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Chapter 48 – Against All Odds

Draping the finished baby blanket over the back of the couch, Austin eyed it critically, making sure there were no blatant mistakes. Aware Kevin was standing behind her, she pored over it minutely, as though counting each individual stitch. When his hands, still damp from his shower, slid around her waist and pulled her to him, she smiled, closing her eyes briefly as she savored his closeness. "What do you think?" she murmured, nodding to the blanket. "It's for Ollie. Chey said no pink, but I don't think she'll be too upset if I added a couple pink stripes to the pattern, do you?"

“I think she’ll be far too pleased with having a new blanket to snuggle her daughter in to care about a few stripes of light pink,” Kevin promised, leaning down to kiss the back of Austin’s head. He then stooped himself so he could rest his chin against her shoulder, admiring her fine handiwork. It was a beautiful tapestry of light violet and pastel yellow with just a touch of turquoise and pink. It was beautiful. Something Kevin would never be able to find even in the most expensive of stores. “It’s beautiful, Princess.”

"Maybe I should give up the criminal psychology and start selling blankets in a little boutique?" Austin mused with a smile, reaching to push Moth away when he moved to curl up on the blanket. "Later today I'll start on the afghan I'm making for Momma Richardson… After I call every bed and breakfast within a three hour radius and find Chey-Chey. Fold this up and put it in my closet for me?" she requested, her mind set on her next task as she slid from his embrace. "And after that, can you try calling Pissfuck Jr. again?"

“Nick’s phone has been off since last night, Princess,” Kevin reminded as he reached to collect the soft blanket, wondering if she’d like to start knitting blankets for their children. Though they hadn’t set a precise date of when they would like to start trying, at least she had agreed to have children. That satisfied him plenty. Though, he knew not to stir another fire underneath her while she was raging at Nick still. He had been making a snack when Austin decided to give the blondes a phone call. And, when he came back into the living room, she was screaming. She had yet to tell him what had happened, just yanking him back to the bedroom to relieve her frustrations.

"I can't believe he had the nerve to leave her cell phone behind…" Halfway into the kitchen, Austin whirled around to look at him, about to point out that Nick was a bigger asshole than Howie had ever been when she saw Kevin staring off into space, holding the blanket. "…What's wrong?"

“Huh?” Kevin blanked as he glanced up to find Austin staring back at him. He immediately smiled somewhat bashfully, folding the blanket neatly. “I was just thinking how nice it’d be after you finished Ma’s afghan to maybe get started on our baby boy and baby girl’s blankets.”

"Are we trying already?" Austin murmured, chewing nervously on her bottom lip. She was still taking her pills, but if he said he wanted to try immediately she would go flush them all down the toilet. Smiling slightly, she leaned in the doorframe, watching how carefully he tucked in the edges of the blanket. The previous evening, when she was supposed to have been working on dinner, she'd come into the living room to find him laboriously writing his message to Olivia on Cheyanne's stomach mold. The care and attentiveness he showed Cheyanne and the baby was amazing, and she could only imagine how he would be when she got pregnant. "'Cause I think tonight and tomorrow are my really fertile times…"

“If I get you pregnant during this stay does that mean I get to take you on tour with me? Because, I’d definitely start trying my hardest this very minute so I didn’t have to leave you behind,” Kevin suggested with sincere honesty.

"Kevin…" Stepping over, Austin curled her arms around his neck, softly kissing his bare chest. "I would love to go on tour with you, you know that. But I couldn't leave Chey. She can't travel, and there's now way in Hell I'd leave her in Jeffie's care. You understand, don't you?" she murmured. "Maybe we can start towards the end of the tour?"

“I know and I understand,” Kevin answered with a heavy sigh, running his fingers through her light chestnut locks. “I’m just going to miss you like crazy, but I know Angel needs you more and… I’d really like to start trying at the end of the tour. The divorce should be finalized then, so I can make our engagement official not to mention a quick and beautiful marriage?”

