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I looked at Brian who was sleeping on my bed, and I felt guilty somehow for causing the tragic incident that bothered the hell out of him. You might be wondering why he was sleeping on my hotel room because Brian and I never share room anymore. I could tell you two reasons, first Leighanne and Baylee went home the other day leaving Brian all alone. Second, poor Brian said he was too heartbroken and scared to sleep on his room, he said what he saw would probably haunt him forever. And with that thought, I smiled.


I slowly shook my head to get the evil thoughts off my mind. I tried to concentrate on what Howie was saying but I just couldn’t focus. I looked down on my hands, the itching was driving me crazy. Scratching them did no good. It felt like I was itching to do something crazy, something bloody, something involving one of crazy fans.

I repeatedly told myself that soundcheck will start in an hour and there I could pick who will be victim number eleven. But the conversation I overheard last night before entering my hotel room kept playing on my head over and over again.

I stood up, excused myself and told the guys I would just be on my tour bus to take a nap. On the way out I gave instruction to one crew that if ever Brian, Howie or AJ looked for me, he’d tell them that I went out to buy coffee.

I hailed a cab and went back to the hotel. I pulled out Brian’s key card, which I stole from him last night, from my pocket. I quietly entered Brian’s room, and I was glad to see that the girl I was expecting to be there was sitting on the bed smelling one of Brian’s shirts. The girl quickly stood up when I cleared my throat.

“I was… just folding Mr. Littrell’s shirts.” She stammered

“You are not an employee of the hotel, are you?”

“I am.” She said in a low voice and pointing on her ID and uniform

“Well, I just happened to hear you begging the old lady last night to lend you a housekeeper uniform and her ID. We could always check with the manager, right?” I pretended to leave the room. I smiled when she stopped me.

“I’m sorry. I just wanted to give my gift to Brian.” She pointed on the scrapbook lying on the bedside table. “I wanted to make sure he would receive it.”

“You could have asked the old lady to do it for you.”

“My Mom would be happy to do it for me, but I wanted to personally do it.”

“So you could smell Brian’s t-shirt?” I smiled

“I’m sorry about that, too.”

“So you have been Brian’s fan from the start?”

“Yes. I loved him the first time I saw him on Quit playing games with my heart video.” Her face lit up

“So, who’s you next favorite Backstreet Boy?” I couldn’t help but asked




My face fell, I was hoping I’d be on the top two. Really.

“That makes me your least favorite Backstreet Boy.” I was whining, who wouldn’t?

“No.” She shook her head “Kevin is the last and you’re on the fourth spot.”

“Since Kevin is not around anymore, I am your least favorite Backstreet Boy.”

“But I do love you, too.” She quickly answered and frowned when she saw I was wearing leather gloves.

“But being Brian’s fan isn’t going to save you today.”


“You see, no fan is safe.” I grinned

I took two steps closer to her, she was still smiling. Pleasure was written on her face, I swear the girl thought I was going to kiss her. I would have, if I was her favorite Backstreet Boy. Why would I waste my energy on a Brian fan?

My right hand quickly grabbed her hair and my left hand pressed against her lips, to keep her from shouting. I dragged her to the bath room, I was happy to see she was frightened. And with all the strength I have, I smashed her face on the toilet bowl. I grinned when I saw it caused her a big wound and blood was flowing from her head.


I gotta give it to the girl, she tried her best to scream for help but all she could do was whisper.

“I hope you will bleed to death. Blame Rose for killing me in the bathroom and slamming my head in the urinal.”

She finally closed her eyes but I could still see she was breathing slowly. But she would die in no time.

“Eleven down…. And many, many more to go.”
Chapter End Notes:
Rose, I hope you don't mind reading your name in here....