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Author's Chapter Notes:
MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Another short chapter!! Lol. I'm trying to build up the suspense here... and also just posting what I have so far so it buys me time to figure out what I want to happen next, lol. Pain in the ass, I know... but I promise the next update will be lengthy!! =]

“Jay, you sure you’re fine?” Kevin asked, glancing up in the rearview mirror to look at AJ, who was sitting behind him.

AJ rolled his eyes. This must’ve been the millionth time he asked him that question. “For the last and final time, I’m fine Kev. How many times are you gonna ask me this question, because the answer is gonna remain the same.”

“Just checking man.” Kevin replied as his eyes darted from the rearview mirror to the road. “Head injuries can be tricky.”

“I know.” AJ groaned as he let his head loll back into the headrest for the backseat and began to rub him temples. “God don’t I know this.”

“And because the last time you said you were fine was right before you fell unconscious and ended up in the hospital.”

“Are you gonna give me shit about this right now Kevin?”

“I’m just saying Alex, the last time I asked you if you were okay, you told me you were fine and end up giving us a scare.”

“Well, excuse me for scaring the shit outta all of you guys, you don’t think I was scared myself? Hell, how was I suppose to know that I was gonna fall unconscious? Sorry I can’t just predict things like you can!”

“I can’t predict things Alex…”

“Well hell, you hold yourself up to be that way. You seem to know everything and anything before they happen, and what you say or do is always right, you’re never wrong!”

“Stop trying to turn this around on me, this isn’t about me.”

“Well, if this is so much about me, then why can’t you just take my word when I say I’m fine and stop arguing with me. I really don’t need all this shit right now.”

Howie sighed heavily as he listened to Kevin and AJ argue their point back and forth. He was seated in the passenger seat next to Kevin, and had glanced up in the rearview mirror to look at Nick and Brian. Nick was trying to busy himself by looking out the window, while Brian was squished in between AJ and Nick, his head hung low as he picked at his fingers.

“I’m not trying to argue with you Alex, I just want to make sure that you’re okay.”

“And I gave you my answer, so why are we going back and forth?”

“Because I know you have a tendency to pass everything off like it’s nothing and the rest of us won’t realize the severity of the situation until something drastic happens.”

“Here we go again…”

Howie was going to intervene and bring the quarreling to a cease, but the sight of someone standing in the middle of the road rendered him speechless. His eyes widened when he realized that their car was heading straight for the stranger that was standing in the middle of the road.

“LOOK OUT!!” Howie finally spat out.

Kevin immediately stopped his arguing and seen the stranger in the middle of the road for the first time. He slammed on the breaks and felt the car lose control as it skid across the pavement. The car finally came to a painful stop as it swerved off the road and slammed into a tree. Everything fell silent from there on out.