Upgrade Attempt #701...
Erm...okay, the number is an exaggeration, but finally after months (of me being able to work on it only minimally...) I was able to successfully upgrade a "mirror" copy of this site to a new version of the e-fiction script. I believe that the upgrade will help with the spamming issue we've been experiencing and add some nifty features as well.

The site may look a little odd over the next few days as I do the upgrade and "tweak" the appearance of the page.

When I am about to begin the upgrade, I will be turning off the "new submissions" (including updates to stories). I will keep them down only as long as necessary to complete the upgrade and do some testing to be sure that it's working.

When the upgrade is complete, I will put another message here to let ya'll know. I will add, however, that once the site is back up you will want to make sure that you save copies of anything you submit for the next week or two--if any unforseen bugs pop up, I will have to revert back to the old site and any new submissions will be deleted. (I will try my best to be sure that doesn't happen, but I like to prepare for "the worst", too...)

I hope to complete the upgrade tonight (Thurs) but may continue working on it on Fri and this weekend as well if necessary.
--Chaos on 09/20/07 06:54 pm 7 Comments