Site Update...
The upgrade should be pretty much complete (except for the skins...) Submissions should be turned back on.

Be sure to keep a copy of anything that you post over the next few days (actually you should always keep a copy!!!) I've done some testing, and think everything should be working just fine, but if there are unforseen problems, I might have to "roll back" to the previous version in which case anything new that's been posted would be lost.
--Chaos on 09/21/07 05:19 am 7 Comments
Just testing the comments...
- Chaos on 09/21/07 05:24 am
Oh, wow! I love all the new stuff on the site! I've been surfing through it all and am so excited about all the fancy little tools that you added! Thanks so much for all the great additions, Chaos! It looks amazing!
- starbeamz2 on 09/21/07 05:40 am
Lookin' good!
- Julilly on 09/21/07 02:07 pm
umm the skins aren't working for me? its just plain white :/
- chaotic on 09/21/07 03:25 pm
The only way I can get anything to work is in Internet Explorer... So if anyone else is having problems, it might be if you're using another browser, such as Firefox. :( I've never had a problem before, so I hope that once there are different skins available, I'll be able to use Firefox.
- Tri on 09/21/07 03:57 pm
I use firefox, and it shows up fine. I'm using the fire skin and everything shows up as per normal.
- Julilly on 09/21/07 07:59 pm
Really? Hmm... I can only get it to work in IE. In Firefox for me, things are cut off, text is overlapping, and I can't even see certain text. I tried using each of the skins, too.
- Tri on 09/21/07 08:57 pm