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Past Featured StorySummary: His life was a collection of friggin episodes, they were up to season 27 now and faithful audience knew the end was coming, this was it, the Nick Carter show was pulling down its curtains. [BSB/Supernatural crossover]
Rated: PG-13
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys, Fanfiction > TV Series > Supernatural
Characters: Dean, Group, Nick, Sam
Genres: Drama, Supernatural, Suspense
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Chapters: 23
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Word count: 55436
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Published: 02/05/07
Updated: 04/10/07

1. Inside My Head by mersey [ - ] Liked (2019 words)
My muse said it must be done and then it convinced me to post it here. So this is my first crossover (what the heck have i done!!!) let me know if it works for you :D. To my M&M, because even when you aren't aware of it, you inspire me much.

2. Episode : Dehydration by mersey [ - ] Liked (2826 words)

3. Like, the gun? by mersey [ - ] Liked (1989 words)
wheeee! I'm glad someone's reading this. THANK YOU ;) Let me tell you, self-doubt is not a good thing...nope, not at all *as she shakes her head*

And mersey is a little potty mouthed in this fic, she has no idea why but there ya go, you've been warned, although if you've heard at least one of Eminem's song (no hard feelings there dude) this is chicken feet.

4. We're NOT Normal by mersey [ - ] Liked (1230 words)
Wheee! I'm loving the feedbacks, thank you guys for dropping a review and letting me know that you're reading this :D And ahh!! Some of you have never watched Supernatural, so I should say this entire fic will contain spoilers to Season 1 and Season 2 and while I'm here, why not plug this eh? Go watch it, give it a chance, it's a really good show if you're into urban legends and the horror/humor stuff...it's like watching a mini movie every week!

Okay that's cheap enough eh? hehe. Thank You again for the reviews, I appreciate them muchly! :D

5. Crazy Talk by mersey [ - ] Liked (1648 words)
Because I feel like giving 2 chapters :D

6. Dead People by mersey [ - ] Liked (1362 words)
So, 2 reasons why Mersey is happy today/tonight :D

1. It's Thursday in the US right now, which means Supernatural night! Which means mersey waits patiently (if it means refreshing youtube every 5 mins to see if it's up) for the kind folks on youtube to post the epi online. Me? Addicted? No way! How rude!

2. I got Sarah watching the Pilot to Supernatural and now she wants to jump Sam's bone after he said 'we got work to do'. *is happy*

If you cant already tell, this fic is unbetaed, but you're still here, reading, which makes me one very appreciative person. /

7. A Man's Downfall by mersey [ - ] Liked (1343 words)
*still happy*

8. Oh Brother(s)! by mersey [ - ] Liked (1534 words)
The next two chapters contained spoilers for both season 1 & 2 but more so for epi 'Devil's Trap' (S1) and 'In My Time Of Dying'(S2)so I apologise for spoiling it for you :p

Thank you again for the reviews, appreciate it a lot :D

9. Even Bigger Puzzle by mersey [ - ] Liked (2710 words)

10. Nick's Logic by mersey [ - ] Liked (3303 words)
wheee!!! thank you guys for the reviews, you make me very happy :D also this chapter doesn't reveal much but it need to be written because mersey was feeling some nick/brian & sam/dean brotherly love :p (waits for howie and aj to whine). I'm still working on the jealousy/showdown chapter girls, i'll definitely slot those in somewhere, so thanks for the idea hehehe :D

11. M&Ms by mersey [ - ] Liked (2872 words)
One new chapter today because I'm high on drugs and need more time to look over the next chapter, heh. Thank you for the reviews, again...they make me very very happy :D

12. As In Lee? by mersey [ - ] Liked (2313 words)
ahhhh!!! this better go through, my internet decided to be mean tonight :( so to make it short...your reviews make me so happy you have no idea! lol...*hugs you all*

