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Chapter 81 – Drunken Stupor

"Kevvykins, does this skirt make my ass look too fat?" Austin questioned from the doorway of the bathroom. Doing a quick turn for him, she glanced over her shoulder to see his reaction. "And if you say 'No, baby, of course not', I'll make you stay in here," she warned with a smirk, reaching to tug on the hem of the leather miniskirt. She saw her fiancé's eyes widen slightly as he took in her outfit. "Don't tell me… You don't like the black leather do you?"

“I have a new found appreciation for black leather…” Kevin murmured as he rubbed his face with the palms of his hands, attempting to wipe the expression off his face. They were getting ready to take Austin out for her birthday in Sweden. Kevin had rented out the expensive VIP lounge of a popular club so they could casually dine before trying out the dance floor. And Austin looked absolutely phenomenal in her black leather miniskirt and matching black leather halter top with quite the enhanced bust that baffled Kevin. “But, Princess, when did your…uh… When did your breasts get so damn big?”

"Oh… You mean these?" Austin murmured with a smirk, sliding her hands up to cup her breasts. "Implants, Pretty Boy!"

“I like them!” Kevin whistled, standing up from the bed to yank Austin into his arms for a lusty kiss.

"I figured you would…" Austin murmured against his lips, easily stroking his tongue into her mouth for a quick nibble. "But I didn't get—"

"WHO'S READY TO PARTY?!" Brian's voice boomed out of nowhere from down the hall.

"Sweet fuck in a hand basket… Get him away from his chick and he turns into a party animal," Austin muttered.

“He’s much more fun this way,” Kevin encouraged with a wicked grin, bending down to kiss her once more. “Happy birthday, Princess.”

"Mm…" Austin curled her body next to his as he pulled her from the hotel room, blindly leading her towards the living room. "It's my birthday… Does that mean my offer to Skinny for a threesome's good tonight?" she whispered against his cheek as he leaned against the wall to kiss her again. Already having invaded the minibar in their room, both were well on their way to becoming very inebriated.

“I ain’t that drunk,” Kevin warned as he slipped his kisses to her cheek before nibbling just behind her ear.

"So I should ask when you're drunker?" she teased, running her hands down his chest, over his abs and further down for a quick fondle before pulling away. "ARE YOU READY TO PARTY?!" she screamed at Brian.


“I AM SO READY TO PARTY!” Austin rivaled.

“And I’m damn near ready to puke if you guys are going to act like this all night,” AJ scorned as he sauntered out of his room, slumping onto the couch. “Can we get this crap-shoot on the road? That way I can slink down hooker row or something?”

"Perk up, Skinny! I'll get drunk enough you won't be moping about not having any drinks," Austin assured him, flopping into his lap to give him a hug. "Besides, you don't want some skanky hooker, do you? When you've got me?!"

AJ stared at her incredulously. “Did your tits get bigger?”

"Do you like them? Here, feel!" she demanded, snatching up his hand and holding it to the underside of one breast. "Feels real, don't it?"

“Hey, Bri! C’mere, tell me if this is what Leigh’s tits felt like!” AJ hollered loudly as Nick came into the room, looking quite refreshed from his small vacation at home. Though, the day before he left Florida he was quite haggard.

Brows raised with curiosity, Brian strolled over to the couch, standing behind Austin so he could properly feel her breast. "Naw," he drawled, shaking his head. "Leigh's tits were harder, like there was a sack of lead in the bottom… What is it? A saline implant?"

“Hey! Assholes! Off my fiancée’s tits how ‘bout it?!” Kevin hollered loudly, weaving over to collapse on Austin and pull her away.

"Jesus, I was just asking," Brian snorted, stumbling backwards. "You didn't say shit when AJ had his hand clamped on one. And he's grabbed them ten times more than me—"

"Shut your mouth, Bri," Austin muttered.

“I’m really not going to like having you for a cousin-in-law, I can feel it,” Brian grumbled, leaning against the wall beside Nick. He was thinking about saying something to the tall blonde, but another blonde stepped into his vision. He immediately offered a immaculate grin and pushed himself off the wall, giving a loud whistle. “Now that’s what I’m talking about!”

