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Chapter 73 – Bringing Out the Animal

“Y’know, there is a definite plus to watching the Ollie-Bug for Sugar. Not only is she absolutely adorable and easy to watch… But that means that Chey will take Bay for extended periods of time… Not to say that Bay is a brat, though he is, I’m just thinking of the benefits. Like… how his disappearance leaves you all alone with me,” Vivian explained with a wicked smile as she crawled onto the bed Brian was occupying in the back of their tour bus, watching something on the TV. They were between destinations and Baylee had been pleading to see his Angel and Little Angel. So, making a quick call to Cheyanne granted Baylee a free pass onto the Dorough bus for an extended period of time. Vivian thanked her profusely, though the sweet woman declined the thanks, telling her to just enjoy time alone with Brian. Smiling at the thought, Vivian suddenly knew she had to appease Cheyanne’s request. Crawling over him like a stalking cat, she pulled the remote from his hands, turned off the TV, cast the remote to the floor, then seductively straddled his hips. “Though, I guess it’s slightly disappointing that Sugar can’t join us… Guess I’ll just have to be twice the lover for you, huh, Bear?”

"You're always at least ten times the lover for me, Snookie," Brian informed her with a smirk, his hands sliding to her waist to pull her close. "And when it's just you and me I forget all about every other woman on the planet," he promised softly, his words muffled as she caught his lips in a fiery kiss that stirred all his passion for her anew.

"Damn straight," she breathed hotly against his lips, her tongue stroking his into her mouth. Quickly working the buttons of his shirt, she peeled the fabric down his arms before running her hands down his warm chest.

“Never takes you long to get worked up, huh?” Brian murmured within a quick moment of broken kisses, only to have his mouth consumed by hers again. He was surprised that she had actually taken time to unbutton his shirt during this occasion. Usually, she just ripped the shirt apart, leaving Baylee to make a game out of picking up the various buttons.

"Bear, the few times we've actually taken things slow you got so worked up you preemied on me, remember?" Vivian whispered, leaning back slightly to peel off her shirt. At Brian's rueful grunt she smiled, quickly finding his lips again. Squeaking in protest when he flipped her over, she stared up at him, licking her lips in anticipation. "A bit feisty tonight, Bear?"

“You gave me inspiration?” Brian returned, grinning excitedly as he leaned to nibble on her collar bone, moving his kisses down the valley between her bare breasts, his hands trailing her sides and into her shorts, knowing she wore nothing beneath.

"Glad to know I'm good for something," she murmured, arching against his hands eagerly. Grasping the waistband of his jeans, she jerked him closer, her fingers popping the button open quickly before diving inside with her hand. "Damn, when did you start going around commando?" she gasped in surprise when her hand grazed the bare flesh of his arousal.

“Do you know that a hoop can get caught ‘round the buttons on my boxers?” Brian stated quite seriously, peeling her shorts away when she arched against him again, his fingers yanking lightly on the ring pierced through her sensitive nub.

"Now you just gotta worry 'bout that zipper," Vivian teased, pushing his jeans down hurriedly, hooking one leg over his shoulder, and wantonly rubbing herself against his hand. Grasping his erection in her hand, she smoothed her fingers over the tip of him, catching the ring and tugging.

“Jesus,” Brian yelped with shock as a quake of pleasure ruptured over his body at the manipulation Vivian gave his ring, falling against her slightly.

"You're forgetting something, lover," Vivian murmured, running her fingers delicately down his length.

“What?” Brian gasped, practically trembling underneath her hold as he struggled to remember anything… Even his full name…

"Your not-so-little brain has to be wrapped up," Vivian reminded him with a smirk, teasing his lips with her tongue. "Unless you want to pull out just when it starts feeling really good--"

“Wait! I got that handled,” Brian breathed, reaching into his back pocket to grope his wallet. Tugging it out, it practically flew away from him, though Vivian was quick to catch it. His face flooding with relief, he watched her push a few fingers inside to grasp the condom. “Want to put it on me?”

Smirking, Vivian tossed his wallet aside, tearing the wrapper off with her teeth. "With my mouth?" she suggested coyly, rolling him to his back.

“Can you do that?!”

