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Chapter 69 – Loving You All Over Again

Cheyanne fidgeted nervously as Howie pulled the car into the local, somewhat overpriced diner in the nearest town. It was one that Jeff and Billy would term ‘fancy-shmancy,’ though she seemed oblivious to the definition. Instead, she tapped her hands nervously against her bare thighs, feeling extremely uncomfortable as she glanced to the back seat momentarily. Vivian and Austin had somehow conned Howie into taking Cheyanne out to dinner for the evening, both promising to take the best care of Olivia while they were gone. Cheyanne had wanted to decline, not because she feared for her daughter’s life, but she didn’t want to leave her behind, especially if she had to be alone with Howie. To make matters worse, Vivian and Austin had cornered Cheyanne in her bedroom, practically tackling her to dress her appropriate for the evening. Shifting uncomfortably, Cheyanne swallowed an agitated sigh. She was wearing the silk, sapphire halter camisole that had a plunging triangular neckline and was backless, complimented with a pair of light khaki shorts that barely met the middle of her thigh. Her long blond curls had been fixed against her shoulders in golden ringlets of perfection. They had even straddled her for makeup. It was embarrassing to say the least, because she was convinced Howie wanted nothing to do with this evening.

"Honey… Before we go in, there's something I… Honey? Are you okay?" Howie murmured softly, touching her hand gently when he noticed her glance into the back seat again. "Do you want to call and check on Cinnamon again before we go in?"

“Huh?” Cheyanne blanked in confusion as her gaze finally met his when he touched her hand, the warmth of his fingers sending a sharp shiver down her spine. “Oh… No, I don’t need to call again… I know Austi and Vivie will take good care of her… Brian and Kevvy, too…”

Lightly caressing her fingers, Howie smiled reassuringly. "Of course they will… Now, I have something to give you before we go in…"

“A jacket?” Cheyanne questioned ruefully, unable to deny how naked she felt.

"No… Why would I want to cover up your beauty?" Reaching into the glove compartment, Howie pulled out a box. "You… Sent this back to me, and I'm hoping you'll let me give it to you again, Honey. It belongs on you."

“Tea,” Cheyanne sighed softly as she opened the slender box, revealing the sapphire and diamond bubble necklace from Tiffany’s that Howie had bought her for a birthday present. Tentatively reaching to brush a finger down the beautiful pendant of varying gems that looked like glistening bubbles, she released a painful breath, feeling overly guilty. “I thought you’d just sell it…”

"I couldn't, Honey…" Howie murmured, lifting her hand to his lips for a quick kiss. "Not as long as I had hope…"

“Hope for what?” Cheyanne questioned as she offered him the box, gingerly turning in her seat and pulling her curls away from her neck so he could put it on her once again. It gave her a small sliver of hope that Vivian’s words were true. That Howie really did love her. That he didn’t just want Olivia.

"Hope for us to get back to where we were," Howie murmured, offering the softest kisses to her bare shoulder. Tonight was a special night, he had known from the moment Vivian had cornered him to insist she and Austin take Olivia for the night. When Cheyanne had come from the bedroom, looking drop-dead gorgeous, he had realized he had to do something special for her. Even if it was just returning her necklace to her. "Honey… I love you," he whispered, kissing her shoulder again.

“Tea…” Cheyanne trailed, unable to stop the visible shiver of delight that raced through her body with his kisses to her soft skin. Wrapping her arms securely around herself, she closed her eyes to delight in the kisses. It was what she had longed for since he had first started distancing himself. When she had returned from Florida. It may have seemed like a simple request, but it meant the world to her. Because he meant the world to her.

"What?" Howie breathed against her neck, incapable of pulling away from the sweetness of her skin. Sliding his arms around her, he smiled slightly when he felt her shiver, letting his fingers twine with hers. "Are you cold, Honey?"

“N-No,” she stammered slightly, her cheeks tingeing pink at the wavering quality of her voice. Howie knew exactly what he was doing to manipulate her body and make her yearn for him. And, she couldn’t help but worry that he was just testing her. Perhaps teasing her like Nick had. The malicious thoughts made her tense as she bit hard on her lip, not wanting to let her walls crumble.

Glancing out the window, Howie let his lips trail over her shoulder. "D-Do you want to go in and eat?" he whispered.

“Guess it would be a good idea… Considering that’s what we came here for,” Cheyanne murmured, breaking his hold on her hands as she reached for her door handle, suddenly feeling quite suffocated.

"We could always get it to go… And have a starlit picnic," Howie suggested softly, dropping one more kiss on her shoulder before letting her pull away.

Cheyanne was halfway out of the door when she turned back, ducking inside the car to catch his dark eyes. She evaluated the seriousness of his suggestion, chewing thoughtfully on her bottom lip. Somehow, she wanted him to make the advances. “…What do you want to do?”

"I want to do the starlit picnic… To have you completely to myself for a little while," Howie admitted softly.

“…Then why don’t you go get the take out?” Cheyanne encouraged with a small smile.

"Okay… While I'm gone, can you get the blanket out of the trunk for me?" he requested, leaning close to give her a soft kiss before pushing his door open.

“Okay…” Cheyanne agreed as Howie hurried inside the diner, never bothering to glance back. For a few moments, Cheyanne just leaned inside the car, pressing two fingers to her lips to assure that he had really kissed her there. It may have been light and friendly, but it was still a kiss to the lips. Unable to hide her small smile, she reached to press the button to unlock the trunk, hopping out to retrieve the blanket as requested, trying to ignore the whistles from across the street.

"Marry me!" a drunken voice bellowed.

Cheyanne furrowed her blonde brows at the loud declaration as she stooped into the trunk to retrieve the blanket. Only, in mid-grasp, she felt a sharp slap to her sweetly exposed backside. The stinging sensation was quite the surprise through the short, thin material of her shorts, especially when she felt the hand sneak up the short leg of the shorts for a quick pinch. Yelping in shock, Cheyanne whirled around only to fall into the trunk, growling with disgust. “JEFFIE!”

"I ain't never seen you look so damn sexy!" Jeff declared, tugging her from the trunk. "What in Hell'd you do?"

“I was attacked by two raving lunatics,” Cheyanne breathed.

"Marry me!"

Coming from the diner carrying the already prepared trays, Howie shook his head with a groan when he heard Jeff's drunken proposal. Setting the trays on the hood, he stepped around, gently guiding Jeff toward his truck. "Jeff, buddy… You're plastered…"

“I’m sober’nuff to know that Chey is one fine looking piece of ass! And that ain’t the beer talking! Damn, she’s honkytonk badonkadonk sexy!” Jeff marveled as he attempted to turn for Cheyanne again. “And she needs to marry me!”

