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Three words brought my life to a sudden halt and made me start over, from scratch.
They weren’t “I love you” or “Honey, I’m pregnant”...no, they were...Witness…Protection…Program!

Hello, my name USED to be Nick Carter.

Rated: R
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: Group, Nick
Genres: Action, Drama, Romance
Warnings: Death, Graphic Violence
Series: None
Chapters: 35
Completed: Yes
Word count: 60576
Read: 11565
Published: 03/11/08
Updated: 10/26/08

1. Me Then vs. Me Now by alota_cookin [Reviews - 25] (832 words)

2. How It Happened by alota_cookin [Reviews - 12] (1242 words)
WOW! Thank you all so much for reading and reviewing already! I was surprised that so many of you liked it. I hope you all like this chapter as much as the last. Please keep reading and sending me feedback ;-)


3. The Prosecution Calls Nickolas Carter to the Stand. by alota_cookin [Reviews - 11] (2044 words)
Wow! Thank you, to all those who have been reviewing already! You gals are awesome; I appreciate your feedback SO much :-) I hope you all like this chapter.


4. Nickalex by alota_cookin [Reviews - 12] (1329 words)
Thank you all a whole bunch for continueing to read AND review! I appreciate it SO much!!!! I hope you all find this chapter as good as the others. Let me know ;-)


5. De-Coding by alota_cookin [Reviews - 12] (1421 words)

6. Only One Person by alota_cookin [Reviews - 11] (1657 words)
I want to take a sec and thank everyone who has been reading and an extra thanks to those who have been reviewing! I have gotten more feedback on this story than any of the others, so I have been working on it the most. Keep reading and I will keep updating! ;-) I hope you all like the new chapter!!! *big smiles*


7. MTV News by alota_cookin [Reviews - 14] (1501 words)

8. Starting to Hate MTV by alota_cookin [Reviews - 12] (1117 words)
wow...THANKS! It seems like there are a few of you that really like the story, and I thank you for reading! Special love for those sending my pearls of feedback! *MUAH*

P.S.- Sorry it's a short chapter, but I thought it was a good place to cut it off. I hope you still enjoy it!


9. Alternate Identity by alota_cookin [Reviews - 9] (1617 words)
Tahnks, as always, to everyone who has been reading / reviewing! Feel free to leave detailed reviews...I like to hear what you guys are expecting or predicting to happen...sometimes it helps give me ideas.


10. Mind Reader by alota_cookin [Reviews - 9] (1402 words)

11. You Are Now Entering Florida by alota_cookin [Reviews - 8] (1467 words)

12. Attention All Backstreet Boys Fans: by alota_cookin [Reviews - 9] (2161 words)

13. Meeting Sharon by alota_cookin [Reviews - 7] (2062 words)
Thanks to everyone who had been reading! I appreciate all the feedback, too. ;-) I hope you enjoy this chapter, let me know what you think.


14. Another Round by alota_cookin [Reviews - 8] (2079 words)
Thank you so much to all of you who have been reading along! I appreciate all of your feedback. You guys are great. *muah*


15. Getting Down To Business by alota_cookin [Reviews - 10] (1922 words)

16. My Life Is A Twisted Movie! by alota_cookin [Reviews - 9] (2493 words)
Thank you so very much to everyone for reading and reviewing! I am sooo happy that you guys are liking the story...I hope that this chapter isn't any different.


17. SHIT...RUN!! by alota_cookin [Reviews - 11] (2206 words)

18. 'Serious' Is An Understatement by alota_cookin [Reviews - 8] (1552 words)

19. She Probably Planned This! by alota_cookin [Reviews - 10] (1539 words)

20. She's A Mouthy One by alota_cookin [Reviews - 7] (1380 words)

21. Say 'Hello' to My Little Friends by alota_cookin [Reviews - 8] (1822 words)

22. It's Not All About You! by alota_cookin [Reviews - 9] (2121 words)

23. DANE!!! by alota_cookin [Reviews - 9] (2399 words)

24. Piranha by alota_cookin [Reviews - 9] (1889 words)

25. Sunshine and Fucking Rainbows by alota_cookin [Reviews - 7] (2451 words)

26. Shhhhhh! by alota_cookin [Reviews - 9] (2459 words)

27. Helpless When She Smiles by alota_cookin [Reviews - 10] (1710 words)

28. 4 A.M. by alota_cookin [Reviews - 6] (1974 words)

29. Trouble Is by alota_cookin [Reviews - 11] (1645 words)

30. Thorough Explination by alota_cookin [Reviews - 9] (1469 words)

31. The Airport by alota_cookin [Reviews - 9] (1219 words)

32. Safe Deposit by alota_cookin [Reviews - 9] (2187 words)
Sorry it took so long. I hope you guys will be happy with this chapter!

33. Pearl's by alota_cookin [Reviews - 5] (1551 words)
Sorry it's been so long. I hope you guys are still interested in this. Hopefully, it won't be so long until the next update. Thanks for patiently waiting (well...there were a few impatient ones, too). *MUAH*

34. The Warehouse by alota_cookin [Reviews - 4] (1168 words)
I know, I'm sorry...it's been forever, since I've updated. I'm sorry that this chapter is a little shorter, than usual, but there is only one more chapter after this!!!

35. Explosive by alota_cookin [Reviews - 9] (1489 words)
Alright...this is it...the last chapter! I thank all of you that have been reading and also for all the feedback, I have recieved. *MUAH* You guys are the best! So...enjoy!