It has come to our attention that there has been a lot of spam type reviews showing up on this site. While I managed to stop the major spamming from happening on the forum, it's not quite as easy on this site with the huge amount of people signing up everyday.

If you find a spam review, please leave a comment here with the story link and one of us will delete them as soon as possible. I know it's annoying, especially when you get all excited seeing an email for a new review, but for now there's really nothing more we can do. If it makes you feel any better, it's equally annoying for us to have to go delete them lol

Sorry about that!
--Mare on 09/04/07 03:15 am 7 Comments
Um...I'll post you the links to the says the story & the top. Seems a few of my stories got spammed. Dangit! Lol. - Hey, Do You Know Me [BSB version] - Miracles Happen 2 - the one review only. - Car Ride

And I think that's it. Thanks!

- LenniluvsBrian on 09/20/07 03:42 am