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Chapter 60 – An Accident Waiting to Happen

“It was a good idea to take Baylee to this fair, Princess,” Kevin suggested with a lazy grin, waving slightly toward Baylee who came around once more on the mini roller coaster. He had actually been surprised when Austin had suggested taking Baylee for the afternoon, leaving Cheyanne and Nick at home for some private time. Nick had made it known that he was forever grateful for her suggestion and Austin, with a twinkle in her eye, assuring that it would come in handy. Kevin didn’t even know what Austin was thinking, but knew it would be a hefty price for having to listen to Baylee squeal about his Angel all day. Of course, that’s why they had put him on as many rides as possible. Leaning closer, he wrapped his arm around Austin’s shoulders, tucking her small form into his side with an affectionate rub to her shoulder.

"Yeah, I'm a genius," Austin murmured with a smirk. Kevin didn't have to know that Nick and Cheyanne had talked her into it. Leaning her head against him, she plucked some cotton candy off the spool, sucking it into her mouth with a satisfied sigh. Glancing around, she caught sight of a nearby booth. "Oohh!" she breathed with excitement. "I want some corn dogs!"

"Woman, if I didn't know better, I'd say you were already pregnant…"

“You would be so lucky,” Austin contritely replied, reaching into his back pocket to retrieve his leather wallet. Flipping it open, she plucked a few bills from the center, then slid it back into his pocket. Smiling, she popped up to kiss his cheek affectionately. “I’ll be right back. Don’t loose Baylee, Chey-Chey would kill me.”

"Do you honestly think I'd lose my own cousin? Brian would kill me, too--"

"Chey's more important. There, he's getting off now. I'll meet you over at the balloon popping jigger," Austin promised, giving him a little wave before heading away.

Kevin watched her walk, a pleased smile touching his face at the thought of her being his forever. Reluctantly tearing his gaze away, he turned to look for Baylee, who was pushing his way through the other children leaving the roller coaster.

"Kevvy! Did you see that? Did you see me? Did you see what I did?!" Baylee squealed with enthusiasm, launching himself into Kevin's waiting arms. "I waved at you and 'Rincess!"

“Of course I saw what you did!” Kevin exclaimed, mustering the same enthusiasm as he tossed the little boy onto his shoulders. Holding Baylee’s hands to make sure he stayed put, Kevin began to weave through the masses of people, wondering why he thought the town nearby was so small to begin with. “Did you see us wave back?”

"Uh huh! My 'Rincess eated my cotton candy! Where her at now? We go buy My Angel something?" Baylee questioned, looking in every direction possible. "KEVVY! THERE MY 'RINCESS!"

“Thank goodness you can see her, Young Blood! She’s so tiny I loose her easily,” Kevin chuckled, moving in the direction that Baylee’s foot jutted toward.

"You just gots to look for her badonkadonk!" Baylee declared, jerking one hand free to wave at Austin. "And her's eatin' again!"

“Her’s hungrier than that cow you made your Daddy buy,” Kevin teased as Austin waved back to Baylee with a corndog.

"Where my corndog? I want one!" Baylee announced as Kevin lifted him off his shoulders to place him in front of Austin.

"Here you go, Bay," Austin said, handing over a corndog. "But if you eat that, you can't go on a ride for a little bit, okay?"

"Otay…" Baylee bit into the corndog, reaching for Austin's hand as they began walking along. "We c'go bop boons now?" he mumbled around a mouthful of food.

“I think we should go pick up those plastic ducks or something,” Kevin instantly requested as he placed a hand against the small of Austin’s back, smiling at how perfect they looked together, with the exception of Baylee’s bright flaxen locks. They were almost a perfect family. “’Cause, knowing you, being so much like your father, I’ll end up with a few darts in my ass.”

"How about we let Kevvy pop the balloons? That way, we're sure to get loads of prizes," Austin told Baylee, who nodded in agreement, too busy eating to reply. "And then he can hold you up and let you try to win a prize for your Angel, that way he doesn't have to worry about his bubble butt being pierced by a stray dart."

“You’re one to talk about bubble butts, Almost-Mrs. Richardson.”

