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Author's Chapter Notes:
This would probably be the most boring story in here... I just can't bring myself and let Nicky kill fans in a bloody way.... *hides*
Nick smiled when he saw the girl in the front row took a deep breath and fanned herself. He had been staring at her for like two minutes while singing I need you tonight, the song the girl just requested.

“I hope you like that, babe.” Nick said sweetly after hitting the last note. The girl started to nod hysterically.

The soundcheck lasted for another thirty minutes before the boys said goodbye to the screaming fans. Nick went to the backstage and looked for his security, he handed him a note and asked to give it to someone. He described the girl who requested for I need you tonight, and watched as his security went off to find the unlucky girl for the day.

The concert was amazing as usual, Nick gave his best performance for the crowd. Though, he wanted to kill them all, he reminded himself that it would be one fan at a time. And he had already chosen the one that will suffer tonight. A mischievous grin appeared on his face as he waved goodbye to the crowd.

Instead of going to the hotel assigned to them for the night, Nick went to another hotel. He would meet the unlucky girl there and will take revenge. He couldn’t stop smiling while on the way to the hotel, his hands holding his weapon for the night, two ecstasy pills.
He went directly to the room he reserved for them, he opened the door and saw the girl sitting at the edge of the bed.

“Hey, sweetheart.”

“Oh my God! You’re Nick Carter!”

“What did the note said, babe? I wanted to meet you here, right?”

“But I thought someone was playing games on me” She said while looking at her feet, she was avoiding Nick’s eyes.

“I would never play games on you. Now, tell me what do you want to do tonight?” Nick said in his most seductive voice as he kneeled in front of the girl.

“Anything you want,” She answered

“Well, I have this in mind.” Nick brushed his lips against her lips “Do you want me, sweetheart?”

“Yes,” She answered in a low voice

“Please take these first,” He held out his hands and motioned for her to take the pills

“What are those?”

“This would make our lovemaking more enjoyable and exciting. You don’t want me to be bored with you, do you?”

Nick smiled triumphantly when the girl took the pills and put them on her mouth. Nick walked to the other side of room to get the three big water bottles.

“Next step is to drink these water to make you feel better.”

“Wait, that’s like three liters of water or might be more. Is that really necessary?”

“Yes, baby, it would make you feel better, so much better.” He gave her a seductive smile and planted small kisses on her face “I won’t make love to you until you drink all of these”

“It might take a while before I drink all of that.”

“No problem. I have to make some phone calls, anyway. You don’t want Howie, Brian or AJ get worried just because they don’t know where I am, right?”

“Of course.”

“Good girl. I’ll tell them I’m with my dream girl tonight and won’t come back until tomorrow morning.” He smiled when she nodded and started drinking the water.

Nick made sure the girl drank all of the water and consumed more than three liters of water. He left the hotel the moment the girl collapsed on the bed. He was wishing his plan was successful or the next victim would suffer more because of his disappointment.


Nick was grinning from ear to ear while reading the newspaper. The girl he left at the hotel finally died after being in a coma for a week.

“Hey, Man, I don’t like the way you’re grinning.” Brian said as he took the newspaper from Nick’s hands. “Poor girl, she died because of Water intoxication.” Brian said it more like a question than a statement.

“What? What the hell is water intoxication?” AJ raised his eyebrows

“It says here that it occurs when a person drinks so much water that the blood becomes diluted. The poor girl took two ecstasy tablet and drank three liters of water so as a result water was sucked up into her brain cells under osmotic pressure, causing them to swell. The increased pressure on the brain stem resulted to coma and eventually her death.” Brian replied while reading the newspaper.

“Dude, remind me not to drink water if I ever took ecstasy pills.” AJ replied while shaking his head.

Nick stood up still smiling and whispered “This is so cool, she died and there was no blood in my hands. Four down and many, many more to go.”
Chapter End Notes:
Thanks for reading... I hope you wasn't bored.