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October 3rd, 1971

“C’mon baby, just push… you’re almost there honey!!”

“I can’t do this anymore… god, I can’t do this anymore! It hurts!”

“I know sweetie, but don’t stop pushing… he’s almost out… I can see his head…”

Will looked to the side of him and saw that everything was levitating in the air. “Debbie, I need you to concentrate on the baby… only the baby, okay? He’s almost out, I promise you.”

“Will, I can’t do this!!”

“Yes you can, and yes you will. Just concentrate on the baby and nothing else.”

As Debra continued to push, she tried her hardest to just think about getting her son out of her womb. Will looked around and noticed that his things were slowly being placed down on the ground. “That’s it baby… just one more push, okay?”

With a blood curling scream, Debra pushed one last time when she finally felt her son leave her body. Exhausted, she collapsed down on the bed, her face and body glistening with sweat. She left her eyes closed for the longest, too tired to do much of anything, but finally opened it when she heard small cry erupt from a baby, her baby. She opened her eyes and looked up to see her husband carrying their son.

“Congratulations baby… it’s a boy.”

Debra could only smile and cry as she held her arms out, wanting nothing more than to hold her newborn son. Will gently placed their child into Debra’s arms and stood near her side. She looked down at their son, who was wrapped in a blue fleece blanket, and noticed that he had a strands of jet black hair on his small head. She smiled, knowing that her son would have her colored hair and big, bright smile while she hoped that he would have eyes just like his father, a striking emerald green color.

Debra sighed and smiled, noticing that he had fallen asleep within her arms. She gently kissed him on his forehead, “Kevin Scott Redford… my baby boy.”


The following months, William tried to impregnate his wife yet again, but to his dismay her pregnancy test always turned out negative. He secretly decided to get himself checked up, to see what the problem was.

“So James, can you tell me what’s going on?” Will asked his good friend, Dr. Manwell.

James sighed heavily, “Look Will, I’m not sure you’re gonna like what I found out.”

“Just please tell me.”

“You have testicular cancer Will.”

Will only stared at his good friend in shock, “No… tha-, that can’t be possible…”

“Well, we found traces of cancerous cells, but with that I have good news. We caught it in it’s early stages and we can prevent the cancer from spreading by killing the cancer immediately.”

“Does that mean I can’t…”

“Unfortunately, you no longer can bear children anymore.”

“I can’t not bear… we need more children James.”

“I’m sorry Will, there’s nothing more I can do for you.”

Will sat there, holding his head in disbelief. They have one child so far, which seemed to show signs that he adopted one elemental and mental power from Debra, so all he needed was for Debra to conceive four more children, then he would be set to present his proposition to the government. As he continued to sit there, thinking of what he could do, an idea popped into his head.

“Thanks for everything James…”

“No problem, we’ll have an operation set up for you real soon, so I’ll give you a call.”