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February 2nd, 1971

“Debbie?” Will called out as he entered his home, which was unusually quiet. “Baby… I’m home.” he fell silent to see if his wife would reply, but still he heard nothing.

He immediately walked into their room and found no one there. Right when he was about to make his way out and continue searching for her, he heard someone coughing and gagging from behind the closed door of their bathroom.

He walked up to it and began to lightly knock on the door. “Baby?” he called out, only hearing more coughing and gagging. He grabbed the doorknob and jiggled it, finding it to be unlocked. He opened the door and found his wife on the bathroom floor, curled up in a fetal position, hugging the porcelain toilet.

“Baby, what’s the matter?” he asked as he walked further into the bathroom, finding chunks of vomit floating in the toilet.

“All I’ve been doing today is throwing up…” she replied weakly, quickly covering her mouth with her hand.

“Go ahead baby, let it all out.” Will said as he began to rub her back, wondering if it was late affects of the chemical he gave her three months ago. There was no way it could be an affect though, the whole time she showed positive results in adapting not one of the elemental and mental powers, but all ten of them.

“Why is this happening to me?” She asked as she began to cry, not liking the pain she felt from throwing up all the time.

That’s when something went off in Will’s head. “Baby, in all how much times have you thrown up?”

“I don’t know… for the past couple days.”

“Do you remember the last time you had your period?”

Debra remained silent, trying to think through her nauseous state. “I can’t remember…”

“C’mon, I’m gonna take you to the doctors.” he said as he tried to help his wife up and off the ground.

“No,” she groaned, feeling extremely weak. “you’re a doctor. I probably just have the stomach flu is all.”

“No baby, I think it’s more than that.”


“Congratulations Debbie, you’re pregnant.”

Debra’s eyes widen as she stared at Dr. Manwell, who was her husband’s good friend. She looked up at her husband, who was simply looking down at her, smiling back. “Oh my god!” she finally screamed as she reached up and grabbed for her husband, pulling him into a hug. “Oh my god, oh my god… we’re having a baby Will!”

“I’m surprised you couldn’t figure that out Will.” Dr. Manwell said with a laugh, causing Will to playfully push him away.

“I had a feeling, just wanted to bring her in to make sure.”

“Well, Debs you are free to go, I just want you to come back in three weeks to check in.” and with that, he left the two alone.

Debra hopped off the bed and just stared at Will, who was smiling back at her. “YOU’RE GONNA BE A DAD!!” she screamed as she jumped into his arms.

Will immediately wrapped his arms around her as she wrapped her legs around his waist. They began to kiss until Debra abruptly pulled away.

“Baby… I just thought of something… will I affect the baby in anyway?”

Will fell silent, as if he was thinking. “To tell you the truth, I really don’t know… but if anything, you won’t affect the baby in a negative way, if anything you’ll only pass along your powers to the baby.”

Debra didn’t like that answer, but she trusted him. She only smiled back as she leaned in to kiss him again. Little did she know that her pregnancy was all apart of Will’s plan.