ATTENTION: Important Site Update
TLDR: Back up your stories. ASAP. A forced server update might break the site software. If it does, it might not be recoverable.

Prior to the update, I'm going to attempt a few trial runs of backing up and restoring the site, so you may run into increased "maintenance" modes.

Long version:

It's been a year since Mare last posted news about backing up your stories. I must reiterate that now. The efiction software this site runs on is pretty dated, and unfortunately now the server's operating system and its database software are at "End of Life" and a forced upgrade is going to occur in the next few weeks. While I'm doing as much as I can to try and make the site's move/update work, I can make no guarantees. Unfortunately, if the software is not compatible with the new operating system, it might not be recoverable if it does go down. That's the worst case scenerio. I'm hoping it won't happen that way, but I'd hate for anyone to lose their stories if it does. If it does happen, I will TRY (again no guarantees) to at least make the stories visible in a read-only mode, but it'd be best if you back up your stuff! Unfortunately, the server upgrade might also impact the fictalk forum. I'm again hoping that it can survive the move intact. Though they're supposed to tell me with enough time to make an announcement when the actual update will occur, the last time the server moved they did so without warning and about 2 weeks before they said they would. aware that could happen and the site may experience outage(s) before I make that announcement.
--Chaos on 08/18/21 03:46 am 3 Comments
Thanks for the heads up and for trying to move/update the site!
- RokofAges75 on 08/21/21 04:57 am
The worst case is not going to be so bad. I copied both the fiction archive and the forum to temporary locations and have been able to get them working (and in the forum's case updated to a nice current software version). The fiction archive doesn't have a newer version than what's here, BUT I was able to get it working with the more recent php version. Whew. might be a bit of a mess HERE while the server upgrade occurs, but I do believe it will all be recoverable at least up to the point where I copied the databases for the site copies. (Note: That means that anything posted between my last backup and the server upgrade could still be lost.)
- Chaos on 08/21/21 05:30 am
Thank you for the update and your hard work! Sending good vibes!
- nicksgal on 08/21/21 09:17 pm