"Trust me, I know what you're saying is true, pal… But you've got the last part wrong. She doesn't need to marry you," Howie informed him, snatching the keys from the man's hand. "I'm calling Billy to come get you…"

“Man… You know how to seriously kill a buzz,” Jeff groaned as Howie helped him climb into the bed of his truck, where he sprawled out. “…But who the Hell is she gonna marry if it ain’t me? I can give her milk for the rest of her life. ‘Course she’s got her own supply…”

"She's going to marry me," Howie assured him, glancing over at Cheyanne as she punched a number into his cell phone for him. "But if we ever need milk, I know who to call…"

“YOU’RE SHITTING ME!” Jeff exclaimed, sitting up straight in the bed of the truck, looking as if he might yell to Cheyanne that she was marrying Howie, but instead, he whistled. “You’d really call me for your milk? Man… I’m touched!”

"Billy's on his way," Cheyanne murmured with a giggle, handing Howie's cell phone back to him. "And he said to put the keys under the front seat, 'cause everybody knows that a drunken Jeffie can't find his keys if they ain't in his hand…"

“Nope, I couldn’t find’em even if I glued’em to my forehead!” Jeff whistled, laying back down in the bed of the truck.

"Promise me you'll stay there," Howie requested.

"I promise, man."

"And you won't go slapping the rear ends of beautiful women."

"Nah… I might accidentally slap the ass of a man now…"

Rolling his eyes, Howie moved to put the keys in the cab of the truck. Satisfied that Jeff would be sleeping off his inebriation shortly, he reached for Cheyanne's hand. "Ready?"

“Yeah,” Cheyanne agreed, glancing back to Jeff once more before taking Howie’s hand into both of hers. Allowing him to usher her back to the car, she winced slightly at the fiery burning in her backside with each movement. “…Though I think I’m gonna need one of those donut-jiggers for hemorrhoids… I think Jeffie broke my tail bone…”

"Want me to kiss and make it better?" Howie offered, immediately clapping his free hand over his mouth. He had said the words as soon as he'd thought them. "I mean--"

“You’ve been watching Darlin’ far too long?” Cheyanne interrupted with a soft laugh, tucking her body closer to him as she playfully rolled her eyes. Of all the ridiculous come-on’s in the American male’s mind, Howie chose that.

"Yeah… Right," Howie murmured, sliding his arm around her waist as they strolled back to his car. "Not that I can blame him… You look amazing tonight."

“Austi’s threatening to take all my baggy clothes and rip them up with scissors so all I can wear is this new stuff now,” Cheyanne confessed, smiling slightly when she felt Howie’s fingers graze the bare skin of her side.

"Oh really? I like your baggy clothes… Especially when you're wearing one of my shirts," Howie murmured, lightly tracing her side.

“I like wearing your shirts, too,” Cheyanne agreed, giggling at the tickles Howie was providing to her sensitive side. Pulling away from his grasp, her cheeks flushed a hearty pink, reaching to collect the blanket she had previously dropped. “Where are we picnicking?”

"It's just up the road…" Picking up the trays, Howie stowed them in the back seat before climbing back inside, unable to keep from eyeing Cheyanne's bare legs as she slid into the passenger seat. "Ready?"

“Yeah,” Cheyanne agreed after tossing the blanket into the back seat. Reaching for her seatbelt like always, she buckled before taking the necklace from the dashboard so it wouldn’t fall. Lifting it from its velvet bed, she continued to finger the gems, not knowing why she had been so foolish as to part with it in the first place.

Pulling out of the parking lot, Howie glanced over at her. "When we get there, I'll put it on for you," he promised softly, reaching for her hand.

“I can do it myself,” Cheyanne offered as she intertwined their fingers together after tucking the necklace back into its box for safe keeping. She didn’t want him thinking she was incapable or looking for something. She was still leery about accepting the necklace back. Maybe he did think she was after her money now that Nick had turned her down flat.

The short drive to the picnic spot finished in silence, filled only with meaningful glances and the soft squeezing of fingers. Killing the engine, Howie glanced around, satisfied that they were truly alone. "If you can get the blanket, I'll get the food," he murmured, reaching for the box. Pulling out the necklace, he leaned close, sweeping her hair aside. "And I want to do this… Because this time, I don't ever want it to come off." Bringing it up around her neck, he carefully clasped it, letting his fingers linger on her shoulders for a moment. "I think the last time I didn't put it on tight enough," he added softly, softly kissing her neck.

“Thank you,” Cheyanne whispered, unable to allow her voice to project any louder as Howie slipped out of the car. Hastily unbuckling her seatbelt, Cheyanne did the same as she grasped the large blanket. She waited anxiously for Howie to decide where to place it, finally deciding down underneath a beautiful blooming weeping willow. Smiling, Cheyanne spread out the blanket, making sure to discard her sandals before laying down on her back with her arms folded behind her head. “Perfect.”

Setting the food down, Howie gazed down at her for a moment before moving to sit next to her. "Honey…" he breathed softly. Before he could stop himself, he leaned over her, catching her lips in a slow, gentle kiss. His hand landed on her hip lightly, and he heard her soft gasp of surprise. Her lips yielded to his kiss, parting slightly. Hesitating only slightly, he allowed himself to taste her, moaning softly when her tongue met his.

“Tea…” she whispered tenderly against his lips, smiling with approval as she beckoned his tongue into her mouth with the coyest strokes from hers. She had never truly thought that they would ever be like this again, even as she had cuddled him after having Olivia. It just seemed like a dream of sorts. Something that she could hold special in her heart as Howie kept the relationship strictly companionable. But he had initiated this kiss and she wanted to show her delight, easing her arms around his neck to draw him closer for longer kisses, her swollen midsection no longer an issue as it became concaved with a held breath. Hardening the last kiss, she nibbled on his bottom lip, her body warming in remembrance at his taste.

"Honey…" Howie whispered, sliding his hand to cup her cheek gently. Tracing her lips with his tongue, he allowed his other hand to move up her side, lightly pressing against her breast. "I…"

“Are you okay?” Cheyanne questioned when their lips parted momentarily, though their gazes stayed connected. Howie’s dark eyes were smoldering with a desire she had never truly seen before. It startled her at first, especially when her body reacted quite quickly to the barest touch of his hand to her breast. The core of her soul was burning for him in a way that was truly remarkable and, as much as Cheyanne had loved Nick, she knew he could never stir this overwhelming sense of desire. Though, he was the furthest thing from her mind as she played with the tender curls on the back of Howie’s neck, praying this wasn’t some infatuation he had. As if he had some score to settle.

"I need you, Honey," he murmured, his lips descending over hers once more.

Cheyanne was caught within the passion of his kiss, overwhelming her senses to a point where she actually arched her back in order to brush their bodies together. She was losing control faster than ever, wanting Howie more than anything in the entire world. She had wished he would take this step for so long, but didn’t know why he had such a sudden demand. Offering a few small kisses, she attempted to give him her heart. “…I love you, Sweet Tea.”