“I thought Tea looked really hot, too,” Cheyanne announced with a soft grin as she stepped behind Howie, shielding herself from Brian’s view. She was still unsure of her outfit, even when Denise had complimented her after taking Olivia and Baylee for the night. Biting down on her glossed bottom lip, she peeked tentatively over Howie’s shoulder. She was wearing a light blue, knitted bandeau top with a matching handkerchief styled overlay. The point of the crochet overlay reached just the top of her bellybutton, displaying her toned abdomen and complimenting the dolphin piercing. She then wore a pair of slightly faded, low riding jeans with a pair of sneakers. Her long curls were tossed into an elegantly high ponytail. But she was unsure of how Austin would react.

"Whooo! Party time!" Austin squealed, hopping off Kevin's lap to pull Howie out of the way. "Look at my Chey-Chey…" she trailed with a grin, tilting her head to one side. "You're dressed all sweet and innocent and I'm dressed like a two dollar whore! Wait right here! I'll go change into jeans and a cami—"

"Don't you dare!" AJ and Kevin immediately disagreed.


"You look good, Austin," Howie assured her with a smile, reaching to give her a quick hug. "It's your birthday. And if you want to look like an expensive whore…"

“Tea!” Cheyanne immediately scolded as she pushed on his shoulder when Austin missed slapping him. “Be nice!”

"I was kidding!" Howie defended, backing away as he held his hands up.

"You look good, Sweetheart," Nick informed Cheyanne, looping his arms around her from behind for a quick squeeze.

"Can we go party now?" Brian whined, already opening the door to the suite.

“Sure! You can carry me to the van!” Austin cried loudly as she leapt onto Brian’s back, causing him to stumble into the hallway. Kevin immediately cursed in shock as he raced to make sure Brian didn’t drop Austin into the elevator, AJ quickly following with the camera in order to get a photo up Austin’s skirt. And, Howie merely called for Cheyanne, sauntering behind.

“How was your little vacation?” Cheyanne questioned to Nick as she turned in his arms to offer a quick hug. Smiling affectionately, she pulled away from him to grab her cell phone and wallet from her purse, sliding them into the back pockets of her jeans. She’d stuff everything in her pockets if it meant staying away from a purse.

"It was good," Nick assured her, slinging her over his shoulder to follow everyone else. "I got out on the boat with Aaron and some… Friends," he added carefully, making a face as he remembered bits and pieces of his actions. He wished he could remember what he had been doing to get a sunburn on a certain piece of his anatomy. "How was the trip to D's parents? Did they spoil Zombie rotten?"


“She has enough clothing and toys to last her a lifetime,” Cheyanne sighed dramatically, grasping onto his belt so she wouldn’t slip and further, already feeling her low riders inching lower than she ever intended. “They really love her though. She’s the official baby of the family. Dad was so damn cute… He took us down to the station for bragging rights again and got another wanted poster of me and her. We’re going to frame it and give it to Momma D for Christmas!”

"What are you two wanted for this time? That string of murders in Carolina?" Nick teased, setting her on her feet once they reached the elevator. "I'm sure you'll get out of it… Just tell the judge Zombie talked you into it!"

“I better hope I don’t get Judge Roberts again. He might get suspicious from the last time I was in…” Cheyanne trailed warily as she wiggled her hips in attempts to pull up her form fitting jeans.

"It's always the sweet ones you have to look out for," AJ stated seriously, reviewing the pictures he had managed to take before Brian dropped Austin in the elevator. "Like B… Who would have thought he'd be the one to get a bold through the end of his dick? Next he'll be flashing his chest to show off his new nipple piercings…"

“Chey and I are going in together for that one,” Brian boasted as he hurriedly jammed the button to close the elevator doors, pressing himself close to the front to avoid the heavy groping session in the back between Kevin and Austin. She seemed to have started the birthday festivities quite early that day.

“I still have to go in for a tattoo with Austi,” Cheyanne answered, tapping a rhythm on her bare abdomen as she leaned against the opposite wall.

