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Chapter 47 – Sweetness

Flopping onto the king sized bed, Nick released a sigh of weariness. "Free! We're free at last!" he cried triumphantly, shaking one fist in the air as Cheyanne giggled next to him. Grabbing her ankle gently, he lightly tickled the bottom of her bare foot before rolling away to look at the pamphlet he'd been given at the front desk. The grizzled older man behind the counter had given them a censuring stare, pointedly glancing at Cheyanne's stomach, then her bare left hand. Stuck-up old prude, Nick thought with a snort, reading over the breakfast menu. "Dude… They serve crepe suzettes!"

“What’s that?” Cheyanne questioned innocently, turning so she could retrieve the remote. Satisfied when she managed to grasp it from the nightstand, she tossed a pillow toward the end of the bed. Sprawling on her side, she flicked lazily through the stations. Nick had practically searched all day for the perfect bed and breakfast. They had stopped at several before he decided on their expensive room with a view of the beautiful lake nestled in the mountains. He seemed quite satisfied with his purchase, though Cheyanne would have been happy with anything. Even a motel.

"Little French pancakes… They're delicious," Nick murmured, kicking off his shoes. "Hey! This is something we've gotta do," he declared, leaning over to show her the pamphlet. Pointing to a small picture of a horse drawn carriage, he grinned hopefully. "They have these little carriage rides through the Historic District. What do you say?"

“Looks like a lot of fun,” Cheyanne promised with an eager smile, brushing her bare foot against the heel of his sock. She loved the way he got so excited over the smallest of things. How he made sure to include her in his thought process. “Maybe just before it gets dark? It’ll be really pretty, I bet… Though, I didn’t know you were so interested in horses.”

"They're alright, as long as I don't have to get on the back of one," Nick admitted. "I'm more comfortable with boats, y'know? After little Zombie's born, I'll have to take you out to the Keys and you can spend a day with me on one of my boats… It's so beautiful, just being with the ocean and the sky. When I have time, that's where I go when I need to unwind and forget everything. It'd be great if you came… That is, if you'd want to," he added hastily. It occurred to him that, by then, she and Howie may be married, which left a lump in his throat. Quickly pushing the thought away, he tugged playfully on one of her pigtails. "I'll call and reserve us a carriage ride for dusk. It'll be cooler then, and I know this heat is killing you…" Moving to stand and go to the phone, he stopped when she placed a hand on his arm.

“Nicky…” Cheyanne drawled softly, moving to sit up so he couldn’t pull away. She was awed that he decided that he wanted to share that special place of his with her. And, she suddenly began to realize that Nick was far more vulnerable and scared than he let on. He was insecure just as much as the next man, though he had nothing to worry about. He was a great guy. A little goofy, but she loved that streak in him. “I’d really like to take a trip on one of your boats. If you could stand me being in one of your babies for an entire day… Maybe spend the night out on the ocean, too? Just don’t call any sharks near me, or I’m pushing you in.”

"No sharks," he promised with a smile. "But you'd love the manatees. They're big and ugly, but they're so sweet and loveable, y'know? Just swim up to the boat and let you rub their heads and all. And dolphins… They're so freaking amazing, how they do those awesome dives and flips. It's just unbelievable," he breathed, his eyes bright with excitement. "You'd really need to spend a couple days and nights out to see it all… I know all the little deserted islands and everything." Grinning now, he kissed her forehead. "I'll call the carriage place now, then we can make plans for dinner?"

“Sounds good,” Cheyanne promised with a nod, releasing his wrist so she could lie back down, curling her arm underneath her pillow to cradle her head. She had simply placed on the country music station for background noise, watching Nick lean against the glass doors leading to their small veranda, placing the call. She decided it would be a lot of fun to spend a few days out on the ocean with Nick. It was probably the only place he really felt safe.

"Great, thanks," Nick said into the phone, hanging up with a grin. "All set. We just have to be down at the old Courthouse at seven, that's where the ticket office is. The lady told me about a good casual eating joint just down the street from it that serves good home cooking. If you want, we can hang out here for a while then head over there?" he suggested, setting the phone on the little table before rejoining her in the bed.

“Sounds good to me,” Cheyanne promised with a soft smile, attempting to flip a ‘thumb’s up’ sign with her hand tucked underneath her pillow.

"What's your favorite color?" Nick blurted, for lack of anything better to say. Lying on his stomach beside her, he propped himself up on his elbows, gazing at her sweet smile.

“Are we playing twenty questions?” she teased with amusement, allowing her sapphire eyes to flutter open for a moment, rolling them playfully. “Are you that bored with me already, Nicky?”

"Twenty questions is always fun, and I could never be bored with you, Sweetheart. I could have asked what your favorite sexual position is…" he trailed with a wicked grin.

“Purple,” Cheyanne answered, ignoring his last statement as she pretended to knee him in the groin.

Squirming away, Nick playfully nudged her leg with his foot, chuckling. "Now you do me."

“Wasn’t that last night?” Cheyanne quipped just as easily as he had the first time, though she looked sweetly innocent compared to his wickedness.

"Have you forgotten already? 'Cause I'm more than willing to give you a repeat…"

“What do you love most about your career?” Cheyanne questioned instead with a coy smile, moving to drape her leg carelessly over his so that they were connected.

"Being able to make a difference in someone's life… You wouldn't believe how it feels, hearing someone tell you that listening to a song or watching a video helped them through a dark period, or just changed a decision they would have made… Long ass answer, huh?" he asked, seeing her rapt expression.

“No, not at all,” Cheyanne quickly replied, leaning so she could press a kiss to his forehead. “It was really beautiful, Nicky. I could listen to you talk like that all day. Hell, y’know if I asked AJ that question he’d talk about the rockstar lays or something silly… But to know that has an affect on you… Nicky, it’s beautiful… It’s why I do nursing…”

Closing his eyes briefly at the touch of her lips, Nick smiled slightly, comforted by her closeness. Rolling to his back, he curled his arm around her, drawing her closer until her head rested on his shoulder. "What's your favorite thing to do on a lazy day?"

“A lazy day?” Cheyanne thought, delicately flattening her hand over his heart so she could feel the steady beats. “I’d have to sleep in all day, stay in my boxers, and then watch horror movies… Though I guess that’s three things? What about you? What’s your lazy day, when you actually get one?”

"Sleep in, watch movies, veg out and eat junk food, and play my video games," he murmured, lightly rubbing her shoulder as he felt himself relax with her next to him. "And come up with new ways to torment Kevin," he added with a chuckle.

“God, that’s brilliant,” Cheyanne giggled, drawing her foot over his so she could affectionately rub the top, though she seemed more fixated on removing the sock with her foot instead. “We should combine forces and drive him and Austi insane… Though, I think I already did that?”

"The whole sitting in my lap thing? That may have helped… Are you trying to take my sock off?" he questioned with a laugh, leaning down with his free hand to remove his socks for her. "What was your first thought waking up this morning?"

