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Chapter 46 – Reactionary Guilt

Half asleep, Nick shifted slightly, a pleased smile touching his lips when he felt Cheyanne's body still curled next to his. Her warm breath fluttered against his neck, one arm curved around him. His hand strayed to her stomach, feeling the gentle movements of Olivia with a soft sigh. Moth had claimed his space among them, was still snuggled at Cheyanne's hip, his head resting on Nick. Moving his hand up, Nick gently smoothed the lightly tousled curls from Cheyanne's face, noting with slight satisfaction her peaceful expression. After they had showered and returned to bed, she had shyly asked him to sing to the baby, explaining it would calm her.

He couldn't get over how pleasant it was, to just lie with her in his arms. How could Howie just leave her without any worries? Howie… Pushing the older man from his thoughts, Nick dropped soft kisses along Cheyanne's cheek. Not wanting to wake her, only wanting to assure her that he was still there. Her arm tightened around him, her lips curving slightly as she snuggled closer to him. Closing his eyes, Nick drew the blankets over their nude forms, wanting to bask in the glow of her presence for as long as possible.

For a majority of his life, Nick had never been concerned about the niceties of a steady relationship, nor encountering a thought about marriage. His parents had been so sorted with their relationship, offering nothing but an explosive household. And, he never wished to find himself in that position again. Causal dating seemed the lesser of two evils. Not to mention less of a burden, though he never considered how much his heart would ache with loneliness. Especially now as Cheyanne tucked her head against his broad chest, her breath soft and even against his warm skin. That was what he wanted. More than anything. She felt so good—

“Do you two realize what time it is?!” Kevin’s voice boomed from out of no where as Cheyanne’s bedroom door was snapped open with a loud crack. The sound startled Moth instantly, who jerked from Cheyanne’s hip, only to tumble onto the floor with a yowl of fear. Though Kevin didn’t seem to notice as he eyed the pair critically in the bed, submersed within the warm covers, though Cheyanne was significantly shaken. “We’ve waiting on you forever to start breakfast! And, damnit, I’m starving!”

"Jesus Christ!" Nick yelped, jerking into a sitting position. Sending a glare at Kevin, he made sure to keep the covers over Cheyanne, holding an arm around her. "You could have knocked!"

“This is pretty much my house, why would I knock?” Kevin snorted, leaning in the doorway as he watched Cheyanne furiously rub her face in attempts to awaken. The smile on his face lessened a bit when he noticed her sapphire eyes widened as she actually trembled. He thought about apologizing, till he noticed Nick’s bare upper half. “What are you doing in my Angel’s bed anyway? Without a shirt? Didn’t we make up the couch for you?”

"Well, after she got that phone call last night she was pretty shaken up, so I suggested we come back here and listen to some music," Nick informed him, shielding Cheyanne as best he could from Kevin's glowering stare. "And we fell asleep on the bed. Is that a fucking crime?"

“And you just happened to remove your shirt in the process?” Kevin murmured, feeling as if something were amiss in the room, besides Moth who bit his ankle as he walked down the hallway in search of breakfast.

"It was hot."

“But you’re under the covers--”

“Pretty Boy! I said get them up! Not lecture them to death!” Austin bellowed loudly from the kitchen.

"We're up. You can go so we can dress now," Nick told Kevin with a smug smile.

Kevin’s emerald eyes narrowed. “You do realize that we’ll be leaving in a few days and Princess won’t be there to protect you, right?”

"Yeah, but if you touch me, I'll just have to call Sweetheart here to tell you off."

“Then I guess I’ll just have to break your fingers so you can’t make the phone call,” Kevin answered as if it were the most simplistic plan he ever created, watching Nick actually sink back for a moment. Satisfied, he flashed a warm smile toward Cheyanne as means of apology, though she was still half asleep. She looked exhausted. But then Austin barked more orders, causing him to cringe. “If you guys aren’t out here in two minutes and I come back here to find you under the covers still. I’m ripping them off and dragging you both. Y’hear?”

"Yeah," Nick muttered as the door slammed behind Kevin. Turning to Cheyanne, he gave her a small smile. "That wasn't how I planned on waking you up," he murmured softly, smoothing her hair back.