"Can we do it tomorrow?" Austin requested, peering at her friend around Kevin's arm. "Skinny got some of his tattoos done here, he can take us."

"You're getting tattoos?" Nick questioned. "What? Where? Can I go too?"

“Apparently I’m getting one tomorrow in this region,” Cheyanne answered, inching down her low riders to gesture toward the inner front portion of her right hip.

"Awesome," Nick breathed.

"I call the back seat!" Austin declared as they all poured off the elevator once reaching the lobby. "But first I have to go take a piss…"

“She is so smashed beyond belief already…” Cheyanne murmured as Kevin went to assist Austin, making sure she didn’t fall in. Brian immediately tugged Nick and AJ toward the black van, anxious to get to the club. And, Cheyanne glanced behind her to see Howie lingering. “You’re awful quiet…”

"Hard to get a word in around all these morons," Howie murmured, reaching for her hand. "Besides, you and Nick enjoy your little chats about elective body mutilation… And I don't need to join in those conversations," he teased with a grin, leaning close to kiss her cheek.

“Does that mean you don’t want me to get a tattoo?” Cheyanne questioned curiously, kissing his left ring finger affectionately.

"Honey, tattoos aren't for me, but I won't tell you not to get one if you want one," he assured her, leading her through the doors to the waiting van. "Besides, that'll just give me one more thing to kiss on your body…" he trailed suggestively, lightly caressing the small of her back as Brian and AJ fought over who would sit in the back with Austin.

“Like you don’t already leave kisses there,” Cheyanne countered softly, turning to stand in front of him so she could offer him a quick kiss while Nick was conversing with the driver. “I love you.”

"I love you too," he murmured, wrapping his arms around her gently as AJ and Brian dove for the door of the van. "Good God… It's not like Austi's giving out free blowjobs in the backseat or anything!" he exclaimed.

"I don't mind paying!"

“JUST GET THE HELL IN THE VAN, YA’VULTURES!” Kevin exclaimed as he and Austin stumbled outside, clinging to one another, looking a little tussled.

"Bitch, bitch, bitch," AJ muttered, climbing into the van with a pout.

"Fuss, fuss, fuss," Brian added, sticking his tongue out at his cousin before climbing in after AJ.

"Whine, whine, whine," Nick chimed in with a chuckle.

"Has everybody got a stock of condoms to last them through the night?" Austin questioned very seriously as Kevin pushed her onto the van. Settling into his lap, she looped her arms around his neck, more than ready to continue what he had started in the bathroom. She barely noticed Cheyanne and Howie climb into the van after them, Nick opting to sit up front with the driver.

“I thought you were buying them for us,” AJ cackled as the van ventured onto the road.

"Why should I buy you anything?!"

“Why are you getting so damn defensive!”

"I'm just asking!"

“This is going to be an all night thing, I can see it now…” Cheyanne sighed as AJ and Austin launched into a battle within the backseat, Kevin attempting to fend off blows. Shifting, Cheyanne reached to remove her phone from her back pocket, smirking when Howie did it for her. “Thanks…”

"Welcome…" he trailed softly, pulling her into his lap. Smiling at her surprised squeak, he ran his hands down her back, holding her close to him as his lips sought out hers for a fiery kiss. Trying to keep his passion in check, he allowed himself to taste her tongue, his thumbs hooking in the belt loops of her jeans as her arms snaked around his neck.

“I like that better than those little kisses,” Cheyanne purred with delight against his mouth, catching his tongue against hers before nipping affectionately. It seemed like a long while since Howie had shown his true passion away from the bedroom. At first she thought maybe it was her. That she had done something wrong. Even if she had tried to keep civil with Nick around. But now she couldn’t resist.

“The’Hell’d you do that for?!” Brian slurred in utter shock, his jaw falling ajar.

Howie smiled against Cheyanne's lips, shifting beneath her small body until his growing arousal pressed against her. He had desperately missed these wild moments of their relationship, when he could show her just how much his body needed hers.