“I could have gotten it with my foot!” Cheyanne promised with a pout, though she continued to rub her foot along his ankle to entertain herself. “…And… I don’t think I had a first thought this morning… Oh, where would Kevvy put my body after he slaughtered me and could Moth dig me up? …He scared the Hell outta me. I think Ollie did a flip and a half in my stomach. When she’s born she’s probably gonna be butt first!”

Chuckling, Nick kissed the top of her head. "I don't think he would have slaughtered you… Me, on the other hand… He's been threatening to kill me for thirteen years now."

“He loves you though,” Cheyanne promised, tapping her fingers to the rhythm of his heart. “If anything ever happened to you, I bet he’d come to your rescue…”

"He was the first one to comfort me when Paris and I broke it off," Nick admitted, though it pained him to think of that relationship. "Showed up at my house with a case of beer, and we spent the whole night talking. It was great…"

Cheyanne wrinkled her nose at the mere mention of the disaster Nick had previously dated. Though she didn’t know Paris personally and was usually able to find the gold within every heart, all she found was black when she thought about the older woman. She was nothing but a manipulator and would get what was coming to her eventually. “Everyone’s allowed a few bad relationships in their time… They make you stronger in the end, y’know?”

"Yeah, I know… Can we change the subject now, please?" he murmured, not wanting to delve into such a depressing topic. Sorry he had even brought her name up. "It's your turn to ask me a question, Sweetheart."

“Okay… That tattoo you wanted me to get on my thigh in New York… If I did it just for you, what would you want it to be?” she questioned, glancing up with a surprisingly wicked smile, hoping to get the same reaction from him.

"Hmm…" Nick's face spread into a grin, before he rolled her gently to her back. "I think I need to get a good look at your thigh again, then I can think of one," he informed her, his hand sliding down her side.

“Hey! This is a mental game of twenty questions, not pop a peek!” Cheyanne exclaimed in surprise, moving to get off the bed in attempts of rescuing herself. Because, Nick’s hands were like fire on her skin and she couldn’t control herself around him.

Laughing, Nick moved away, pulling her back to his side before she could get away. "Alright, alright… A ladder."

“A ladder?” Cheyanne questioned in obvious confusion as he tucked her back into his side, making sure her leg draped over his again. “What the f--”

"A ladder. Because it leads to Heaven…"

Cheyanne blushed furiously as she tucked her face against his shoulder, unable to stop the small smile creeping to her lips. “You’re horrible, but I definitely deserved that answer for asking a question like that...”

"Hell, Sweetheart the possibilities are endless…" Rubbing her back gently, Nick sighed. "Let's see… What's your biggest fear?"

“You’ll laugh at me…” Cheyanne shied away.

"What, is it being trapped in a dark closet with me or something?"

“No, that’s a fantasy,” Cheyanne promised as she sat up, cupping her hand over his mouth so he wouldn’t laugh. “…Bees.”

Raising an eyebrow, Nick's response was muffled against her palm. Clasping her about the waist, he pulled her over him, holding her on his stomach despite her squeak of protest. Her hand remained over his mouth, and he couldn't resist tormenting her. His tongue darted between his lips, delicately tracing the fine lines of her palm.

“Nicky!” Cheyanne gasped in shock, immediately attempting to yank her hand back.

Grasping her wrist, Nick held her hand to his mouth, slowly running his tongue over her fingers, his eyes darkening slightly as he gazed up at her. "Why are you afraid of bees?" he questioned casually, nibbling on her thumb.

“They’re scary little buggers!” Cheyanne drawled with exclamation, though she was more focused on how his eyes darkened. She didn’t know what she had done to cause it, but the way his teeth nipped at her thumb caused her to calm considerably. She felt the tingles start to race down her spine as she carefully moistened her bottom lip, just concentrating on his mouth. “And I’ve never been stung before… I’m afraid it’ll hurt…”

"It's not so bad," he murmured against her fingers, continuing his exploration. Shifting her over him, he pulled his knees up so she could lean back against them. "Your turn," he reminded her with a smirk, his hand resting idly on her hip.

“I…” Cheyanne could hardly concentrate on what she wanted to ask as her knees started to ache from the awkward position, shifting her attention away from his lips. Wrinkling her nose in displeasure, she drew her legs up for a moment, considering just sitting on his stomach Indian style. But the flicker of his tongue between her fingers made her think otherwise. Feigning innocence, she stretched her long, silky legs upward, tucking them neatly under his arms for safe keeping as she leaned back on his knees. “Where’s your favorite place to be kissed?”

Sliding his hands to rest them on her knees, Nick gazed at the view before him, swallowing a moan as she shifted slightly in his lap. "Just below my ear, right where I can feel my pulse in my neck…"

“Carotid artery,” Cheyanne chimed with skilled knowledge, lightly tracing her fingertips over the backs of his hands. “…Your turn, Nicky.”

"Same question," he breathed softly.

“I like kisses on my neck… From the crook to the carotid artery… It’s just so sensitive and romantic, y’know?” Cheyanne answered simply, rotating the silver ring on Nick’s finger. “Maybe that’s why I like vampires so much… After zombies, of course.”

"Zombies rock… That's why I love Resident Evil so much. I play it all the damn time on tour…"

“Well, guess you’ll have to start a whole new game in a few days, huh?”

"Yeah…" Nick trailed softly, staring up at her. He honestly couldn't remember what they were talking about. All he knew was there was a gorgeous woman sitting in his lap, playing with his fingers and talking to him in such a soft sweet voice it seemed as though every problem he'd ever had in the world was fading away. "You're so beautiful, Chey," he murmured, turning his hands in hers so he could twine their fingers together.

Cheyanne blushed with sweet surprise at his simple yet bold statement, watching the way her hands fit so neatly into his. He spoke as if the whole world knew what he had been thinking. With such conviction that tears actually glistened in Cheyanne’s sapphire eyes. She hadn’t been prepared for him to deepen the conversation. Peering over her rounded tummy, she found his dark ocean eyes sparkling. “I’m not beautiful, Nicky…”

"Yes you are… You're the kind of beautiful that's just amazing… You've got this hair that shines like golden sunshine, eyes that could make any sapphire cry with envy. And you're so small and almost fragile, y'know? Like if you're handled too hard you'll be broken… But you know what the most beautiful thing about you is?" he asked softly, squeezing her hands.

“Me being pregnant?” she guessed ruefully, knowing that would probably be Howie’s answer to the question. It seemed as if that was the only thought anyone ever had about her – the pregnant young woman with a placental abruption.

