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Chapter 44 – Pressing Buttons

Stretched out on the sofa in the living room of the suite, Kevin held his phone to his ear, aware of everyone's eyes on him as he sang softly. Austin had requested he sing something to Olivia, in hopes it would ease the cramping Cheyanne had been experiencing since Howie's shitty phone call the day before. Nick was snickering over his game controller, Brian looked rather proud, AJ was rolling his eyes dramatically, and Howie simply glared at him. Not that Kevin cared. Howie had fucked up and good.

“Y’know, I t’oulda sang to My Angel’s baby, Daddy,” Baylee announced somewhat loudly from within Nick’s arms, leaning back so he could see his father sitting on the opposite couch. He looked quite jealous of Kevin as he glared, but knew not to wrestle the man for the phone. He was a lot bigger and not nearly as easy to sweet talk. “My Angel love my singing!”

"Your Angel says you can sing to her when I've finished talking to Princess," Kevin informed him with a grin. He had been careful to keep his phone in his hand at all times possible, lest the boy try to wrangle his away as he had Howie's. Glancing over at Howie, he saw he was attempting to look busy immersing himself in paperwork, though he knew the younger man was listening to every word his said. Deciding his friend needed a kick in the pants, he grinned wider. "Tell me, Princess… Jeffie still rubbing Angel's feet?"

“He decided to work on her shoulders ‘cause she keeps giggling when he rubs her feet. She’s too ticklish,” Austin laughed, obviously getting some kind of look from the other two occupants of the house. He then heard a light rustling as Austin promised to refill Cheyanne’s glass of drink. “…Howie’s in the living room, isn’t he?”

"Hell yeah…" With a glance in Howie's direction, Kevin's grin turned wicked. "…Wearing nothing but a bra and boxers, huh? Too bad me and Nick aren't there…"

“Does Chey want me to visit?!” Nick suddenly boomed, obviously catching the end of the conversation, practically dumping Baylee from his lap. “’Cause I’ll book a flight right now. Fuck the rest of whatever we gotta do! I miss her!”

Kevin couldn't help but chuckle, noticing Howie's face flushing with anger. "Hear that, Princess? Nick wants to come visit… What do you say I bring him when I come out this weekend?"

“It’d keep Cheyanne entertained for the duration, that’s for sure,” Austin laughed softly. “She thinks he’s like the cutest thing… I think it’s that whole blonde symbiosis or something… He’s on her innocent childlike level, though he’s not so innocent… Though I was just going to ship her to Jeff’s so we could be alone…”

"We can send Nick too?" Kevin suggested.

"Send me where?!"

“With Angel to Jeff’s house when I come to visit?” Kevin answered, listening to Austin suggest the same thing to Cheyanne. The young woman cooed with happiness, expressing her withdrawal from Nick, though Jeff said he could do without a blonde monster trying to invade his territory. “Angel misses you something awful, Nick. Says those late night IM’s ain’t nothing… But she loves the Green Day stuff you sent her. Wants to go to a concert.”

"Hot damn! I'll go pack now!" Nick exclaimed.

“Are you really bringing him?” Austin questioned loudly after Jeff made his speech about not wanting another man in Cheyanne’s vicinity.

"I don't know… Am I? Thought we were just… You know, torturing someone," he whispered as Nick began telling AJ that he had memorized all the songs Cheyanne had downloaded for him.

“He is the king of all assholes,” Austin seethed. “Do you know how ready I am to just tell Jeff to take over? To love on Chey-Chey like no other. At least I know he’s a damn good guy… Not like these losers she keeps finding… She only wanted to show him Ollie’s foot for fucking sakes!”

"Calm down, Princess… Everything will work out soon, I promise. So, am I bringing Boobah or what?"

"Tell Chey I've come up with the perfect Badonkadonk dance!" Nick cried, not wanting to be ignored.