"'Cause Momma Richardson would kill you if you got me pregnant before you made an honest woman out of me," Austin mused softly, relaxing in his embrace. "Wait… Marriage? Is that your way of proposing?"

“I suppose informally,” Kevin drawled with a smile, tilting back ever so slightly so he could peer into her dark coffee brown eyes. “Until I can get a proper engagement ring with a proper proposal. Are you saying yes?”

Austin felt tears prick her eyes and quickly blinked them back, swallowing the lump that had formed in her throat. Curving her lips into a smile, she took a step backwards. "Saying yes to what?" she asked coyly.

“You know already,” Kevin teased with a chuckle.

"Yes," Austin murmured. "But you knew that already…"

“True, but I still love hearing you say it,” Kevin answered with a pleased grin, swooping her tightly into his arms, making sure her legs wrapped around his waist. He couldn’t resist tilting to kiss her with a fiery passion, expressing his deep delight in her answer. “The day after the tour is over, we’ll go pick out your engagement ring, Princess.”

"Can I get the biggest one I see?" Austin asked with a giggle, hugging him tightly. "Bigger than Leigh's?"

“So big we’ll have to buy a shiny wheelbarrow to heft your hand around,” Kevin promised with a laugh, falling back onto the couch with her still perched in his arms. He had abandoned folding the blanket, knowing it could wait. In fact, everything could be put on hold when Austin was in his arms. She was the one woman in his life that completed him entirely.

"Maybe I can finagle Drew into being my personal bodyguard to keep the teenies off me," Austin teased. Resting her head in the crook of his shoulder, she sighed with contentment, wishing the tour was about to end instead of just recently starting. "Oh! How's he doing with the chick that Chey set him up with?"

“Besides being teased mercilessly by the rest of us?”

"You know what I mean… Is she good for him? Does it seem like it's going good? Did he ever get further than just looking at her bra strap in the airport?"

“Why do women need to ask such detailed questions? Like Drew goes into details…”

"Kevin Scott Richardson, I know you. You've probably given the poor man the third degree at least half a dozen times. C'mon, spill!"

“All I can say is that they’re on the phone every night talking after little Katie-Doo lays down for the night. And, they’re on the phone for precisely three hours. No less. And, Drew’s in love.”

"Katie-Doo?" Austin repeated with a smirk. "Is he really in love? Have you met her yet? Talked to her? Seen a picture? 'Cause Chey wouldn't tell me jack about her."

“Katie-Doo is his nickname for Josephine’s daughter. Yes, he’s really in love. He tells her every night. No, I haven’t met her. Yes, I have talked to her. Yes, I’ve seen a picture. And, Angel won’t tell you anything because Drew flicked her off when she was teasing him about finally getting a love interest.”

"What's she like? Where's she from? Is she divorced or what--"

“No more!” Kevin growled with exasperation, tossing her easily to the opposite side of the couch. “Women! Sheesh!”

"What? I was just curious!" Austin cried with a pout, quickly moving back to sit in his lap. "Okay, no more questions about Josephine or Drew," she promised, tucking her head beneath his chin when he rolled his eyes. "What are we doing tonight?"

“Yet you insist on asking more questions--”

"I know! Why don't we go out to McCleod's Designs and get our piercings?" Austin suggested, leaping off his lap. "I'll call him and see if he's got time to do both of us--"


The thunderous tone of his voice startled her, causing her to fall backwards into the recliner. "Well, duh! You said you'd get one where I wanted it!"

Kevin’s emerald eyes darkened and widened at the seriousness of his lover’s tone. He immediately leaned forward on the couch, clasping his hands against his knees. He had been delirious with delight at the feeling of having her body under his control. He would have promised her the world to get her attention and affection. “I am not getting a bolt through my dick-”

"Just a little one?"


"You'd think after that mind-numbing blowjob I gave you in the shower this morning, you'd be a little more receptive!" Austin stated with knowing smirk.