"No… I mean, yeah, that's great too and all, but… The fact you aren't vain about yourself. I mean, I meet so many gorgeous women who everybody thinks is hot shit, and then find out that they think they're hot shit too, and that's such a turn off. If a man wants to compliment a woman on her beautiful eyes and her reply is 'I know' it just really ruins the moment… But when she blushes and looks away, shaking her head? That's true beauty…"

“Nicky…” Cheyanne sighed, unable to hide how rosy her cheeks were growing with his romantic words. But, she was so insecure about herself that she had to get the attention away from her. “…You need to get your lips off my ass.”

"Alright, alright… But you have such a hot little ass," he teased with a smirk.

“You’d think I had the Buns of Steel DVD at home, huh?” Cheyanne concluded as she pulled her hands away from his, shifting so she could straddle his hips again and lean over him. Tilting her head, her lips sought for the point of pulsation just underneath his ear. Smiling, she offered him several kisses at his favorite spot. “Thanks, Nicky.”

"You're welcome, Sweetheart," he murmured, hugging her gently, shivering slightly at her kisses. "It's your turn to ask me a question…"

Withdrawing, she shifted off his hips so she could cuddle against his side once more. Reaching across his chest, she located his hand, wanting him to intertwine their fingers once more. “What’s your favorite thing about touring?”

"You mean besides the hot chicks?" he asked with a smirk, lifting their joined hands to his lips for a quick kiss.

“No, if hot chicks are your favorite thing about touring, I can’t blame you.”

"Actually, they're not. I just like getting up on stage and losing myself in the music. Hearing the crowd's reaction… And this tour we started something new, where the audience can send text messages and they show up on the screen behind the stage… It's awesome."

“So, if they seem cute with the text message, you can have their number to get in contact with later?” Cheyanne guessed with a rueful smile.

"AJ tried that… Turns out the incoming numbers are all deleted immediately… Some shit about privacy," Nick muttered, kissing her forehead softly.

“You’ll just have to meet girls the old fashion way, Nicky.”

"Why would I want to meet any other girls?"

“Don’t you want to fall in love?”

Nick shrugged noncommittally, pursing his lips in deep concentration. "I don't know…" If he found the right girl, one who'd actually love him more than his bank account, sure. "They're always after my money or my status."

“Nicky,” Cheyanne sighed softly, bringing their hands to her lips for the sweetest kiss. “Someone is going to want you for more than your money or your status. She just has to see you like I see you… So, stop picking them up at bars… Wasted chicks ain’t no fun… They like tiny penises.”

"Which explains why AJ likes 'em so much?"

“I knew he wasn’t as big as he said!”

"No man is ever as big as they say… Except me, that is!"

“You are so full of--”

"So I've heard," Nick finished with a rueful grin.

Cheyanne thought about questioning his answer, but rolled her eyes instead as she squirmed uncomfortably. Olivia was starting to kick hard against her mother’s lower half and Cheyanne was sure that Nick could feel it. But what was most annoying was the itch against her lower back. Frowning, she pulled her hand away from Nick, turning onto her opposite side. “Nicky, scratch my back?”

Happy to oblige, Nick rolled to his side, his hand moving up and down her back. "Where?" he questioned softly, inching his hand under her shirt. He'd felt the not-so-gentle kicks from the baby, and wondered suddenly if it ever hurt Cheyanne to be kicked so forcefully from something growing inside her like that.

“My lower back,” she explained, pulling the shirt upward till it bunched near her shoulders, exposing her back for him. Though, when Nick first touched, she winced because Olivia’s foot seemed to be aimed directly at her bladder that time. “…Sorry, that was Ollie’s fault… She’s going to have to bring me violets and balloon flowers every single year of her birthday, I swear.”

"Violets and balloon flowers?" Nick repeated softly, lightly scratching where she indicated. "Are those your favorite flowers?"

“Yes,” she sighed with relief, cupping a hand over where Olivia loved to kick most. “God that feels good, Nicky…”

His light scratches turned into a gentle rub, easing the tension he felt in her lower back. "Sweetheart, you're in need of a good massage," he murmured thoughtfully, tracing her spine with the pad of his thumb.

“Is that your way of offering?” Cheyanne questioned hopefully, tensing at the feeling of his thumb moving to a breath below the small of her back. She held her breath against the pleasure, not wanting to provoke him by any means. But carrying all of the baby weight in her stomach caused a great strain on her back, considering her petite form. Not to mention as her pelvis softened to get ready for the birthing process. She just seemed to always hurt.

"Just let me fix the pillows," Nick whispered, pulling away. After piling the pillows up, he grasped her hand gently. "Sit up and kind of hug the pillows," he commanded softly, doing a quick demonstration. "That way there won't be any pressure on your stomach…" Sitting back, he watched her peel her shirt off, his eyes on the clasp of her bra. "Oh, and this has to go," he added with a smirk, deftly unhooking it with one finger.

“Nicky!” Cheyanne gasped in surprise, immediately reaching to conceal her breasts as the bra loosened and slumped over her shoulders. She turned her head in amazement to gaze at him, blushing furiously. “Where did you learn to do that?”

"I can't reveal my secrets," he informed her with a wicked grin. "Get situated, I'll go grab the lotion…"

Cheyanne thought about questioning him as to why he brought her lotion, but knew better than to say a word. So, shyly, she peeled the delicate lavender bra from her breasts, tossing it toward the floor on top of Nick’s shirt that she had been wearing. Still attempting to hide her nude upper half, she adjusted herself in the position that Nick requested.

"You might want to pull your shorts down a couple inches… Just in case the lotion gets messy," Nick suggested as he rummaged through the bag for the lotion. Glancing over his shoulder, he caught sight of the gentle curve of a breast, though she tried to conceal it. Licking his lips, he dropped the bottle onto his foot.

“Why don’t I just get naked and tuck underneath a sheet like they do at them fancy massage parlors?” Cheyanne quipped somewhat sarcastically, though she attempted to slide down her jean shorts while holding pillows to her chest.

"'Cause you know I'd be massaging more than just your back then," Nick returned with an evil grin as he rejoined her on the bed. Sitting cross-legged behind her, he assisted in tugging her shorts down. "Now, just relax, okay?"

“Ask me to relax when you’re practically pants’ing me, alright,” Cheyanne teased as she hugged the pillows tight to her chest. She did as he commanded however, taking several deep breaths to calm her tenseness. Then, when she felt her muscles start to relax, she closed her eyes, burying her face against the pillows. It had been such a long time since she had a massage. She couldn’t even recall the last time Howie had offered, but she brushed that thought aside, not wanting to disappoint Nick. He was trying so hard to make this enjoyable.

