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Past Featured StorySummary: Life only offers so many chances. At the age of thirty-five, Nick Carter realizes that he may be on his last.

It’s time to make it count.

Rated: PG-13
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: Group, Nick
Genres: Angst, Drama
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 43
Completed: Yes
Word count: 93211
Read: 42568
Published: 06/09/10
Updated: 07/26/11
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1. Introduction by Rose [Reviews - 16] (174 words)

2. Chapter One by Rose [Reviews - 14] (2135 words)

3. Chapter Two by Rose [Reviews - 11] (2324 words)
So I'm pausing for a moment to say thanks for all the feedback! It totally encouraged me to post this chapter early, so once again thank you. :)

4. Chapter Three by Rose [Reviews - 7] (2482 words)
I'd just like to thank Julie, for being my soundboard with this story and being there when I need an outside opinion. Thanks Jewlie! Hehe

5. Chapter Four by Rose [Reviews - 12] (3402 words)

6. Chapter Five by Rose [Reviews - 10] (2070 words)

7. Chapter Six by Rose [Reviews - 10] (2520 words)

8. Chapter Seven by Rose [Reviews - 10] (2510 words)

9. Chapter Eight by Rose [Reviews - 11] (2307 words)

10. Chapter Nine by Rose [Reviews - 11] (2634 words)

11. Chapter Ten by Rose [Reviews - 16] (2412 words)

12. Chapter Eleven by Rose [Reviews - 12] (2581 words)

13. Chapter Twelve by Rose [Reviews - 12] (2510 words)

14. Chapter Thirteen by Rose [Reviews - 13] (1814 words)

15. Chapter Fourteen by Rose [Reviews - 12] (3086 words)

16. Chapter Fifteen by Rose [Reviews - 15] (2107 words)
I just wanna thank all the readers for all your feedback! I really appreciate it.

I'd like to dedicate this chapter to Julie. For all your feedback when I'm running ideas by you, for inspiring this chapter and helping me if I need it for this story.

So thanks Julie, you're beyond double rainbow. You're my triple rainbow all the way across the sky!

17. Chapter Sixteen by Rose [Reviews - 15] (1805 words)

18. Chapter Seventeen by Rose [Reviews - 12] (2170 words)

19. Chapter Eighteen by Rose [Reviews - 12] (1971 words)

20. Chapter Nineteen by Rose [Reviews - 11] (2104 words)
I just wanna say thanks you guys for all the feedback and for the nominations on this story! I was so surprised and so flattered so thank you! It helped inspire me to update quicker, like seriously, it did. :)

Also, I have no idea if this story will show up on the Most Recent page any time soon lol. It's still having problems in that respect. So if you don't have it favorited so that it sends update emails, you might want to, to keep up :)

21. Chapter Twenty by Rose [Reviews - 15] (2332 words)
Remember Me This Way has been nominated for "Best Drama/Angst" and "Best Unfinished" at the Felix Awards along with some of my other stories. :) I'm also nominated for "Best Author"

So if you haven't done so already, please go and vote HERE!

I'd also like to once again thank you guys for nominating me. I am still beyond flattered to know you guys feel my stuff was worth nominating. So that said, please enjoy the chapter. :)

22. Chapter Twenty One by Rose [Reviews - 14] (2140 words)

23. Chapter Twenty Two by Rose [Reviews - 14] (2210 words)

24. Chapter Twenty Three by Rose [Reviews - 10] (2180 words)
Sorry it took so long to update this guys! Between the cruise and then Nick's new solo work...it's harder to torture Nick. Especially when he's so healthy/happy and close to ya lmao. Enjoy the chapter, and thank you to everyone who voted for RMTW at the Felix Awards. It may not have won, but it was honestly an honor just to be nominated :).

25. Chapter Twenty Four by Rose [Reviews - 12] (2344 words)
Another chapter? So soon? I know, I'm surprised too lol. But enjoy!

26. Interlude - A Moment With The Author by Rose [Reviews - 14] (125 words)

27. Chapter Twenty Five by Rose [Reviews - 13] (2289 words)

28. Chapter Twenty Six by Rose [Reviews - 13] (1789 words)

29. Chapter Twenty Seven by Rose [Reviews - 14] (2214 words)
Another chapter? So soon? I know, it's crazy lol. Once again thanks to everyone reading and reviewing. I love the feedback and it's incredibly encouraging and inspiring. So thank you!

Enjoy the chapter!

30. Chapter Twenty Eight by Rose [Reviews - 14] (3465 words)
Another quickly written chapter, is this an update streak? I think it is! lol

31. Chapter Twenty Nine by Rose [Reviews - 9] (2797 words)
Oh yeah, this is definitely a writing streak lol. As always let me know what you think! (Good or Bad, I wanna know. :) ) And thanks for reading! Enjoy!

32. Chapter Thirty by Rose [Reviews - 13] (1884 words)
Keeping the writing streak alive! lol. Thanks for reading! :)

33. Chapter Thirty One by Rose [Reviews - 14] (3186 words)

34. Chapter Thirty Two by Rose [Reviews - 11] (1947 words)
Kind of a short chapter, but it needed to end where it did. And once again, thank you everyone for reading and reviewing. Trust me, it does help give a kick in the pants if the Siamuse gets lazy LOL. Enjoy!

35. Chapter Thirty Three by Rose [Reviews - 13] (2126 words)

36. Chapter Thirty Four by Rose [Reviews - 12] (2125 words)

37. Chapter Thirty Five by Rose [Reviews - 14] (1993 words)
Sorry about the delay, instead I've been writing about bad ass zombie killing Backstreet Boys lmao. But I suddenly got inspired last night. Enjoy the chapter, and as always, feedback is love! :)

38. Chapter Thirty Six by Rose [Reviews - 10] (2144 words)

39. Chapter Thirty Seven by Rose [Reviews - 9] (2107 words)
So sorry about the delay! Hopefully the next one isn't so long. Enjoy the chapter!

40. Chapter Thirty Eight by Rose [Reviews - 12] (1992 words)

41. Chapter Thirty Nine by Rose [Reviews - 11] (2108 words)

42. Chapter Forty by Rose [Reviews - 10] (1796 words)

43. Epilogue by Rose [Reviews - 18] (800 words)