“Yeah, well, you get your clit pierced and I’ll get my dick pierced,” Kevin grumbled, leaning back on the couch as he firmly crossed his arms over his chest.

"I swear, Kevin Richardson, you drive me up the wall," Austin sighed, leaping off the recliner and landing atop him with a grunt. "But I wouldn't have you any other way, y'know that? I like that you're a bit uptight and sometimes a smartass, and I love how overprotective you are of Chey and Ollie. I love you more every day when you put up with my bitchiness and my addlebrained ramblings, and how you don't mind that I ignore you when I'm doing something else. I can't wait to be your wife," she admitted softly, cupping his face in her hands.

“I can’t wait to marry you either, but if you go addlebrained during our wedding… I ain’t taking you on a glorifying honeymoon,” Kevin promised, leaning down to kiss her upper lip.

"I'll probably be standing there thinking about how gorgeous my soon-to-be husband is," she murmured, snuggling closer to him. "And how beautiful your Momma's back yard is decorated, how cute Baylee is in his little tux holding the pillow with our rings, how nice the flowers look, how--"

“I’m going to have to say ‘I do’ for the both of us, I can see it now,” Kevin groaned, leaning down to kiss away her trail of thoughts, though he couldn’t wait to make her dreams a reality.


The soft twang of a tuning guitar filtered through Cheyanne’s sleepy senses as her body slowly prepared to awaken for the new day. She released a soft yawn that ended with the usual yip, but sought for the blankets as a chill wafted through the room. The opposite side of the bed had already chilled from Nick’s absence. She had felt him get up several hours before, but had no mind to ask him to stay, more comfortable with drifting back into her darkness. But, through those thoughts and her tiny hand poking around the bed, she could only find a soft sheet, vaguely remembering Nick ripping the rest of the covers to the floor the previous night. So, grasping the sheet, she attempted to pull it over her bare body and cover her head, shielding the sunshine away from her bleary eyes. She didn’t want to wake up. Nick had exhausted her last night. So, she willed her body for just a few more hours sleep.

Glancing over at Cheyanne from his place in the armchair by the bay window, Nick paused in his task, saw her tugging impatiently on the sheet. Her nude body curled up on the bed, golden curls splayed around her head as she attempted to cover herself. Sticking the pick between his teeth, he set his guitar aside, striding over to help her. Her whispered appreciation told him she was still half asleep, so with a quick kiss to her cheek, he returned to the armchair, settling down to his tuning. It had been horrible, leaving the warmth of her body earlier. In truth he had longed to curl up tighter with her, lulled by the gentle movements of Olivia against his stomach. But he had a job to do, and while she slept, he had seen to that job, despite the orneriness of the old bastard downstairs who hadn't wanted to help him one bit.

He had half a mind to take the old bastard by his Depends and— Nick quickly shook his head as he nestled the curve of his acoustic guitar against his thigh, flicking the pick back into his fingers so he could continue to strum on the five strings. He listened with an acute ear, adjusting each slightly in order to provide the perfect pitch. Cheyanne had been so excited when he mentioned that he had brought his guitar on the trip. He never left anywhere without his guitar. And she wanted to learn. She wanted him to teach her. So, he couldn’t have imagined a better way of waking her up, then with a sweet serenade. After all, Kevin had ruined his plans for a perfect wake-up yesterday. So, this time had to be beyond perfection.

Glancing around the room, he assured himself that everything was perfect. He had gone to three different florists, buying them each out of Cheyanne's favorite flowers. Arrangements both large and small were spread about, giving off a sweet aroma in the morning light. The smallest bouquet, which he had purchased from the farmer's market just up the street, was tied with white ribbon and lying on the pillow beside Cheyanne. The woman had called it a nosegay before continuing to tell him her entire history with her husband, which started with him giving her a nosegay of violets after their first date. Smiling now, Nick picked out a few chords, still mulling over which song he would sing for her.