After rubbing his palms together to warm the lotion he'd applied to them, Nick gently placed his hands on her shoulders, dragging them slowly down to the base of her spine. Kneading her muscles with his fingers, he hummed softly along with the song playing on the TV, smiling slightly when he felt her relax under his touch. He moved his hands in small circles, heard her soft giggle when his fingers brushed the sensitive skin of her sides. When a new song began, he smiled, recognizing it as one she'd downloaded for him to listen to in New York. "It's undeniable, that we should be together / It's unbelievable, how I used to say that I'd fall never / It's basis you need to know you know just how I feel / And let me show you now that I'm for real / If all things in time, time will reveal…"

“You really do listen to the songs I send you?” Cheyanne questioned softly as the melody floated easily between them. She couldn’t hide the pleased smile on her face at the thought. He actually cared about what she thought and felt. He wanted to share in what she offered him. Which was awing. “You don’t just delete them?”

"I listen to them," Nick assured her softly, his hands continuing their gentle ministrations. "Now shhh…" When she turned her head to stick out her tongue he chuckled, lightly tickling her sides before going back to massage her shoulders. They had talked through the chorus, but he didn't mind. " It's so incredible the way things work themselves out / And unemotional once you know what it's all about / And undesirable for us to be apart / I never would have made it very far / 'Cause you know you hold the keys to me heart 'cause / One: you're like a dream come true / Two: just wanna be with you / Three: girl, it's plain to see that you're the only one for me and /Four: repeat steps 1 thru 3 / Five: make you fall in love with me / If ever I believe my work is done / Then I start back at one…" Pushing her hair aside, he worked the tense muscles of her neck with his fingers, heard her soft sigh of pleasure. "Say farewell to the darkened night / I see the coming of the sun / I feel like a little child whose life has just begun / You came and breathed new life / Into this lonely heart of mine / You threw out the lifeline just in the nick of time…"

Cheyanne felt her self slipping into a warm darkness of sleep, her body completely relaxed from the work of Nick’s surprisingly soft hands. It was as if he had been made for her skin. Made for her body. And, lazily, she couldn’t help finishing the song with him. Her voice soft and sweet, “One: you're like a dream come true / Two: just wanna be with you / Three: girl, it's plain to see that you're the only one for me and /Four: repeat steps 1 thru 3 / Five: make you fall in love with me / If ever I believe my work is done / Then I start back at one…" She allowed the quiet to invoke them for a few soft moments before another song began. “Nicky, you have a beautiful voice, but you probably hear that all the time.”

"Actually, I believe the last review was something along the lines of 'Carter's voice, which used to send adolescent girls into fits of teenybopper ecstasy, now sends anyone within listening distance screaming for completely different reasons…' Apparently, they think my voice has changed to something disgusting… But I've always known that. I can't sing as good as Brian, can't dance as good as AJ, I'm not smart like Kevin, or sweet like…" Nick let his voice fade, not wanting to mention Howie. Shaking his head slightly, he dropped a soft kiss on her bare shoulder. "Maybe I should do a duet with you?"

Cheyanne suddenly tensed with the pain and loneliness evading Nick’s voice. Brushing his hands away from her back, she shifted into a sitting position to face him, keeping a pillow tucked fiercely to her chest. Her sapphire eyes darkened with worry for the man as she offered a sad smile. “Nicky, you started this group when you were going through puberty, of course your voice is going to change with time… And you’re not supposed to be like the others. You’re supposed to be your own person with your own unique qualities. And… I don’t think a duet with me would exactly send your fans into a tizzy of delight. I’d be the one making their ears bleed.”

"Then you'll have to promise to sing to me," he murmured, avoiding her eyes. "'Cause my ear's aren't bleeding… Want anything else massaged?" he questioned brightly, wanting to change the subject yet again. He wasn't sure why he kept dredging up such depressing conversation topics, but he hoped he wouldn't do it again.

“If you promise to teach me how to play guitar and let me sing that Rockstar Baby song,” Cheyanne answered, leaning forward to clasp his face within her hands while keeping the pillow to her chest. Bringing him close, she offered a simple kiss to his lips. “You are special, Nicky. Believe me.”

"I must be special… I've got a beautiful half-naked woman kissing me," Nick murmured against her cheek, wrapping his arms around her. "And I've got my guitar in the car, maybe we can work on the song tonight after we get back? Wait… Hold up! You've been listening to my songs?" he questioned, leaning back to gape at her.

“Even your unreleased stuff,” Cheyanne confided with an impish nod of her head. “I like Rockstar Baby and Payback!”

"You only like Payback because I said motherfucker in it, right?" he teased, pulling her closer. "I get your game… You act all sweet and innocent, and just under the surface is a vicious little devil!"

“I like the guitar, too,” Cheyanne attempted to defend with a giggle, wrapping her arms around his neck as the pillow kept a barrier between her bare chest and his.

"I play drums too, you know… I thought all women got hot over a man who plays drums?" Nick pressed, loving the playfulness that occurred between them.

“Haven’t you learned yet that I’m not like most women?”

"I think you proved that last night… Most women wouldn't start with a handjob and then--"

“Nick!” Cheyanne burst with a firm blush darkening her cheeks, immediately starting to pull away. “Do you have to keep bringing that up?”

Holding her tight, Nick gave her a devilish grin, nuzzling her neck with a low growl as the pillow slid away. "Can't help it… Sorry! I'm a guy!"

“I think there’s a strong word for a guy like you,” Cheyanne breathed, wanting to remove her hands from his neck, though his free hand made sure to direct her back to the same position before looping around her waist once more. She shivered at the feeling of his soft nuzzles against her neck, feeling her nipples harden to push against the softness of his t-shirt. Her reactions were almost instantaneous around him. “Nicky, my pillow…”

"Got it," he murmured next to her ear, tucking the pillow behind her. "Are--Are we still going out to eat, or would you rather stay in tonight?" he questioned softly, nipping softly at the crook of her neck. Her legs slid around him, allowing him to pull her fully into his lap. His body was responding to her closeness already, and when he heard her soft gasp he knew she could feel it.

“You were excited about the carriage ride…” Cheyanne trailed softly, already knowing what might happen if they stayed inside the room for the entire evening. She did her best to remain still within his lap, not wanting to torture him as she felt the nips against her bare skin which made her naturally shiver.

"We can still do the carriage ride…"

“…What do you want to do?”

"Whatever you want to do… As long as I can still touch you…" His hand landed gently on her hip, holding her tightly to him. "And feel you…"

“Nicky, you’re the guest. It’s your choice.”

"Want to order in a nice cheesy pizza? Then we can stay like this for a bit longer," he whispered, reaching between them to make a slight adjustment.

“As long as I ain’t the one meeting the delivery guy topless,” Cheyanne murmured, glancing down between them in confusion, though she instantly blushed with recognition.

"I wouldn't have to give him a tip…" Nick trailed, making sure to hold her close as he reached for the phone and restaurant sheet. Scanning the list, he dialed with one hand, laying back on the bed so he could get a glimpse of her bare breasts before her arms crossed over them. Grinning, he waited to place his order. "Chey," he gasped when she wriggled against him. "What the Hell--"

“You’re not the only one who can play that game,” she warned with a pout, slowly rotating her hips against him now with an actually seductive smile. “Taking a peek without asking, what’s wrong with you?”