"You're about to find out…" she trailed softly, kissing her way down his body slowly. Her fingers continued their light strokes before she caught his erection with her lips. Nibbling lightly at the ring protruding from the tip, she eased the latex down his length with her tongue.

“God, you’re talented,” Brian breathed as a heavy shudder tore through his body, causing him to grasp at the blankets tightly in order to anchor himself. He felt the burning need pooling quickly within his lower half as Vivian’s hands smoothed over the latex to assure there was no wrinkling. Whimpering at the sensitivity, he glanced down to his lover, praying she be quick instead of torturing him so painfully.

Crawling up his body, Vivian caught his lips in a torturously slow kiss, her hands sliding up his arms as he pulled her closer. His hardness slid against her, eliciting a pleasured whimper from her. "God, Brian," she whispered into his mouth, lifting her head to gaze into his eyes.

“I love you, Snookie,” Brian confessed once again, bringing his hands up to frame her face as he kissed her softly, easing his length inside her.

"I love you, Bear," Vivian murmured as she broke the kiss for a split second, her nails lightly digging into his shoulder as he filled her.

“You’re going to marry me one day, aren’t you?” Brian breathed softly, releasing the slight pain of her nails in his flesh before starting to rotate his hips in a fluid motion.

"Of course," she whispered, flattening her palms over his chest for leverage as she began to rock her hips to match his. "…When you're free…"

“A few more months,” Brian told her, reaching to circle his hands around her wrists to help steady her.

"Long as you don't expect me to pop out a baby nine months later…" Closing her eyes, Vivian released a soft squeal of pleasure. "Fuck…"

“I know you want to wait for kids,” Brian grunted as her nails dug against his chest while her hips grinded harder against him. “Scooper is enough for you to handle.”

"Too much at times… Honestly, accusing that sweet Katie of being a brat, when he so blatantly provoked her--" Vivian cut off as another bubble of pleasure grew within her, releasing another squeal when Brian jerked her down for a hard kiss. "You ready to take over, baby?" she murmured.

“I think I could manage,” he told her, rolling her over to her back, though he kept his arms enveloped around her. Holding her close enabled him to thrust somewhat harder against her. Long, slow steady thrusts that always seemed to make her squirm with unfathomable pleasure.

"God, Brian… Harder," Vivian requested breathlessly, her body starting to tremble beneath his. Wrapping her arms around him, she rested her cheek against his, closing her eyes tightly.

“Harder and faster,” Brian agreed, knowing exactly what she liked as he nibbled against her neck, doing as she requested.

Crying out in delight, Vivian clung to him, arching her body tightly against his as her hold on coherence threatened to break. "Brian--"

“You can go first,” he promised with a soft interruption, reaching between them to lightly caress the hoop of her piercing.

"Yes," she hissed in his ear, closing her eyes as her head fell back. Grasping his shoulders for support, she bit down on her bottom lip, wanting the pleasure to last as long as possible.

“You can scream,” Brian enticed further, throwing all the strength he possibly could into the thrust of his hips. Propping his hands on either side of her, he just watched as she reached the height of her ecstasy. The pleasure radiating from her face sent a tremor of delight through his body, almost sending him toward the edge of his own peak, but he held tight.

Looping her legs around his waist, Vivian held him tight against her, her body quaking with the force of her release. Holding her breath, her eyes flew open and locked with his for one silent moment before she released a throaty scream, the pleasure exploding through her so powerfully she saw stars.

Brian grinned with complete satisfaction at the scream that radiated through the bus. Watching Vivian fall back breathlessly with exhaustion he leaned to kiss her deeply, finally allowing himself the release he had been aching for from the very beginning. With one hard thrust inside her, he held himself as deep as he possibly could, shuddering as several waves of pleasure crashed against him, unbalancing the forces of nature within him. He was crazy in love with this woman beneath him. Absolutely smitten. And she knew it. She knew it with every fiber in both of their bodies as they lay together, neither planning on moving from the other for quite some time.


Dragging himself out of bed, Kevin groaned wearily as he shuffled into the bathroom. He had rolled over, reaching for Austin with the intention of lying in bed for the remainder of the morning, only to find she had already risen. Pushing the door to the bathroom open, he waved a hand in front of his face to clear the aroma of hairspray and perfume from under his nose. Standing in front of the mirror, Austin leaned close, puckering her lips as she slathered on some lip gloss. "Where are you going this early?" he questioned, lazily rubbing his chest as he leaned in the door to watch her.