"Do you realize how much hard work has gone into getting this perfected ghetto booty?" Austin questioned with a smirk. "Not to mention, I didn't hear you complaining about my bubble butt last night when you were holding onto it during dog--"

“HELLO! I STILL HERE!” Baylee yelled loudly as he noticed the horrified look crossing Kevin’s face.

"I'm just saying," Austin murmured to Kevin as they stepped up to the booth. Scanning the large stuffed animals hanging from the ceiling, she tugged on his shirtsleeve. "I want the giant panda!"

“I swear, it’s like I have two children instead of a wife and a child,” Kevin grumbled, reaching for his wallet as Baylee tugged at his jean shorts, smearing mustard.

"Kevvy! Get da 'urple teddy for My Angel!"

Kevin looked feebly toward the man running the booth. “Is there anyway I can just pay you fifty bucks for both stuffed animals without having to humiliate myself?”

"Kevin," Austin groaned with a weary sigh as the man shook his head apologetically. "Here, just let me do it--"

“I am not letting my wife show me up--”

“THEN LET ME DO IT!” Baylee insisted, throwing the corndog stick to the ground so he could jump on Kevin.

"Bay! You just got mustard all over my shirt--"


"Easy, Bay," Austin murmured, looping her arms around his waist and pulling him from Kevin. Taking the darts from him, she offered one to Baylee. "Just think real hard about that purple teddy you want for your Angel, okay? Don't think about the balloon…"

"Be the dart," Kevin muttered, digging into his pocket for a wet wipe.

“If you ain’t careful, I’m going to let you become the dart,” Austin threatened her fiancÚ, lifting a leg to kick him sharply in the backside.

"Hush," Baylee admonished, staring at the wall of balloons in front of him as Kevin and Austin grumbled. Taking a deep breath, he threw the dart with all his strength, his face crumpling in defeat when it narrowly missed the backside of the man running the booth. "Aw, man! I LOST!"

Kevin’s emerald eyes widened in disbelief when Austin handed the young boy another dart. He thought about reaching to claim all the darts at once, especially as the man’s face paled dramatically. Baylee with a sharp object was like a weapon of mass destruction. “You keep doing this I’m going to have to pay for that man’s hospital bills, Princess!”

"You can afford it. C'mon, Bay, we'll get it this time. Second time's lucky," Austin soothed, setting the boy on the ledge. Standing behind him, she helped him aim the dart towards a yellow balloon. She saw the man back towards the corner, eyes on the dart Baylee held. "Nice and easy…"

"I DID IT!" Baylee screeched as the balloon popped. "Gimme 'nudder one!"

“Why don’t you let me do the rest, Bay? You just won the teddy bear for your Angel!” Kevin answered with a mock air of enthusiasm, watching the man practically leap for the selected teddy bear to shove into Baylee’s arms. Somehow, Kevin knew the man would be having nightmares about the pint-sized terror tonight.

"Let's let Kevvy do the rest, Bay. And I think it's time for some ice cream, don't you?" Austin cooed, shifting him onto her hip, reaching to adjust the teddy bear so she could see.


"Don't forget, I want the giant panda," Austin murmured in Kevin's ear as he stepped up to throw the next dart. Slipping her hand into his pocket, she withdrew his wallet, helping herself to more money. Replacing the wallet, she gave his rear a swift pat before stepping away.


Moth had long left the bedroom, deciding his fate lay better in the living room awaiting the return of Austin, Kevin and Baylee. In his usual perch on the back of the chair by the window, he flinched each time he heard the stifled cries coming from the bedroom down the hall, going so far as to burrow under the blanket on the couch in order to avoid them.

"God, Chey…" Nick moaned, sliding his hand along her sweat-slicked back as she rocked her hips in a tantalizingly slow motion. Despite the cool air flowing through the vents, the air was steamy from their lovemaking. It seemed to have lasted since the distant sound of Kevin's rental had disappeared down the driveway. Not that Nick cared; each moment spent like this with Cheyanne was a moment to be treasured. Her body slid against his, sending a tremor of desire through his body. "Sweetheart," he whimpered.

