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*FIFTH in the Nick and Amanda series* Nick Carter, 26 years old....has finally gotten married to the girl of his dreams. He has fame, a beautiful wife and a daughter...but there is something missing....will Amanda be able to fill it? Only time will tell from this moment on...
Rated: R
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: AJ, Brian, Howie, Nick, Other
Genres: Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Humor, Romance
Warnings: Child Abuse, Death, Sexual Content, Violence
Series: Nick And Amanda Series
Chapters: 29
Completed: No
Word count: 33809
Read: 9506
Published: 10/03/11
Updated: 07/29/17
Story Notes:
This story continues from where Still The One left off.

1. Chapter 1 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 18] (799 words)

2. Chapter 2 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 7] (1082 words)
Thanks so much for all of the feedback for chapter 1....here's the second! Hope you all enjoy :)

3. Chapter 3 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 5] (832 words)
Back with a new chapter, thanks so much for the feedback and encouragement! There is a lot of French in this chapter so it was a bit tricky.

4. Chapter 4 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 4] (1105 words)
Wow two updates in a day :) I am just moving right along here lol! Enjoy the update!

5. Chapter 5 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 4] (1009 words)
Back with another chapter! Enjoy :)

6. Chapter 6 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 5] (1039 words)
Super busy this weekend, but managed an update :) hope you enjoy!

7. Chapter 7 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 5] (1100 words)
Back with a new chapter :) thanks for all the feedback, you are all awesome!!!

8. Chapter 8 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 4] (942 words)
I apologize for the delay in updating, I have been sick but just got over bronchitis recently. I hope to be back to writing regularly soon! Thanks for the feedback and support as always!

9. Chapter 9 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 4] (1179 words)
Hope you all enjoy this chapter! Feedback is appreciated as always!

10. Chapter 10 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 4] (1221 words)
Hope you are all still with me here. Enjoy the update :)

11. Chapter 11 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 5] (1335 words)
Get ready for some drama ;) hope you enjoy!

12. Chapter 12 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 5] (997 words)
Back with a new chapter, happy thanksgiving everyone!

13. Chapter 13 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 1] (987 words)

14. Chapter 14 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 4] (822 words)
Sorry for the cliffie in the last chapter. Enjoy the update :)

15. Chapter 15 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 4] (1512 words)
The fun continues! Enjoy the update, its a bit long :)

16. Chapter 16 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 4] (1316 words)
Back with a new chapter. I have been on a roll :) hope you enjoy!

17. Chapter 17 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 3] (972 words)
Back with a new chapter! Been super busy!

18. Chapter 18 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 2] (1525 words)
I know its been a while. Hope you enjoy the update :)

19. Chapter 19 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 2] (1049 words)
Sorry it took so long to update, I have a lot of stories I'm working on at the moment. Enjoy the update :)

20. Chapter 20 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 2] (1027 words)
Back with a new chapter :) Hope you enjoy!

21. Chapter 21 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 1] (1374 words)
New chapter. Hope you all enjoy. Drama continues!

22. Chapter 22 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 0] (1384 words)
OMG I am back again! I'm sure some of you may be surprised to see me updating this one again. I had been uninspired for writing romance for a long time. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things for this story. Let me know what you think!

23. Chapter 23 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 0] (1129 words)
I'm determined to finish this, so hopefully someone out there will enjoy this update. Drama is coming!

24. Chapter 24 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 1] (918 words)
I know....you're all really surprised to see an update after all this . hopefully this means I'll get back into updating this, and I hope you guys enjoy. Please let us know what you think.

25. Chapter 25 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 0] (1216 words)
Hope you all enjoy the update. Things are about to get crazy. thanks for reading :)

26. Chapter 26 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 0] (1035 words)
Hope you enjoy this chapter!!!

27. Chapter 27 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 0] (2259 words)
Please note that Death has been added as a warning due to the previous update. Hope you're all still enjoying this story and get the tissues ready for this chapter. thanks for reading!!!

28. Chapter 28 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 1] (1523 words)
I know it's been a LONG time. I want to try and finish this story eventually. But here is a new chapter. Thanks for being patient and any feedback is appreciated.

29. Chapter 29 by DelphinaCarter [Reviews - 0] (1121 words)
Hey all! I know it's been a long time but I finally got inspired to write this again. Donnie Wahlberg is going to be making a guest appearance in this chapter so I hope you enjoy. I can't figure out how to add him under characters. But any feedback is appreciated!