For those having problems with the skins...
For some reason on some computers on some stories the skin seems to "disappear". I'm still trying to figure out what's causing that (I can't get the problem to duplicate on my own computer...) and hope to have a resolution so that all the skins are actually usable.

Until then, I've created what I *think* should work on those computers having problems. I will try to create a "light background" version of it as well, but for right now, the FireDark skin I think should work for those who are having problems with the other skins. (FireLight should now mostly work--though it still has a few more quirks than FireDark does...)

Please comment here if you are having problems with that skin--and let me know what the problems are: I admit I was in a bit of a rush and didn't test everything, so may have missed some things. I'll correct them as soon as possible. Thanks! (The reviews page should be fixed for both these skins; let me know if you're still having issues with that...)

--Chaos on 09/29/07 08:53 pm 7 Comments

since the problems started i keep trying to stay on the crayons skin but it never does for more than two chapters it keeps going back to the fire one how do i make it stay?

- Anita on 09/30/07 10:40 pm
hey just a quick heads up. I switched over to the crayons skin but the featured story of the month never shows up on it for smoe reason. Poor Julilly deserves to be seen! :) great job on all the improvements though, the site looks great!
- honey on 10/08/07 03:16 am