“We might need to skip this whole club thing,” Cheyanne whispered into his mouth as she arched her back slightly at the surprise beneath her. Tucking her hands inside his shirt, her nails dug slightly into the flesh of his back and she nibbled playfully at his bottom lip. Her heart fluttered wildly at what Howie was doing for her, heedless to the hoots AJ was hollering as flashes went off. Austin and Kevin obviously entangled in the same fashion, though Cheyanne was enjoying the taste of Howie instead.

"Be damned if you're skipping out on my birthday," Austin declared, disentangling herself from Kevin as the van lurched to a stop.

"Damn, we're here already?" Howie whined softly, nibbling affectionately on Cheyanne's lips before pulling away.

“Apparently,” Cheyanne sighed, offering him another quick kiss before Nick yanked open the doors and she moved to get out.

Grabbing her hand to make sure she didn't fall, Nick released it instantly when her feet were on solid ground. Giving her a quick nod, he moved into the club, wincing painfully when flashes began going off all around him. Ducking his head, he darted into the club, relief flooding over him when he was immediately greeted by the manager, who led him up to the private lounge. Glancing over his shoulder, he saw Howie and Cheyanne behind him, pain radiating from his heart when he saw how closely their bodies were together, jealously flooding him when he caught sight of the look of pure love on her face as she gazed at her fiancé. He could remember so clearly when she had looked at him like that. But those days were over, he reminded himself as he flopped down at the table. Looking towards the waitress, he quickly ordered a strong drink.


Cheyanne hummed softly to herself as she slipped into the hotel room she shared with Howie, balancing a tray of breakfast she had made her fiancé. Everyone else was deathly silent within their rooms, obviously still sleeping off the enormous amounts of liquor consumed for Austin’s birthday. Each would have a fresh hangover and thankfully there wasn’t a concert that evening. So, hopefully, all would stay in bed and Cheyanne could snuggle with Howie since neither had outdone themselves with alcohol. In fact, Cheyanne had been quite chipper when she awoke to feed Olivia that morning, deciding that Howie deserved breakfast in bed. Now, setting the tray off to the side, Cheyanne crawled onto Howie’s body nestled comfortably underneath the covers. Peeling them away from his face, she leaned down to kiss him softly, then nibble on his neck. “Wake up, Sweet Tea.”

Groaning at the gentle intrusion to his sweet dreams, Howie shifted, burying his face against the pillows. "I'don'wannna," he grumbled, reaching to pull the covers over his face again. Only the aroma of his favorite breakfast hit him, and he cracked one eye to glance up at Cheyanne. "Do I smell blueberry waffles?"

“Yes, blueberry waffles and sausage,” Cheyanne confirmed, covering his face with the blankets once more as she attempted to slide off him. “But, if you’re tired, that’s okay, I’ll go feed Darlin’.”

"I'm awake," he declared, sitting up abruptly so he could catch her and pull her back to him. "I can sleep anytime…"

“You just don’t want to your food to get cold,” Cheyanne teased as she offered him a loving good morning kiss before reaching for the tray she had balanced on the nightstand. “Here.”

"Aren't you going to eat with me?" Howie questioned, stifling a yawn as he reached for his tea.

“I ate after I fed Cinnamon, who is snuggled quite peacefully in her crib. She loved helping Momma make breakfast for her Daddy,” Cheyanne explained as she moved to tuck herself back into the covers beside Howie.

"What'd I do to deserve breakfast in bed?" Howie murmured, sipping his tea with a smile. She had prepared it just to his liking, had even rubbed the lemon around the edge of the mug for him. Glancing down at his plate, he felt his mouth water as he took in the large stack of pancakes and sausage browned to perfection. Reaching for the maple syrup, he poured a generous amount over the pancakes while nibbling on a piece of sausage.

“It’s just ‘cause I love you,” Cheyanne answered simply as she snuggled into her pillows, reaching to rub the side of Howie’s thigh affectionately. She loved doing the littlest things for him, just to see the smile spread across his face. Affection didn’t always have to come from a bank account. “I just hope it tastes good.”

