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A note book fell over on my desk yesterday, and when I opened it, I realized it was filled with journal entries I was required to do Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, for the first 6 weeks or so of my English class from Senior Year. I thought it was interesting to kind of go back and see how I was feeling during that time. Some of the entries are just plain weird lol.


Italicized at the end of several is my teacher's feedback after he graded them each week.

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Published: 01/30/08
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1. Ideal Day 1-27-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 1] (149 words)
This one he gave us theme, and we had to write about our Ideal Day.

2. My Weekend 1-30-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (159 words)
I think every Monday we had to write about our weekend.

3. My Class: Band 1-31-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (162 words)
We had to write about one of our classes. I chose band lol

4. Open Journal 2-1-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (115 words)
It's a free for all

5. Ideal Mate 2-2-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (127 words)
Anther theme

6. My weekend 2-6-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (211 words)

I added the bolded parts so it made more sense.

7. My Class 2-7-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (160 words)
Good luck following my brain on this one lol

8. Open Journal 2-8-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (206 words)

9. Rebellion Entry 2-9-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 1] (302 words)

10. Ideal School 1-10-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (140 words)
A new theme

11. Weekend 2-13-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (111 words)

12. My Class 2-14-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (106 words)
This was strange... lol

13. Open Journal 2-14-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (175 words)

14. I hope that somebody... 2-17-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (162 words)

I guess on Friday's, if I'm remembering right, our theme was "Ideal something". But on this friday he changed the theme and I was like.. what the-!

15. My Weekend 2-21-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (290 words)

16. Open Journal 2-22-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (323 words)

Sometimes my mind scares. Pretend I'm telling the future? ...wow lmao

If you don't follow what I mean after you read it, I'm ASSUMING what I was saying was that I was going to talk about what happened on Tuesday, but this entry was supposed to be written on Tuesday, so it was like looking into the future a few hours I guess lmao.. I don't know...

17. Best Thing In Life Is... 2-24-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 1] (120 words)
big words lol and I'm not so sure inevitability was the word I was looking for.

18. My weekend 2-27-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (108 words)

19. My Class 2-28-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (105 words)

20. Open Journal 3-2-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 1] (103 words)

21. Five things the class doesn't know... 3-3-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (105 words)
lol at the fish one.. wow. I think I was desperate.

22. My weekend 3-6-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (112 words)
lmao.. this one and a few after were written in pencil.

23. Open Journal 3-6-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (166 words)

24. My Class 3-7-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (131 words)

25. 20 Things That Make Me Laugh 3-10-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (148 words)
I remember me and my friend that sat next to me were having trouble thinking of things so we started coming up with the most ridiculous things we could think of.

26. My weekend 3-13-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (127 words)
lol, back to pen! And most days I sat in the Writing Center on my open and he was the teacher in charge that hour, so he would always comment on my journal entries and I remember him making fun of me for caring so much about a pen. jackass!!

27. My Class 3-1406 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (114 words)

28. Open Journal 3-15-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (132 words)

29. Interview 3-17-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (155 words)

This one's stupid. He made us interview a classmate then write an entry in like an essay format. I interviewed some junior I didn't even know. She shouldn't have been in our class anyway. It was a senior english class... and besides, she never turned in her research paper so I think she failed anyway. loser.

and if i remember correctly, my whole interview was about my obsession with the Backstreet Boys lmao

30. My Weekend 3-20-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (122 words)

31. My Classes 3-21-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (104 words)

32. Open Journal 3-22-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (142 words)

33. Weird Entry 3-24-06 by bsbfrk411 [Reviews - 0] (145 words)
hahaha I remember this one. I believe he strips of papers with random sentences on each one. We were give like two or three and had to write a singles ad based off of what we got.