Before Nick could reply, the person on the other end asked for his order. Trying hard to keep his voice normal, he ordered a large cheese with extra cheese, his voice cracking at the end of his sentence. "You're going to get it," he hissed at Cheyanne, covering the mouthpiece. Cheyanne simply smiled again, her hips still rocking in a gentle sway against him. "Sweetheart, if you don't stop-- Yeah, we're at the Potter Bed and Breakfast on Peachtree… Carter… Room Five… Yeah, thanks," he said quickly, throwing the phone aside with a groan. "Chey…"

“That was an interesting way to order pizza?” Cheyanne suggested with a coyly, sliding off him so she could retrieve her shirt from the floor, her body considerably limber since Nick’s massage.

"You are such a fucking tease," Nick hissed, catching her ankle in his hand. Before she could pull it away, he nibbled lightly on the inside, then rolled off the bed, heading for the bathroom. Turning in the doorway, he gave her a smirk. "But I love it.”


“You are forbidden to take the reigns of a horse ever again, do you hear me?” Cheyanne laughed with horror as she sought Nick’s hand, tucking herself close to his side as they lazily walked toward the bed and breakfast. The sun had already sunk into its bed for the evening, leaving a glistening moon and twinkling stars in its wake to watch over its territory for the night. It was a beautiful sight above them, though Nick seemed to be watching Cheyanne more than anything. Even when they had been in the carriage. She had tried to point out some of the most amazing things, but he hadn’t been bothered with that, just seeking her hands instead. That is, until he suggested to the driver that he could take over the lead. And that certainly had been an experience. “I think you ran over a squirrel!”

"I did not!" Nick cried defensively. "He got out of the way! Stupid squirrel--I would think he'd know better than to run out into the middle of the street!" Twining their fingers together, Nick sighed pleasurably, feeling millions of miles away from his normal life of concerts and loose women and endless drinks. He found himself enjoying this more; just strolling along the cobblestone street with Cheyanne was more relaxing than anything he had done in a while. "Have I said yet how great you look tonight?" he questioned after a moment as they paused to let an elderly couple pass by. Glancing over, he saw a rose bush twisted around the picket fence by which they stood. Reaching over, he plucked one barely opening bud of deep violet, tucking it behind her ear. "It's not violets or balloons, but it'll do for now, won't it?"

“You didn’t have to, but thank you,” Cheyanne answered appreciatively, tugging on his shirt so he would meet her height. When he did so, she offered a precious kiss to his cheek, smiling sweetly. Before they had gone out for the evening, she had changed into a pair of fashionable khaki Bermuda shorts and a light lime green maternity tube top. She tossed her curls into a high ponytail which offered a gentle elegance to her appearance, even managing to locate her favorite lip gloss. She didn’t want to embarrass him in just a pair of shorts and a baggy t-shirt. “And, I hoped I wouldn’t embarrass you with how I dressed…”

"Sweetheart, I told you… You could have worn what you were wearing earlier and I wouldn't have cared. Hell, you could have worn my t-shirt and boxers and that would have been just… Amazing," he said with a grin, curling his arms around her. "And I've got something else for you…"

“But I wanted to look somewhat good for you,” Cheyanne defended softly, noticing the way his dark sapphire eyes lightened within the dim city lights. She tensed for a moment in confusion, resting her hands against his upper arms. “If you caught that squirrel…”

"No, no squirrel," Nick promised, lowering his head to kiss her temples softly. "And just so you know, you don't look good. You look gorgeous…" His lips trailed to her cheek, brushing over her lips before lifting his head to look into her eyes. "I've got it in my pocket, just a second…" Digging into the pocket of his loose fitting khakis, Nick furrowed his brow, pulling out his cell phone and the keys to the rental car. "Here, hold this," he said, pushing them into her hands. Reaching into his other pocket, he found his pack of gum and loose change, as well as the key to their room. "Fuck…" Dumping his gum and the key into her hand, he began searching his back pocket. "Aha! Got it!" he cried triumphantly, pulling out the small box.

Cheyanne’s lips curved into a smile of bemusement as she did her best to smother her giggles. But, it seemed helpless when Nick glanced up into her eyes. She immediately broke the gaze and gestured toward her full hands. “Want to trade me now? Or do I have to fill your pockets back up?”

"I can get it. You might get excited and go grabbing something else," he teased with a grin, tucking the small box in the bit of cleavage showing above her tube top. Taking his things, he refilled his pockets. "Go on, open it."

Cheyanne playfully rolled her dark sapphire eyes as she reached for the box he had tucked so neatly into such a dangerous location. Smirking toward him, she popped open the top of the box, never expecting to see such an exquisite ring inside. It was silver with a delicate vine design wrapped around the band with an antique finish. She immediately glanced up to Nick in shock, finding it hard to construct a sentence. “Nicky… Why?”

"I just wanted to get you a little token… Of our friendship, and all… And, well, it kind of matches the ring I wear, and when I saw it earlier I had to buy it for you. It's engraved," he informed her eagerly, reaching to take the ring from the box. He had slapped down a pretty penny so the old curmudgeon at the jewelry store would engrave it immediately, but it was worth it, just seeing the look of awe on her face.

Cheyanne stood on her tip toes in order to peer down along the inside of the ring. And, tears immediately gathered within her beautiful sapphire eyes at the inscription – Protect This Woman. It was a simple statement that held the most powerful declaration that Nick could probably ever offer to her. She immediately reached to tuck her arms around his waist, sniffling. “Nicky!”

"You like it?" he asked softly.

“I love it,” Cheyanne breathed, tucking herself as close as she could, offering a kiss to the middle of his chest. “Thank you so much, Nicky. For everything.”

Nick smiled, kissing the top of her head. "You're welcome, Sweetheart. Here, let me put it on for you…" Reaching for her hand, he smoothed his finger over the bare ring finger, felt her tense slightly. "Chey…"

“I…” Cheyanne really don’t know what to say as she looked at her hand, biting down hard on her bottom lip. There was the faintest line of soft peach where Howie’s ring had been nestled so perfectly. She didn’t even know why she had left it off. Maybe she felt guilty about having such a good time with Nick, knowing it would betray both men if she wore the engagement ring. Then again, in the darkest part of her heart, she knew her relationship with Howie was crumpling. She didn’t have the heart to give herself a constant reminder of the pain she felt when she thought of him. She just loved him so much and he didn’t seem to care…

"Here," he whispered, taking her other hand in his. Pulling off the ring Baylee had so seriously put on, he slid it onto her left hand, sliding his ring onto her right. "That better?" he murmured, lifting her hands to his lips to kiss them softly. He worried that perhaps he'd gone too far.

“That’s… Yeah… That’s good,” Cheyanne answered softly, closing her eyes to ward off the vast loneliness she felt at that moment. “…Thanks again, Nicky. The ring is beautiful.”