“I don’t think I wanted to be woken up like that either,” she answered, releasing a shaky sigh in order to calm her frazzled nerves. She was certain that Olivia had flipped inside her womb from the rude awakening and probably would be born foot first now. Shaking her head, she moved to slip out of the bed. “But he will be back in two minutes.”

"When he gets back to the kitchen, Austin will put him to work," Nick assured her, catching her arm. "Can't I at least get a good morning kiss?" he whispered, tracing her wrist with his fingers. Anything to keep her next to him for a few moments longer.

“He’s going to manage to weed himself out of the work to check on us…” Cheyanne disagreed, though she allowed Nick to pull her closer. She exhaled a furious breath as she leaned over, lightly pecking his lips with hers. “Good morning, Nicky.”

"You call that a kiss?" Nick nearly whined, holding her to him. "C'mon, Sweetheart, you can do better that…" Easing her to her back, he leaned over her, grinning wickedly when she squeaked in protest.

“If Kevvy walks in--” Cheyanne’s words halted at the excitement blazing through Nick’s ocean eyes. He loved the thrill and Cheyanne couldn’t deny how much she enjoyed his body atop hers. So, she succumbed to the playful nature, brushing her fingertips against his lips. “How do you know I can do better than that?”

"Do I have to give you more kissing lessons?" he questioned softly, nibbling gently at the tips of her fingers. "Maybe I should write a book…"

“So, now I’m nothing but another chapter in your anthology?” Cheyanne guessed, trying not to look too hurt by the revelation. She had known from the very beginning. All the boys had stories about Nick’s lifestyle. Even AJ appeared flabbergasted by Nick’s stunts at some point.

"I'd prefer if you were the epilogue… And the sequel," he murmured before sucking her finger into his mouth.

“Nicky…” Cheyanne trailed in wonderment, trying her best not to arch her back against the sizzling sensation that quaked through her body with his tongue lapping at her finger. For a moment, she considered his proposal. He was quite the attentive lover. Any woman would be lucky to be an epilogue.

Smirking, Nick slid his lips over her palm, across her wrist, pausing to nibble at the inside of her elbow before continuing the trail upwards. His tongue slid over her collarbone, and when he raised his mouth to hers she was nearly trembling. "This," he breathed against her lips, "is what I call a good morning kiss." Teasing her mouth open with his tongue, he stroked her lips gently before delving between them, exploring slowly and softly.

“Mmm,” was all Cheyanne could seem to mumble as she eagerly fell into the soft romantic nature of his kisses, sliding her hands up to cup his slightly roughened face. He knew just how to manipulate her body into getting what he wanted. He made her melt with just the simplest of caresses and kisses. And, Cheyanne thought ruefully as she pulled away for a moment, he knows exactly what he does to her. “Can I go back to sleep for another good morning kiss?”

"Sweetheart, if you--"

"ONE MINUTE!" Kevin bellowed from the kitchen.

"Ah, shit fire and save matches," Nick muttered, laying several quick kisses on Cheyanne's neck. "I'll kiss you more later," he promised softly.

“God that would be a painful experience,” Cheyanne thought seriously. That is, until she heard Kevin’s warning series of lumbering footsteps. Squeaking in horror, she immediately pushed the covers from her body while pushing Nick off the opposite side of the bed. When she saw him fall to the floor, she rolled her eyes, slipping from her side of the bed to gather whatever clothing she could find that looked like she had slept in them. “Would you get dressed?!”

Chuckling, Nick snatched up the clothing that resembled his on the floor. Stepping into his boxers, he nearly tripped over his own feet, landing hard on the bed. "Damn," he muttered, pulling on his sweatpants. "I still say I should just whisk you off to a motel." Jumping to his feet, he turned to give her a grin, his brows raising when he saw her pulling on his t-shirt. Deciding not to say anything, he tugged hers on, smirking to himself. "Do you want the bathroom first?"

“Motels in North Carolina are dingy. Bed and breakfast’s have a more classy appeal,” Cheyanne disagreed as she ruffled through her dresser drawer to locate a pair of boxers. “Oh… You can have the bathroom first…”

"Thanks, Sweetheart," Nick chimed, heading in that direction. "All hail Phobos!" he called softly before shutting the door behind him.

