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Author's Chapter Notes:
This is probably the goriest thing I have ever written. Ali I love you I promise. This one is for you, my partner in crime :D
Nick shook his head when he heard AJ asking her to come back to the hotel. They had just finished the first New Jersey show and Nick had recognized her from VIP earlier that day. She was in her 20's....red hair and a fair complexion. AJ had picked her up after hearing she was a fan of his.

"Dude she has a friend...you want in?" AJ asked after the girl walked away with a huge grin on her face. Nick had seen the other girl but wasn't interested in a hookup. He was out for blood.

"Nah, that's fine....you have fun." Nick said. He walked past the girl and her friend, who were talking excitedly.

"You're hooking up with AJ, Ali? I bet you can't wait for that...but I thought you were a Nick girl now..." the first one said. They didn't notice Nick watching them from a few feet away.

"I never said I was a Nick girl. I can't give up my AJ, my heart's always been with him. Nick is just a bonus." the one called Ali said. Nick frowned at this. He hated when fans couldn't make up their mind which BSB was their favorite. The ones who changed favorites every week. He knew this girl would be his target tonight. That night he heard the moans of pleasure coming from AJ's hotel room next door. He kept thinking about what Ali had said....he was just a bonus. He heard the moaning stop and then a knock came on the door. AJ stood there, his face sweaty and only wearing his boxers.

"What do you want?" Nick asked, already annoyed he had the room next door to the sex addict.

"I am all out of condoms...she wants to go again."

"Dude I don't have any. Why do you always ask me?" Nick snapped. AJ looked disappointed but got dressed and ran to the store near the hotel to get some. Nick grinned, it was time to get to work. He managed to get into the room and heard her in the bedroom.

"AJ?" she said. Nick stood in the doorway, dressed in shorts and a tank top, smirking at her. She seemed pleased to see him.

"AJ stepped out for a minute. I will keep you company...want to go back to my room?" he asked. The girl grinned and nodded in excitement, taking the sheet with her to cover herself as Nick led her by her hand.

"Where are we going?" she whispered. Nick pulled her more forcefully and she didn't protest. They came to a small conference room down the hall and Nick shut the door, locking it behind them.

"Get on the table." he instructed while removing his shirt. She stared, her mouth hanging open slightly until he motioned to the table again.

"Are you ready?" he whispered seductively as she sighed with pleasure. She was about to sleep with her second Backstreet Boy of the night, she couldn't wait to tell her friend about it. Alexis was not the type of girl to sleep around but there was no way she'd turn Nick down. Nick climbed on top of the table, hovering over her slightly and smiling at her.

"I never thought this would happen....." Alexis whispered. He leaned in closely, his lips curved into a smile....

"I don't take AJ's leftovers." he whispered. It happened so quick that she didn't have time to scream, the knife sliced vertically on her body....her organs were suddenly displaced and blood spattered on his chest as he withdrew the knife, blood dripping down the blade. He snickered at his handiwork and plunged his hand into her chest cavity...ripping her heart from her body as she lay bleeding on the table.

"Guess your heart is with me now..." he chuckled. He walked back to his room and took a shower, singing as he lathered. Once he was finished, a knock came on the door.

"Hi, AJ. Lost something?" Nick asked with a smile. AJ looked at him, raising an eyebrow.

"She ran off I guess. I feel horrible cheating on Ro like that, what should I do? What if the girl blabs?" AJ said, walking into the room.

"Don't worry, I'm sure she won't talk." Nick smiled. He couldn't wait for the news report once her body was found evicerated in the conference room.

17 down....so....so many more to go.....