJ or Nick FINALLY finding a decent girlfriend, whatever you'd like.

The rules:

-Kevin, Howie, Brian, and Nick have to get extremely plastered and end up passing out.
-AJ MUST stay relapse allowed.
-There should be a scene of the four guys arguing over what kind of shots to do.
-AJ should try getting the others to play various drinking games. (if they actually play or not is up to you.)
-You will have to explain what the four drunks do to embarrass themselves and how AJ reacts to thier stupid antics.
-AJ has to do something to each guy after they pass out. (put make up on them, dye thier hair, shave Howie's head, draw on them with permanant marker, whatever you'd like)
-At some point, Nick MUST end up locked out of the room in his tightie whities.
-Kevin MUST intentionally start a pillow fight with one other guy.
-Howie MUST intentionally stuff something (anything) up his nose.
-Brian MUST sing a bad rendition of Brittney Spears.
-The story should be as insanely funny as possible.
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« Reply #8 on: July 16, 2008, 05:01:45 PM »

My Challenges from...

Fluffy Romance
*Killing the girl
*making her anything but human
*having her taken by aliens
*turning the girl into anything
*having her spontaneous combust
*having the girl in a coma
*having the girl sleep through the entire story
*no having the girl be gone from the world in any way, shape, or form

The leading man cannot be AJ. It must be Kevin, Howie, or Nick.


Mainly Romance
- YOU have to be the main chick in the can use your first name, middle name or a variation/alternate spelling of either.
- The story MUST be from your point of view.
- Since it is in your point of view, you can't kill yourself off or disappear, and you have to be your human self.
- Your main man/ love intrest/ boyfriend is Kevin Richardson.
- You MUST be in a loving and serious relationship with Kevin.
- There has to be detailed description of how you feel about much you love him and his smile, his eyes/eyebrows, the way he looks at know that kind of stuff.
- There MUST be one heavy make out session between you and Kevin, described in detail.
- You have decribe the lead up to a sexual encounter with Kevin but you can spare us all the details. Just cover the make out, hands wandering, or clothes visual required.
- AJ MUST be killed at some point...and YOU have to be the one who does the killing (no you can't be nice about it)!
- The killing has to be a brief scene but MUST be graphic (no slipping something in his drink...make it good, like a brutal stabbing or something).
- AJ MUST say something cheesy, right before he dies.
- You have to explain your reasonings and thoughts behind having to kill AJ.
- Nick has to, randomly, come through and trip over your bra.
- Kevin has to, randomly, shove chopsticks up his nose at some point.
- Howie has to call Kevin for help, because he got his butt stuck in a box.
- While all this is happening...yo u MUST keep the romantic story line going! You cannot start out with the romance and then forget about MUST keep the romance between you and Kevin constantly going.
- This CAN NOT be a dream!
- Your word count MUST be the maximum that Mare set.


Mushy/Lovey-Dovey Romance
Ok, the year is 2003 and you have just met AJ (Age yourself to where you are a wee bit younger than he).  Chronicle your life with him from your first date to his funeral journal style starting the year 2003.  There has to be at least 3 very important dates chronicled (ie, wedding, birth of children, ect) and you have to be as mushy, lovey-dovey as you can about how you felt during these "milestones".  Somewhere you have to recollect your first meeting.  Be very specific how it went and how you felt.  Oh, and TRY to stay under the 3,000 word limit, lol!
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« Reply #9 on: July 16, 2008, 05:06:41 PM »

Rose's challenge to me

And while I'm at it, Melz...

I challenge you to write a story that has not one iota of romance whatsoever. No leading females, no kissies, no love angst, nada. Just a story centered around any of the five boys, or all of the five boys.

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« Reply #10 on: July 16, 2008, 07:59:03 PM »

This is my challenge from....ROSE!

Your challenge is to write a sci-fi story. Other worlds MUST be involved. The story MUST be about Howie and Kevin. No Nick, No AJ, No Brian. The story must take place in the very distant future. Nothing during the 2000's.

The story must be in 3rd person. Omniscent 3rd person POV.

No real people other than Howie and Kevin are allowed to be involved.

The story must include some kind of alien named Bob.

The story must be at least 2000 words.

This can not be a dream.

Have fun!

This is purely for the fact I love sci-fi and want more of them lol.

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« Reply #11 on: July 16, 2008, 08:50:12 PM »

Reb's Challenge For Me:

Lenni... you knew this was coming...