"Time's up!" Kevin hollered from the hallway.

“All hail Phobos?” Cheyanne repeated in mystification as she tugged on her boxers, hearing Kevin’s footsteps growing heavier. She glanced about her room to make sure nothing seemed peculiar, groaning when she noticed her panties thrown carelessly to her nightstand. Cursing underneath her breath, she raced to grab them and toss them into the dirty linen before the door was thrown open. Only, when she turned back to her nightstand, she felt her heart pang at the sight of her engagement ring which had been hidden beneath.

"What happened to Nick?" Kevin questioned suspiciously, glancing around the room. "Did you hide him under your bed, Angel? 'Cause I was only joking about breaking his fingers…"

“No…” Cheyanne murmured without a hint of expression, her eyes still focused on her engagement ring as she wilted to the bed. A flood of memories attacked the very center of her soul as she stared in hopelessness. Howie’s face became infused with Nick’s, their words intermingling. Howie’s recent hateful expressions combining with the sweet nothings he loved to whisper in her ear. Then Nick’s pleading to make love to her properly… “…He’s in the bathroom…”

Coming from the bathroom, Nick heard Kevin's parting words, sniffing the air appreciatively when he caught the aroma of bacon. "You ready to eat, Sweetheart?" Glancing over at her, he saw the look of panic on her face, the way she clutched her stomach. "Sweetheart?" Moving to sit beside her, he reached for her arm. "What's wrong?" Following her gaze to the engagement ring lying on the bedside table, he nearly groaned. Holy Hell she was going to have an attack of conscience. "Hey… It's okay," he murmured.

“I’m not hungry,” Cheyanne mumbled, that being the only conscious thought that she could probably form into a sentence. She felt as if she were covered in a thick layer of grime, tugging her arm away from Nick’s grasp. Her eyes grew warm with the threat of tears, her face ashen with shock as to what she had done the previous night. No matter how Howie had treated her, she had no right to engage in such sexual passion with one of his good friends. Though it hadn’t been an act of revenge, she still felt overwhelmed, especially because she had enjoyed Nick so much. She had been so upset at the thought of Howie having an affair of sorts, yet she had quickly turned to do the same. She couldn’t even attempt to reach for her engagement ring, afraid it would burn her from her sinful betrayal. She loved Howie so much, no matter what, and now she had ruined it. She covered her face with shame, stifling a hot sob. “…I’m a whore…”

"You're not a whore, Sweetheart," Nick said softly, tentatively touching her shoulder. "I--I never should have come. I just like you so much, 'cause you're fun to be around and you make me smile. I never knew last night would happen… But I don't regret it. Do you?"

Cheyanne softly shook her head as she squeezed her eyes shut against the tears, trying to ignore her engagement ring, knowing it was right in front of her. “I…I just wanted to feel loved… Like I was the first in someone’s life instead of a measly…hassle…”

Pulling her into his arms, Nick kissed the top of her head. "He makes you feel like a hassle?"

“I am a hassle,” she hiccupped, curling her fingers into his t-shirt though she knew she should probably pull away. “He didn’t even want to visit me on his vacation before the tour. He’d rather be in Florida… I always call when he’s busy… And if he does call, by chance, he sounds perturbed and only stays on a minute… Like he has to do this because I’m pregnant or something… Like some code of honor…”

"Sounds like you picked a real winner," Nick muttered bitterly, gently rubbing her back. "But hey… I'm here. And there is no crying when Nicky's around," he stated in hopes of making her show some sign of mirth.

“Nicky…” Cheyanne trailed with the first of what she knew would be many hiccups. She knew he was doing his best under the given circumstances and, yet again, she was being a burden. “I’m sorry… About everything…”

"You have nothing to be sorry about," Nick murmured, smoothing her hair before brushing the tears from her cheeks. "No more tears, Chey. Okay? Or I'll be forced to whip out Phobos…"

“Phobos?” Cheyanne repeated with a groan, never noticing Nick’s reach behind her to hide the engagement ring in her drawer. Instead, she was looking into his ocean eyes with a soft giggle that ended in a hiccup. “What the fuck was I thinking last night?”