“Nicky,” Cheyanne returned softly, biting down hard on her lip to muffle a whine of delight. He had wasted no time in disrobing her when Baylee said his last goodbyes, pulling her onto the bed. She had thought she would be caught underneath him, like she usually enjoyed. But, he wanted her to ride him with a fury of her passion. It had surprised her at first, like before, but she eagerly agreed. Slowly, she pushed her hips further against him in order to slide his throbbing erection deeper into her warmth. Tilting her head back with ecstasy, she flattened her palms against his chest, covering the tattooed footprints, steadying herself.

Nick watched her breasts sway with each motion of her body, licking his lips when he saw a drop of perspiration trickle down the valley between them. Dragging his hands to her hips, he brought her down roughly, holding her tight against him as she trembled. "Want to try something different?" he whispered, his voice thick with passion.

“Like what?” Cheyanne questioned with an honest curiosity, squirming slightly when he stopped the movement of her hips, just holding himself still inside. Her breathing was labored as she stared into his dark ocean eyes, noticing the mischievous glint within the dim lighting of the room.

"You'll see," he murmured softly, easily lifting her off him, smirking at her displeasured groan. Laying her back on the bed, he offered the softest of kisses before sliding away. Stepping over their discarded clothing, he dove into his duffel bag, rummaging in the pocket for the items he'd only dreamed of using with her.

“I was so close,” she reminded with a whine, sitting up in order to watch Nick, unable to curb her curiosity.

"I'll get you there again," he promised softly as he rejoined her in bed. Catching her wrist in his hand, he stretched her arm over the bed, his lips seeking hers in a smoldering kiss as he quickly tied the black silk sash to the bedpost. "And again," he murmured, his tongue teasing her lips as he did the same to her other wrist. "And again…" sliding his hands down her body, he lifted her hips slightly, reaching behind him for the pillows. At her wide-eyed stare, he gave her a reassuring smile before placing the pillows beneath her.

“What are you doing?” Cheyanne whimpered slightly, a small dredge of fear glinting across her dark sapphire eyes. She attempted to move her wrists, but quickly realized he had knotted them quite tightly. Glancing at the black sashes, she furrowed her light brows. “And where did you get those?”

"I promise, you'll like it," Nick murmured, leaning over her body. Tracing her collarbone with the tip of his tongue, he moaned softly when he felt her feet slide down the back of his legs. "And… I got those from Aje…"

“I don’t think I needed to know that,” Cheyanne answered, wrinkling her nose at the mere thought of AJ having those items for just a rowdy night of sex with some overly anxious fan. “God, you washed them, right?”

Nick was so busy concentrating on the feel of her feet against his calves he could barely follow her question. "Yeah, I took a shower this morning… Oh! Yeah, they've been washed," he assured her, rolling his eyes at his own stupidity.

“Nicky,” Cheyanne giggled with disbelief, “It’s kind of hard to get into this whole domination angle when you’re such a dumbass…”

"Y'know, considering you're the one tied up…" Smirking, Nick pressed his erection against her. "And speaking of hard…"

“I was just teasing?” Cheyanne cooed sweetly, though her eyes widened with a brief moment of trepidation.

"Just promise me… If you don't like it, tell me," he murmured, his hands resting lightly on her thighs. "I… I don't want you to do something you don't want to…"

“It’s okay, Nicky,” Cheyanne assured him softly, glancing feebly to her hands with a rueful smile. “I’d caress your neck or shoulders to show you, but I kind of can’t…”

"Just talk to me," he murmured, easing his length inside her slowly. Pulling her legs tightly around his waist, he straightened up so he could look down at her. "Tell me how it feels," he whispered, reaching up to rake his damp hair out of his eyes.

“It feels good, like always,” Cheyanne answered, holding her breath as she adjusted to his form once more. She wriggled her hips slightly to accommodate, blushing when Nick stopped her and did it himself. Releasing the shaky breath with a moan of delight, she grasped at the sashes for leverage. “I love you, Nicky.”

"I love you too, Sweetheart," he murmured softly, thrusting into her gently. Her soft, pleased cry charged him, and he let his hands fall to her hips, holding her still. Drawing out of her completely, he shivered in delight, pausing to breathe in deeply before thrusting his entire length into her moist warmth.