Only, through the contemplation, Cheyanne began to rouse once more, her body unwilling to grant her any request for more sleep. Though, she seemed to fight hard for that opportunity, shifting and writhing underneath the sheet in attempts to find comfort. That is, until her face landed amongst the sweet smelling violets. She tensed visibly beneath the sheet, inhaling the sweetness. “Nicky… Please tell me I’m not lying naked in the old geezer’s garden…”

"No… You're not in his garden, Sweetheart. The old bastard doesn't grow any violets…" Nick would know. He'd gone there first, thinking he would have little time to get her flowers before she woke up.

“Didn’t think he’d be able to make anything live that was so pretty,” Cheyanne agreed, yawning once more as it turned into a high pitched yip, stretching her lithe body beneath the sheet till her toes were poking out at the bottom.

"Did you sleep well?" Nick asked softly, continuing to strum his guitar. He couldn't think of any place in the world he would rather be. Seeing Cheyanne wake up was truly the most beautiful sight in the world. Her voice soft and husky from sleep, her languid movements. An idea struck, and he smiled to himself as he began to play.

“No, I made a few mistakes,” Cheyanne teased, finally awake as her muscles relaxed with Nick’s beautiful music. Tucking the white sheet around her, she sat up, reaching for the small bouquet of violets nestled against Nick’s pillow. Smiling softly, she played with the white bow, glancing sideways toward Nick in the armchair. That is, till she caught sight of the full bloom encompassing the entire room. “…Nicky…”

"Chey…" Nick mimicked, giving her a pleased grin. "Before you start to tell me how I shouldn't have, let me play you something, okay?"

“Okay,” Cheyanne answered with a soft nod, holding the bouquet in her lap as she brushed her fingertips gently down the soft petals of the dark purple violets. She was awed at the fact that Nick had even remembered what she said her favorite flowers were. No one had ever gone to such great detail to wake her up in such a romantic fashion… Romantic…

Licking his lips, Nick began to play in earnest, his eyes never leaving her. The perfect picture of tousled innocence, her full lips begging to be kissed as she gazed at him with… Warm affection? Clearing his throat, he glanced away for a moment, his fingers slipping and bringing forth a discordant noise from the guitar. "Sorry," he muttered before starting again. Keeping his eyes trained on her, he began to sing. "I stare at your face, into your eyes / Outside there's so much passing us by / All of the sounds, all of the sights / Over the earth and under the sky / Too much cold and too much rain / Too much heartache to explain / Who needs the world when I've got you / Switch off the sun, the stars and the moon / I've all I need inside of this room / Who needs the world when I've got you…"

It took Cheyanne just a mere moment to recognize the song from his solo album – Who Needs the World. Needless to say, it was one of her favorites and she couldn’t believe he was singing it to her. The sweet vulnerability in his voice touched her sincerely. To have him sing those words to her and no one else. It was a secret that they seemed to share, just like this entire trip had been. Even if he made a mistake in the beginning, she just found it adorable. The work of nerves just made him more genuine in her eyes. Especially as his dark ocean eyes kept watch over her, his blond locks tousled and wild as if he had been repeatedly running his hands through it. His fingers lightly plucking at the various strings to create a beautiful melody. He was amazing.

"I walk on the street, talk in the dark / I see people's dreams just falling apart / I open my arms, try to be true / Seems like my only truth is you / Am I wrong or am I right? / All I want is you tonight…" Nick saw a delicate blush form on Cheyanne's cheeks, endearing her even more to him. Drawing in a deep breath, he closed his eyes as he sang the chorus again, putting more feeling behind it than before. "Who needs the world when I've got you / Switch off the sun, the stars and the moon / I've all I need inside of this room / Who needs the world when I've got you…" Opening his eyes, he saw her mouthing along with him, and the idea of her listening to his music so much she knew the words made his heart jump.