"Hopefully that I was the best lover you've ever had," Nick teased, kissing the tip of her nose. "Now come on, I'm starving… You wore me out last night and I need to recuperate."

“Like I honestly have much to compare with,” Cheyanne mumbled as Nick pushed her toward the hallway.

"Do you want another demonstration?"

“You can be an honest to God ass sometimes, y’know that?” Cheyanne bluntly drawled as she glanced back to him when they reached the living room, listening to Austin and Kevin argue in the kitchen. The uneasiness in the pit of her stomach still remained, especially when she thought of Howie. That is, if he ever called again.

"But I'll love you forever!" Nick cried, lifting her into his arms. "My little duffel bag," he cooed, stepping into the kitchen with her. "Food!"

“You’re burnin’ that bacon to a fucking crisp, woman!” Kevin howled with disgust, barely noticing Nick entering with Cheyanne scooped protectively into his arms, actually giggling. Instead, he was gesturing wildly to the bacon sizzling in the frying pan, wanting to reach and pry it from the heat if it wasn’t for the sizzling fat crackling about.

"Yeah? Well… Fuck you!" Austin shouted. "You don't have to eat it!"

“Well I won’t ‘cause it’ll chip my teeth right out!” Kevin snapped with annoyance, yanking the fluffy scrambled eggs from the stove before they started to burn. Austin had told him that Cheyanne was always fussy about her eggs, so he wanted them perfect. Though, as he turned to boast, he arched his dark brows at Nick seated at the table with Cheyanne still tucked in his arms. “What the fuck are you doing with Angel?”

"I'm picking her nose, what's it look like I'm doing?" Nick countered with an annoyed glare. "Jesus… If I had known you two would be fighting like this, I would have kept her the fuck out of here."

"We wouldn't be fighting if Pretty Boy would quit belittling my cooking talent!" Austin snapped, scooping the bacon out onto a paper towel to drain. "A-fucking-parently he fancies himself a chef!"

“Standing next to you I am the Dahlia Llama of Chefs!” Kevin growled, tossing Cheyanne’s plate of eggs toward the opposite side of the table. “Sit down at eat, Angel.”

Cheyanne nodded meekly, attempting to crawl from Nick’s lap, obviously wanting nothing to do with those explosions. “Nicky--”

"Shh," Nick breathed in her ear, his hands clasped around her. "I need a babe buffer in case he starts bitching at me."

"Y'know what, Kevin? You can kiss my ass," Austin informed him, slapping his backside as he moved to sit down. Smiling sweetly, she kissed his cheek, leaning to set the bacon in the middle of the table. Glancing at Cheyanne, she raised one brow. "Um… Chey?"

Cheyanne tensed as her innocent sapphire eyes widened, attempting to explain herself, “Nicky said he needed a babe buffer in case Kevvy starts bitching at him. I was trying to get over to my seat to eat, but he won’t let me--”

"Why are you wearing Boohbah's shirt?" Austin interrupted loudly, eyes wide when she realized Nick was wearing Cheyanne's shirt as well. "What did y'all do? Exchange wardrobes?"

"I don't think Nick would look good in those little shorty jean shorts Angel's been sporting lately," Kevin mused, though he glared at the younger man.

Cheyanne glanced down in confusion, frowning when the graphic of Spooning Leads to Forking appeared on her chest. Turning in Nick’s arms, her eyes widened with horror when she found him wearing her baggy MILF t-shirt. She immediately turned back to Austin and Kevin, attempting to find some kind of explanation, but all she ended up muttering was, “Shit…”

Turning her gaze to Nick, Austin folded her arms over her chest, her eyes narrowing in suspicion. "What the fuck is going on?"


“Butt out, if you glare any harder your eyes are going to pop into your lap, Pretty Boy,” Austin snapped, keeping her gaze firmly set on Nick as she reached to pull Cheyanne away from him. She would have her Little Momma be used as a hostage. “Explain, now.”

