Site Issues
As you may be aware, over the years, this site has had a lot of issues when it comes to spamming etc. Unfortunately, that is why we had to shut off the reviews. We are also aware of instances where people’s stories have disappeared or their entire accounts. We are not sure why this is happening but we are trying to figure it out. This is a very old and outdated database and some things are just not working anymore.

In the meantime, I highly suggest any of you who have stories on this site and don’t want to permanently lose them, you should consider sharing them on another platform such as ao3.

We have been around for decades and it breaks my heart that these problems are worsening, but it would really break my heart to see all of your stuff lost as well.

Please consider joining our forum. It’s still a place fanfic authors and readers can get together and discuss things.

Thanks for reading!
--Mare on 08/03/20 10:56 am 0 Comments