"I love you…" Howie whispered, nibbling lightly at her bottom lip. Confident she wasn't going to push him away, he slid his hand beneath her top, shivering when he felt the smoothness of her skin against his fingers. Her fingers tangled lightly in his hair, holding his mouth against hers, her tongue darting past his lips in soft, quick movements. When his fingers came into contact with the lace of her bra, he hesitated, very reluctantly pulling back slightly. "Honey… We can't…"

“What?” It felt as if Cheyanne’s fiery body had been dropped into the middle of a frigid ice fishing hole, drowning her in a sea of painful coldness. Jerking back in surprise, she immediately pushed him away from her, moving into a seated position. Adjusting her halter top, she blushed furiously with morbid embarrassment, wondering why she could have been so stupid to believe he wanted her. It really had been a game. He had to see if he could get what Nick had, just like Nick had succeeded in getting what he had in the beginning. Tears of hurt prickled her large sapphire eyes as she reached for her sandals, fully prepared to walk home despite the long distance.

"No, Honey, wait…" Catching her arm, Howie turned her around to face him. "It's too soon, Chey… You had Cinnamon just over a week ago."

“Just let go of me,” Cheyanne lamented, pulling away from his grasp so she could fumble slightly to yank on her sandals. “This was so stupid. I never should have let Austin and Vivian talk me into dressing like this and parading around you like some idiot--”

"Are you saying that you're all dressed up because of me?"

“Who else would I possibly dress up for, Tea?” Cheyanne exhaled with a fresh air of annoyance, though it seemed to be directed at herself as she ran her hands repeatedly through her loose, golden ringlets. “You along with everyone else that was here for the baby shower eavesdropped on Nick’s leaving… Knew he was just screwing around with me for the Hell of it… Not to mention my heart’s always been for you, not that you would know or really care--”

"I do care, Honey. I care so much, that's why I'm trying so damn hard to make things work--"

“You’ve avoided me like I’ve got the plague! Treating me like some little sister instead of what I was… What I want to be again… God, I’m sorry for what happened with Nick. You weren’t there and I was so lost! I just wanted to feel appreciated… Like I was first in someone’s life instead of just some object to use and discard. What I did was wrong, though, and God definitely punished me for it. It was my fault. I was dumb and naïve… Like I always am… But I can’t take this anymore…”

"So you'd actually prefer that I throw you to the ground and make love to you like some hormonal animal?" Howie questioned, his eyes widening when she moved to stand. Grabbing her arm again, he pulled her down next to him. "Damnit, Cheyanne you're not leaving until we've talked this through. You are first in my life, okay? If you weren't, I wouldn't be here right now. I'm sorry for the way I treated you before, and I swear it'll never happen again, okay? I just love you so much, and not being able to hold you when you murmured how much you loved me at night was torture. And Nick just stepping in when he did made me realize what I'd done. I can't change that, Honey… I can only promise never to do it again."

“I don’t want you to make love to me like some hormonal animal,” Cheyanne agreed softly, unable to even raise her teary eyes to make a locking gaze. Instead, she looked to the hand still circling her upper arm, wondering when he had become so feisty. “I just want you to touch me like I’m not your kid sister or be so damn vague when you’re referring to the future… I want to know that you’re here for me… Not just Cinnamon… That you’re not mad at me for Nick…”

"I'm not mad at you, Honey… I'm mad at him for taking advantage of you, but I'm even madder at myself for giving him the opportunity." Sighing, Howie eased his grip on her arm. "And it's been so hard not to touch you like I've been longing to, but I don't want to hurt you… And when it comes to the future… You don't want me to be vague? Alright, here goes…" Taking a deep breath, Howie closed his eyes, hoping she wouldn't ridicule him for what he was about to say. "I want you to marry me, Honey. I want you and Cinnamon to join me for the rest of the tour, and when the tour is over I want to take you home to Florida and we go house hunting and plan our wedding. I want to spend the rest of my life with you." Swallowing the lump in his throat, Howie squeezed his eyes shut. He had put it all out in the open now. Everything he had longed to tell her since first seeing her in the hospital. Holding his breath, he opened his eyes, looking down at her.

“You’re not just doing this for Cinnamon?” Cheyanne questioned softly, reaching for the hand that seemed to cling so desperately to her upper arm. Gingerly, she folded it between her two small hands, allowing her fingers to run delicately over his knuckles. It may have been a foolish question, but she was far more vulnerable than she allowed people to see. “Just for Cinnamon to have a good Daddy? …Because I would let you see her whenever you wanted. Even if we weren’t together… I would never keep you from her…”

"If I was doing this for Cinnamon, I would have brought her out for a starlit picnic…"

“I don’t think she’d be too appreciative over the gesture…”

Smiling wryly, Howie twined his fingers with hers, reaching with his other hand to tilt her chin up so he could look into her eyes. "All this is for you, Honey… I meant everything I just said. I want us to do those things," he murmured softly.

“Then you should have given me my ring with the necklace,” Cheyanne teased softly, leaning to offer him a soft kiss. Almost as if she were calling a peace treaty between them. “Unless you hawked that for all the stuff you bought our daughter that she wouldn’t even need until her first birthday...”

"Do you want the ring?" Howie questioned softly, his hand sliding up to cup her cheek.

“I want you,” Cheyanne answered seriously, biting down on her bottom lip momentarily. “The ring is just an extension of our love… Of our promises… So, if I have you, then I’ll have the ring, too…”

Sliding his arm around her waist, Howie drew her closer, his lips grazing her cheek softly. "I… I've got it with me," he whispered.

“What are you trying to say, Tea?” Cheyanne questioned with a light confusion, wrapping her arms around his neck as she felt his lips move across her cheekbone. He was so delicate with her, almost as if he were afraid she might shatter within his arms. The sincerity in his voice making the walls around her heart crumble faster than she had ever anticipated.

"Will… Will you marry me? …Again?"

“I thought Catholics didn’t divorce--”


“I would really like to marry you again,” Cheyanne promised seriously, offering him a sincere kiss.

Howie pulled her tighter against him, releasing his breath in a soft sigh. "I love you, Honey…"

“I love you, too, Sweet Tea,” Cheyanne whispered against his ear unable to resist nibbling it before kissing the side of his face. She smiled sweetly as he held her close, allowing her to inhale the sweet, spicy scent of his cologne. God had she missed him. “So very much. With everything in me.”

Pulling away slightly, Howie reached into his pocket for the small box. Removing the ring, he clasped her hand, gazing into her eyes as he slid it onto her fourth digit. Bringing her hand to his lips for a soft kiss, he saw her eyes fill with tears. "Honey… Baby, don't cry…"

“They’re happy tears,” Cheyanne promised with a slightly embarrassed smile, reaching to rub them away with her free hand. “I just missed you so much…”

"I missed you too… I don't ever want to lose you again, Honey," Howie murmured, catching her lips in a soft kiss.

“Then keep me close to your heart,” Cheyanne told him, making the shape of a valentine heart over his heart as she smiled sweetly.

"Can I just keep you like this?" he asked softly, holding her close as he breathed in her scent.

“I’d really like if you did,” Cheyanne concurred, flattening her palm over his heart as her other arm found its way around his neck and she nibbled appreciatively against his chin before moving to kiss him.

"Forever," he promised against her lips, pulling her into his lap. "…But we should probably get out of here," he breathed, though his hands slid down her back, lightly caressing through the thin material. "…Unless you want me to make love to you here under the willow tree…"

“I thought it was too soon?” Cheyanne whispered in surprise, naturally arching against him at the shivers he caused with his hands moving along her spine.