Keeping a firm grip on Cheyanne, Nick met Austin's level gaze. "I don't see how it's any of your fucking business," he said coolly. It wasn't as though she were Cheyanne's mother or anything.

“Nicky,” Cheyanne breathed in horror, immediately reaching back to hold a hand over his mouth. “Nicky was hot last night so he took off his shirt. Well, I wanted to steal it this morning, only he caught me, so he said we could exchange for a joke. Funny, huh? Ain’t no different from Jeffie and I throwing our shorts in the hallway.”

"Then why does he have a row of hickeys on his neck?" Austin questioned carefully.

“Moth?” Cheyanne suggested meekly.

"Cheyanne Grace Lorde!"

“What?” Cheyanne sighed, hoping to maintain all the innocent appeal she could afford. Didn’t she already have enough guilt to live with?

"Oh, I give up," Austin groaned with a sigh, flopping into her chair. "I probably don't want to know, anyway."

Cheyanne’s light brows immediately arched in confusion at Austin’s defeat, reaching for her own wrist to calculate a pulse. She must have been dead to get off so lightly from Austin’s wrath.

"You'll tell me when you're ready," Austin observed with a smirk, reaching for the bacon. Pushing a few pieces onto Kevin's plate, she ignored his sigh of disgust. "You'll eat it and like it," she warned.

“I’ll shove it up my ass and then feed it to you later,” Kevin mumbled as he watched Nick reach to collect Cheyanne’s plate of eggs for her, obviously not letting her leave his lap. He then made sure that the salt, pepper, and ketchup were within her reach before attempting to even make his own plate. Knitting his brows in confusion, Kevin gestured hard at Nick. “I want to talk with you later.”

"What'd I do?" Nick yelped, his face paling.

“That’s exactly what I need to know--” Though words were cut away when a piece of bacon found its way into his mouth by means of Austin’s hand.

"Sweetheart, we really should look into a bed and breakfast," Nick murmured, keeping one arm around her as he began to eat. He enjoyed having her next to him so much, he wondered what he would do when he had to leave. "Before those two kill each other."

“I’m more worried about them turning on us…” Cheyanne answered, moving her eggs around on her plate aimlessly as Austin and Kevin began to curse at one another yet again. It seemed to be the same situation, just another ordinary day. The fight would ignite their passion, then they would stomp off to the bedroom for the morning. But, that thought sidetracked as she watched Nick fumble to butter a piece of toast. Coyly, she offered to help, but bit it quickly before he could make use.

"Hey! That's mine!" Nick squeaked in protest, jerking her hand back. Licking the butter off her fingers, he gave her a grin before taking his toast from her.

"God, maybe they should go to a bed and breakfast," Kevin muttered to Austin, who was angrily spreading jam on her toast. Watching her, he made a face when she piled bacon and eggs on top before biting into it. "That's just gross…"

Austin glared toward Kevin at his suggestion that her concoction wasn’t tasty, having half a mind to shove that into his mouth. But, she glanced toward Nick and Cheyanne, watching Nick take a bite from the toast only to have Cheyanne steal it back for her eggs. “Are you condoning that mess?”

"They're cute," Kevin observed softly. "And it'll give us some time alone," he added suggestively.

“For what?” Austin retorted quite coldly, already knowing exactly what he was wanting.

"If I remember correctly, there were a couple places that we didn't christen on my last visit…"

“I am not having sex in Chey’s room with the nursery,” Austin objected loudly.

"We could always move the baby stuff out--"

"Kevin!" Cheyanne cried around a mouthful of eggs.

“It’s just a shame that no one has been able to have loving in that room,” Kevin explained.

“No need to worry--” Nick’s sentence was stopped halfway as Cheyanne shoved a large forkful of eggs into his mouth, blushing furiously.

Ignoring Nick, Austin looked at Kevin. "Don't you think that, eventually, there will be loving in that room? And are you serious about these two goofballs going to the bed and breakfast?"

“What do you mean a bed and breakfast?” Cheyanne questioned in confusion as Nick choked quietly on the eggs, trying to swallow them. She felt his arm tighten around her, wincing slightly when his fingers purposely grazed the fingerprint bruising on her hip.

"She's stealing my idea," Nick whispered in her ear, reaching for his juice.