"You ready to go inside and kill some zombies with me?" Nick whispered, pulling her close to him. Certain he could never replace Howie in her thoughts, but willing to give it a try. "Maybe first we can try out that big tub," he suggested with a grin, tilting her chin up to offer her a sweet kiss.

“I think I could give that killing zombies thing a try,” Cheyanne decided with a small smile, becoming him back down so she could offer him a kiss to match his. Something about the taste of him allured her into affection. She loved kissing him. “But the tub… You just really like to see me naked, huh? Do you have some pregnancy fixation, Nicky?”

"I love seeing you naked," he whispered, ushering her towards the bed and breakfast, his lips never far from hers. Having never been with a pregnant woman before, he wasn't sure about the pregnancy fixation she mentioned. Most of the time, when he was with her, he didn't even realize she was pregnant. He just enjoyed the moments they shared, and didn't let the fact she had a few extra pounds and a squirming stomach bother him.

“You can look but not touch,” she suggested playfully, though they both knew that was a boldfaced lie. There wasn’t a time when Nick wasn’t touching Cheyanne in some form or vice versa. Even now, he kept her close as he attempted to reach for the door, surprised to find the elderly gentleman who had checked them in already swinging it toward them. A few more inches and he probably would have connected the wood with Cheyanne, who paled considerably with surprise.

"Hey! Watch what you're doing!" Nick cried, drawing Cheyanne further into his embrace as he sent the old man a sweltering glare. "Jesus Christ, you almost broke my wife's nose!"

Cheyanne’s sapphire eyes widened in surprise probably more so than the elderly prude that Nick actually shoved out of the way so he could lead her inside. The small man looked none too pleased with Nick’s gesture, raising a gnarled finger to Nick’s face. “Ain’t no wife you got there! Just a concubine in a Hell of a lot of trouble!”

"Yeah? You're just jealous 'cause she's not your concubine. FUCK YOU!" Nick retorted as he moved Cheyanne towards the stairs. Turning, he gave the old man two middle fingers, quickly turning to wrap his arm around Cheyanne. "Fucking asshole," he muttered under his breath.

“I guess we’re not leaving him a nice tip?” Cheyanne questioned as she glanced down the stairs to find the small man just glowering up at them. Frowning slightly, she wrapped her arm around Nick’s back, wiggling her left ring finger to display Baylee’s prized ring. It caused the fiery man to actually curse and stomp somewhere downstairs, not that Cheyanne cared.

"If he's not careful, I'll blast this dump in my next interview," Nick muttered. "Um, Chey? What the Hell is a concubine, anyway?" he asked with a worried expression as he dug out the key.

“A concubine?” Cheyanne repeated with a sigh, stepping away from his embrace as he fumbled with the key in attempts to unlock the door. “It’s… Kind of like a slave-girl… A woman who’s only with a man to reproduce… A whore for lack of a better word?”

"Remind me to kick that old bastard's ass later," Nick muttered, finally opening the door. "Zombies or tubby first?" he questioned with a grin as she preceded him into the room. When she glanced over her shoulder to stick out his tongue, his grin widened. The buzzing of his cell phone in his pocket startled him, and he kicked the door shut, tripping over the pair of shoes lying in the middle of the floor as he yanked out his phone.

“Thank God you don’t have control of a real gun,” Cheyanne answered with a rueful grin, watching Nick ungraciously fall onto the bed with the phone in the air as if it were made of china. She could hardly contain a soft snort of giggles as she shook her head, slipping her sandals off in the corner so he wouldn’t likely trip on them later. “Answer your phone and I’ll get my tubby, then we’ll join together for zombies, but, I’ll be in control of the guns.”

"It's a deal, Sweetheart," Nick called as she stepped into the bathroom. He had to smile over the fact she left the door open, and a moment later he heard the water running. Glancing at the caller id, he wrinkled his nose, not recognizing the number. Flipping it open, he held it to his ear. "Hello?" he answered politely, sitting up.

“Do you not know how to use your phone to call and let me know that my Little Momma is still okay?” Austin’s voice immediately projected into the phone, sounding slightly agitated as there was a sharp clicking noise in the back, perhaps her nails against a table.

"…Austin? She's fine… She's taking a bath and then we're going to kill zombies… Talk to you later?"

“You can’t get rid of me that easily, Boobah,” Austin warned with an obviously amused laugh. “Is she in any pain? Because she won’t tell you. She’ll just wrinkle her nose and rub her stomach in a circular motion. Her eyes get this really stormy black quality, too—Look, you won’t be able to tell. Get her on the phone?”

"I told you, she's taking a bath… She hasn't been in any pain. Little Zombie was kicking up a storm earlier, but I gave her a backrub and she calmed right down… But speak up, I'm sure she'll be able to hear you over the water," Nick muttered, already on his feet and heading into the bathroom. Cheyanne was just sinking beneath the bubbles, giving him a suspicious smile as he leaned in the doorway. Holding out the phone, he grinned. "Sweetheart, tell Austin that you're not in pain."

“GET THE HELL OUT OF THAT BATHROOM WHILE SHE’S NAKED, BOOHBAH!” Austin’s voice shrieked over the running water, causing Cheyanne to groan with disgust, slipping further into the bubbles, actually fully submersing herself to get away, just her knees poking out from the bubbles.



"JESUS CHRIST, DO YOU EVER STOP SCREAMING?!" Backing out of the bathroom, Nick made sure both feet were on the carpet of the bedroom. "Fine, I'm out of the bathroom. Happy?"

“…You really did have sex with my Little Momma, didn’t you?” Austin suddenly guessed.

"What kind of question is that to ask?"

“What kind of answer is that if you’re not guilty?”

"Is this about what I said to Kevin before I left? All I did was make a crack and he took it seriously, right?" Crossing all his fingers and biting his lip hard, Nick hoped lightning wouldn't strike him dead on the spot. "No, I didn't have sex with your Little Momma," he lied, holding his breath.

“Is she any good?” Austin continued to inquire, not taking Nick’s answer quite too seriously. “’Cause the Pissfuck wouldn’t tell me jackshit. And I figured she has to be damn-near amazing if he wasn’t allowed to have sex with her because she’s a high risk pregnancy and sex could very well lead to a preterm birth of my godchild....”

"Austin Harrell," Nick ground out, not believing she was telling him this.

“Nickolas Carter,” Austin mimicked. “I want an answer.”

"I don't kiss and tell."

“That’s okay, I’m not asking about you kissing her. I’m asking about what you two did in her bedroom and probably did when you got to the bed and breakfast that caused an accidental switch in shirts.”

"I don't see that whatever we did or didn't do is any of your business," Nick stated calmly.

“That is just an omission of guilt--”

"You didn't see me calling you up asking if you'd been fucking my friend, did you? You know why? 'Cause it wasn't any of my fucking business. And Kevin's married, remember?"