"It is… But it's been so long…"

“Sweet Tea…” Cheyanne cooed softly, bringing a hand up to lightly caress the side of his face. “I’ll do whatever you want, okay?”

"Honey… What do you want? You always do what everyone else wants to do… Tell me what you want…"

Cheyanne glanced up into his dark eyes with a timid smile. “I just want you.”

Sliding his hand up to smooth the soft curls from her face, Howie smiled ruefully. "I don't have--"

“I can take a chance with my fiancé?”

"We can consider it warm up for the honeymoon?" he suggested, gently lying her back on the blanket.

“Are you saying we’re permanently abandoning condoms during and after the honeymoon?” Cheyanne questioned with honest surprise, reaching to peel his shirt away. Gingerly, she allowed her fingers to trace the contours of his muscular physique, smiling with remembrance. She loved his gentle strength.

Trailing the plunging neckline of her top, Howie shivered at the combination of her fingers and the cool breeze on his bare skin. "Would you slap me if I said I want a houseful of children?" he murmured, lowering his head to taste the skin of her neck.

“How many is a houseful for you?” Cheyanne questioned with a soft giggle at the stir of his lips against her sensitive neck. The dark shroud of depression that had been lying over her heart since Olivia was born seemed to be ripped away with Howie’s endearing words and the feeling of her engagement ring against her finger. Gasping softly when he nibbled, she tensed to wrap her arms around his back, tracing the indentations of his muscles once again.

"I don't know… Can I get back to you on that in about ten years?" he murmured, leaning back to help her out of her top. Gliding his hands over her smooth sides, he gently hauled her close, gasping softly when he felt her breasts pressing against his cheek. "Right now all I want is to make love to you…"

Cheyanne chewed nervously on her bottom lip as her top garments were tossed toward the trunk of the willow tree, feeling Howie’s hot breath on her warm skin. Night had already fallen, leaving them in a beautiful blanket of moonlight. It was perfection, the crickets chirping softly within the woods, offering them a romantic serenade that the city could never provide. But, Cheyanne worried about making their first time after such a long separation beyond fantastic. She was different now, especially her form. “My body’s not the same, Tea--”

"I love it, Honey," he assured her gently, lifting his head to offer a gentle kiss. "Your body is perfection," he whispered into her lips. A soft moan left him when her fingers trailed to the waistband of his khakis, lightly teasing the sensitive skin of his sides.

“I love you,” Cheyanne told him before nibbling on his top lip, softening her lips to draw it into her mouth before kissing him repeatedly. Carefully, she found her way to the front of his khakis, undoing the belt buckle. Sliding it from its loops, she made sure it landed on top of her clothing. She shivered with a flitter of nervousness, slowly working to unbutton him. “And I want you like no other...”

Trembling slightly, Howie fell backwards, catching her in his arms when she fell atop him. "I love you… And you've got me forever," he promised gently, arching slightly when she tugged on his pants. "…Impatient, Honey?" he questioned with a grin, his hands moving to unbutton her shorts.

“Someone’s got to be in this relationship?” Cheyanne answered with a firm blush accentuating her cheeks, though her sapphire eyes glowed like expensive gems within the basking moonlight. Timidly, she held her hands up in innocence, letting him have control if he wanted.

Taking her hands in his, Howie led them to the waistband of his boxers, tugging her down for a quick kiss. Pushing her shorts over her hips, he felt a jolt of desire burn through him at the gentle touch of her fingers against him. His body remembered all too well the passion that had occurred between them, and responded quickly to the soft kisses of her fingers.

“And you call me impatient?” Cheyanne teased playfully against the side of his face before nipping at his earlobe, feeling the hardening anxiousness of his arousal. It pleased her immensely that he responded to her so quickly. Like he would respond to no other. Running her fingers softly down his now throbbing length, she remembered how wonderful it felt with him inside her, whispering against her ear. Just the mere thought sent a fit of shivers racing through her body.

"Honey," Howie breathed against her neck before sucking lightly on her throat. Sliding his hands up, he gently cupped her breasts, involuntarily thrusting against her hand. A satisfied smile touched his lips when he felt her nipples respond to his touch through her bra. Quickly removing it, he caught one nipple in his mouth, sucking it gently between his teeth as she wriggled against him.

“Tea,” Cheyanne gasped in shock when she felt his teeth start to tease her nipple, removing her hands from him once his boxers were removed to stabilize her hands against his chest. “I…” Cheyanne flushed crimson, not knowing how she could explain this, suddenly remembering her awkward conversation with Baylee. “You’re going to cause me to produce milk…”

Nodding slightly, Howie gently licked the drops of sweet milk from her nipple, glancing up at her in the moonlight. "Its okay, Honey," he assured her softly, leaning up to kiss her. "It's natural… It's beautiful… And it's sweet…"

“I ain’t feeding you with Cinnamon,” Cheyanne assured him wryly against his lips, laying back on the blanket so Howie could take the top position and remove his bunched boxers.

Hooking his thumbs in the elastic of her blue bikini briefs, Howie slowly peeled them down her legs, leaning down to lightly kiss her smooth legs. Letting his lips trail up her body, he caught her other nipple with his tongue, stroking it into a tortured peak.

“Oh my God, Tea,” Cheyanne whined with delighted shock, reaching to tangle her fingers within his silky, dark curls as her legs wrapped comfortably around him, attempting to bring him closer. Her body already quaked with a pent desire that was like no other. The waiting and aching seemed to prolong the ecstasy of the moment, wanting to keep him as close as possible as the cool breeze fluttered about them.

Howie moaned with desire, his fingers grasping her hips when he felt her heat slide against his arousal. "God, Honey… I--I need you now," he breathed against her lips, holding her legs around him.

Cheyanne nodded vigorously with agreement, seeking his lips once more as her legs locked around his waist. She understood the desperation of his voice, longing to have him inside her. Especially as she felt the throbbing intensity of his maleness pressing toward the tip of her entrance. Biting down on her bottom lip, she held her breath as she wrapped her arms underneath his to clutch his shoulders, enabling his body to be pressed tightly to hers as he entered. “God…”

Howie whimpered softly as she sheathed his length, closing his eyes as his hands slid beneath her, lifting her small body slightly as he began his gentle thrusts. He could never get over the initial feeling of her surrounding him, their bodies so aligned as though they were made to fit together. His soul felt complete when he gazed down at her, seeing all his desire and love mirrored in her beautiful eyes. Surely no one on earth had ever felt this way before.

“I love you, my Sweet Tea,” Cheyanne whispered, though her voice turned to a soft yelp of enchantment as she became accustomed to Howie’s movements. She shifted her hips in such a way with each thrust to make the penetration deeper, though Howie’s gentle strength remained, moving with him to kindle the lapping waves of pleasure. She squeezed her eyes shut as the tidal waves crashed against her soul, burying her face against his collar bone in hopes to stabilize herself, though she never stopped her kisses. The soft grunts, whimpers, and moans from her lover shooting sparks of electricity through her body.

