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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hope you enjoy. Rose is a bad influence. The girl in the story is a fanfic author but nobody in particular.
He had finally found his target after traveling for a few hours. Walking up to the house, Nick smiled as he saw her in her bedroom window.

"Straight through my heart...single bullet got me, I can't stop the bleeding...no-" she crooned to the Nick Carter poster on the wall behind her bed. She danced on her bed, carefree and happy. He moved closer to the window and stood there, watching her sing as she cleaned her bedroom.

"She aimed and she shot me, just can't believe it..." the girl sang, clutching at her heart and laughing at her own cheesy dance moves. The girl wrote fan fiction....how he hated those stories. Some were all right....but a group of them had decided to write him dying as a joke. He didn't find it funny dying over and over....getting mauled by a "big cat" or impaled by various objects. Nonetheless it was time for payback. He snickered at the song reference he had made in his mind as he approached the house for a better look at his target. Nick had been looking for her for some time and he was ecstatic he had found her so quickly. He smiled as he watched her dance, she was pretty and he wanted to have some fun with her first before he got down to business. Taking a step forward, he crept right up to the window and peered in.

"Holy shit!" the girl screamed in surprise, jumping when she saw his face. He was pale and his eyes bloodshot...his hair messy and spatters of blood stained his shirt.

"Well, hello there." he chuckled seductively, grinning at her.

"Nick....why are you looking in my window?" she demanded. Nick moved closer.

"You looked so sexy singing our song like that, I was just admiring your voice." he replied with a smile. Of course this was a lie. She had the kind of voice that made babies cry.

"Were you?"

"Yep. You hungry? I'm sure you'd like to grab something to eat right about now." he offered. The girl didn't seem too sure. Nick looked gorgeous but the blood on his shirt frightened her.

"I don't know." she said shakily. Nick wasn't happy about this.

"You're coming for a ride." he said as he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her out of the window. She kicked and screamed as he took her to the car and threw her in the trunk.

"Let me go!!!" she begged, her muffled sobs echoed in the empty trunk of the car he had stolen recently. He drove for what seemed hours until he came to his destination.

"Why, Nick? Why.....why are you doing this to me?" the girl pleaded with him when he opened the trunk. She was bound by rope...her hands and feet tied to each other. The girl looked up at him, tears glistening in her eyes as he smirked at her.

"You should have thought about it before you fucking wrote that story...." he whispered calmly, an inch from her pale face. He grinned like the cheshire cat....and took out the knife from his pocket. He bent down and kissed her gently as she cried in front of him.

"I didn't want to.... hurt anyone...it was only a story," the girl said in choked sobs. He smiled and felt her soft hair...she trembled at his cold hands touching her face.

"Next time you will think twice, sweetheart." he replied before plunging the knife blade into her chest and twisting it. She screamed and he took the knife back....watching her bleed before plunging it into her neck and slitting her throat. Nick laughed crazily, the knife stabbing again and again until the girl was no longer moving. He snapped a picture of his latest kill and smiled, Nick couldn't wait to hear the news once the body was found.

"Straight through her heart...then she stopped breathing..." he sang softly as he put the corpse back into his car. He drove to a cliff and pushed the car over....nobody knew about this place. As he watched the car plummet head first into the ocean, he smiled...then walked away, tossing the knife behind him, humming cheerfully.

9 down and so many more fans to go.........