New Skin#s1 and 2...Crayons-by-Kali and Paint
Okay, so some people have reported having problems with the "Fire", "FireLight", and "Lightning" skins since the upgrade (since they're currently all the same thing not surprising that they're all causing the same problem...)

I will still be working on those skins to make them (hopefully) usable, but in the meantime, I have uploaded the first 2 of what I hope will be several alternate skins. I did some testing and it appears that they're working on both IE and Firefox (sorry did not try any other browsers yet...). If, however, you are experiencing problems with it, please leave a comment (please include which browser you're using and a problem discription). (Note: The Paint skin does not really work well with desktop settings of 800x600; I'm not sure how many out there use that setting, but...thought I'd throw that out there...)
--Chaos on 09/22/07 01:48 pm 15 Comments
the crayons layout is very nice but the story of the month feature isn't showing depending on which skin you use.
- Mare on 09/22/07 02:38 pm
Both of them look great for me (Firefox)! I love the crayons skin. :D
- Tri on 09/22/07 02:50 pm
wow I love them! they look great! :)
- chaotic on 09/22/07 10:11 pm
It looks good but when I click on actual stories, the layouts disappear, same with chapters. That's on both AOL and IE
- Rose on 09/27/07 07:40 pm