"I love you, Honey," Howie replied softly, arching his body against hers as he felt the pressure of yearning grow within. Dipping his head, he traced the curve of her throat with his tongue, experiencing an immense delight when her body trembled. Her head tilted back, her nipples grazing his chest with each slow thrust, sending a swell of desire through his body.

“And I get to keep you forever?” Cheyanne questioned, her voice cracking slightly from the passion rapidly building within her body. She could feel the faint glisten of sweat beads perspire her body as Howie tasted the sweetness of her flesh, tantalizing her in a way that no other could. The soft breezes sending a pleasant chill through her fiery body, seeming to kiss where Howie was unable to as he concentrated on her throat.

"Forever," he promised breathlessly, nibbling at her skin as he felt himself being swept away. "Forever," he emphasized in a whisper, pulling her legs tighter around him as his thrusts deepened in intensity. "Oh, God, Chey…"

“I know,” Cheyanne whimpered as her nails dug slightly into his back for anchoring, knowing she was reaching the threshold as quickly as he had. He seemed to reach the very bottom of her, causing her to cry out with thanks. They seemed to time their releases perfectly with every union, making sure both reached blissful satisfaction within minutes of the other.

"I can't… I…"

“It’s o-okay.”

With a low growl, Howie rolled to his back, pulling her with him. Sucking in a breath, he gripped her hips gently as he guided her over him, wanting her to reach her pinnacle with him. "Together," he gasped, gazing up at her with heavy-lidded eyes. "Please, Honey…"

“T-Together,” she stammered in surprise, never expecting Howie to switch so quick. It took her only a moment to accommodate to the shift, easily rocking her hips with his hands lightly guiding her in the right direction. Gingerly flattening her palms on his chest, she could feel the accelerated rhythm of his heart beneath her fingertips, causing her to smile. Leaning down, she eagerly sought his mouth to show her pleasure with their decision, shuddering as the cup of her ecstasy began to overflow. Lapping her tongue briefly against his, she murmured within his mouth, “N-Now, Tea. Please?”

"Yes," he moaned, arching up to meet her. Holding himself deep within her, he released a soft cry, his body tensing when he felt her tremble. Closing his eyes, he scraped his teeth over her bottom lip, he held her to him as his body quaked with release.

“Thank you,” Cheyanne whispered huskily after several moments of silence lapsed between them. Inhaling the soft scent of his sex mixed with his spicy cologne sent a small smile of pleasure on her flushed face, despite the chilly breeze. Not wanting to move, she eased her arms around him, nestling her cheek against his sweaty chest. She felt the heavy pulsations of his heart, allowing her eyes to flutter closed as his heartbeat slowed. “I love you.”

"I love you…" Sliding his arms around her, Howie shifted his head slightly as his body slowly returned to normal. Inhaling the soft scent of her shampoo mingled with the aroma of the country park, he breathed a sigh of contentment. Drawing the blanket over her as the breeze flickered over their damp bodies, he kissed the top of her head. "This is the best part of making love to you," he whispered after a moment.

“What’s the best part?” Cheyanne questioned in confusion, tilting her face so she could offer the softest kiss over his heart before snuggling closer to him. She made sure to intertwine their legs, her right foot lazily stroking at his calf.

"This… Lying with you…" Idly trailing his fingers down her spine, he kissed the top of her head. "I always feel so complete," he murmured softly. As though nothing in the world could ever come between them.


“Baylee has insisted on sleeping in Chey’s bed with Olivia in that co-sleep bassinet that hooks onto her side of the bed until she returns,” Vivian explained with a rueful laugh as she appeared from the hallway, finding her lover sprawled on the couch, casually watching some of the videos he made during their stay in North Carolina. Opening his arms, he motioned for her to join him, which she wasted little time in completely. Snuggling close, she drew the blanket off the couch over them, knowing Kevin and Austin were currently outside on the porch nursing some wine. Until Howie and Cheyanne returned, whenever that was, they had the living room to themselves. “He also mentioned not just plucking him out of bed. He would like to sleep with Chey tonight… Which I think would be a wonderful idea, seeing as how he always manages to claim the whole bed whenever we all sleep together… Not to mention he hogs my Bri-Bear.”

Pressing his face against the crook of her shoulder, Brian chuckled as he wrapped his arms tightly around her. "What can I say? He's overprotective of his Daddy…" At Vivian's snort of laughter, he lightly tickled her, trailing his lips to her cheek while she reached for the baby monitor. "And as long as Chey's okay with him sleeping in her room tonight, I'm fine with it. It'd be nice to hold you all night long like I'm supposed to… Do you know how damn hard it's been for me to think of new and innovative places to make love to you?" he questioned suddenly, lifting himself onto one elbow so he could gaze down at her. Vivian only rolled her eyes, turning to her back to stare up at him, her face easily shifting into an expression of rapt concentration. Seeing the familiar impish gleam in her dark brown eyes, he could only grin goofily. "You're so beautiful, Snookums," he breathed softly, leaning down to brush her lips with his. "I… I love you…"

“I think that’s why Chey gave us the lake… Not to mention your free peep show, which remind me to thank her for because, damn--” As if a bolt of concentrated lightening had struck her, Vivian instantly pushed on Brian’s chest in order to stagger into a seated position. “Hold up, Cowboy! Love me?!”

"Love you…" Brian trailed, still grinning. At her startled expression, his grin faded slowly, and suddenly he worried if he had made a mistake in telling her. "We've been together for how long now? And you're just so wonderful to me… You make me feel and do things I've never dreamed." Reaching over, he tucked a loose tendril of hair behind her ear. "What we have is special, Snookums…"

“Well, yeah, I knew it wasn’t just about the sex… Even though that is fantastic… After I taught you a few lessons…” Vivian trailed with a bemused smile, rolling so she could catch his lips in an unruly kiss. “I just didn’t think you’d be saying that so soon, figuring the Whore of Georgia Peaches tore you down so much…”

"You've built me back up, Snookie," he promised against her lips. "I'm so glad you found me when you did…"

“I love you, too,” she retorted with a firm smile, biting down on his tongue when she located it within her mouth.

"You do? Ow damn… Are you going to get me to pierce that too?" Brian questioned with a chuckle, tearing his lips from hers as he looked into her eyes.

“It could be on the list,” Vivian demurely replied, though the smile on her face was pure wickedness.

"Why do I have the feeling that in a couple years my body's going to have more decoration than AJ's?"

“Wouldn’t that be such a sin for all those Backstreet Fans. Sweet, innocent little Brian with several tattoos, piercings, and a few other commodities that appeal to his lover,” Vivian growled as she straddled his hips, leaning down to kiss him roughly.

Brian grinned with satisfaction, gripping her ample hips. "Just don't make me go though any metal detectors-- Ow! Damnit, baby, that's still sore…"

“You’re such a wuss.”

"Not what you were saying the other day in the lake--"

“What do you think Chey would say to a threesome?” Vivian suddenly questioned out of no where, sneaking her hands under Brian’s t-shirt to rub circles around his nipples, wondering if he’d approve of a nipple piercing.

