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Kill #8 – Drop Dead Beautiful

Nick smirked at all the girls crowding the nightclub at his after party. He knew the name of it but he couldn’t think of it right then. Not that it mattered. His solo tour was going better than he ever could’ve planned. As the club pulsated with the thumping beat of the music, strobe lights danced around the walls. A glance down at the floor showed a mob of dancing bodies, mostly girls. All of them fans.


There were so many there, but he could only have one that night, which would it be? Who would be special enough to be number eight? He leaned against railing; he was up on the second floor in the VIP area. He’d already did his little showing for the fans, sang a few songs. Howie came for support, taking his turn at the mike and attempting to DJ.

As Britney Spears began to play, it was then he spotted her.

Baby I don't know how I'm gonna survive
This fatal attraction is going to eat me alive
I'm not supposed to want ya but I do like I die
It's turned me into a monster, like I'm Jekyll & Hyde

Immediately Nick started making his way down to the bottom dance floor. His craving for this girl was insatiable. Her silky raven locks, hanging down her back in loose tendrils. The way her tan skin seemed to radiate under the neon lights dancing around the club. She was on the phone with someone, laughing and smiling as everyone else continued to dance. He hoped she was enjoying the moment, for the best was soon to come; only right then, she didn’t know it.

“Rose, where are you?” He could hear her saying into the phone. “I couldn’t find you at the concert…we were supposed to meet up remember? I’m getting worried. Call me when you get this.”

Nick smirked; I wonder if it’s the same girl I chopped up last stop.

She hung up the phone, her dark eyes flashed with annoyance. “So much for being friends, lets meet up, let’s hang out, triple rainbow all the way…riiiiight,” She muttered before turning. Nick stepped forward, getting in her way. She stepped back with surprise. He eyed her seductively, giving the grin that he was famous for.


The young woman smiled nervously, a blush rising up through her cheeks. Her hands moved about, unsure of what to do. “Um, hi.”

He leaned forward, whispering into her ear. “I’ve been watching you…you’ve had my attention all night.”

She giggled, shivering at the touch of his breath. “Really?”

It's scary, yeah
I think I need some hypnotherapy, yeah
Cos when you stare at me
I wanna take over your body like, like, like it's freaky Friday
I wanna take you to a dark place
Make you, make you, make you do it my way
It's scary, yeah
I think I need some hypnotherapy, yeah
This scene is so very
I want you so bad it's scary
Baby I want you so bad it scares me

Nick nodded, inwardly laughing. The effect he had on the fans was such a useful skill. It was like leading happy little sheep to slaughter. He’d thought the deaths would’ve stopped after killing Rose, as she seemed to have been the leader. But when they continued, it had confirmed he would have to kill them all. Tonight’s girl, he had special plans for her.

“How about, you come with me…” he pulled her close, nuzzling her neck before murmuring. “We can get to know each other a little better if you know what I mean.”

“Sure…” she replied, lost within his touch as he led her back upstairs.

“What’s your name…”



His lips met hers, the kisses between them becoming more frantic as he led her back into one of the private VIP rooms. A place where he knew no one would come looking in for quite some time. His hands ran through her hair, so soft to the touch. He couldn’t wait till he could have his way with her. That would be when the fun began.

His hands traveled downward, along her face, caressing her cheek as he pulled away. “You’re so beautiful…”

Before she could move, before she could react, his hands gripped her head tightly. Her eyes shot open, fear made them come alive. He could see in her expression that she knew what was to come next. The thought exhilarated him. With brute force he twisted as hard as he could, enjoying the satisfying crack that followed. She fell to the floor, looking even lovelier to him. Her head lay at an odd angle as he reached down for her body. He snickered to himself. His work wasn’t over.


That next morning, he sat on his tour bus as it drove on to the next stop. He hadn’t slept all night; he spent so much time working on her. Now he only wanted to see the reports on his masterpiece. This one had been one of his favorites. He channel surfed from his bed, hoping to find something anything.

“It was found in the alley this morning. An unidentified young woman, police are estimating the age to be in her early twenties. The public is horrified at this brutal and twisted homicide. Her naked body was mutilated with carvings of the words “Drop Dead Beautiful” into her skin. The murderer had covered the body with white roses.” An image of the flowers flashed across the screen, no longer white and pristine, but stained with Sarah’s blood. ”…Once again, if anyone knows anything, please call this number…”

“Eight down…” His lips curled into a smile. “And the fun has only just begun…”