Cheyanne tilted her head slightly as her honey curls spilled over her shoulder like a golden fountain, noticing the surprise in Nick’s dark eyes. At first she thought she had done something wrong, pursing her lips to stop herself from silently singing along. But, when Nick stood to come closer to her, she felt her heart lurch with excitement and she tucked the sheet closer to her bare body. Why was he having this affect on her?

Settling on the edge of the bed, Nick set his guitar aside, singing the rest of the song softly as he cupped her cheek in his hand, his thumb brushing her lips. "Who needs the stars so bright and the grass so green / And the morning light / Who needs the wind to blow and the tide to rise / Who needs it, I don't know / I don't know... yeah…" Not even realizing it, he moved closer, staring into her eyes, startled to see no lingering worry or fear as before. Despite their closeness, he had seen those things and had been bothered by them. Not finding them now gave him hope… "Who needs the world when I've got you / Switch off the sun, the stars and the moon / I've all I need inside of this room / Who needs the world when I've got you / Who needs the world when I've got you / Switch off the sun, the stars and the moon / I've all I need inside of this room / Who needs the world when I've got you / Who needs the world when I've got you…"

“Nicky…” Cheyanne whispered faintly as he finished with a sweet awe, nipping at the thumb that moved across her slightly parted lips. Her cheeks remained a rosy hue of adoration and sweet awkwardness, shifting beneath the warm sheet as she caught his gaze. “Thank you… That was so beautiful…”

"Our song?" he requested softly, leaning in to offer the softest of kisses. Drawing it out as long as possible until her lips trembled beneath his. Longing to make time pass slow, knowing that far too soon he would be back on tour.

“If you’re willing to share it with me,” she answered, gingerly setting the bouquet in her lap so she could mold her hands to his face. She smiled at the slight stubble offering a grain beneath her soft hands, loving the sensation. She would never tire of feeling his skin against hers. The warmth he provided her.

"I'll share anything with you, Sweetheart," he promised in a whisper, gently twisting his fingers in her soft hair to hold her close.

“Even your last bite of cheesy pizza?” Cheyanne questioned hopefully, trailing her hands from his cheeks to cup his neck. Reaching behind his neck, she gently massaged, sensing the tightness within his body. “Nicky… You worked really hard on this, huh?”

"My pizza?" Nick whined playfully, resting his forehead against hers. "It's yours… I let you have the last of my slice last night," he reminded her with a grin, unable to resist kissing the tip of her nose. "It wasn't hard work… It was worth every bit of it to see your face light up when you took it all in."

“I would have been happier if you just stayed in bed with me. I was cold,” she teased amiably, continuing to massage the back of his neck to loosen the intensity. “But, God, this is so… No one’s ever… Nicky, you’re so tense!”

"I can't help it," he murmured, his lips sliding to hers once more.

Cheyanne never tensed as his lips moved against hers, beckoning for a physical sign of appreciation. And, she was more than happy to oblige his request, tilting her chin gently to offer him the best position. She eagerly moved her tongue toward his lips, teasing him before he parted, allowing her entrance. She sought his tongue immediately, nibbling affectionately as she rubbed his neck with a bit more friction. Slowly, attempting to pull her lips away, though it was only mere centimeters as if she were breathing for him. “Why can’t you help it?”

"I… I don't want you to think I just did this for sex," he admitted, actually blushing. "I care for you, Chey, and I did this to show my appreciation for our friendship… To show you that someone does care for you, because that someone doesn't have the balls to say it out loud like you should hear it…"

“I know you wouldn’t use me for…” Cheyanne trailed halfway as she glanced into his dark ocean eyes. Suddenly, she felt extremely vulnerable, considering how close they were with only a sheet hiding her bare body. And his mere mention of Howie, though nameless, always seemed to crumple her self worth. “…You didn’t, right? Before? When…”

"No," he promised quickly, reaching to smooth the hair that fell to her face as she leaned her head back. "I could never do that to you…"

“Nicky…” Cheyanne trailed softly as she allowed her eyes to softly flutter closed, concentrating on the sensation of his hands against her face. She listened to the smoothness of his voice, detecting an honest sincerity, knowing he wasn’t lying. Which just seemed to send a whole rush of joyful tears to her beautiful sapphire eyes. “So, when we… What were you thinking?”

