Fire Skin...
The fire skin has been updated and seems (from my computer) to be working better (still a few quirks) on IE and Firefox. If you're using that skin and having problems, please let me know by leaving a comment. Thanks!

(If it gives you an error when you first log in, it seems to work after refreshing the page or hitting one of the links. Am still working on that glitch...)
--Chaos on 09/23/07 02:58 am 10 Comments

I do not think the skins are working for me..cause when ever i come on to read the stories I read..I have to highlight everything to actually read it. Is this a problem or is there a link to choose where i can choose from the skins

- WritersBlock on 09/28/07 01:24 am
Okay Never mind lol...i find it...Just have to highlight some more ahahaha....thanks anyway :)
- WritersBlock on 09/28/07 01:25 am
I loove this 'firedark' one! it rocks :)
- A_Roks on 09/30/07 12:43 am