13. Father and Son by mersey [ - ] Liked (3089 words)
I'm Happy, wanna know why? I'll just tell you cause i feel like sharing, lol...it's Friday here...and in 1 1/2 hrs, the local channel will be airing 'Home' one of my fav epis from S1...and then I just watched 'Tall Tales' from Season 2 and OMG, hilarious epi EVER! Beat even Hell House and Hell House was AWESEOME. Of course I came here and found all the lovely reviews and it makes me even happier :D The Brian/Dean showdown has been written and I'm excited as all hell to share that with you :p but for now, I bring you this chapter...which is longer than previous chapters because I wont be able to update during the weekend so I hope this will compensate somehow. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

ps: I've been on a I'm missing my Backstreet Boys kick lately and it's no fun at all

14. Connect The Dots by mersey [ - ] Liked (2136 words)
woohoo i managed to screw this up so this is my 2nd try :D Thank you guys for the review, it really makes me happy, esp after almost 2 days (okay 1 1/2days)without internet...boy it was BORING! lol...Mellz, jump in the wagon and watch the show mkay! You wont regret it! Moppy, I'm not sure if you'd go back and check replies on your reviews so i decided to do it here instead...thank you for your review for my short sn fic, glad you liked it :D

15. Intermission by mersey [ - ] Liked (3209 words)
I had this in my head and it refused to go away so I caved and wrote it. Original programming will be back tomorrow :D

16. Rock Salt - Never Leave Home Without It! by mersey [ - ] Liked (1961 words)
My apologies for not updating last night. Please keep Ash in your prayers and hopefully he'll have a speedy recovery! Thank you for the reviews, as always :D and happy weekend!

17. Identity Crisis by mersey [ - ] Liked (2451 words)
Just so you know, I never planned this to turn out this way, but for the sake of everyone getting confused abt the vision, this side of the story needs to be told, lol.

18. And It All Comes Down... by mersey [ - ] Liked (2740 words)
thank you for the reviews :D I think there might be one or two more chapters left, depending on the length of the next chappy :D As one fic comes to an end, another one appears. Congrats Sarah for writing your first crossover! Looking forward to your updates!

19. Meet My Brother by mersey [ - ] Liked (2281 words)
hi again! Sorry for the lateness of this chapter! I just got a new niece and my world was kind of wrapped up around her for a bit and i had too much sugar pops and candy canes to channel anything demonish.

Credit: Moppy for the use of the word 'demonised'lol

20. Wine For My Men, We Ride At Dawn! by mersey [ - ] Liked (2669 words)
so i screwed up, that means another chapter coming before we end this fic :D

21. The Trap I by mersey [ - ] Liked (3200 words)
Hi *waves* So um, this is totally unplanned, I swear. But there will be another chapter coming and that one would be the final chapter. I hope this chapter makes sense to you :D

Moppy dude, I wish there's a way to contact you because THANK YOU for reviewing my past fics. Do you have an a/c with Chaos' discussion board? I could PM you there, let me know :D

22. The Trap II by mersey [ - ] Liked (1926 words)
i shall shut up now and not claim this as my last chapter. Thank you to everyone who reviewed the previous chapter, it's always nice to hear from you, put a smile on my face, like this => :D

SPOILER ALERT* : If you havent watch Born Under A Bad Sign of Season 2, the first paragraph would be spoilery abound...so i suggest not indulging yourself into Dean's head in that one and skip to para 2, hehe.

ps: im still OMFGing everywhere over the previous episode :(

23. Wayward Son by mersey [ - ] Liked (4625 words)
Yay! It's finally done and now complete! Took me awhile to get this chapter out, I think I have issues with final chapters or something. Anyhoo...thank you to everyone who has dropped me a line and letting me know that you're reading this fic, it really helps to motivate me to write faster, and it feels good, lol. Mare (because this is your bday fic that just refuse to stop), Maria (for convicing me that I should just write and not worry), Sarah, Moppy, Aziel, DragonStar, MellzBellz and anyone else i might have missed out...thank you guys!

Moppy...i failed to use the word 'turbula'! *is ashamed* lol