Austin groaned at Nick’s exuberance. “I don’t know if I could handle having that pissfuck in my house… He might leave a permanent reminder of him or something. I think it’d just be better to leave him with the boys and let Chey spend the days at Jeff’s house… His Dad is like the king of all cows in this place… They’ve got a monstrous house…”

"Alright, Princess, whatever you say… Sorry, Nick. Angel's going to Jeff's house, and there's not room for you," Kevin said with a sigh, smiling ruefully when Nick's face fell.

“That’s Nick-ism, y’know that? Hate against Nick… Like Nick Racism,” Nick emphasized with genuine hurt, oblivious to the pleased smirk crossing Howie’s face. “…I thought Chey missed me… We could go hang out at a hotel, Kev--”

"Sorry. You can hang out at a hotel with AJ or something," Kevin interjected, getting to his feet. "Guess I better book my flight…"

“That is such bullshit!” Nick exclaimed tossing his controller to the floor childishly. He then flung Baylee into Brian’s lap, standing so he could exit the living room, never hesitating as he swiped Howie’s PDA from the side table.

“Yeah! Such shit, Kevvy!” Baylee exclaimed.

"What'd he say?" Austin cried in disbelief.


"Hey! Give me my PDA!"

“SNOOZE YOU LOOSE, ASSHOLE!” Nick cackled, racing back the hallway.

"Goddamnit, Nick!" Howie exploded, rushing after him.

"Yeah! Goddamnit, Nick!" Baylee echoed loudly.

Baylee!” Brian scolded loudly.

“You guys are such good role models,” Austin drawled dryly with disbelief.

"Well, when you can join me on the road, you can help us be better role models, Princess."

“Is that an invitation?”

"Would you say yes?"

“Would you die if I said no?”

"No, but I may cry into my pillow--"

"As well as a few other things he does to his pillow," AJ declared loudly.

“Weren’t you sexually exhausted when you left last time?”

“Of course, but looking at your pictures on the internet of you by the pool in your bikini… Damn, Princess, you’re going to be sore as Hell when I leave… Of course, I’d much rather just take you with me… A tour bus to ourselves?”

"Hmm… What kind of amenities does a tour bus have?" Austin murmured.

"If you two are going to have phone sex, can you talk a bit louder?" AJ requested.

“What’s phone sex?” Baylee questioned loudly. "Is that when you and Mommy yell on the phone at each other, Daddy?"

AJ doubled over with laugher. "Nah, Bayster. That's when your Daddy calls those long numbers and disappears in the bathroom--"

"Enough!" Brian shouted.

“So… I have phone sex with My Angel?” Baylee inquired with a cheesy grin.

"Oh my God… Chey! Listen to what Bay just said!" Austin cried in Kevin's ear as he, AJ and Brian laughed hysterically.

“Tell Baylee that he’s jail bait!” Cheyanne exclaimed in the background.

Chuckling, Kevin glanced over at Baylee. "Sorry, Young Blood. Chey say's you're too young--"

"But your Daddy's not. Maybe he can have phone sex with Chey?" AJ put in, grinning widely.

“DADDY!” Baylee exclaimed happily as Howie stomped into the living room with his PDA. “Have phone sex with My Angel! Please?!”

Howie skidded to a stop at Baylee's words, certain he'd heard wrong. Looking around the room, he saw the amused grins on everyone's faces. "What the Hell--"

"I can't have phone sex with your Angel," Brian told his son seriously.

“Why not? Her very boot-iful,” Baylee answered with a firm pout as the rest of the men did their best to gather some kind of composure, Kevin continued to talk with Austin, who was laughing twice as hard.

"Because, Scooper. I'm married, remember?"

"Didn't stop him from hooking up with--" AJ cut off at Brian's glare, suddenly very interested in the state of his fingernails.

Austin gasped for breath. "Brian hooked up with some chick?" she breathed incredulously.

“No… AJ’s referring to Brian’s fumbling into his hotel room… Or maybe it was Nick’s hotel room… It’s hard to keep that love triangle straight, Princess,” Kevin sighed playfully, watching AJ excuse himself as Brian suggested it was time for Baylee to eat lunch.

"Gross. I do not need to imagine those three stuffing sausage! C'mon… Yes or no, has Brian ever--"

"Austin Leigh Harrell!" Cheyanne reprimanded in the background.