"How wonderful you felt… How I wanted to make you feel what I felt when I held you close," he answered, his thumbs reaching to brush her tears away.

“Thank you,” Cheyanne replied, her voice barely a breath above of a whisper. “You made me feel… You made me feel appreciated again… It’s been so hard because H—Well, I just want you to keep your promise of keeping me forever… We’ve done things that… You just can’t leave me behind…”

"Chey… Sweetheart, listen to me," he whispered, a painful lump forming in his throat that he struggled to rid himself of. Looking into her eyes, he gently stroked her cheeks. "No matter what happens, I'll always be there for you. Believe me, Sweetheart, I could never leave you behind…"

“Cross your heart?” Cheyanne questioned hopefully as if her very breath depended on his answer. The thought far more concrete as she rested her hand over his rapidly beating heart, hoping to seal a pact between them. Something that would bind them for the rest of their existence.

"And hope to die," he promised, covering her hand with his. Squeezing it gently, he placed his other hand over her heart, letting the silence linger between them before leaning in for a gentle kiss.

“As long as it isn’t when we’re way too far past a save point,” Cheyanne teased against his lips, biting warmly on his bottom lip to draw him closer for a hotter kiss. Her body naturally awakening to the light brush of his fingertips against the bare skin over her heart. “And you can always kill those giant booger-whores for me in Resident Evil, okay?”

"You've got it, Sweetheart," he murmured, his tongue easily manipulating its way between her lips. "Y'know… You should get out of bed and dressed if we're still going out to lunch," he whispered, reminding her of the plans they'd made the night before amid sweaty skin and tangled limbs.

“But you taste so much better than anything this little city could cook,” Cheyanne whined lightheartedly, though she was somewhat serious. Offering a few more kisses to his lips, she obliged his decision, though, slipping off the bed as she twirled to make sure the sheet encompassed her small body fully like a bulky drape.

"I didn't mean now! Come back and kiss me again!"

“You just said I should get dressed--”

"That'll take what, two minutes? C'mon… I haven't given you your proper good morning kiss yet."

Cheyanne inched toward the bathroom door like a skittish doe as Nick crawled across the bed. She made some feeble hand gestures as her eyes twinkled impishly with delight. “But now I’m all wrapped up and--”

Leaning over the edge of the bed, Nick caught the corner of the sheet wrapped around her. "Don't make me," he warned with a playful gleam in his eyes.

Cheyanne glanced feebly toward the open bathroom door, realizing it was farther away than she had anticipated. If Nick disrobed her, there would be ample time for him to view her assets before she ran for safety. Then there was always the chance that he’d catch her halfway and bring her back to the bed for the most wicked of tortures. Not that it sounded like a bad way to spend the later part of the morning. Though, she played the part well, glancing back to Nick with a firm pout. “You wouldn’t dare.”

Giving the sheet a firm tug, Nick grinned in triumph when he slid over her body a couple of inches. "C'mere, then…"

“If I fall on this floor and Ollie comes shooting out like a basketball--”

"If you'd just come here and let me--"

“Let you what?” Cheyanne challenged, allowing the sheet to drop slightly against her chest, revealing the peaks of her lush, vivacious breasts.

"Let me kiss…" Nick's voice trailed into a soft moan. Giving her a smirk, he tugged on the sheet again, smiling in satisfaction when she took a step towards him. "Let me kiss you.”

“And if I don’t?” Cheyanne tempted, leaning over him when he thought their lips would meet, but she gave the sheet further slack, allowing her to take several steps back. Now the sheet just covered her lower half, her creamy peach breasts fully exposed for Nick’s pleasure. She thoroughly enjoyed this game.