"Chey, Jo, Viv and me are going out." Glancing at him over her shoulder, Austin blew him a kiss as she shoved things into her purse.


"We're going to get our belly buttons pierced--" Austin cut off when there was a persistent banging on their door. "WHOOOO! They're here!"

Kevin furrowed his brows in frustration as she weaved underneath him to hurry and throw open the door. He didn’t understand how women could make plans so fast without so much as a warning edgewise. He knew Howie was probably already having a fit and Kevin still needed answers. Stumbling out of the bathroom, he reached for a bathrobe in time to cover his nudeness, though he still grunted with displeasure, “Austin--”

“’Cause I ain’t worrying about who’s drivin’ home,/ Who’s got the keys, who’s got the phone/ Who’ll pay the bill, call a cab. / I don’t mean to make you mad,/ But I don’t want the responsibility,/ An’ I can’t be with a woman, Baby, who gets drunker than me!” Cheyanne and Vivian sang out from behind Josephine, obviously caught within their own amusements as Vivian easily hefted Cheyanne higher on her back for a ride into the room, not planning on letting go of the younger girl any time soon.

"Are they always so freaking chummy?" Josephine murmured to Austin as she stepped inside the room, pushing the door behind her.

"…Not 'till very recently," Austin replied softly, unable to keep from feeling a tad left out as the two women fell to the bed in a heap, giggling hysterically. It seemed that, since their bonding experience over Brian's piercing, the two had become the best of friends. Glancing at Kevin, she saw his amused smirk. "Let me go get my purse…"

“Purses are so overrated,” Cheyanne decided out of nowhere, squeaking when Vivian leaned backward, pinning the younger, smaller woman tightly to the bed. Cheyanne squirmed uncomfortably, her voice high pitched as she called, “Daddy! Kevvy! Help!”

"They're so cute together," Kevin whispered to Austin as she passed him, only to receive a withering glare from her before he stepped over to scoop Vivian into his arms. Wincing painfully when she kicked his shin, he immediately dropped her to the floor. "Damnit, Viv--"

“Apparently today is a no touching Vivie day,” Cheyanne explained as her sapphire eyes popped open when Vivian’s backside connected with the carpet. Glancing up at Kevin, she slid backward off the bed to prevent him from reaching and grabbing her as well. Satisfied that she had a barrier between herself and the elders of the group, she tossed her curls into a high ponytail and fixed her tank top. “But I’m ready to go before Tea notices I’m missing.”

"You left without telling him?!" Kevin cried in disbelief, backing away as Vivian made to smack his backside. Digging into his suitcase for clothes, he headed for the bathroom to dress. "And why did you do that?"

"Maybe 'cause she thinks he doesn't like her hanging around with me?" Vivian suggested, hopping to her feet to adjust her shorts. "Ah, shit… I'll be right back, I forgot to nab Bear's credit card!"

"Yeah, because she's such a good influence," Austin hissed under her breath as Kevin stepped into the bathroom.

“I really did tell him where I was going,” Cheyanne promised as Kevin lingered in the doorway of the bathroom, glaring at her as if she were supposed to be running down the hallway to tell her fiancée her whereabouts immediately. She offered him a small pout as if to apologize. “I even made sure he’d be okay with Cinnamon while I was gone, though I would rather just take her with me…”

"You can't take a baby into a tattoo parlor," Josephine chimed in, perched on the edge of the dresser. "I had to take Katie to my Dad's while I went and got my…" Clearing her throat as Kevin looked over at her, clearly trying to ascertain where she had a tattoo, she smiled sweetly. "Olivia will be fine with Howie. He's a wonderful Daddy."

“I know she’ll be fine,” Cheyanne answered softly, just feeling guilty about leaving her daughter and fiancée behind when she was supposed to be on this tour to spend time with them specifically. “And I have enough breast milk in the fridge for her… As long as Tea doesn’t drink it all…”

"On that note, I'm going to dress," Kevin announced loudly, quickly stepping into the bathroom and shutting the door before the two mothers jumped into conversation about breast milk. Seeing Austin angrily brushing her hair, he peeled off his bathrobe to pull on his jeans. "Who pissed in your cornflakes?"