There was a long period of silence that encompassed Nick’s last thought and he thought that he may have subdued her. Only, Austin seemed to explode with just as much venom, if not more, than Nick had originally brought to their frosty conversation. “First off, Boohbah, Cheyanne’s condition is my business. I’m the one that’s taking care of her. The one that’s going to be faced with that Emergency situation when she finally goes into labor. And I have a right to know if you’re jeopardizing her or my goddaughter’s health. And, secondly, Kevin’s in the process of getting a divorce and was in a loveless marriage, so don’t even think about bringing that into this. If anything, you need to remember that Cheyanne is engaged and deeply in love with Howie, a man that you consider to be your brother.”

Grabbing the bathroom door, Nick pulled it shut, turning away from it in hopes that Cheyanne wouldn't sense his anger. "If she's so deeply in love with him, why did she take off his ring, huh? Bet you didn't know that little bit of information. Go on, look, it's in the little box on her nightstand. And, for your fucking information, I'm not jeopardizing anyone's health. It won't kill Chey to have a little fun. And if all you wanted was to piss me off and ruin our good time, you've succeeded. Anything else?"

“I want you to bring Chey home.”



"She's happy. She's having a good time. Besides, Kevin's there with you, why aren't you stuck up his ass like you always are? Bye, Austin," Nick said with a snort before slamming the phone shut. Throwing it to the bed, he released a frustrated growl of anger, wondering how in the Hell Kevin had gotten entangled with such a nosy bitch.

It took only a mere moment for his phone to start writhing with vibrations on the bed, but Hell in a hand basket if he was going to take that phone call.

Ignoring it, he returned to the bathroom, once more leaning in the doorway to watch Cheyanne. "Want me to scrub your back?" he offered softly, smiling slightly when she froze at the sound of his voice. One leg raised above the water, dripping with bubbles, she simply stared at him. Her arms immediately covered her chest, despite the fact the bubbles and water level covered them completely.

“What are you doing in here?” she questioned, tucking her leg back inside the warmth of the water. She felt her cheeks turn fiery red as he simply just leaned in to appraise the situation. She noted that the phone was no longer in his hands, guessing it hadn’t been a pleasant conversation with Austin. Though, most conversations Nick had with Austin were never pleasant…

"Maybe I had to pee?"

“And you couldn’t hold it or use the balcony like a normal guy?”

"The balcony faces a church, do you honestly want me to burn in Hell for desecrating Holy ground?"

“It’d be a funny story for Hell’s minions to hear?”

"I just wanted to come in here and look at you all wet and covered with bubbles? Will that send me to Hell too?"

“Probably, but maybe not as much as if you just jumped in behind me…”

Already peeling off his shirt, Nick grinned again. "Will you clean my gun for me?" he asked suggestively, aware that her eyes followed his every move.

Cheyanne blushed with surprise. “I was just kidding--”

It was too late. Already stripped, Nick rushed to the tub, his foot landing in a small puddle of water by the tub. Slipping, he reached to catch himself, falling face first into the tub.

Cheyanne gasped hard in fright at the sound of his chest colliding with the lip of the large tub before the rest of him just tumbled into the water, sloshing it to the floor. Though, she was more concerned about Nick, furiously reaching under the water to catch his face, helping him upward so he could breathe. Cheyanne’s sapphire eyes were frantic as she brushed the water from his face, listening to him cough violently. “Are you crazy?!”

Rubbing the water from his eyes, Nick sat up, one leg still dangling over the edge of the tub. "Over you?" he replied, wiping the bubbles from his mouth. His nose and lungs burned, his chest throbbed from the landing, but he could only smile. "I'm okay."

“My God, Nicky,” Cheyanne breathed, feeling her heart accelerate with adrenaline and worry over her friend. She could still hear the sound of his chest against the lip of the tub, causing her to wince. Taking a medical perspective, she began to tenderly rub the bubbles away from his chest in order to get a good view. “You’ll be lucky if you didn’t break anything. Are you sure you’re okay?”

"My chest hurts a little," he admitted meekly. Anything to have her touching him. "And I think I drank some of this water… Maybe inhaled a bit, too… But I'm okay…"

“Remind me not to kiss you if you drank this water… You’ll taste disgusting,” Cheyanne attempted to tease, exhaling a painful breath when she noticed the thick red band crossing his chest which would likely bruise. “God, Nicky, you can’t come ‘round here anymore. I’m liable to kill you!”

"It'd be worth it…"

“I doubt I’m worth death,” Cheyanne breathed, sitting back in the tub in true bewilderment. She could just stare at the man sitting in the back of the tub, his long leg still hanging outside. He looked like some comical character, but as crazy as he was, he seemed to do it for her.

"Sweetheart, if my last thought was of you, and you were the last thing I saw, death wouldn't be too bad… Aren't you going to kiss my chest and make it better?" he pouted, adjusting himself in the tub so his legs were around her. "You kissed my lip to make it better…"

“I’d say you were a wuss, but damn that had to hurt,” Cheyanne sighed with a contrite smile, squeaking slightly when he drew his legs back to pull her into his embrace. And, once she was close, he stretched his legs back around her, meekly gesturing to his chest once more with a look of true hurt. “It’s all full of bubbles, Nicky--”

"There, taken care of," Nick murmured, swiping his hand over his chest to get rid of the bubbles. "You kiss mine, I'll kiss yours?"

“…Do you think we’re taking this too far?”

"What do you mean?"

Cheyanne glanced up into his dark sapphire eyes, noticing the flicker of worry crossing through the dark irises. And she released a soft sigh, knowing she was being foolish. She had been enjoying herself immensely with Nick. He treated her as if she were something so rare and valuable. She wasn’t about to let that feeling go. She had spent most of her life over-analyzing situations. And that had gotten her into trouble. She just wanted some affection and he’d be leaving in a few days... She needed to indulge herself. “Nothing, I just wanted to tell you how much I care about you, Nicky. You’re really special to me.”

Reaching for her hand, Nick squeezed it gently, releasing a soft sigh of relief. For one painful moment he had thought she was going to tell him to leave her the Hell alone. "You're special to me, too, Sweetheart… Am I coming on too strong? Is that it? 'Cause if you want me to, I'll get out and go wait in the bedroom so we can kill zombies--"

“No,” she quickly intervened, furiously shaking her head. It must have been an erratic movement, because Nick’s lips curved into a playful smile. Blushing, Cheyanne finally made the initiative to lean into him, dipping her head to kiss his chest between each sentence. “I want you here. With me. Don’t leave. Promise?”

"Promise," Nick whispered, shivering beneath her light kisses. Catching her neck gently, he pulled her up, their lips meeting in a soft, sensual kiss that sent a tremor through him. "Maybe I should just move to Carolina," he murmured into her mouth, his hands sliding down her back to hold her close to him.