"A… Threesome?" Brian gulped, blinking. "With… Us?"

“Well, I doubt she’d want to get involved with Kevin and Austin, considering they’re calling themselves her Mommy and Daddy…” Vivian mused with an amused laugh. “Of course with us! She’s an adorable little thing and I know you snuck a peek at her in the lake.”

"I was peeking at you?" Brian attempted meekly, quickly holding his hands up in innocence when she rolled her eyes. "Alright, I peeked… But… When did this threesome thought hit you?" he wanted to know, flabbergasted that she'd suggested it. Never in his wildest dreams had he thought the woman he loved would be interested in such a thing. Well… Perhaps in his wildest dreams…

“What? … You’re not interested?”

"That's a trick question… Isn't it? If I say yes you'll ask why you aren't enough for me…"

“Why would it be a trick question? Do you think I’m that much of a bitch?” Vivian immediately countered, slightly offended with the whole ideal. “You just admitted that you took a sneak peep at Chey naked and I didn’t say a word… I’m the one that suggested the threesome… I ain’t blind, I saw her body in that water… Because, trust me, I know I’m enough for you. You’re always panting like some overheated puppy when I’m done with you.”

"Hell yeah I am…" Brian pulled her down for a quick kiss, his hands moving to her hips once more. He wondered suddenly what he had done to deserve her. "I'd be all for it, babe… But you get to ask her."

Vivian laughed against his lips as she heard some sounds echoing from the porch followed by a soft squeal and laughter. Glancing down to Brian, loving the lightness of his sky blue eyes. “I told you that you’re a major wuss.”

"But I'm your wuss… If Howie tries to kill me, you'll save me, won't you?" he questioned, glancing up when he heard a loud thud on the back porch. "…I guess I should be grateful you didn't want Kevin to join in…"

“Incest isn’t part of my vocabulary,” Vivian mused, glancing toward the kitchen to see Kevin and Austin’s feet thrashing just at the door as something bumped against the front door. “I think we’re surrounded.”

"Then you'd better get your hands out of my pants," Brian groaned. "Unless you want to give everyone a sex show…"

“That’d be fun,” Vivian thought aloud, sliding from Brian’s lap as she adjusted her short top, hearing another few bumps on the front door. “I wonder what Howie is doing with Chey out there…”

"Sounds like he's giving her one Helluva good night kiss…" Tugging her to him again, Brian caught her lips in a searing kiss, allowing his hands to trail down her sides before pulling away. "I've got to pee," he explained at her plaintive sigh, hopping off the couch as another squeal emitted from the other side of the front door.

“Well, I want to watch,” Vivian decided as Brian scurried down the hallway to hurriedly shut the bathroom door. Shrugging, she walked over to the front door, pleased to find that it wasn’t unlocked. Turning the knob slowly as she heard a pleased sigh of delight, she yanked the door backward. Cheyanne seemed to anticipate the motion, immediately ducking under Howie as the door gave. But Howie, who had been leaning over the door after trapping Cheyanne against it, fell forward to Vivian’s feet.

“Evening, Vivie,” Cheyanne cooed innocently, covering a hand over her lips to smother a giggle.

"Evening…" Glancing at Howie as he scrambled to his feet, Vivian eyed both of them suspiciously. "…Are you drunk?" she blurted as Cheyanne attempted to smother more giggles. The younger woman's cheeks were flushed, her eyes sparkling merrily. Her honey curls were tousled, her clothes rumpled as though she had just finished a satisfying romp in bed. "Or just horny?"

“I ain’t either,” Cheyanne promised with a cross of her heart before attempting to smooth the wrinkles in her halter top. “I’m just… Satisfied… And happy…”

"So the horniness has been taken care of?" Vivian guessed, eyes widening when she saw the diamond and sapphire ring twinkling on Cheyanne's finger.

"Vivian," Howie groaned, shaking his head as he slid his arm around his fiancée's waist. The woman was ten times raunchier than Austin had ever been, and he was learning daily that she had no sense of discretion.

“Howard,” Vivian chided in the same tone, grinning madly. “Her makeover did wonders, huh?”

“Don’t answer that till I leave,” Cheyanne interrupted as she popped onto her tip toes to kiss Howie’s cheek affectionately. “I need to go get a quick tubby before my daughter decides to wake up because she’s hungry. Was she okay for you, Vivie?”

"She was an absolute angel," Vivian assured her. "Baylee's keeping guard over her now… Though he's probably fallen asleep. And I believe you have to wait for your tubby… Brian's gone to empty his bladder. Oh… Chey, you've got a twig in your hair." Reaching over, she gently plucked it out, eyeing the twig critically. "Was it good?"

“I had a great night,” Cheyanne answered sweetly, completely ignoring what Vivian was attempting to emphasize. Plucking the twig from Vivian’s fingers, she placed it into Howie’s hand, stretching her body with a soft yawn. “I’ll just go check on Darlin’ and Cinnamon while I wait for Brian.”

Howie smiled gently, smoothing his hand down her arm before she headed down the hallway. Watching her, he didn't realize that Vivian had shut the door and was eyeing him with a knowing smirk. When she tapped his shoulder, he glanced at her. "…What?"

"The makeover did wonders, huh?" Vivian questioned again, grinning. "Did you even eat dinner?"

“Dinner?” Howie blanked for a moment, glancing at Vivian then to the closed door. “Shit! It’s still in the car! I better get that warmed up for when Honey’s done in the shower… She needs extra calories with the breastfeeding…”

“You didn’t answer my question!” Vivian hurriedly called, following Howie outside.

"Oh… No, we didn't eat… We sat in the park under the stars and talked," Howie explained as he rushed to the car to get the trays. Pushing the door shut with his hip, he turned around to head back inside, nearly dropping the food when he saw Vivian right in front of him. "What?"

“Did you like her makeover?” Vivian stressed, resisting the urge not to roll her eyes at Howie’s blatant attempt to avoid the look of sexual satisfaction permeating over his facial features.

"She's beautiful… But she always is. Who held her down so you could put makeup on her?"

“Austin did; she’s a brute,” Vivian explained as she followed Howie back inside. “The makeover gave you a sexual frenzy, huh? Admit it, Dorough. You were so shy and calm when she was just that frumpy, cute, little thing. But put some makeup on her, pop out some cleavage, and you ravaged her like some beast!”

"I did not ravage her!" Howie sputtered defensively as he stepped into the kitchen, stepping past Brian to get to the microwave. In hopes of avoiding the conversation Vivian was so intent on carrying on, he reached into the cabinet for a plate to warm the food. "Hand me a spoon, B?"

“Sure…” Brian answered, fishing in the drawers for what Howie requested. “…Did you have a good night?”

“Chey had sticks in her hair and was quite…manhandled,” Vivian explained with a rueful laugh.

"We had a great night," Howie murmured, though his cheeks burned at Vivian's blatant expression of Cheyanne's appearance. "…She accepted my proposal."

“Proposal for what?” Brian questioned in confusion.