"But, Daddy! Why can't you have phone sex with My Angel? Nicky said you have a hard-on for her!" Baylee whined as he was led into the kitchen.

“Does he really have a hard-on for Chey-Chey? ‘Cause I could hook him up with her… I mean, Baylee does need a little sister and then we could be cousins… We could all live in Kentucky together, Pretty Boy!”

"Princess," Kevin hissed, rolling off the couch so he could make the conversation private. Which meant, of course, the bathroom. Leaning against the locked door, he shook his head. "Despite your excitement over it, there's one thing you're forgetting one little thing."



“Oh I could make her disappear with a hundred bucks, box of wine, twenty four pack of Budweiser, and a good shovel,” Austin snorted as if it were trivial. “He despises her already. He’d welcome Chey-Chey with open arms. And he’d treat her a helluva lot better than the Latin grease ball.”

Hearing his girlfriend discuss the situation so plainly gave Kevin pause. "And what about Bay?" he questioned, wanting to hear what she would say. "Don't you think he'd miss his Ma?"

“You heard Brian, Baylee didn’t even like the bitch when he was born… Like he’d even remember her name when he has Chey-Chey cuddling him at night.”

"You're just pure evil, Princess."

“When you’ve got pure innocence with Chey-Chey, someone has to be pure evil to balance out the sanctimony of life. Besides, you like me this way,” she purred.

"I wouldn't have you any other way," Kevin murmured. "Too bad you're occupied with Chey and Jeff, or--"

A furious pounding on the door interrupted Kevin's next words. "Hurry the Hell up! I gotta go!" Nick shouted.

Groaning, Kevin pushed himself off the door. "There's five bathrooms in this suite, pissfuck!"

“This one has the best peeing for distance!” Nick whined loudly.

“I don’t even want to know what peeing for distance is,” Austin shuddered as a loud banging was heard. “Shit! Pretty Boy? Can you talk to Chey-Chey? I need to get something at the door. I ordered the cutest stuff for Ollie!”

"Yeah, sure…" Flinging the door open, Kevin was almost thrown to the floor as Nick urgently rushed in. In an instant, Kevin found himself in the hallway, the door slamming in his face. Shaking his head, he moved back to the living room.
There was a soft giggle and a rustling, then Cheyanne's honeyed voice. "Kevvy?"

“Hey Angel,” Kevin crooned loudly, noticing Howie in his seated position, hunkered over the coffee table with various papers, articles, and files. “How is my favorite little Momma doing?”

“I’m fine… Are you coming to visit Austi soon?”

"I'll be there this weekend, Angel. But I'm coming to visit you and La-La too. I've got some things for you," he stated, returning to his previous position on the couch as Howie eyed him carefully. "I saw it and just had to buy it…"

“For Ollie?” Cheyanne corrected, obviously hoping that Kevin hadn’t bought anything specifically for her.

"No, for you," Kevin said firmly. "I've got her some things, too, but I couldn't get her something without getting you something… Don't tell me you're going to break my heart and turn down my gifts?" he pouted.

“Kevvy…” Cheyanne trailed and Kevin imagined she was blushing faintly. That is, if she had enough blood to even make a rosy blush anymore. “I’d never break your heart…”

"Well, Angel, I'd never make you cry," he promised softly.

Cheyanne hesitated for a moment. “…Austi told you, didn’t she? When she sent the pictures of Ollie’s foot?”

"She sure did…. I'm so sorry, Angel. But sometimes, men are just plain dickheads."

“…Is he there?”

Kevin glanced over at Howie, who was making notes on a sheet of paper. "Yeah… But I think he's busy."

“So… He wouldn’t want to talk to me? Not even to tell me that he looked at the pictures? …Did he look at the pictures?” Cheyanne’s voice was soft and meek, but tinged with so much pain.

"Howie, did you look at the pictures?" Kevin questioned loudly, causing the younger man to jump.

“Pictures?” Howie repeated in confusion. “Of Cinnamon’s foot?”

"Have you been getting other kinds of pictures in your email?"