Before she could open her mouth to reply the outer door banged open, followed by Vivian's perky voice.

"Let's go get piercings!"

Shoving her brush into her purse, Austin shook her head, leaning up to kiss Kevin gently. "Later," she promised softly, feeling guilty for her earlier jealousy of Vivian and Cheyanne's friendship. "Are you going to go do guy stuff with the others while we're gone?"

“I don’t know how much guy stuff is going to get accomplished while the Daddies are entertaining children and Grandpa overlooks the Daddies,” Kevin teased. “But, I guess I can do the guy thing and brood while I silently miss you--”

“DAMNIT! WE’RE BUSTED!” Vivian voice suddenly exploded.

Furrowing his brows, Kevin yanked on his t-shirt and followed Austin out of the bathroom, surprised to find that the whole Backstreet Family seemed to be nestled in his room. Drew was holding Katie as he spoke softly to Josephine about what was happening. Howie and Brian were close to Vivian and Cheyanne, Baylee already in Cheyanne’s arms, dressed in a hat and sunglasses to protect him from the Los Angeles sun, Olivia snoozing happily in the car seat her father held. And AJ, somehow amongst the horde, raving about how he couldn’t have possibly been invited to a mall outing in the first place.

"Bear, you blabbed!" Vivian accused, stuffing her wallet into her small purse. "This is supposed to be a girls trip! And as feminine as some of you are, y'all ain't girls!"

“I didn’t blab, Skipper was sobbing up a storm in Howie’s room and I knew we couldn’t just let Chey leave her behind. Not when the little one needs her Momma… Besides, Scooper and I wanted to do some shopping,” Brian defended. “It just so happens… We’re all going together…”

"She was sobbing?" Austin questioned, glancing down at the sleeping infant. "What'd you do, City Boy? Pinch her?"

Howie looked aghast that she would even suggest such a thing. "I would never--"

"Can we go now?" Baylee questioned impatiently, snuggling closer to Cheyanne as Katie slid from Drew's hold. Reaching up to touch his still tender forehead, he poked out his bottom lip as AJ scooped her up.

"My Allie buy me Barbies?"

“Tons of Barbies,” AJ promised emphatically, tossing her into the air to elicit a squeal before cuddling her close, waving toward Drew and Josephine to follow him down to get the vehicle for the group.

“I’m sure AJ will buy you something, too, Darlin’,” Cheyanne murmured softly against the side of Baylee’s face, kissing him several times. She made a mental note to speak with AJ at some point during the trip, requesting that he get some small token for Baylee was well. She couldn’t stand to see the little boy so sad.

"Can we go now?" Austin questioned loudly, tugging on Kevin's hand impatiently once he'd gotten his shoes on. "And you guys aren't coming to the tattoo parlor…"

“Uh… Why not?” Kevin yelped slightly as he stumbled from Austin’s abrasiveness. Catching her arm, he allowed the others to file out of the room and down the hallway, though he noticed Cheyanne lingering.

"'Cause y'all have the babies… And babies can't go to tattoo parlors," Austin explained gently. "Besides, y'all can go have fun in the mall and spoil the kids…" she trailed, biting down on her bottom lip when she saw Vivian turn to wait for Cheyanne.

“Gotcha…” Kevin answered, deciding not to fight the obvious. Instead, he squeezed his fiancée’s hand and kissed Cheyanne’s forehead when he stepped outside into the hallway. Leaving the two alone, he sauntered down the hallway, knowing the knuckleheads he liked to call his family would have a horrible time trying to locate a vehicle.

“Austi… Are you mad at me?” Cheyanne questioned softly as Austin turned to shut the hotel door.

"No, of course not," Austin replied quickly, glancing down the hall to see Kevin pulling Vivian along with him. He understood, bless him. Or at least, he was pretending to understand. "Should I be mad at you?"

“I…” Cheyanne helplessly shrugged her shoulders, having given up Baylee to Brian so she could wait for Austin. Timidly, she stuffed her hands into the back pockets of her jean shorts, glancing sideways toward Austin every so often as they walked slowly down the hallway. Something didn’t feel right between them, but Cheyanne wasn’t sure why. She just knew that Austin was hurting. Something she felt deep inside. And, like always, she assumed she was to blame. “…I didn’t tell Howie I was getting a belly ring… Would you be mad at me about that? Or would you be my Austi and laugh?”