“Rough sex in the park!” Vivian shrieked with laughter.

"Vivian!" Howie cried in horror. Turning to Brian, he hoped his friend would help him keep the conversation on tamer subjects. "My proposal for marriage…"

"Oh… So then you proposed rough sex in the park?"

“It wasn’t rough sex,” Cheyanne announced as she entered the kitchen, reaching on top of the fridge for her box of Cheez-Its. Popping the top open, Cheyanne slid onto the kitchen table, crossing her legs demurely at the ankle as she fished for a square shaped cracker. She looked quite refreshed and still overly pleased with herself, her wet, golden ringlets tossed upward into a lime green clip matching her Tinkerbell tank top and matching boy-cut shorts. “It was beautiful. And it was making love.”

"That was a quick tubby… Did you have time to wash the ick away?" Vivian questioned, pulling herself up onto the countertop as a soft shriek came from the back porch. "Oh Holy Hell… Bear, go turn a hose on them! So, was the lovemaking in the park under the stars good?"

"Why is it alright to discuss our intimate relations, but Austin and Kevin must be muted?" Howie asked, turning to set Cheyanne's plate on the table. Dropping a soft kiss on her damp shoulder, he inhaled the scent of her soap before moving to get her a drink.

“You should try playing an intense video game and having them interactin’ like that just a few feet behind you,” Cheyanne grumbled, abandoning her box of snacks as she slid off the table. Adjusting her bunched boy-shorts, she slipped into her seat at the table, grinning at the fried chicken and macaroni salad on her plate. Tucking her legs underneath her, she started to eat. She was famished.

"You should try taking a shower and trying to get some lovin' of your own when all you can hear is--" Brian cut off as a series of thumps and cries echoed from the back porch. "That!"

"So you two have discovered the joy of lovemaking in the shower?" Cheyanne questioned around a mouthful of chicken as Howie placed a glass filled with crushed ice and a cold can of Pepsi in front of her.

“Bear requested to try it after telling me that you were the master of it,” Vivian explained as she grasped the rest of the carton of macaroni salad after Howie had gotten his share. Her dark caramel eyes sparkling with amusement at the flushed embarrassment hinting to Cheyanne’s cheeks.

“Howie has a big mouth,” Cheyanne explained softly. “And, apparently, these boys are the kings of competition. If one does it, the other has to do it better and longer…”

"Does Howie have this morbid fascination with making sure you have your orgasm at the same time as he does?" Vivian questioned, nudging Brian's backside with her foot before requesting a fork. "'Cause Bear sure as Hell--"


“Hush, Bear. If you boys can talk about it in the locker room, dressing room, changing room, whatever-the-hell you call it, then I can ask Chey about Howie’s idiosyncrasies,” Vivian scolded as she retrieved her fork from Brian’s hand, making sure her foot slipped briefly between his legs for a quick stroke.

“Why is that morbid, Vivie?” Cheyanne questioned in confusion as Howie sat beside her to eat. “Y’know… Wanting to release at the same time?”

"Well, I don't know about you… But me personally, I get my rocks off pretty quick at first. And sometimes, that's it. Not to say I don't enjoy every bit of it," Vivian said quickly when Brian shot her a hurt expression. Pulling him closer with her foot, she nibbled on her macaroni salad. "But sometimes just the one is all I need… And having him slamming away groaning 'together'…"

“Oh…” Cheyanne trailed with a soft nod, picking at her fried chicken with her fork to eat.

"I think I've shocked her," Vivian murmured to Brian.

“I’m not shocked,” Cheyanne defended. “…We’re just different, Vivie… I like him making sure we’re… Let’s me know that he cares about me more than himself…”

"I like that too… Bear always makes sure I'm satisfied… The other night when we sneaked in here while Bay slept, it took a while for my fire to get burnin', and he never gave up…"

"You're my little diesel engine," Brian chuckled. "Once your fire was burnin' it took a while for it to go out…"

“Such a sweet sentiment,” Cheyanne murmured toward Howie with a faint roll of her eyes. “Thousands of pounds of big, black metal and something that stinks when it burns…”

"He's called me worse," Vivian giggled, leaning away from Brian to eat more macaroni salad. "At least he's not one of those guys who just gets on, gets off and gets out…"

"Once I get off, there's no getting out of anything… If the room catches on fire you'll just have to tell me goodbye," Brian declared, tickling her bare thigh.

“God, Cinnamon, you can cry out now,” Cheyanne whispered softly as she lifted her eyes toward the ceiling as if in prayer. Listening about Vivian and Brian’s sex life was just odd in all sense of the word. Though, God didn’t exactly help her with her prayer, but sent a sniffling little boy into the kitchen, miserably rubbing his face. He didn’t seem to see Cheyanne as he moved for his father, tugging on his pants. “What’s wrong, Darlin’?”

"Train," Baylee whimpered, reaching for Brian to pick him up. "Daddy… Train…" Burying his face in the crook of his father's neck, he sniffled louder.

“Awe, Scooper, them mean ol’ trains woke you up,” Brian cooed softly into his son’s unruly platinum locks, rubbing his back soothingly. “It’s okay, Daddy’s got you.”

Vivian smiled wistfully as Brian soothed his son, falling in love all over again at the tenderness he always showed Baylee. "You want some ice cream, Bay?" she murmured, sliding off the counter when the boy nodded slightly.

When he lifted his head to glance around the room, Baylee sniffled pitifully, his eyes lighting up when he saw Cheyanne at the table. "My Angel!" he breathed in surprise, reaching for her.

“I was wondering if you were going to notice me,” Cheyanne laughed softly, pushing some of the remaining macaroni salad onto Howie’s plate before getting up. Smiling toward Brian, she took the little boy into her arms, wasting no time in cuddling him close. “I’m sorry the train woke you up though, Darlin’.”

"Daddy was 'pose to wake me up when you got home," Baylee sniffled, hiccupping as he snuggled closer to her, one hand clutching the strap of her tank top. "Little Angel didn' wake up from the train…" he trailed softly as Vivian held out a small bowl with a scoop of Oreo cookie ice cream. Reaching for it, he sniffled loudly as Cheyanne returned to her seat. "I sleep with you tonight, My Angel?"

“Of course you can sleep with me tonight, Darlin’,” Cheyanne agreed as she repeatedly smoothed his curls, snuggling him to her lap as he miserably ate the ice cream. “Uncle Howie can take your spot between Snookums and Daddy.”

"I could be a babe buffer," Vivian remarked softly as she helped herself to a bowl of ice cream. "But Howie wasn't on Brian's mind when he mentioned a t-h-r-e-e-s-o-m-e…"

Brian’s light blue eyes widened in shock. “I DIDN’T THINK OF THAT!”

Vivian laughed with a smirk as she glanced to Howie. “He even got a peek of Miss Chey when we went s-k-i-n-n-y d-i-p-p-i-n-g the other day. Lord was he frisky afterwards!”

"What y'all talkin' bout?" Baylee questioned, his brows furling in confusion.