“No… But Cinnamon’s foot is my background for the laptop…”

“Kevvy?” Cheyanne called softly into Kevin’s ear. “Would he want to talk to me? Or is he really busy? Because I don’t want to make him mad at me.”

"Howie… Is whatever you're doing so important you can't take a few moments to talk to Angel?" Kevin asked, all but glaring at his friend. And when Howie looked up and saw Kevin's eyes, he felt a tremor of fear go through him.

“If he says no, just tell me that you loved me too much to give me away, okay?” Cheyanne whispered softly, her entire heart riding on his words.

"Well, Hell, I don't even think he deserves to talk to you, Angel," Kevin said, shaking his head slightly. "After all, he may upset you, and I would hate to have to give him a black eye the day of an appearance…"

"Kevin," Howie began gently, rising to his feet.

“Are you really sure you want to talk to him, Angel?” Kevin sighed, keeping his glare fixed on Howie, who waited patiently by the couch. He honestly wanted to shove the phone elsewhere than into Howie’s hand. He had no right to speak to Cheyanne. No right whatsoever.

“Please, Kevvy? He’s my fiancé…”

"For you Angel, alright. But I'm staying right by him while he talks to you. And if he says one thing out of line… Well, I'm sure Princess knows where I can get a shovel." Smiling smugly, Kevin held the phone out to Howie. "Upset her, and I'll sic Princess, Moth, Jeff, Nick, Brian and Baylee on your ass," he warned in a whisper.

“I think I get the point,” Howie murmured, hurrying back to the opposite couch so he wouldn’t meet Kevin’s fist. Not that he was afraid of the older man, he just didn’t want embarrassed. Though, he began to believe he had no choice as Kevin remained on the opposite couch, watching closely. Shifting uncomfortably, Howie brought the phone to his ear. “Honey?”

“Hey… You’re not busy?”

"Just looking over some paperwork for the… No, I'm not busy," Howie amended quickly as Kevin folded his arms over his chest. Honestly, it was as though he were a juvenile delinquent on lockdown. "How are you?" It was so good to hear her voice, though it was edged in worry and fear.

“I’m okay,” Cheyanne answered softly, though it was a lie. “Just on bed rest like I’m supposed to be…”

"Is Cinnamon doing okay? How did the stomach mold turn out?" Howie murmured.

“Cinnamon is doing good. Really good. Except that her Aunt Austin thinks she’s going to burst out of my chest like some alien,” Cheyanne’s voice trailed into a nervous laugh. “The pregnancy mold is really pretty, though. Jeffie and I painted it purple… He had some strong desire to paint my breasts…”

Howie was certain there were more carnal things Jeff had strong desires to do to Cheyanne's breast, but he kept those comments to himself. He didn't want to upset her at all; knew if he did so, however unwittingly, Kevin would cause bodily harm immediately. "Her foot was so amazing, Honey… I've got it on my background on the laptop, so every time I turn it on I see her…"

“I’m glad you looked at the pictures. It was really amazing to feel that… She even left a little imprint on the cast… So Austi put a painted handprint over it and signed a little message… I’d like everyone to sign a message to her. So when she gets older… She’ll never forget how many people love her…”

"Can I reserve an entire side?" Howie questioned softly, guilt kicking him in the head with each word she spoke. He should have been there. To Hell with everything, he should have been there to see Cinnamon's foot when it happened. "I… I love you, Honey."

“…You had to stall to say it?”

"Kind of hard to pour my heart out with Saddam Hussein towering nearby…"

“Don’t you have your own room?” Cheyanne questioned out of no where, immediately releasing a hard sigh at her abrasiveness. “…Sorry… I don’t know what I’m saying. The hormones are… Well… What have I done to make you so mad at me? Did I do something in Florida that I wasn’t supposed to? I know you’re busy… And I don’t expect phone calls all the time… I just… I love you so much and…”

"I have my own room, yes, but Kevin thinks I'm going to make a dickhead of myself and upset you, which I have no intention of doing… Honey, you didn't do anything. I've just been swamped with work for the Foundation, and… Well, when I talk to you, I get homesick, I suppose. Hearing your voice makes me just want to drop everything and rush to be with you, to hold you and know you're okay." Taking a deep breath, Howie looked down at the papers littering the coffee table. "And I know that you wouldn't let me do that, so I suppose I've just been avoiding those feelings…"

“…So, it is my fault?”