“I wouldn’t disagree to that,” she promised against his lips, covering the inked footprints on his chest with her hands to stabilize her position. It even gave her the incentive to lean closer, nibbling excitedly at his bottom lip before moving up to offer her tongue. She coaxed him at first, running the tip along his lips, then snuck inside, purring to offer an erotic vibration.

Trembling with desire, it was all Nick could do to hold on to her, sinking deeper into her kiss. He felt the heat between her legs grow against him, his body responding to her in ways it had never responded to anyone before. Shifting beneath her, he gasped at the friction the water gave, heard her soft whimper of delight. "Sweetheart…"

“What, Nicky?” she breathed softly, separating their mouths so her lips could trail across his jaw line. She was acutely aware of his manhood hardening beneath her and it sent a shiver of delight through her body. She welcomed the palpable clue to Nick’s growing passion, knowing she was the one to cause it. Wanting to pleasure him more, she nibbled on his earlobe, then tucked herself close to offer a series of hard kisses and suckles to his neck, on his carotid artery, which she knew now was his favorite.

"I… I… Fuck it," Nick muttered, giving in to his desires. Sliding one hand up, he gently cupped her breast, his thumb lightly grazing her nipple as his other hand slid lower. Splaying his hand over her rear, he squeezed it, allowing his erection to slide against her in a slow erotic motion. "I need you, Sweetheart," he gasped, closing his eyes as her teeth grazed his skin.

“I need you more,” she promised, arching against him when his hand neatly cupped her backside. She did her best to swallow a whimper of wanting as she felt his hardness beneath her, contemplating the thought of just reaching between them to guide him. But, her lips traveled elsewhere to nip, kiss, and taste, wanting to prolong the sweet torture.

"Chey," Nick whimpered, arching his back when her teeth closed around his nipple. "God, Chey…" His hand slid lower, gliding over her stomach and between her legs with ease. His fingers slipped between her moist folds, stroking lightly before seeking out the tiny nub that caused her to tremble. Shifting beneath her, he eased one finger inside, his movements gentle and slow as he lowered his head to nibble at her earlobe.

“Nicky,” Cheyanne whined in overwhelming shock when she felt his finger inside her. She naturally tensed around his finger, closing her eyes as she actually rocked her hips with the movement of his long fingers. “God, Nicky… You’re torture…”

"You're Heaven," he gasped, longing to bury himself inside her. But he wanted to prolong it, make every sweet touch and heart pounding moment to last as long as possible. "Bedroom," he murmured in her ear, his tongue tracing her earlobe as she continued to move against his hand. "I want to make love to you properly…"

“What--” Cheyanne could barely finish her sentence as Nick stopped his manipulation of her erogenous zones and wrapped his arms around her. Before she could even tell him to be careful, he was lifting her from the tub, careful to scurry onto the carpet as water sloshed all about. Neither seemed to care about the mess as Cheyanne held tightly to his neck, praying he wouldn’t fall.

Snatching a towel off the rack, Nick held it around her as he stepped towards the bed. Cradling her body next to his, he yanked back the covers, sending everything scattering to the floor before gently laying her down. Nibbling gently on her lower lip, he dabbed the excess water off their bodies before joining her. His heart pounded with excitement, smugly certain no one else had made her feel this way. Tugging the sheet over them, he turned all his attention to her, ready to give himself freely. His hands slid over her moist body, his lips trailing behind them, hot kisses landing between her breasts, over her navel, his tongue tracing her hip before gliding back up. Sucking a nipple into his mouth, he heard her soft whimper as his hand slid between her legs, continuing what he had started in the bathroom. The night before had been wonderful… Tonight, he wanted to hear her scream.

“God, Nicky, I can’t…” Cheyanne repeated, not knowing what else to say as she felt his tongue circle and lap at her nipple, tenderly teasing it between his teeth. She had never felt such fever reaching through her body, shocking every neuron as she labored for a single breath. Only, she gasped hard when she felt two fingers inside her body, causing her to reach and tangle her fingers in his lengthening blond locks. He was driving her over the edge of ecstasy faster than she had anticipated.

"Just relax," he whispered against her nipple, biting down on it gently before lifting his head. "Just give in to what you feel," he urged her, his body begging for release as he watched her eyes darken with desire, felt her body responding to his touches. Her hand tugged gently on his hair, a silent plea for him to continue. More than willing to oblige, he caught her other nipple between his lips, making sure to give it the same attention. He felt the hot slickness tighten around his fingers, working them in slow gentle thrusts. Catching her hip with his free hand, he held her down when he felt her arch off the bed, her legs spreading for him. Closing his eyes, he sucked harder, his arousal throbbing against her thigh.

“Nicky, I can’t handle this,” Cheyanne breathed with a heavy whine of frustration and delight. Him pinning her to the bed only succeeded in driving her to further sensual delirium. She knew that if it wasn’t for her sweaty skin containing her soul, it would burst into a million pieces, going everywhere at once. Her fingers tightened with his hair, longing to pull him upward to offer him some kind of reward for the satisfaction. She felt his erection jerk against her thigh when she tensed once more underneath his hold, attempting to rock her hips to help. “Nicky, please!”

"What do you want?" he breathed softly, slowly pulling his fingers from her.

“I want you…” she begged breathlessly, though there was no relief. “I need you inside me, Nicky, please.”

Easing between her legs, Nick sat up and reached to guide his manhood, raising a brow when he felt her hand suddenly grasp him. "Chey…" He let his head fall back, moaning softly as she began to stroke him. "God, please… I'm ready," he whimpered, grasping her hips as her hand continued its gentle manipulation. Looking down at her, he saw her tongue flicker over her lips, the playful gleam in her eye. Realizing she was returning the torture, he whimpered loudly. "Chey, Sweetheart…"

“What do you want, Nicky?” she questioned softly, digging her nails slightly into his maleness as she hardened her strokes. It wasn’t an intent to hurt him, but add another sensational delight to her tender caresses. She had learned quickly to respond to his needs, wants, and secret delights. Almost as if she could read his dark eyes, especially as one finger lightly probed the very tip of his manhood.

"You," he whined, holding his breath as his body began to tremble. "I want you, Chey… Please…"

With a lingering caress, she pulled her hand away from his erection. She watched him slump slightly with just a tiniest effort of relief, satisfied that she made him feel that way. Curious, she nibbled delicately on the finger that had found the very tip of his erection, watching his jaw fall slightly ajar. And her smile beckoned him to enter. To love her like no other.

Breathless, Nick slowly guided his length inside her, nearly crying out at the way her body adjusted just for him. Her legs cradled him, the heel of one foot resting against his calf as she drew him closer. Sliding his hands up, he twined his fingers with hers, giving himself a moment to adjust to the feeling of her surrounding him. Cheyanne gave a soft cry, turning her head to find his lips with hers, and as he lost himself in her kiss he realized he wanted more than her body.