"You went… S-k-i-n-n-y d-i-p-p-i-n-g with Brian and Viv?" Howie asked Cheyanne. "And I wasn't invited?"

"Bear! Maybe it can turn into an f-o-u-r-s-o-m-e," Vivian giggled with delight, wrapping her arms around her lover's waist.

“I did not go with Brian and Vivie!” Cheyanne exclaimed softly as she slid her hands over Baylee’s ears, kissing the side of his face affectionately. “I was enjoying my lake when Vivie decided to bare all and jump in. She threatened to do it for me if I didn’t… So, I did… Then B came sauntering down the path… He was supposed to close his eyes!”

"I was sauntering down the path to see where my girlfriend had disappeared to… And when you climbed out it was rather hard not to catch a glimpse," Brian retorted defensively.

"Thanks for that, Chey… Got Bear all kinds of excited…"

Cheyanne blushed furiously. “It did not--”

"Did too… He had a boner so bad he said his new piercing was burning!" Vivian blurted.

“’Cause he saw you!” Cheyanne defended, though, she immediately drew back in slight horror. “His new piercing was burning?”

"By all things Holy, I hope he got his nipple pierced," Howie breathed, shaking his head as he reached for his soda.

"No… Not that," Vivian murmured as Brian chuckled.

“Because a nipple piercing would burn if he had an erection,” Cheyanne answered sarcastically as she scooted Baylee off to bed, promising that she’d be in to cuddle very shortly. Ducking back inside, she eyed Brian critically, flabbergasted to know he had gotten his penis pierced. Obviously because of Vivian’s insistence. “Bri… Can I see it?”

Brian's sky blue eyes widened in shock at her question. "Um…"

"Honey… Are you sure you want to see that?" Howie questioned.

“Well… Yeah…” Cheyanne admitted honestly as she leaned against the entryway of her kitchen, oblivious to the obnoxious sounds of love making outside that seemed to make the crickets cringe. “I’ve seen practically every nude male body type… Even had a guy with a prince albert to take care of… Only his was infected… So, I think it’d be interesting to see. Especially since he’s seen all of my… Whatever you want to call it…”

Howie couldn't help but chuckle, scraping his chair back. "Okay… I'm going to go grab a shower while you examine Brian's piercing. I have no desire to see it…" Kissing her softly, he let his hands linger on her waist, holding her to him for a moment before slipping down the hall.

"Whooo! Off with the pants, Bear!"

“This is just what you expected to be doing on a visit to North Carolina, huh?” Cheyanne enthused with a soft, impish laugh, hopping onto the counter beside Vivian. Her dark sapphire eyes glistened with appreciation as Vivian offered her a spoonful of ice cream before continuing to eat herself. “Y’know… I’ll be getting a shower tomorrow, so accidentally step in and we’ll call it even for letting me see this?”

"I got a good view when you got out of the lake… But I can step into your shower tomorrow, too," Vivian suggested with a smirk, looking at Brian, who stood by the table staring at them. "Well? Off with the pants, Brian… Hell, give us a nice strip show."

“Vivie, I was talking to B…” Cheyanne shook her head with disbelief, knowing it was futile to explain.

"Whoops? Alright, Bear can take a shower with you tomorrow…" Waving her empty spoon at her lover, Vivian sighed with impatience. "We're waiting, dear."

Brian glanced between Cheyanne and Vivian, trying to act as if he wasn’t terrible aroused with the situation. He undid the buckle of his pants, attempting to slide his pants down, but hesitated, pulling them back up. “…Are you two serious?”

"We're serious," Vivian assured him, setting her ice cream down. "And I promise not to touch 'till Chey gets her look and touch…"

Brian’s eyes widened yet again. “She’s gonna what?!”

"Would you quit with the Ricky Ricardo impersonation? She's a nurse… Don't you want her to check it for infection?" Vivian questioned sweetly. "Now hurry up before Bay comes stomping back here to find out what the hold up is!"

Brian looked meekly toward Cheyanne as he slid down his pants, playing haphazardly with the band on his boxers. “Chey…”

“I’ll only do what you want me to do,” Cheyanne promised, holding her hands up in innocence.

"Probably not that," Vivian informed him, catching the gleam of hopefulness in her lover's eyes.

“Probably not what?” Cheyanne questioned in innocent confusion.

"Nothing!" Brian immediately cried, sticking out his tongue childishly when Vivian scoffed. Taking a deep breath as Cheyanne looked at him with a sweet smile, he pushed down his boxers before he could think of a reason not to.

“Wow…” Cheyanne whistled in surprise, honestly unable to identify any emotions directed toward the new piercing. Sure enough, Brian had indeed gotten what was referred to as a Prince Albert; a hoop with a black ball pierced through the tip of his now slightly erected member. In fact, she was just awed that Brian had actually gone through with the procedure. She glanced toward Vivian with amusement. “It’s such a special occasion that he’s saluting.”

"It's always special when he salutes," Vivian agreed with a grin, her tongue flicking across her lips. "Awe, look, he's salutin' some more!" she breathed.

"Vivian," Brian groaned, torn between embarrassment and arousal.

“I should let you two alone then?” Cheyanne guessed, sliding off the counter, her clothing bunching yet again so she had to stop and adjust.

"Aren't you going to make sure it's not infected?" Brian requested meekly, keeping his eyes on Vivian.

“…Do you want me to check it to make sure it’s not infected?” Cheyanne returned, biting down on her bottom lip.

"Want me to leave you two alone for this special moment?" Vivian asked softly.

"Vivian…" Cheeks flushing slightly, Brian nodded almost imperceptibly. "Only if you want to…"

“Do I need to be shelling out twenty bucks or something?” Cheyanne questioned, not knowing what would be so special about a quick check for infection.

"Just do it…"

“Hold on, I have to wash my hands,” Cheyanne explained, moving toward the sink. Throwing on the hot water, she reached for the liquid soap, rubbing her hands furiously to rid them of any germs. Shaking off the excess water, Cheyanne moved back to Brian. Taking a deep breath, she crouched in front of him, telling herself that Brian was just like any other patient. Taking his erection into her hands, she assessed for signs of infection; swelling, drainage, redness, tenderness… “It looks good to me, Bri.”

"Thanks," Brian breathed, biting down on his bottom lip as her fingers moved over his manhood.

“No problem,” Cheyanne explained, glancing up to his eyes to make sure there was no pain as she manipulated the ring. Though, it didn’t seem to be her lucky day as Kevin and Austin came thrashing through the back door.

"What the fuck--"

"What the Hell--"

"She's just checking him for an infection," Vivian stated with a wave of her hand as the couple came to a standstill, staring at Cheyanne and Brian.

“AND WAITING FOR A CREAMY FACIAL?!” Austin exclaimed loudly.

“No! I’m done! No infection!” Cheyanne blurted, hurriedly popping up to wash her hands in the sink.

Looking at his cousin with bewilderment, Kevin kept his eyes on the younger man's face before finally glancing down. "Good God… I'M TELLING AUNT JACKIE!"


“I’ve got to go snuggle with Darlin’,” Cheyanne breathed, hurrying back the hallway.