"Pretty Boy wants to send you and Boohbah packing," Austin declared with a wave of her hand. "And I'm leaning towards saying it's a good idea."

"Remind me to thank her later," Nick murmured.

Cheyanne was shocked. “But this is my house, too--”

"And you've been complaining nonstop about having to be cooped up in it all the time," Austin explained, reaching for more toast. Nick would show her a good time, she was certain. Despite her initial misgivings about him, he did know how to make Cheyanne laugh and seem less mournful. "It'll be good for you."

“…You’re lifting my permanent bed rest?” Cheyanne questioned with a genuine smile of excitement. When she returned from Florida, Austin had instituted a grand scheme of torturous ways to keep Cheyanne in bed. She knew it was because Austin was terribly worried about her pregnancy. But the mere suggestion of being let out of the house for a day was exhilarating.

"The way Nick's been toting you around like you're his teddy bear since he got here, I'm pretty sure you won't be on your feet too much," Austin mused with a smile. "And Pretty Boy'll pay for everything."

Kevin blanked. “Excuse me?”

“It was your idea.”

“So, Nick is fucking loaded!”

"I can pay for it! Jesus Christ, you two fight too fucking much," Nick muttered. Fingers trailing Cheyanne's thigh, he leaned close. "Let's go pack, Sweetheart!"

“You do realize that you sent them to a bed and breakfast when something is definitely going on between them,” Kevin casually mentioned as Nick carried Cheyanne back the hallway, obviously ready to get the Hell out of the house. Not that Kevin really minded, pushing his plate away as he watched Austin.

"And what's your point?" Austin asked with a shrug, propping one foot in his lap as she munched thoughtfully on her bacon.

“As much as you loathe to admit it, she’s engaged,” Kevin answered, reaching to rub the arch of her foot. Though, he tilted slightly at the sound of Nick’s excited whoop, watching him barrel down the hallway with Cheyanne and a duffle bag between them. Obviously, the man was anxious to go.

"She's not wearing her ring," Austin pointed out, smiling slightly as Cheyanne squealed for Nick to slow down.

“So that makes it okay?” Kevin questioned, hollering for Nick to behave himself and take good care of Cheyanne.

"If Howie gave two shits about her, he'd be the one carrying her off to a bed and breakfast for a few days, not Nick," Austin replied smoothly, pulling her foot from his grasp to run and say goodbye to Cheyanne.

Kevin wanted to reply, but merely shrugged his shoulders as he stood. He couldn’t argue with that logic. He was furious at the way Howie had been treating Cheyanne. She deserved some kind of positive attention. And Nick was so good with her. But Kevin worried about Cheyanne getting hurt. So, he hurried behind his lover, watching her sprint outside barefoot to Nick’s rented car. She ducked inside to say a few words to Cheyanne while Nick threw the duffle bag in the trunk. Kevin knitted his brows as he caught Nick’s gaze. “Do you know what you’re doing?”

"Isn't it obvious? I'm putting Sweetheart's stuff in the trunk," Nick replied with a look that plainly said Kevin was dumber than dirt.

“And your stuff is mixed with hers?” Kevin hoped to emphasize, though Nick just snorted. “Damnit, Nick, she’s still engaged.”

Shutting the trunk with a thump, Nick gave the older man a glare as he pulled the keys from his pocket. He was beyond tired of Kevin constantly breathing down his neck. Smiling suddenly, he jangled the keys in his hand. "Didn't stop her from helping me christen her bedroom last night, did it?" he countered casually. Grinning, he hopped into the car, pulling the door shut before Kevin could even stutter a response.

"Take care of her," Austin warned before backing away to shut the door. "And call us later," she added, glancing at Cheyanne.

"Will do," Nick assured her, pressing the door lock button before starting the engine. "Ready to go, Sweetheart?"

“If you’re ready?” Cheyanne answered, motioning a little wave toward Austin and Kevin. “…Why is Kevvy so pale?”

