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This cycle went on for the next couple of years. Will would slip a pill into Debra’s drink, causing her to fall unconscious and not remember anything that happened before. He would then take her up to his lab where he injected her embryo with donated sperms, causing her to become pregnant. Over the years, they now had a total of five children, ironically all boys and ironically all different. Debra had confronted her husband about this, to which he insisted that it might be affect from the chemicals her body contains.

On August 22nd, 1973, she gave birth to her second son, Howard Dwyane Redford, who had brown hair and brown eyes just like her. On February 20th, 1975 came their third son, Brian Thomas Redford, who strangely had dirty blond hair and blue eyes. Alexander James Redford was born on January 9th, 1978, and came out just like Howard, with brown hair and brown eyes. Their last and final son, Nickolas Gene Redford, was born on January 28th, 1980, and stood apart from their other sons, just like Brian had. He too had blue eyes but bright blond hair. Debra was confused as to why all her sons looked completely different from one another, and the more Will told her that it was an affect the chemicals in her body, the more Debra didn’t question it, until one night.


“Will?” Debra called out as she walked through the house, looking for her husband. As she continued to walk through the house, she stopped every once in a while to pick up dirty clothes that littered the floor. “Kevin, I want you, Howard and Brian to get down here and pick up your clothes. The floor is not where you put your dirty close!” she yelled out.

She tossed the clothes she had picked up into their laundry room and continued to roam the house, looking for Will. She finally walked into his office, hoping to find him there, but to her surprise he wasn’t even there. She walked up to his desk and noticed that he still had to be here, for his computer was still on. She found some documents on his desk, which seemed to be records of her and the children’s progression. As she continued to shuffle through the papers, she came across a folder that had a post-it paper on it. On the post-it paper were four male names and their numbers. Lined up with each male name was the name of her four sons. She opened the folder and found pictures of four older males, along with pictures of Howard, Brian, Alex and Nick. On the inside of the folder was her husband’s handwriting, which said “sperm donor”.

“What are you doing in my office?”

Debra quickly whirled around to find her husband standing behind her. Instead of answering him, she grabbed the folder she had found and was looking at and held it up, “What is this?”

Will glanced over at the folder and sighed, “That’s nothing baby…”

“Don’t tell me this is nothing!” she exclaimed. “What the fuck is this?”

When she realized that he wasn’t going to give her an answer, she ripped the folder open, grabbing the papers inside. “You don’t even have to tell me… because I just realized that these four males are the real fathers of my four sons.”

“Look baby, I can explain…”

“DON’T CALL ME THAT!” she screamed as she tossed the folder at her husband, watching as all the papers floated to the ground. “You fucking lied to me William… why did you do this to me, why?”

Will sighed heavily, “After Kevin was born, I had found out that I had testicular cancer and couldn’t bear anymore children… I didn’t have the heart to tell you that I wanted more children, but couldn’t bear any so I… I took sperm donations from a clinic and inserted them into your embryos.”

“Why the fuck would you…” she stopped in the middle of her sentence, all of it coming together and making sense to her. “you only needed four more kids. All you needed from me was to conceive five children so you could go along with your fucking experiment and prove everyone wrong, right?”

“Debra, you know that’s not true…”

“DON’T FUCKING TELL ME IT’S NOT TRUE!” she screamed yet again, tears now cascading down her face. “And to think… all this time I asked you why all our sons were so different, I actually believed what you told me.”

Without saying another word, Debra brushed past Will, leaving him in his office. “Debra, where are you…” before he could finish his sentence, the door closed and slammed shut in front of his face, locking him in his own office. “Shit.” he muttered as he realized that she had just used her telekinesis to lock him in his own office. “Debra!”

Debra walked right up the steps and into her sons room. “C’mon you guys, pack everything you need. Kevin, once you’re finished, go help Alex pack all his belongings.”

Kevin, scared at the way his mother was crying and simply looked right now, quickly jumped out of his bed. “Why, what’s wrong mommy?”

“Don’t ask questions sweetie, just do what I told you okay?”

Without another word, Kevin, Howard and Brian began to pack their things, Kevin making his way over to help Alex pack all of his stuff once he was done. Debra walked into the nursery room, packing everything she needed for Nick. She walked over to the bassinet, to find Nick peacefully sleeping. She slowly picked him up and held him in her arms as she saw Kevin standing at the door.

“Here baby, I want you to take yours and Nick’s things down to the car and take your brothers with you, okay? You know how to strap Alex into the car seat right?”

Kevin nodded as he grabbed the bag containing Nick’s things and began making his way downstairs. Debra, who was still balancing a sleeping Nick in her arms, made her way into her room and placed Nick down on the bed. She began packing all the things she needed and walked over to her jewelry box, taking out the remaining money that was inside. When she had everything, she lifted Nick back up and held him in one arm, while she grabbed her belongings with the rest. She rushed downstairs to find her four sons, staring at a closed door, which was now shaking.

“DEBRA, OPEN THIS FUCKING DOOR!!” Will shouted as he continued to slam himself into the door, trying to get it open.

“What’s going on?” Kevin asked in a scared voice, while Howard was trying to comfort both Brian and Alex, who were scared and crying.

“Don’t worry sweetie, just ignore it and get into the car okay?”

“But we can’t leave daddy…” Kevin began to cry.

“Sweetie, look at me…” She bent down so she was eye leveled with Kevin. “We gotta leave daddy because he’s a bad man, okay? I promise you, everything will be okay and I won’t let anything happen to you. Just please, take your brothers to the car.”

Kevin nodded as he led his three brothers out of the house and towards the car. Debra turned around and had grabbed the car keys.

“DEBRA, DON’T YOU FUCKING TAKE THOSE KIDS FROM ME!!” She heard Will scream from behind the closed door. “THOSE ARE MY FUCKING KIDS DEBRA!”

Tears immediately pooled within Debra’s eyes, and she stood there for a while, crying and staring at the door that was beginning to break. She finally walked out of the house and had walked over to their SUV, unlocking it and opening the door for her kids to get in. While Kevin and Howard began to put their belongings into the back of the car, Debra was strapping in Nick and had checked Alex over.

“Get in the car.” she said as she made her way over towards the driver’s side and had started the car. While Howard jumped in the back, Kevin jumped into the passenger’s seat.

“What’s going on?” Kevin asked again.

Before Debra could respond, she looked up to see Will standing there, aiming a gun at them. “Get down!” she screamed as she threw the car into reverse and had sped out of the driveway.

Kevin looked up at his father with wide eyes and saw him standing there with a gun. “Why does daddy have a gun?”

“Kevin, I said get down!”

Will began to shoot, but the bullets had fallen without even coming close to the car. Debra had surrounded them in an invisible force field, and was now speeding away from the house. When everything had calmed down, Debra glanced over at her oldest son, who was sitting in the seat with his head between his knees, crying. She began to tear herself as she reached over and had pulled her son towards her, holding him in a protective hug. “Don’t worry baby… mommy’s got you, I’m not gonna let anything happen to you, I promise.”