"It's perfect," he assured her before tucking into his breakfast. He savored each morsel, knowing the love she had put into it made it taste better. Licking the syrup from his lips, he leaned over to give her a soft kiss. "Is there any more?"

“There’s plenty more, you need seconds?” Cheyanne questioned with a soft giggle, still able to taste the syrupy sweetness from his lips.

"I was thinking Nick might appreciate some… I know he's said before he misses home cooked meals," Howie explained.

Cheyanne nodded with understanding, sitting up so she could offer Howie a pleasurable kiss of thanks. He was so kind and considerate of Nick’s needs, especially after everything that happened. Most fiancé’s would never have allowed Cheyanne to develop any kind of lingering relationship with Nick. “You’re a real sweetheart, y’know?”

"Not really… But as long as you think so, that's all that's important," he murmured.

“Did I mention how much I love you this morning?” she questioned as she slid onto his lap after he set his breakfast tray aside. Curving her arms around his neck, she bent down to kiss him again, licking his lips to get the lingering taste of sweet maple syrup.

"I don't think so…" he trailed softly, his arms snaking around her waist to hold her close for a moment. "But… Maybe after Nick gets his breakfast you can show me?"

“As long as you promise to keep kissing me like you did last night in the van,” Cheyanne agreed, biting down on his bottom lip playfully before sucking it into her mouth for a quick kiss.

"Your wish is my command, Honey," he promised, sliding his hands up to cup her face gently. "So hurry back…"

“Make sure Cinnamon stays sleeping,” Cheyanne requested, kissing Howie once more before hopping off the bed. She knew that Howie would be taking Olivia to visit her Uncle Drew that morning as she grasped the tray and walked back out to the kitchenette. Just thinking about making love to Howie sent shivers down her spine as she hurriedly prepared a new breakfast tray for Nick. Remembering he liked to mix apple juice and orange juice together for breakfast, Cheyanne recreated the drink, nestling it above the plate of food before taking the tray. Gingerly balancing it, she walked toward Nick’s room, easing the door open to walk in. “Hey, Nicky--”

"Out!" Nick immediately growled, snapping his head away from the breast he had so willingly been lavishing attention. Jerking the covers over himself and the other three figures in the bed, he turned his glare on the doorway, barely seeing Cheyanne through the haze of alcohol in his system. He was vaguely aware of her startled gasp, glancing down when he felt the vacuum of a mouth against his nether regions. Shoving a hand beneath the blanket, he shoved the woman away from him, his arousal quickly dying at being interrupted. He kept his fingers tangled in the tousled hair as his foot brushed against an empty bottle towards the foot of the bed. Looking around the room, he saw the trail of clothing leading to the bed, intermittently littered with empty liquor bottles. He honestly couldn't remember picking up the three women that were currently in his bed, nor the resulting sexual escapades that had occurred. Judging from the marks on his back and chest, not to mention the throbbing between his legs, things had been pretty great. That is, until his door had burst open. "What the fuck do you want?!"

“N-Nothing,” Cheyanne stammered as the breakfast tray slipped from her hands, clattering loudly to the floor. It seemed to sound like a gunshot to those writhing within the bed, causing a stampede of wild curses. The sound of Nick’s angered voice startled her as he called her a slue of hateful slurs. Her heart leaping to her throat, Cheyanne attempted to back away from the situation, wincing when a bottle was tossed at the door and shattered around her. Immediately fumbling to close the door, Cheyanne hurried backward, tripping over the couch to land hard on her back, knocking her head off the coffee table. Tears finally started to rain as she grasped the back of her head. “Jesus Christ, help me...”

Having heard the commotion and sounds of glass breaking, followed by the loud thud of a body landing on the floor, Howie rushed into the living room of the suite, stepping over the few shards of glass outside Nick's door. "Honey?" he questioned, dropping to his knees beside her. "What's happened?"

“I just gave myself a concussion,” Cheyanne murmured, unable to even form the proper words to tell Howie what was happening inside Nick’s room. Wincing, she turned onto her side to curl into a ball, reaching within her curls to find the source of the throbbing pain. Locating the wound, she jerked her hand back to find a trace amount of blood. Squeezing her eyes shut, Cheyanne shuddered as heavier tears gathered. Nick had lied to her from the very beginning. He was still drinking heavily and engaging in risky sexual behavior. Seeing him with three women made her so utterly sick that she gagged.