Snorting with laughter, Austin shook her head. "I can't believe you didn't spill the beans to him about getting a belly ring…" Fiddling with the embroidered hem of her vibrant purple camisole, she sighed. "…What's with you and Vivian?" she asked suddenly, unable to hold it in any longer.

“Whaddya mean?” Cheyanne drawled in confusion as they stepped onto the elevator. Hitting the button for the lobby, Cheyanne pulled out her thin, purple MP3 player, pressing a few buttons as if to cue up music, idly pushing the earbuds into her ears. When she saw Austin’s expression, she grinned ruefully. “I love y’all to death, but idle hen chat tends to drive me up a wall?”

Smiling slightly, Austin leaned against the wall. "When did you two get so… Friendly?" she murmured watching Cheyanne as she continued to press buttons on her MP3 player.

“We skinny-dipped, we bonded, man,” Cheyanne teased, immediately tapping her foot with the soft music filtering through her ears. “’Course, it could have been when I had to check Brian’s penis rod for infection… Not sure… Y’all are close too, though…”

"Not as close as you…"

“A quick threesome before a show tends to bond you?” Cheyanne questioned as she finally tucked the MP3 back into her back pocket, glancing up to Austin’s dark coffee eyes.

"Chey… You and her do stuff together that you've never done with me…"

“…Like what?” Cheyanne asked, not completely understanding the point Austin was trying to make as the elevator doors slid open. Knowing how Austin liked to bolt from situations, Cheyanne reached to grasp her arm, threading hers through Austin’s to keep her put so they could walk toward the van. “I love you, Austi.”

"Skinny dipping? Piggy-back rides? Fondling of boyfriends' wieners? Making a date to go get matching piercings?" Austin ticked off carefully, bumping her hip against Cheyanne's as they walked through the lobby. "I love you too, Chey."

“I don’t think I’d be comfortable touching Kevvy’s penis, Austi…”

Austin groaned softly. "Ugh, Chey--"

“Okay, okay, we’ll go get matching tattoos, okay?” Cheyanne volunteered suddenly as they reached the van. Turning to face Austin, she gestured toward the bare front side of her hip. “Right there, okay?”

"That doesn't… Can I pick the design?" Austin questioned with a devious smile.

“Uh…” Cheyanne blanked for a moment as AJ reached up to noisily honk the horn, obviously impatient. “Do I get to see it before we decide to completely ruin that patch of flesh forever?”

Austin glanced up at the van, rolling her eyes when she saw Brian's face pressed against the glass. "We'll see?"
“You do realize that I trust you… Like… A blind trust… Right?”

"So I guess a banner with 'Austin's Property' is out of the question?"

Cheyanne contemplated the decision as they finally climbed onto the bus. “Can it have a cute little fairy?”


“Y’know, I kind of like this… Like a fatherhood club…” Brian announced as he wheeled the double stroller out of the large toy store, following Kevin and Howie over to a small pretzel place in the center of the mall. Peering over the stroller, he was satisfied to see that Baylee was playing contently with his new toy, no longer questioning where his Angel had disappeared to. Glancing up, he saw Howie take a seat at a large empty table while Kevin was designated to get the orders. He had long since snuck Olivia out of her car seat that attached to the back of the double stroll. He was far more content holding her as they walked through the mall, waiting for the girls to return to them. Brian admired the heartfelt expression on Howie’s face as he talked softly with Olivia, ignoring AJ as he dashed over to the seats to plop down. Glancing up, Brian noticed Josephine, Drew, and Katie walking toward a farther table with a large bag from the toy store. “…I think you bought that girl every Barbie known to man, J…”

AJ shrugged, digging out his wallet to check his funds. "Do you know what Jo was telling me the other day? That 'till they met us, Katie-Did only had one Barbie… And that's like, a crime, y'all," he declared, thumping the table for emphasis. "And she's so adorably cute. Did you see her checking out the prices? How awesome was that?" he questioned, grinning at the very recent memory. Katie had clutched his hand as she examined each and every Barbie on the shelf, turning down the collector dolls in favor of the more inexpensive ones. He had enjoyed lavishing attention on the girl, not minding at all when she'd gazed longingly at the Barbie Dream House. While she had been taken up showing her gifts to her mother, AJ had purchased one for her. Glancing down into the bag, he wondered if Brian or Howie would be up to helping him put it together. "But anyways… What's this I hear about Chey giving you a hand job?"

