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Author Topic: Part one of the 2014 summer reading challenge! The participants!  (Read 11768 times)
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12) What will be the hardest part of this challenge for you?
Sticking to it.

Well you know I won't let you NOT stick with it, so no worries there! lol

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Uh oh! We lost Nick again...

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LOL and that's why I love you!

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Reader's Survey

1) What is the most recent story you have read or are currently reading? Sick as My Secrets and Dodging the Daylight.  There were a couple others I've been following, but they haven't been updated in a while

2) What drew you to that (those) stories? Sick as My Secrets- the writer.  I'm a fan of most of Julie's stuff.  Dodging the Daylight-- it kept popping up on the most recent page, and I was intrigued by the summary, so I clicked and I'm glad I did!

3) Do you typically read stories by the same select people or does it matter who wrote it? There are a few writers that I'll almost always click on, but I've definitely discovered some new writers I'm really enjoying.  So, in general, no it doesn't really matter.  I'll give everyone a shot.

4) What makes you click on a story? (summary? Banner? etc...)  A combo of summary/banner.  Professional looking banners do tend to make me click, but the summary's got to be intriguing, too.  I'll also click if it's an author I'm a fan of.

5) When you start reading a story do you typically follow through and read the entire thing? Depends-- there have been a couple recently that I've fallen behind on because the story's not exactly going in a direction I'm interested in.

6) What would make you stop reading a story?  Bad grammar, poor organization, shallow characters, or like I said above, the story just stops going in a direction that keeps me interested.

7) If a story is complete do you binge read it to the end or spread it out?  I'm typically a binge reader, but lately, life's gotten in the way of that, so I imagine myself more pacing myself when it comes to the challenge this year.

8) Would you consider yourself a picky reader?  A little, yes.

9) Which boy do you enjoy reading about the most?  Nick, Kevin

10) What are your favorite genres to read?  I'm going to make up on my own genre and call it "Romantic Dramedy"  I like to see a little romance, a little drama/suspense, and a little comedy.  That's the type of story I'm drawn to most often

11) Do you typically give feedback when you read?   I need to get better at that.  I do-- but it tends to be sporadic throughout the story, and definitely not every chapter.

12) What will be the hardest part of this challenge for you?  Leaving good, constructive feedback for every chapter.  I also worry about keeping up with it this year.  Life's a little more hectic and stressful than last year.

13) Do you already know which stories you'd like to pick?   I picked them before coming to fill this out

14) Why did you decide to participate in the challenge?  I really enjoyed doing it last year (my first year), and I got to know some awesome ladies and writers.  Excited for more of the same.

15) Are you currently working on a story? If yes, what is it and have you submitted it as part of the challenge? Yes- Run is my current project, and I did submit it.  There are a couple others on the backburner right now, but I'm hoping to force myself to finish them before posting anything new.

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