"I'll have to catch you and tie you to the bed," Nick warned, unconsciously licking his lips when her hand idly brushed against one breast. "Sweetheart…"

“Nicky,” she mocked playfully, taking another step back, the sheet fluttering to the carpeted floor, revealing her glorious form.

Nick's mouth curled into a brilliant grin as he slid to the floor. Two could play that game. Having already discarded his t-shirt and shoes when he came in earlier, he gave her a smoldering look as he pushed his track pants down. Casually stepping out of them, he cocked one eyebrow at her, smirking when her eyes widened at the sight of his arousal.

“What are you doing?” Cheyanne questioned in confusion, naturally taking a step back when he took a step forward. She was no longer shy about her nude form, especially around him. He had caressed every portion of her sweet skin. Nothing seemed to be a mystery, except for the way he started to undress. She then motioned vaguely to his thick member. “And why is he excited?”

"He is excited because I saw your gorgeous body," Nick emphasized, stepping closer to her. She backed up yet again, sighing with frustration when she felt the wall against her back. "He's always excited around you," he added, placing his hands on either side of her head.

“Somehow… This isn’t turning out how I originally planned,” Cheyanne drawled, taking a deep breath to hold, smiling somewhat apologetically when her bare breasts rose with the breath to brush against his chest.

"Don't you have a plan 'B'?" Nick questioned softly, his finger trailing her cheek. His lips caught hers in a gentle kiss as his finger made its way lower, grazing her neck before running over the valley between her breasts. "Everyone should always have a plan 'B'," he murmured, his tongue teasing the corner of her mouth as his hand turned, cupping her breast delicately.

“Nicky,” Cheyanne moaned softly with beautiful anguish, seeking out his mouth so she could stroke his tongue with her own. “I think this was my plan ‘B.’”

"Why can't I get enough of you?" Nick whispered, pulling her towards the bed.

“I think you have to answer that question on your own?” Cheyanne replied softly, gasping when Nick lifted her bare body into his arms instead of pulling her across the bedroom. She curled her arms around his neck for protection, holding her breath was an air of sweet anticipation. She honestly couldn’t get enough of him either.

"I think I'll just see how much I can take," he murmured in her ear before sitting on the edge of the bed. Adjusting her in his lap, he shivered when she slid against his arousal. Despite the hours they had spent making love the night before, he was more than ready to again. He knew he could take as much as she would give him.

“What if you get tired of me?” Cheyanne questioned somewhat worriedly, leisurely rotating her hips against him, feeling the steady throbbing his hot arousal. Though, when he was ready, she would allow him to be in complete control. She loved his aggressiveness, the way he took complete control of her body, coaxing her into a Heaven she had never experienced before. “Or… What about the tour? Aren’t you supposed to be resting?”

"Sweetheart, the tour is the last thing on my mind right about now…"

Cheyanne stopped the gentle rotation of her hips at his declaration, her locked arms tensing around his neck. Her dark sapphire eyes sparked with surprise and wonderment, not understanding. Howie had always been so career oriented… To have Nick declare that the tour was trivial… She just had to make sure. “But it’s important--”

"Not as important as this… As us… As you," he whispered, his hands moving to her hips. Guiding her closer to him, he sought out her lips for a quick kiss. "I'd leave it in a heartbeat if it meant making you happy…"

“Nicky… Not as important as me?” Cheyanne whispered, hoping she had heard right as her heart raced, knowing Nick could feel it in the contact of their warming skins.

"Nothing's as important as you," he promised, looking into her eyes. The wide-eyed disbelief made him smile, and he reached up to lightly caress her cheek. "Believe me? Please?"

“Okay,” she promised timidly, moistening her bottom lip with a nervous smile. “…What would I do without you, Nicky?”

"Hopefully you'll never have to find out," he murmured, pulling her with him when he laid back on the bed.