“Excuse me?” Brian choked, accidentally connecting his knee with the underside of the table. It jerked slightly with the force as Brian winced, immediately gazing to Howie with a wide-eyed expression of innocence. “She didn’t do--”

"To hear Baby Girl tell it, you were about to explode, man," AJ continued, leaning back in his chair as Kevin approached with their snack. "And when the Hell did you get a Prince Albert and why didn't you tell me?!"

"Do you two mind changing the subject?" Howie admonished with a dramatic rolling of his eyes. "I'd like to keep my daughter innocent as long as possible…"

"Then, boy, did you bring her around the wrong people," Kevin stated with a chuckle, glancing around as he flopped into his seat. "How long does it take to stab a metal rod through three women's navels?" he asked impatiently.

Howie glanced over at Kevin, his eyes widened with realization. “Three--”
“Depends on if the guy doing the piercing is hot-shit or not…” AJ intervened with a shrug of his bony shoulders. “…But seriously, I would have went and gotten a Prince Albert with you, B--”

"Or they could have decided to get tattoos, too," Brian interrupted with a chuckle. "Snookie's been talking about getting a tribal design on her lower back--"

"Tattoo?!" Howie squeaked, releasing his hold on Olivia when Kevin reached for her. Placing his palms flat on the table, he stared at his three friends. "Are you telling me that Honey went to get a--"

"Check it out, Bear!" Vivian's voice boomed across the food court.

“Daddy!” Baylee suddenly shouted with excitement, crawling out of his stroller to tug eagerly on his father’s khaki shorts. “C’I go get my Angel and show her my toy? P’ease?”

"Sure, go ahead," Brian replied with a laugh as Baylee rushed to meet Cheyanne. Leaning back in his chair, he watched his lover approach. Her emerald green top was cropped just above her navel, and he admired the sway of her hips as she headed over, his gaze on the tiny dot that turned out to be a gold ring secured with a red ball dangling from her navel. Smirking, he held his arms out for her, shifting slightly when she flopped into his lap. "Did it hurt?"

Craning his neck, Howie watched Cheyanne approach, Baylee on her hip. Her pastel blue top concealed her stomach, and he wondered if she had truly gotten her navel pierced.

“Austin’s the only one that actually made any noise. Guess she needs to be drunk for any kind of piercing she gets, huh?” Vivian teased with a laugh as Austin stopped behind her fiancé to pluck out his wallet in order to get something to eat.

Austin shot a glare at the woman. "Y'know what, Viv? You can kiss my--"

"Whoa, let me see it!" Kevin interjected, catching her arm and tugging her around so he could see her. "I want to see what my money paid for…"

“I bought this thank you very fucking much,” Austin growled, though she busied herself with fishing in his wallet for bills as he pulled up her sheer camisole. Sure enough, Austin had gone through with the piercing despite Vivian’s taunting. Pierced through her navel was a tasteful gold bar with a dangling diamond, which caused Kevin to smile. Not that Austin really cared, too aggravated with Vivian to even think straight. The woman had been pushing her away from Cheyanne all morning and Austin was reaching her breaking point.

"Who the Hell pissed in your cornflakes?" Kevin demanded, keeping his hold on her as she tried to move away. "You've been nothing but a bitch since--"

“Kevvy!” Cheyanne called suddenly in shock, finally managing to reach the group after being detoured by Baylee. He had been anxious to show her the veterinary kit he had bought at the toy store, complete with all the accessories needed to take care of the stuffed puppy. He said he was going to be a doctor just for Cheyanne and she was completely awed, till she noticed the potential explosion about the happen between her best friends. Stepping between them with Baylee still nestled at her hip, she peered inside the wallet. “Austi just wanted to steal a few dollars to get us a coke ICEE and some Cinnamon stick pretzels… Okay?”

