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Hey anyone that ever reads this, I'm a 25 year old student from Ny and writing fictions have been qiute the joy in my life. I hope you all enjoy what I come up with! I still have plenty of ideas zooming through my mind and I'm glad to share it with you guys! :)

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Paralyzed Heart by Anastacia Rated: PG-13 Liked [ - ]

Howie's life-long dreams are shattered with one fateful accident that cost him a powerful gift. He is faced with the reality that his life will no longer be what it once was. His relationships are changed when some part ways with his broken form and others are thrust into his life by God to make him stronger. Can Howie regain the strength in his faith to step forward into his new world? Or will his unforgiving heart lead him down a frightening path of devastation?

Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
Characters: Howie
Genres: Angst, Drama, Romance, Suspense
Warnings: None
Series: None
Chapters: 56 Table of Contents
Completed: Yes
Word count: 96985
Read Count: 36000

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07/20/03 » Updated: 07/01/06
Reviewer: Jamelet Signed Liked
Date: 01/03/04 Title: Chapter 25: Imprudent Intentions

Oh wow, Nicola raced out of there fast. Man I wonder how poor Howie will feel when he wakes to see his love gone out of the bed. You had me laughing at Jamila's personlaity, am I to suspect you think I'm ditzy? hehe. But this chapter is interesting you tackeed what everyone else thought of Howie and Nicola's odd relationship. And maybe Jamila can get a fighitnng rounds with Darcy for playing me... uh... Jamila at the photo shoot. Hehe. Keep it coming, cause I'm here to support ya girly. Aight, I'm out. Take care and God bless.