"Nick… What'd he do?" Howie questioned, helping her onto the couch. Seeing the blood, he sucked in a breath, struggling to control his anger. He should have known better than to trust the younger man. It was blatantly obvious that he held no regard for anything, considering his continued abuse of Cheyanne's sweetness. "…Honey?"

“Nothing… I interrupted his…entertaining…” Cheyanne answered softly, doubling over to hold her throbbing head. The tears were unexplainable as she continued to shudder from the raw agony exploding in her heart and the sharp pains invading her head. She couldn’t believe that Nick could be so reckless. It scared her to death knowing that he was hurting himself. Not to mention how trivial she seemed to feel considering now he was partaking of three women’s delights. She had been nothing. And she had tried so hard to consider his feelings… “I should have knocked…”

"You couldn't have known, Honey," Howie murmured gently, leaving her side to hurry into the kitchen. Quickly wrapping a small towel around some ice, wondering all the while just what she had witnessed in Nick's room. Returning to her a moment later, he gently placed the ice against the back of her head, reaching to grasp her hand gently.

“They threw an empty liquor bottle at me,” Cheyanne whimpered softly, keeping herself curled protectively as tears rained down her face. She squeezed her eyes shut as she reached up to hold the ice, but Howie brushed her hand away. “…There’s no glass in my hair, right, Tea?”

"No, no glass," he assured her after doing a thorough check. "Who threw the bottle? Him or the girl with him?"

“I don’t know,” Cheyanne lied, pulling her hand away from Howie’s so she could press both against her temples. The insanity of the burning pain ripping through her skull was unbelievable, but worse was knowing that Nick had been the one to throw the bottle. That his anger was escalating just as Stephen’s had with Austin. And, Cheyanne refused to admit it.

"Sit tight, Honey… I’m going to talk to him—"

Cheyanne jerked upward to catch his hand, wincing at the blinding pain. “Tea, please don’t--”

"Why not? I trusted him! And this is how he treats you?!"

“Please, don’t, it was my fault,” Cheyanne whispered, fearing what Howie would find inside, much less Nick’s reaction at being disturbed again.

"Honey…" Howie sighed.

“I’m sorry…”

"Let's just go back to bed for a little while," he suggested softly, moving forward to lift her gently into his arms.

“I’m so sorry,” Cheyanne whispered as she curled her arms around his neck, burying her face within the crook to keep herself from crying too hard. She never thought she’d have to witness something like that. Or to be hurt so many times by one man. As if Noah hadn’t been enough. “…Don’t let me fall asleep…”

"I won't," he promised gently, his lips brushing her forehead as he carried her to the bed. Tucking the covers over her, he eyed her worriedly as she curled on her side, one hand clenched in pain. "…Do you want Tylenol or anything?"

“Tylenol…” Cheyanne answered as she pulled the towel away for a moment to find more blood. Sucking in a sob, she replaced the ice, knowing there was no way to hide this from Austin and Kevin. “…Will you lay with me?”

Howie dug into his backpack for a bottle of Tylenol, reaching into the minibar to retrieve a bottled water for her to wash it down with. Shaking two caplets into her outstretched palm, he watched her with nervous eyes as she shifted up to swallow the water. He longed to just storm down the hall and let loose all his pent up anger at Nick, to tell him exactly what he truly thought of him and his treatment of Cheyanne. Instead, he crawled into bed next to his fiancée, sliding his arms around her gently.

“I’m sorry, Sweet Tea,” Cheyanne whispered as she snuggled close to his chest, pressing her clenched hand against her temple in hopes to drown out the pain. Closing her eyes, she bit down hard on her bottom lip, pressing the ice closer to the laceration.

"It's okay, Honey… You did nothing wrong," he assured her softly. "Just rest, okay? I won't let you fall asleep… Just take it easy…"