"Angel, this has nothing to do with money--"

"Would you just let her go before you cause a scene?" Brian suggested, glancing around nervously. "Whatever problem you two have can be sorted out later, right?"

"ALLIE!" Katie shrieked suddenly, rushing up to her favorite person. "I finished eating! We go ride the carousel now?"

“Sure, Katie-Did, I don’t want to be anywhere near this blood bath,” AJ concluded loudly, scooping up the child to saunter toward the middle of the food court where the play land for younger children was located.

"Let go, Pretty Boy," Austin requested softly. "Please… I'll tell you later, okay?"

“Just… Don’t take it out on me, okay?” Kevin suggested, releasing his hold as Austin gave Cheyanne the money to go stand in line to wait.

"Okay," she promised softly, glancing over at Vivian and Brian with a telling sigh. Leaning down, she kissed Kevin's lips softly, feeling bad for taking out her frustration on her fiancé. Glancing down at the dozing infant cradled in his arm, she smiled, stooping further to kiss Olivia's forehead. "Sorry," she whispered before slipping away to join Cheyanne in line.

"Did Honey get a piercing?" Howie asked Vivian suddenly. She had barely given him a quick smile before skipping away to the line, and he found he could not wait to find out for certain. "And if so, who the Hell talked her into it?"

Vivian pulled away from Brian’s kisses to arch her brows playfully toward the frustrated man beside her. Leaning back against her lover, she smugly played with her new piercing. “Would you be mad if she did?”

"Not mad… But wouldn't she have told me beforehand?" Howie replied, glancing over to see Baylee pointing to Austin's stomach as the two women laughed. "I mean, if I were about to go mutilate my body, I would surely tell her--"

“Mutilate?” Vivian snorted with a laugh. “A navel ring isn’t mutilation… The tattoo she’s planning on getting with Austin though…”

"TATTOO?!" Howie exploded.

"A little louder next time, D," Brian suggested, rubbing his ear. "I don't think they heard you in Scotland!"

“But Sugar sure did hear you,” Vivian laughed harder, gesturing toward the youngest woman who looked quite disturbed by Howie’s explosion. She had been nudged several times by Austin to take the ICEE, though Baylee had to finally hold it as Austin nudged Cheyanne toward the tables. She looked none too pleased with the pushes, glancing around as if she were looking for an exit.

"Snookie, why don't we go get some ice cream?" Brian suggested as Austin plopped down next to Kevin. "Come on…"

Howie stood up to pull out Cheyanne's chair for her, glancing surreptitiously at her stomach as she sat down. "Don't you have something you want to show me?"

“Like what?” Cheyanne suggested vaguely, pulling Baylee onto her lap to hide her stomach. Wrapping her arms around him, she offered him one of her cinnamon pretzel sticks before stealing her ICEE from his hands. He giggled at the switch, leaning back against her, which caused a sigh of relief.

"Like this piercing you allegedly got?" Howie returned.

"Sugar can't show off her nipples in public, Howie… She doesn't even show them off when she's feeding Olivia," Vivian informed him, nabbing a pretzel stick from Cheyanne's pile and settling against Brian.

“Tea, allegedly,” Cheyanne informed sweetly as she brushed her fingers through Baylee’s hair. “So, there ain’t nothing to show…”

"Maybe 'cause it's something you talked her into?" Austin questioned, casting a bitter glance at Brian's girlfriend, who was helping herself to Cheyanne's ICEE as well.

“Excuse me?” Vivian questioned, immediately sitting up in Brian’s lap as if gearing herself for defense. “But Sugar told me that she wanted to get a belly ring. I just suggested that we go together, because I wanted one, too. And I suggested that we bring you and Josephine along for fun.”

"Well, for your information, Chey and I are perfectly capable of having fun without you," Austin returned carefully, snapping her crispy pretzel stick in half. "In fact, we were having fun before you pushed your fat ass in."

“Like you have room to talk, you deranged cow--”

“Okay! I confess! Got my belly button pierced!” Cheyanne announced, gently shifting Baylee to the side so she could pull up her tank top. Sure enough, a silver bar bell was pierced through her navel with a dangling dolphin charm jumping over a sapphire. “Don’t be mad at me though, Tea, I really did want it and I thought you’d like it...”