"I think Austin's bacon was a little overdone?" Nick suggested with a smile. "Now, tell me where we're going…"


“We shouldn’t have let Angel go to that bed and breakfast with Nick,” Kevin breathed as he hurried back into the house, noticing that Austin was already sprawled on the couch with her knitting. He had stood in the yard several minutes after the car had faded in the distance, feeling sick to his stomach. He couldn’t believe that Nick had so brazenly… What was that boy thinking? She was still engaged to Howie. And, despite what Howie did, Cheyanne did love him dearly. Nick had no business toying with her frailty, especially when she was so vulnerable. “I should go get her… Because I never should have let that pissfuck in this house!”

"What the fuck is wrong now?" Austin asked with a sigh, setting her knitting down to look up at him.

“Nick just told me he had sex with Angel last night! That squeal we heard? Wasn’t Moth!” Kevin exploded with disbelief, flopping down on the edge of the couch. He furiously ran his hands through his raven locks. “What the fuck is that boy doing?!”

"Oh, please. Chey wouldn't have sex with him… He's just trying to piss you off. And doing a damn good job," Austin assured him, sliding over to rest her head on his shoulder. "After the fire I lit under her ass the last time she and Howie did something, I can promise you, she wouldn't do it again."

“Nick is meddling in things he shouldn’t be meddling in. Cheyanne loves Howie. As much as he’s being a pissfuck… Cheyanne loves him…”

"I know, baby. But trust me, okay? Chey wouldn't do anything like that. No matter how big a pissfuck Howie is, she would never cheat on the man."

“But if she did… She’s so lonely right now…”

"Are you going to spend the rest of your time with me worrying about Chey?"


"Then why are you pouting? Honestly, Kevin, sometimes you act like such a toddler--"

“Because you drive me insane!” Kevin exploded, wasting no time in seizing her upward. When she squealed in shock, he smirked with satisfaction, tossing her over his shoulder. Lumbering back the hallway much like the previous night, he tossed her onto the bed. “Still think I’m a child?”

"No…" Austin trailed softly, tugging hard on his shirt until he was lying over her. "You're my man," she murmured, reaching to cup his face.

“I’m the man,” he corrected with a sultry smile, straddling her hips as he leaned down to nip at her lips.

"The man, my man, what-the-fuck-ever… Oh! Roll over," she commanded.

“I ain’t no damn dog,” Kevin growled, though he did as he was told.

"Good boy." Straddling him, Austin leaned over, running her hands up his arms. "No… You're not a dog… You're my cowboy, remember?" she purred, sucking his bottom lip between her teeth. "I've got something to show you when you get naked…"

“Like I haven’t seen all that before,” Kevin mumbled as he tugged to get his lip back, leaning up to grasp the hem of his t-shirt that she wore. Finally freeing himself from her mouth, he parted ways with her shirt, dipping down to kiss the curve of her breasts which were tucked so neatly in her black lace bra.

"No, it's something you haven't seen," she murmured into his hair, tugging impatiently on his shirt. A shiver of arousal coursed through her, and she reached to help him unclasp her bra. "But it is something you've heard about…"

“I still think we should get your other nipple pierced,” Kevin murmured, smirking hungrily as her breasts were freed. They shifted naturally when the support gave way, Kevin just watching how her nipples were already percolating by the kisses he offered to her skin. Unable to resist when she finally pulled away his shirt, he dipped, running his tongue along the somewhat cool bar poked through her nipple, sucking it into his mouth for a teasing play.

"I didn't know you were so kinky," Austin gasped, tangling her fingers in his hair to hold him close. The sensations caused by his skillful tongue made her writhe against him, fumbling with the button of his jeans. "Maybe we can run out to the tattoo parlor later?" she suggested in a whisper, her hand slipping inside his boxer briefs to grasp his manhood. "Hell, we can get your nipples pierced too--"

“Hell no,” Kevin breathed as he pulled away in shock, his lower half naturally coming to life within Austin’s hands. He released a soft groan of pleasure at her gentle strokes, coaxing him to pull off his jeans and boxer-briefs. “But if you keep doing that I might go ahead for a penis piercing.”

"That would be interesting," Austin murmured thoughtfully, continuing to stroke him gently. "Right about here?" she whispered, her finger circling the very tip.

“If that’s where you want it,” Kevin agreed with a vigorous nod, reaching for her jeans.

