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Chapter 87 – Epilogue

Nick watched her, laughing at something Austin had said before turning to lean against Howie. Leaning in the far corner of the tent, he sipped at his champagne, watching her dance to the country song playing. His body ached to feel her, though that was fruitless, he knew she would never truly be his again. As long as she was happy, he would strive to be the same. Though he was certain he could never again be as happy as he had been with her. She had told him he was worth fighting for, but he couldn't bring himself to believe it. Gulping down the remainder of his champagne, he felt Morgan's insistent tug on his arm, knowing that, at the very least, his bed wouldn't be cold. He would wake up the next day, no doubt hung over and depressed, telling himself to forget Cheyanne, she wasn't worth the pain.

But... He still wanted her. Still needed her. Still loved her.