“God, Nicky,” Cheyanne breathed in surprise, arching her back sharply at the sensation of his entire erection pummeling deep into the core of her womanhood. She immediately bit down hard on her bottom lip at the quake of ecstasy that crashed over her body, causing her to whimper pathetically.

"Yes, baby," Nick moaned, lifting her hips slightly off the pillows so he could plunge deeper.

“Nicky…” Cheyanne yelped in shock as she felt his fingers dig into the sides of her hips, anchoring him so he could thrust harder. Though, the yelp wasn’t of pain, but of sheer delight. She could feel the pulsations of the veins running the length of his erection within her, causing her to shiver. She wanted to reach out and hold onto him, but had to grip futilely at the silk sashes, biting down hard on her bottom lip till she was sure that she was going to draw blood. But it felt so good, easily advancing her to the point of a loud orgasm.

"Let it go, Sweetheart," Nick urged as he continued his powerful thrusts, one hand trailing to the juncture of her legs. She gasped softly, arching against his hand as he gently teased her with his fingers. "Let it go, Chey…"

“My God,” Cheyanne moaned loudly, the ecstasy spilling over her heart with a reckless abandon, causing her to tense against him, actually pulling him deeper into her body as she released a soft yell.

Trembling, Nick pressed his thumb against her hard nub, gazing into Cheyanne's eyes as he slowed his motions. Rocking his hips against her, he leaned over, his thumb moving in slow circles as he lowered his mouth over hers. "Again, Sweetheart," he whispered before delving his tongue into her mouth. The powerfulness of her release nearly brought him to the edge, but he held it back, wanting her to feel things she never had before. "For me," he added huskily, trailing his lips down her neck. Over her chest, nibbling gently at the soft underside of her breast before closing his mouth over her nipple.

“I-I-I can’t,” Cheyanne stammered nervously, her body soaked with the wet perspiration of her release, exhausted from the exertion. Yet, Nick’s slow rocks against her pelvis and the manipulation of her sensitive nub was revving her passions all over again. Biting down hard on her bottom lip with a strangled whimper, arching her back against Nick as he nibbled on her nipple, causing a quake of emotions to rip down her spine. She was helpless within the situation. He had full control and he knew it. “God, Nicky, please.”

"What do you want, Sweetheart?" he murmured against her skin.

“I can’t,” she attempted to explain, whimpering when he pushed deeper into her, adding pressure to her already swollen nub. The fervor was climbing faster than she expected, causing her cheeks to tinge pink with embarrassment. She wanted to reach out and hold him, wriggling for an escape. “Nicky, I’ll die…”

He could hear the desperation in her voice. Lifting his head, Nick reached to untie the binds holding her to the bed, wrapping his fingers around her wrists to caress them lightly before pulling her arms around him. Pushing the pillows away, he buried his face in her neck. "Sweetheart," he ground out softly, tangling his fingers in her hair when she turned her head to kiss his neck. "Chey… I need to…"

“Together?” she questioned softly within his ear, nibbling lightly, knowing she was about to experience yet another explosion of her passion.

"Please…" Nick breathed, his erection throbbing for release. Arching into her gently, he cried out, biting down on the soft skin of her neck. "CheyPlease…"

“Go ahead, Nicky,” Cheyanne encouraged softly, digging her nails lightly into the flesh of his back, pulling him close.

At her gentle words, Nick felt his entire body tighten. Holding himself deeply within her, he closed his eyes tightly, his scream muffled against her neck as he exploded with passion. He suddenly felt as though he were floating, the only sound reaching his ears her soft cries. Vaguely aware of her nails raking down his spine, he pushed himself deeper, her name a soft whisper on his lips.

The silence of the room was almost deafening as Nick clung tightly to her body, drenched in a layer of cool sweat. Swallowing against the rawness of her throat, Cheyanne gently rubbed Nick’s back, feeling him completely still against her. Turning her head, she offered the softest kisses to his neck, smiling gently. “I love you, Nicky. So much. So very much.”