"I guess you want me to get that pierced, too?" she whispered as he peeled her jeans over her hips. Without bothering to push them down, he immediately slid his hand inside, eliciting a whimper from her.

“This?” Kevin questioned with a low rumble, kneading the small, rounded treasure that he adored.

"That," she moaned, arching against his hand. "Fuck… Kevin, wait, let met get the thing…"

“I don’t want the thing, I want you,” Kevin growled, pinching the nub lightly in attempts to keep her to put.

"Kevin!" she squealed, leaning over to rummage in the bedside table. "I promise, it's worth it… God, what are you doing?"

“What does it feel like I’m doing?” Kevin grunted as he managed to pull her clothing away so she was completely nude atop him. Pleased, he continued to circle one finger around her moist nub of delight. Then, overly amused with her electrical reactions, he licked the index finger of the opposite hand, trailing it from the budding nub down between her moist folds.

Slamming the drawer shut, Austin leaned back a little to give him better access. "…Kevin…" she moaned softly, biting down on her bottom lip. "Fuck the bullet…"

“The bullet?” Kevin chuckled as she actually fell back onto the bed, allowing him to sit up to better access her most intimate areas. She was melting underneath his handiwork, for once giving him complete control of the situation. And he relished in the fact, continuing to probe into her moist home as he squeezed her nub for a longer moment. Austin immediately released a wild cry as she bucked upward, but he pulled his hand away from her clitoris to push down on her stomach. And, brilliance struck him. Leaning forward, he started a dangerous travel of kisses from her navel to her cleanly shaved pubic mound. Then, with wicked pleasure, he allowed his tongue to flicker across the tender nub as he inserted another finger. “By the end you’ll be throwing that damn thing out, Princess.”

"What…" Austin gasped breathlessly, certain she would die from the pleasure of his intimate kisses. "God…"

“That would be the first time I made you speechless,” Kevin guessed with obvious amusement as she continued to writhe underneath his hold. But he kept a firm grip, sucking the nub into his mouth, loving the taste of her warm nectar. He felt his erection grow stronger, knowing how erotically pleased she was becoming.

Unable to form a coherent reply, Austin only nodded slightly, though she knew he couldn't see her. That didn't phase her, however, as she arched against him, willing her body to him, knowing she would give him anything he requested in that moment.

Feeling the gap between her delicious thighs open further, he decided to sink deeper. He could feel her tense as she held her breath, almost panting. That is, till he started to nibble.

"Kevin!" Austin screamed, digging her nails deeply into his shoulders. "Kevin… I need you," she pleaded.

“You have me,” he promised, nipping a bit harder before allowing his tongue to enter where his fingers had moistened, flicking wildly.

Arching off the bed, Austin jerked wildly beneath him. "Please… Let me…"

The desperation in her voice finally called to him and he slowly moved his kisses upward after another gentle suckle at her cherry nub. His tongue trailed along her now sweaty stomach, between the sweet valley between her heaving breasts, till he could suckle on her throat. She was moaning loudly by now, just begging for him to take her. And, much to her command, he eased his great manhood where his tongue had been just mere moments earlier. “You’ve got to learn to make this last, Princess,” Kevin teased, hovering just above her lips before allowing her a taste of herself.

Austin whimpered against his mouth, curling her arms around her neck. "You're just so damn good at what you do, I can't help myself," she gasped, tangling her legs with his. Moving her lips to his shoulder, she lightly nipped at his skin, smiling against him when she felt his shiver. "Nice and slow?" she suggested softly, her fingers tracing the curves of his biceps.

“Not right now,” Kevin chuckled as he lifted himself to begin his series of thrusts, finding her just as warm as inviting as the last time. She always seemed to form to his needs, holding him in a soft, warm bed that made his head spin with delirious ecstasy. To say he loved her would be a lie. In fact, he was very certain that he would die for her.

Wrapping herself around him, Austin met his thrusts, sucking in a deep breath each time he filled her completely. As no other man had before. "As soon as I can walk again, I'm throwing out that fucking bullet," she promised in a whisper, before the passion between them grew to a point where words weren't needed.