Fanfic Awards on the way! Judges needed!

Absolute Chaos is going to be putting on their very own fanfic awards, and we need help from you!

I am taking applications for judges, to be responsible for reading, grading, and choosing fics to be winners in our very first awards!

Note: Judges will NOT be judging categories in which they may be nominated, will NOT get to choose what genres/categories they judge, though I will keep in mind what you read and try to accomodate (awards are open to all fics/all fandoms), MUST be willing to be fair, honest, keep to rules, and keep to deadlines set by the ringleaders..e r..Mods (will be annoyed by me on a regular basis).

If you feel that you have all of those qualities, then please fill out the following form and email it to:, Re: Judges!

Name: (Please list your name or nickname, and your AC/board usernames)
Preferred method of contact: (email? through the board? through AC? msn?)
-writers on AC:
Have you ever judged an awards before?:
What will make you a good judge?:
What is your availability like?: (We need to know people will see this through.)

I hope that many of you are interested, and I'm sure it will be great fun, but keep in mind that if we do get many applications we may not need everyone! I will let you all know on October 7, 2007 via the AC Discussion Boards who our judges are!

--Julilly on 10/01/07 01:54 am 1 Comments
Wow, this is seriously cool!! I can't wait for this to go into effect. This site is going through a lot of changes and are having all these really cool updates... this fanfic site is really gonna rock!! Lol.
- rebellious_one on 10/01/07 07:23 pm