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Author Topic: Felix Reader's Choice Award for Best Female (26)  (Read 2516 times)
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Nick: You know I think I wouldn't mind seeing this presentation.. .It does come with pictures, right?

Kevin: No!

Nick: Oh, then nevermind...

Shawn: The Reader's Choice Felix for Best Female goes to:

With runner up:

Darby: Winning a reader's choice award for the character, Quinn, is very meaningful to me.  When I first started writing Casual, I knew that she would be flawed, and as I continued, I knew there was a very good chance that she would be hated.  After all, she isn't perfect and she is far from perfect in her relationship with Nick.  I would like to thank all of you for embracing her, even though she is broken in so many ways, and understanding her rather than bashing her.  I know better than anyone how frustrating Quinn can be, there have been times in this story that I have had trouble writing her because I am so angry with her.  Quinn truly is a snapshot of some of my best friends, my worst enemies, other women I admire and even me, flaws and all.  Thank you for nomination, the votes and for giving her a chance!

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Whoo! Congratulation s! You're both very deserving!

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Congrats Darby and Erika!!!


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Uh oh! We lost Nick again...

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Congrats Darby and Erika  Grin

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Whoo hoo for Crystal in Sinister Devotion!!!  wave

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aww congrats! Lol both of these ladies tended to piss me off when I was reading these stories. That must be what makes a great character!

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Congrats Erika and Darby Smiley

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totally late but YAY congratulation s darby!!

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Woot! Woot! ^ Don't worry. You're not as late as me. I have been trying to catch up ever since TwiCon.

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