"I do like it," Howie assured her softly, returning to his seat, leaning to the side to admire the piercing. "…That's all you got pierced, isn't it?"

“Yeah… Just my belly button and my ears, that’s all I want… Ever,” Cheyanne promised.

"Good…" Howie trailed, leaning over to kiss her gently.

"So I guess our matching tats are out?" Austin asked suddenly.

“I never said that,” Cheyanne answered carefully as she released a soft groan against Howie’s lips. “I just said I didn’t want anything else pierced, Austi…”

"Or maybe she just doesn't want a tattoo with you," Vivian put in snidely, sliding off Brian's lap.

"That's it," Austin spat, throwing her pretzel down with a huff. "Listen, you--"




"I hafta potty," Baylee whispered to Cheyanne.

“I can take you, Darlin’, ‘cause Cinnamon should be getting hungry, too,” Cheyanne immediately offered, helping Baylee slide off her lap. Standing, Cheyanne reached to take Olivia away from Kevin’s arms, who didn’t seem to even notice the transfer. Offering a hand down to Baylee, she smiled as he grasped it, leading them toward the bathrooms.

"Leave it, Princess," Kevin urged softly, placing a hand on her arm as she moved to stand.

Looking at Brian, Austin shook her arm free of Kevin's hand. "I'm beginning to think you have a preference for major bitches. But at least Leigh kept her fucking mouth shut." Pushing her chair back, she went after Cheyanne.

Glancing around the table, Howie cleared his throat uncomfortably. "Is there something going on that I don't know about?"

“You mean besides the fact that Kevin is marrying a psycho-bitch that can’t even take a joke without getting her panties in a wad?” Vivian huffed as she clenched Brian’s hand, yanking him away from the table. “Doubtful.”

"Whoa, whoa, where are we going?" Brian questioned, holding still. "And what the Hell's going on? I thought you and Austi were getting along…"

“We were until she started on the rag or some shit! I don’t know what the Hell her problem is, but I’m not going to sit down and take it! I don’t even know how Sugar managed to cope with her that long! She’s been running all over that girl till there’s nothing left of her!”

"Are you trying to steal her best friend from her or something? Do you have any idea what those two have been through? Jesus, Viv… She's going to be my cousin one day, and whether or not I like everything she does or says, I have to stick up for family!"

Howie leaned over to Kevin, who was gripping the table in silent anger. "…Is Brian defending Austin?" he whispered.

“Some best friend she is, Brian! First she let’s her get raped by some jackass, doesn’t even realize the girl’s pregnant at first, then goes so far to push another guy into her life that almost kills her by having rough sex with her while she’s pregnant! Not to mention that next jackass totally toys with her heart and takes back admitting that he loves her after almost killing her. If anything I’d say that Austin enjoys torturing Sugar for some kind of twisted spite!”

Brian stared at her for a long moment, not believing she had said such things about his cousin's fiancée. Shaking his head, he took a step back. "Do you want to go home? 'Cause the way you're heading, Vivian, you'll be on the first damn flight to Georgia. I'm not putting up with this shit from a woman again."

“Just start packing her shit now,” Kevin growled, unable to take the attack against his fiancée any longer. Pushing himself up from the table, he glared toward Vivian as if he wanted to incinerate her into ash. “For your information, Princess told Angel to dump her boyfriend because he kept pressuring her into sex. Angel agreed, only the guy decided to come over while Princess wasn’t home. Which, I bet he waited outside till she left before he made his move. And not a day goes by that Princess doesn’t regret leaving Angel alone… But what they got out of that was a beautiful little miracle… If Angel and Princess wouldn’t have had La-La, there is no way in the world that I probably would still be together with Princess or Howie together with Angel. Those two have something that you’re never going to be able to break through, no matter how hard you try. Because, no matter what happens, Angel is always going to be waiting behind for Princess to catch up, just like today. And she’s always going to hold her hand.”

Vivian's mouth opened for a catty retort to Kevin's carefully spoken words, but she immediately closed it when she saw the look on her lover's face. He stepped forward again, taking her hand. Following him as he led her to a secluded table, she meekly glanced up at him. "Look, Bear, I'm sorry…"

"We'll talk about it at the hotel," Brian promised gently. "Just keep your mouth shut long enough for me to get Bay so we can go."