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Author Topic: Felix Reader's Choice Award for Best Team or Couple (27)  (Read 2248 times)
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Shawn: So if you take those last couple awards and combine them, you get: The Reader's Choice Felix for Best Couple or Team.  And the Felix goes to:

With runner up:

Darby (aka Cabybakes): When I first found out Casual was nominated I was shocked, and now winning is like the cherry on top!  I would like to thank my devoted readers who continue to hound me for updates and religiously leave reviews, you keep me inspired to tell more of Nick and Quinn's story.  I am also very lucky to have had wonderful betas who really understand the characters and everything else about this story - Teri and Mel.  I really appreciate both of you for being my sounding board.  I can tell exactly when each of you "came on board" simply by reading Casual and I can see the positive influence you have both had on the quality of my writing.  I am so glad I have "met" both of you! Also special thanks to Steph (Saka), who was my first "fanfic" friend this second time around, I adore your love for the drama...thanks for cheering me on and making me get "into" AC.

I am truly shocked to have won this award because I am in very good company, this means a lot to me!  Thank you! I have to admit that I got a kick out of the fact that Nick and Quinn were nominated as Best Team/Couple at first.  For much of Casual, even I have not considered them to be a couple, or a team, in fact, I often think of them as a trainwreck.  But like all trainwrecks, it is hard not to watch!  In my opinion, Nick and Quinn bring out the best and worst in each other, and their strengths and weaknesses are almost polar opposites from each other's.  This is the crux of the conflict in Casual and the reason that I think people have continued to follow this story. There have been more times than I can count where I have sat down to write and these two characters have taken over this story and I end up in a place as a writer that I have to dig myself out of. Love big, fight hard...but will either of them get what they really want?  That remains to be seen.  Thank you to every one who nominated and voted and to everyone who follows Casual to see what these two messed up kids are going to do next.

Brian: Thanks, Darby!

Nick: Yeah thanks...I think!

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Whoo... almost had to bring out the hook for that speech! Stick out tongue Congrats!

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Congrats Darby and Julilly!!


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Uh oh! We lost Nick again...

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I feel so cheated without a clapping smiley for these awards...

But congrats Darby and Julilly  Smiley

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congrats!  Smiley

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Congrats!  Thanks for the shout out Darby, that was very sweet Smiley

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Whoo... almost had to bring out the hook for that speech! Stick out tongue Congrats!

I think my speech for this one was only the second paragraph, the other was for the judged ones. Thanks for not "hooking" me  Wink

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Congrats Smiley

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Congratulation s. Are you sure that speech didn't belong in the novel category?

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