"No! Never, Honey, I swear… I just have problems dealing with those emotions…" Sighing, Howie ran a hand through his hair. "Do you know how hard it is not to whisk you off to Vegas, marry you and keep you with me on tour?"

“You’ve always wanted a big Catholic wedding, so we can’t go to Vegas. Besides, being married was never the issue, Tea. It’s me being a high risk pregnancy with about two months left before I give birth,” Cheyanne explained softly. “…I shouldn’t have asked to talk to you.”

"So… You regret talking to me?" Howie asked carefully. "Honey--"

“I don’t regret talking to you,” Cheyanne quickly answered, fearful that Howie would become upset with her. “I always want to talk with you… I miss you so much… I just don’t want you to be upset. I don’t want to ruin your tour. You’ve worked so hard for all this and all I’m doing is being some kind of gnat…”

"No, Honey… I miss you too. And I wish I could come see you this weekend, but I have this big luncheon in Orlando with the Foundation," he told her. "We're planning the cruise for this winter, and I have to be there…"

“So… Kevvy’s coming by himself?” Cheyanne questioned, trying not to sound too hurt.

"I guess… Unless Nick weasels his way into the trip," Howie muttered. "I'm so sorry, Honey…"

“It’s okay,” Cheyanne promised brightly, though it seemed forced. “You have to help out your family foundation… Do whatever you can to help the research efforts. For Caroline. I understand. I’ll miss you, though.”

"I'll miss you too… Kevin's waving at me, I think he wants his phone back." In reality, Kevin was waving his fist in Howie's general direction, and Howie knew he had to retreat to safety soon. "I love you… I'll call you soon, I promise. Tell Austin to give Cinnamon tummy kisses for me…"

Kevin was flabbergasted to see Howie rush Cheyanne off the phone without any means of a proper goodbye. It was as if Howie had spoken with her just to correct some egregious error. A perfunctory means to solving his problems. But, what enraged Kevin more was the swift way Howie managed to weave lies in order to salvage his reputation with Cheyanne. “You are such a lying sack of shit! What the fuck is wrong with you?! You don’t have a damn luncheon! You ain’t doing a damn thing but going home to Orlando for our break!”

Quickly shutting the phone off, Howie glared at Kevin. "Not that it's any of your damn business, but I'll be doing some work in Orlando!"

“Can’t be too grand if you have to lie to your fiancée in order to do it,” Kevin spat, physically stepping on his left foot so he wouldn’t tackle Howie onto the couch with flying fists. “I don’t get it, Howie. I really don’t get it! Is it because Angel can’t have sex? You just can’t handle it anymore? Are you tired with her? What? What is so wrong with that Sweetheart that you’re fucking up left and right?!”

"Nothing! Damnit, it's none of that! I'm going to buy a house for us to live in when we get married! Jesus, Kevin! I'm not as fucking shallow as some people I know. Honey deserves the house of her dreams, and this is the only time I can find to do it!"

Kevin just shook his head in a disgusted disbelief. “Whatever, Howie. I’m really done trying to communicate with you. Trying to help you with Angel. I’m not covering for you anymore, because I won’t be able to handle the guilt if something terrible happens to her... And if you are really going for a house, which I doubt, you should rethink your plans. She doesn’t want some stupid house. She’d gladly live in the one you already have. She wants you in North Carolina while she’s hurting so bad. And, damnit, I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.”


“Fuck off, Howie,” Kevin spat, clearing the room before he did something he truly regretted.


“Pretty Boy is here!”

