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Author's Chapter Notes:
Ugh, sorry such a short chapter!! Been busy and on top of that writers block was trying to rear its ugly little head!! But, thought I'd post this part to keep people from hanging on, lol. Working on the next chapter, so I'll have that up real soon. For those who have reviewed, thank you sooo much for your kind words of encouragement and support, and for those who haven't reviewed... well, I love feedback!! =) And if you're not a review kinda person... well, I just hope ya'll are enjoying the story!! :D

“Alexander James McLean?”

Kevin, along with the other three, snapped their heads up to see a doctor standing before them. Kevin rose out of his seat to address the doctor first. “We’re here for Alex.”

The doctor observed Kevin, “And you would be?”

“Kevin Richardson.”

“I’m sorry sir, but we can only address his immediate family.”

“And with all due respect sir, we are his family… we’re his brothers.”

The doctor sighed heavily, there was no sense in fighting with him, because by the looks of it, the man was persistent. “I’m Dr. Roswell and I was in charge of Mr. McLean. He’s suffered a minor concussion, other than that he will be fine and will likely be discharged by tonight.”

“Well, we know the concussion most likely came from him collapsing, but what caused that?” Kevin questioned.

“The reason he fell unconscious was due to exhaustion, a slight fever and dehydration. My guess was that he was overexerting his energy and pushing his body past it’s limits. We have him hooked up to an IV right now, and as soon as the bag is empty he is free to go. I’ll be prescribing him with ibuprofen for the slight discomfort and headaches he will be receiving, other than that I advise him to be bedridden for the next couple days and just rest up and take it easy.”

Kevin nodded, “Is it okay to see him?”

“You guys are more than welcomed to see him right now. There’s a nurse in the room with him that is keeping record of his stats, and once the IV bag is up, the nurse will discharge him. I’m assuming he will be going home with you?” when Kevin nodded, Dr. Roswell continued. “Well, if for any reason his condition worsens, please do not hesitate to bring him back in.”

“Thank you Dr. Roswell.” Kevin muttered as he turned to face the room which AJ was in. He grasped the doorknob with one hand while he used the other to lightly tap on the door. Without waiting for a response, he twisted the knob and pushed the door open, seeing AJ propped up in the hospital bed while the nurse checked over the machines he was hooked up to.

“Hey Jay.” Kevin voiced out, catching the rebel’s attention. “How ya feeling?”

“A lot better.” he lied. The truth was, he did feel better than how he felt from before, but he still felt extremely hot. Although the nurse told him that the fever he had before dramatically decreased, he still felt hot. “I’m ready to get out of this place. I hate hospitals.”


Dr. Roswell walked into his office and sighed heavily. In his hands was a manila folder, and in the manila folder were AJ’s medical documents. He dropped the folder down on his desk as he walked around over to his seat. He sat down heavily and had reached out to grab his phone. After lifting it off the receiver, he punched in seven digits and waited for the person he was trying to contact to answer the other line.

After a minute or so, he finally heard someone answer. “This better be good news.” the voice on the other line warned.

“This could be very good news sir… news you’ve been waiting to hear.”

After a moment of silence, the voice spoke, “Continue on.”

Dr. Roswell grabbed the manila folder he had dropped down on his desk and had opened it to look over the papers that were in it, “A patient by the name of Alexander James McLean was brought in today after falling unconscious. After taking and reviewing his stats, we’ve come to realize that he was wracked with a staggering fever of 110.2, which it is inhumanly possible to sustain such a high temperature and… live.”

“Are you sure about this?”

“Yes sir, I have his records here before me and all… I believe he could be one of the young men we’ve been searching for.”

“I don’t appreciate how you used the term ‘one of the young men’ Dylan… one is good, but I want all five of them.”

“I understand that sir, but along with Alex were four other gentlemen. After Alex was brought into our care, these four men came for him and told me that they were his family… his brothers. I firmly believe that Alex along with the four other men are the guys we are looking for.”

“Besides Alex, can you prove this?”

Dr. Roswell paused, he actually couldn’t really prove it. “No… I can’t prove this sir.”

“But there is a way to find out… you know what I want you to do.”

Dr. Roswell nodded, “After I contact them, what do I tell them to do?”

The owner of the voice on the other line smirked, “Provoke them.”