Revenge of the Slaughtered - Nick Strikes Back! by Rose, Louise, RokofAges75, starbeamz2, JennayHeartsNick, KeelieRose86, Carter-Orange, DelphinaCarter, Alexsgirl_ritz, catseye1769

After being killed so many times, enough is enough. Oh my God, Nick's back again...and this time, no fan is safe.

A spin off to the round robin 1000 Ways To Kill Nick Carter

Disclaimer - All fans killed are fictional or have given us the okay to kill them! :)

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Kill #16 - A New Suit by catseye1769
Author's Notes:
This is for Jen. Sweetie I hope you will still speak to me after this =)

"A New Suit"

Jen walked out of the concert with a HUGE smile on her face. She couldn't believe that Nick had asked for her address during the backstage tour so he would have someone to write to when he got lonely on the road and hinted that he might stop by to visit her. She new why he asked her to keep it between them though. So no rabid fan would start rumors.

Finally she made it home and the minute she walked in the door something made her skin crawl. First was that her dog didn't come to greet her and next was the horrible smell coming from the kitchen.

Just as she walked into her kitchen she screamed and jumped because she found Nick standing at her stove.

He turned around and had a smile on his face that made the hair on her neck stand up.

She said "Um How did you get in here? And have you seen my dog?"

Nick replied "Oh the side door was open. I hope you don"t mind. I couldn't sleep so I thought I would stop by. I actually have a gift for you and I made us dinner. And your dog is outside taking a dump"

Nick's Pov

Oh this one will be so easy. Older fans are always way more trusting especially if I use my baby faced smile. This one really deserves my best because of her twisted nature in writing my death so many times.
I think I will make a special surprise for her then make a surprise out of her.

Jen's Pov

Nick said "Please sit down and allow me to serve you then it will be gift time."

So she sat down and hoped the horrible smell wasn't what he had made her to eat.

He put a bowl in front of her and said "Eat."

She took a small taste and found out it wasn't actually that bad. She said "What is this?"

Nick replied with a twisted smile "It's called Perro Guiso. It"s a Spanish stew. Eat up. I made it with you in mind."

So they sat and she ate. After eating two bowls of stew she noticed Nick hadn't eaten any so she said "Why aren't you eating any of it?"

He replied "Oh I already ate some when it was cooking. Filled me up. So are you ready for your surprise?"

Jen smiled feeling excited by with having Nick in her house, alone since her kids were gone for the weekend and cooking her dinner. She said "I sure am give it to me gorgeous."

He reached under the table and pulled out what looked like a black and white fur wrap. He stood up and walked over to her chair then put it around her shoulders. She looked at it then turned whiter than Casper. It looked like her dogs coat.

Nick whispered " I thought you would like this after all your precious donated it."

She stood up and tried to hit him but fell back down in her chair because she found out her legs wouldn't work then her arms went numb and stopped working. Pretty soon her whole body felt paralyzed.

Nick pulled a chair over and sat in front of her then said "So you and your little sad pathetic friends thought you could kill me and there would be no consequences? Well you thought wrong mama J. Yes that's right I follow all of you on Twitter. How else do you think I know so much about you. Of course it is under an assumed name. After all I couldn't let you sorry excuses for fans think you were good enough for me. As for the present you can thank your friend Marguerite. She told me so much about you. Of course she didn't know she was talking to me. Don't worry though She got really baked the other night paid for her stupidity. She did taste good though. Now for you I have something special in mind. You see I have always been criticized for my poor fashion choices so I though why not get a new jacket in a rare mammal skin. I know how much you like me and want to help so I thought you could donate."

Then Nick with a sweep of his arm cleared the table and covered it with plastic and the floors then put drip pans under it. Next he picked Jen up and laid her out on it. He got a knife from the counter and slowly cut all of her clothes off.

He looked at her naked body and said "Very nice for a mother of two."

He took out a black Sharpie and started making a series of small lines all over her body. Then he brought out a very fancy leather case that contained some extremely sharp looking knives.

He said "Sorry if this tingles a bit. I promise it won"t be over soon and you will suffer. All in the name of art. Don't bother trying to scream because the stuff I put in the stew paralyzed you. So the only thing you can do is breath and feel. But don't worry I won't make a mess."

He walked over to her with a smile and leaned over her and started to cut. First he made a series of small cuts then he took a pair of surgical tweezers and slowly pulled all of the skin off of her body. Piece by piece. After several hours he had what he wanted.

Jen was laying there barley conscious and wishing she was dead. She had never in her life felt that much pain.

He leaned over her and said "Well I paid you back for that nasty death you gave me and I got something extra out of it."

Then he slowly drew the knife across her throat and watched what was left of her blood drain out of her. Thankfully he had planned ahead and brought his hacksaw. He cut her up into manageable pieces and one by one put what was left of her down the garbage disposal. He cleaned and bleached the entire kitchen and wrapped it all up in garbage bags including the dinner and left.

A few days later he was sitting backstage after a concert watching the news with some of the band and commenting on the disappearance of that mother of two from West Virginia that happened the night they played a gig there when the rest of the group walked in.

Aj said "Hey Nick where did you get the new jacket? People have been asking and a few want one like it."

Nick smirked and replied "Oh this was donated to me by a loyal fan. She was tired of people always saying how my clothes suck. So she made me this. Gota love loyalty."

He thought 16 down millions to go.

End Notes:
Yes I am a HUGE Silence Of The Lambs Fan. I had to think of something worthy of Jen.
Review are always welcome.
No actually animals were harmed in the writing of this death. A fan was but that's not a big deal. Perro Guiso (dog stew)
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