Cheyanne glanced up from her novel and mustered an excited smile for her best friend. The week had passed miserably slow for Austin, considering that Kevin was due to arrive on Friday and spend several days with the girls before starting his tour. It seemed as if Friday would never arrive. Yet, Cheyanne really didn’t have a reason to agonize the days. Not that she didn’t enjoy Kevin’s company. In fact, he was like a big brother to her. But he was there to visit with Austin. To love on Austin. And Howie wouldn’t be coming on this trip. Cheyanne understood he was busy, but the pain in her heart just wouldn’t dissipate. So, she had tried to drown herself in books, magazines, movies, and baby things. Even as she laid on the pull out couch she was trying to forget the pain. But, she feared that wouldn’t happen as Austin tore out the door in order to launch herself into Kevin’s arms.

"Whoa, easy Princess," Kevin grunted, catching the doorframe with one hand as she nearly knocked him on his ass. "It's only been five days," he gasped as she squeezed him tight. Though, he was just as zealous to greet her, finding her lips in a fervent kiss as he shuffled her back inside.

“I missed you so much! I don’t give a rat’s ass how many days it was!” Austin expressed, curling her legs around his waist as she locked her arms behind his neck. She whimpered happily as she caught Kevin’s lips again and again in repeated kisses. Each growing harder than the last. “You’re here again!”

“For a lot more than just two days,” Kevin promised with a laugh, giving up on his bags as he wrapped his arms around her waist. “God, you taste so good, Princess.”

Feeling slightly uncomfortable, Cheyanne cleared her throat loudly, in hopes of reminding them of her presence.

“What’s she doing out of her room?” Kevin mused, offering a few quick kisses to Austin’s throat before peering over her shoulder. He offered a handsome smile to the younger woman, who was already moving to climb off the bed. She looked worse for wear than when he had seen her last. She was pale and broken, which only seemed to fuel his anger toward Howie.

“I’m going back to my bedroom so you guys can have privacy,” Cheyanne promised, holding her hands up in defeat.

"No, stay," Austin insisted, turning in Kevin's embrace. "We can fix some ranch popcorn and watch a good spooky gory movie…" She didn't want Cheyanne to feel out of place in her own home. Kevin's amorous attentions could wait.

“No, that’s okay,” Cheyanne declined softly as Kevin lowered Austin from his embrace. She made sure to avoid eye contact with them both, gathering her blanket that she had been cuddling with Moth. That is, till Kevin arrived and got the puppy stirred. As much as she loved the couple, it would be too hard to watch them, even if she was trying to concentrate on the movie. Because they would embrace, giggle, and kiss. Something she was denied that weekend. “I’m tired. I just want to go take a nap.”

As though knowing of her intentions, Moth set off for the bedroom, dancing impatiently at the door as he waited for her. "You want a drink or anything, Chey?" Austin questioned as her friend moved for the hallway.

"I'll come tuck you in," Kevin offered with a slight smile. With each pained look on Cheyanne's face, he vowed to beat the living daylights out of Howie.

“I don’t need tucked in. You should stay with Austi. She missed you something fierce,” Cheyanne attempted to dissuade as Moth whined loudly from her doorway. But, Kevin seemed determined to do as he suggested, resting a hand lightly against the small of her back. “Kevvy--”

"Do I have to carry you?"

“Do you want a hernia?”

"Are you saying I'm not strong enough to pick you up?"

“No, I’m saying I’m a bloated whale.”

"A bloated whale? Nah… Never seen a bloated well as beautiful as you… C'mon," Kevin insisted, gently lifting her as though she weighed no more than a feather. "If I start to buckle, I'll try to fall so you land on top…"

“If you land on me, you could probably pop Ollie out like a football… I wouldn’t much mind the bruises…” Cheyanne attempted to joke, watching Austin hurrying behind them with a drink and snack in her hands. Cheyanne rested her head on Kevin’s shoulder with a soft sigh, hating to feel so feeble.

"If I land on you and pop La-La out, I think Princess would have my nuts mounted over the fireplace," Kevin mused as he carried her down the hall. Kissing the top of her head gently, he lowered her into the bed as Moth scurried around at the foot of the bed, apparently excited about the idea of a nap.