I challenge you to write a suspenseful/cliche fic starring... ME!! LMFAO!!
- You gotta write me (Reb) as the main character
- Brian isn't married to Leighanne in your story, oh no no... he's married to YOU and he ends up leaving you for me (MUAHAHAHAHAHAH AHA)
- Your divorce has to end nastily, haha
- Fluffy-ness MUST be included when it comes to Brian and I getting together, lmao.
- You will have to kill Brian somehow *le gasp* Yes, my new husband will have to die. Doesn't matter how you go about it, you can have me kill him for all I care
- You have to end up with AJ (as in married)
- I have to end up with... Robert Downey Jr (as in married). (hey, a young gal can dream, right?)
- There has to be a showdown between you and I, and Iron Man and AJ.
- During this showdown, one of us will have to die (yes, I'm even putting my life on the line)
- You must end the story with a major cliffhanger, as if you left it open to be continued or whatever.


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« Reply #12 on: July 17, 2008, 12:04:06 PM »

Honey's challenge for moi

I would love to read a fluffy fairy-tale romance from you. It can be about about any of the boys you choose or a female lead, doesn't matter. The catch is, you have to take it seriously. No wise crack stories about groundhogs or anything. There can be as much humor in it as you want, but it cannot be a sarcastic story or a parody in any way. You have to make me believe you love writing fluffy romance. Keep the story line as light and fluffy as possible! No drama/angst! and of course, in the end they live happily ever after!

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« Reply #13 on: July 17, 2008, 12:08:19 PM »

I have two challenges so far.

1. Rose's Challenge.

I challenge you to write a story in 2nd person. (You're walking down a darkened hallway, the lights dim as they flicker sporadically. Turning your head you glance about when a loud crashing could be heard before shrugging it off as the horrible weather outside. ...etc. for example. like what's used in those old choose your own adventure books) The "you" is one of the boys, and interacts with the others somehow.

No other limits cause 2nd person is tough. Fun, creative, but tough.

2. Krystal & KellyMouse's challenge

Here is your challenge. You must explain in the first paragraph how AJ and Nick came into posession of CB radios. They play with them and somehow drag the others into thier little games.


-After the initial paragraph of explanation, the rest of the story MUST be the guys talking in ONLY "trucker talk"

-All five guys must participate at some point. (Some can put up a fight because it's childish or whatever but they all must cave in by the end of the story and end up having fun with it)

-Thier "trucker names" are Chaos Carter, Bone Daddy, B-Rockster, Howard the Duck, and Black Caterpiller.

-If any other person is mentioned in the story, they must be refferred to ONLY by a "trucker name" (ex. if Leighanne walks in the room, Nick could say Blonde Boobs coming on in, make way.)

-The following phrases MUST be used at least once:
   -Come back.
   -Colorado Kool Aid
   -Over and out.
   -Do you copy?
   -Coming in, loud 'n proud.
   -That's a big 10-4.

-You MUST go to this site it has an alphabetical list of CB slang terms and thier meanings. In addition to the phrases above you must use at least one phrase or word from every letter. Other than that, there is no limit to how many words you can use...but, obviously the more they use, the funnier it will be.

Good Luck...I hope you accept! 
-At least half of the CB slang phrases / words have to be used in proper context. The guys can mess the other ones up, if you want.

-The actual content of thier conversations don't matter. The whole challenge is about them being knock off truckers. You may want to include the above link, at the end, in case anyone wants to look up the meanings.

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« Reply #14 on: July 17, 2008, 12:08:33 PM »

Nijntje's Challenge for me!

Leading guy(s): As long as it isn't Nick, it's fine by me lol.. Well, it has to be one of the BSB or Sam and Dean from Supernatural.
Genre: Humor
Storyline: Start out by having him/them being chased by a orange dinosaur.
Restrictions: It can't be a (day)dream, alternate universe, time-travelling thing or something like that.
Word count: at least 1250 words.

If you decide to accept: Have fun and can't wait for the result!

Kristal's Challenge for me!

Okay...this one is for my dear Steph  (Sakabelle)

Your challenge is to write a story in any genere, except romance or comedy/humor.

Your main characters should be Howie, AJ, and Kevin. Nick and Brian are on vacation somewhere in Antartica so they can't be in the story AT ALL.

I am not going to give you a e your creative juices.

The only rule is that the following items/words/phrases MUST be mentioned at some point in the story.

-Diet Cherry Pepsi
-caramel apple pie scented candles
-I Know What You Did Last Summer
-one eyed, one horned, flying, purple people eater
-cell phone
-cable TV
-dirty socks
-pooper scooper
-pink leotard and tights

Remember that comedy/humor is not to be the genere, so you must make this as serious as possible.
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