"I love you too," he whispered, shifting to lay beside her, his body still trembling. His eyes still closed, he drew her closer to him, resting his forehead against her shoulder. "God, Sweetheart…"

“Are you okay?” she questioned, running her fingers through his matted blond locks, loving the look of contentment that crossed his handsome facial features.

"Uh huh…"

“Are you dead yet?” she teased softly, finding her breathing pattern start to regulate.

"Almost…" Tilting his lips into a soft smile, he reached for her left hand, lightly tracing the ring she wore on her ring finger. "…But what a way to go…"

“You’re telling me,” Cheyanne sighed blissfully, causing him to chuckle.

"Stay right here," he murmured, leaning close to give her a kiss. "Let me go run some water in the tub…" Lingering for a moment, enjoying the sweetness of her lips, he smiled slightly. He knew how she loved to take a bath or shower right after making love.

“Make sure it’s really warm, please?” Cheyanne requested with another soft kiss, allowing him to disentangle himself from her embrace.

"You got it, Sweetheart," he promised, slipping out of the bed. Moving on unsteady legs, he went into the bathroom, idly scratching his chest as he knelt to turn on the water in the bathtub. Placing the stopper, he added a liberal amount of her bubble bath before moving to relieve himself. Glancing down, his eyes widened in shock when he saw the streaks of blood on his manhood. "What the fuck… Chey?" he called softly, forgetting his need to use the bathroom as he hurried back to the bedroom.

“What’s wrong?” Cheyanne questioned as she immediately whirled around from her tasks as Nick stumbled out of the bathroom. Uselessly, she cinched the belt of her terry robe tighter around her body, making sure that the bloody sheets were balled on the bed, hiding the incriminating evidence. She had been as shocked as he had when she shifted in bed, finding blood streaks racing down her inner thighs. But, she had quickly assuaged her fear, telling herself it was known to happen to pregnant women. Nick’s nails could have very possibly torn her intimate areas by accident.

"You're… There's… Blood, Sweetheart…"

“Oh, that,” Cheyanne murmured, shrugging meaninglessly as she gathered the sheets from her bed. “Just a couple spots, Nicky. It happens.”

"It's never happened before…" Taking the sheets from her, he unfurled them, his mouth dropping open when he saw the stains. "Chey… Jesus Christ, I've hurt you!"

Cheyanne feebly attempted to reach for the sheets, feeling her heart rate start to accelerate at Nick’s ashen appearance and panic. “You didn’t hurt me--”

"You're bleeding worse than a stuck pig, Chey, how can you say I didn't hurt you?!" Nick jerked the sheets from her grasp, shaking his head. What had he done?

“Would you sit down before you pass out. You don’t do well with blood. That’s why you’re panicking,” Cheyanne tried to rationalize, reaching for his shoulders, needing him to calm down as she became almost too aware of the blood slipping down her legs.

Sinking onto the edge of the bed, Nick nervously wet his lips. "I've done something bad… I've killed little Zombie, haven't I? That blood… The tear to your whatchajigger… I've totally fucked up," he groaned, shaking his head. Austin was going to kill him. He didn't think he could live with himself if he'd caused permanent damage.

“You haven’t done anything bad,” Cheyanne assured him, finally wrenching the sheets away from his grasp. Walking across her room, she buried them deep into her dirty clothing hamper, knowing she could take care of them later. Walking back to Nick, she stood in front of him, gently playing with his locks. “I’m not in any pain. This can happen when you’re pregnant. It’s not a big deal.” Cheyanne reached for one of his hands, settling on her abdomen. “See? Ollie’s moving. She’s just fine.”

"You're sure?" he breathed, slightly assured by the not-so-gentle movements the baby was making against his palm. Then another thought struck him. "But, she could be moving 'cause she's in distress… I'm calling Austi--"

“You are not,” Cheyanne interrupted quickly, not wanting Austin ten feet within this conversation. “I’m fine, Nicky. Ollie’s fine. You didn’t hurt me.”

"But--" Nick cut off at when she tilted her head and eyed him levelly. "Okay… As long as you're sure…"

“I’m positive,” she emphasized. “It was just a little bit of blood. Nothing major.”

Smiling tentatively, Nick got to his feet. "In that case… There's a bubble bath waiting for us…"