“They’d be a nice conversation piece?” Cheyanne attempted to tease as Kevin pulled the blankets over her body. She curled tightly to her pillows, turning on her side as she patted for Moth to join her. The puppy easily weaved himself around Kevin, racing to offer sweet licks to Cheyanne’s face. She smiled softly, coaxing the little one into calmness. “But, go enjoy your time with her.”

Glancing up at Austin as she set Cheyanne's drink and snack within reach, Kevin gave her a quick nod, smiling slightly when she gave him a knowing glance. Strange, he thought to himself as she quickly hugged her friend. It was as though they could read each other's thoughts. When she slipped out of the room, he sat on the edge of the bed, smoothing the blanket over Cheyanne's stomach. "When you wake up, I'll go out to the car and get the things I brought for you two," he murmured softly.

“We didn’t want anything,” Cheyanne reminded him, although it seemed to be a mute point. The gifts were probably already bought and wrapped. And, the look in his eyes told her not to suggest such a thing again, especially as he tenderly rubbed her grown abdomen. “You know Austi is the godmother, right? So, does that mean you’re going to be the godfather?”

"I'd be honored… I get to dress up in a tuxedo and make people offers they can't refuse, right?" Kevin teased, leaning over to kiss her on the cheek. Cheyanne was just too sweet not to love. He felt protective of her, understanding why Austin had acted the way she had those months before when Howie had first shown an interest.

“You just need to find the fancy tux… You already make people offers they’d be stupid to refuse,” Cheyanne giggled softly, motioning toward Olivia’s nursery set where her belly cast was stored. “Take that out and write a message to Ollie on it? Please?”

"I certainly will… Now get some rest, Angel. Do you want me to put a movie in for you before I leave?" he questioned, slipping away to retrieve the mold.

“No thank you, I just want quiet… Ollie ain’t moving much and I’d like to keep it that way for now,” Cheyanne answered, muffling a yawn against the back of her hand as Moth tucked close with his own yawn.

"Well if you need anything, send the little Pisser down the hall, okay?" Holding the purple mold under his arm, Kevin stepped over to give her another kiss. "Everything's going to be okay, Angel," he promised softly before edging to the door.

“Just don’t be too loud loving on my Austi,” Cheyanne requested, allowing her eyes to close as he disappeared.

Chuckling, Kevin pulled the door shut before going back to the living room. "Angel says we have to be quiet," he announced, flopping on the pull out bed after setting the mold in the recliner. Looking over at Austin, who was folding towels, he feigned a slight pout. "Can't those wait?"

“No, they’ll wrinkle,” Austin chided, tossing a few in his direction. “Why don’t you help me, Pretty Boy. They’ll be done faster. Then you can sign Chey-Chey’s belly. She thinks that is like the neatest thing. You can even see Ollie’s footprint in it… We’re going to have to make one for our first.”

Halfway through folding a towel, Kevin whipped his head up to look at her. "Our first?" he repeated, his mind reeling at her multitude of statements. "Just how many are we going to have?"

“Two would suit me fine,” Austin answered simply with a sly smile. “A boy and girl. Boy first. Girl second. So, tell your troops to prepare properly.”

"I'll be sure and give them the memo," Kevin assured her, catching her arm and pulling her down to him. "What do you say we get started now…" He was just about to kiss her when he heard a car pull up outside. "Who the Hell…"

“Jeff said he wouldn’t be here until later tonight. Some of the cows are ready to give birth…” Austin trailed in wonderment as Moth came racing out of Cheyanne’s bedroom. His barks pierced the quiet air as he leapt at the screen door, scratching furiously. Austin rolled her eyes at the pitiful display. “He thinks he’s like a German Shepard, I swear…”

"Who's here?" Cheyanne called sleepily.

"It better not be Howie," Austin hissed under her breath as she kissed Kevin's jaw line. Reluctantly pulling herself from him, she glanced out the window before moving to the door, not recognizing the car that had pulled up behind Kevin's rental.

"Is it Tea?" Cheyanne called hopefully.

“If it is, I’m slamming the door and saying it was some City Slicker that got lost,” Kevin announced, moving behind his lover, anxious to see their new visitor.