Something Beautiful by KaosLover123
Summary: When my parents family leave for vacation i am left alone for four weeks, but first i am Ashly Kikilidis i am 15 years old and a fan of the Backstreet Boys i have always had a crush on them but mostly Nick and Brian mostly Nick though but i have been starting to like them all even though i do love them all but differently if that makes sense. Anyways when my family is gone i didnt know that my dad gets... gets...The Backstreet Boys to watch me...Oh My gosh i was so suprised.

But what happens when i find out of the first couple of days that i learn that they have a crush on me...ME are you kinding little old me and Nick, Brian, AJ, Howie and Kevin all like what a shocker... So when they leave i am really sad cause i will miss them dearly. Five years later my dad calls me and tells me to come home cause he has a suprise for me so now i am 20 years old now my dad calls me and tells me to come home for a anyways i go home and Oh My Gosh the guys are there..Oh My God it had been so long since i last saw them..all i am thinking is

"do they still like me" do they are dont they?...Read and Find Out..

(I suck at summeris)
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Chapter 1 by KaosLover123
Author's Notes:
This is the first Chapter of this story. And there is little about bsb, but in the rest of the chapters there will be okay. I hope you like it. It is not that long right now but i wont be here till Sunday so i will update them okay.
"Okay ashley we will be gone for four weeks okay" my dad said
"Yes dad i know" i said really annoyed cause this is the 20th time today telling me this
"And the people who are watching you are coming in a hour, so i will leave a note on the door for them" My dad said
"Okay god dad geez i am freaking' 15 years old i think i have a brain and i can remember things, geez" i said getting really mad at him.

"Lastly i want to tell you that we will call you when we get there kay ash"
"Okay, so dad can you go now" i said
"Okay bye see ya in four weeks" my family said
"Bye have a good time guys" i said as i closed the door
"And good riddance" i said smiling, so then i ran up to my room, shut the door and put on the CD i made and put on the song Umbrella.

"But wait..." I said as i turned off the stereo
"I should call andreja and tell her the news" so i ran downstairs and i got the phone and dialed andreja's number
"Hey Andreja this is ashley" i said
"Hey ashley what's up?" andreja said
"nothing much, just that my family aren't here" i said
"Really? oh yeah they went on that cruise right"
"Yep, and guess what? my dad had people watch me while they are gone"
"What! Your freaking 15 and you don’t need people to take care of you" she said
"Yeah i know" i said as i heard a car pull in the drive way
"Hey andreja i have to go okay. Oh and really quickly what are you doing?" i said
Oh just looking at some BSB pictures" she said
"I should have known, i was earlier hey i got to go" i said
"okay but wait what if your dad told BSB to watch you" andreja said
"Hey my dad knows them, but i don’t really think that they would come, okay talk with you soon kay bye" i said
"Hey maybe they could and bye" andreja said as i hung up the phone. So i looked out the door window and unlocked the door. I turned around and found phone and my dad
called me, so i just rolled my eyes and walked back to my room, and thinking about what andreja said.
Chapter 2 by KaosLover123
Author's Notes:
Okay sorry for the long wait, i was out of town last week and i didnt have time to post more. So here is the second Chapter so leave some Reviews also tell me what u think at okay.
So as i reached my room I heard the door open, so i looked down the stairs and i just rolled my eyes and slammed my room door closed.
"what the hell was that"
"I am not sure AJ, but i think it is Jim's daughter ashley"
"Hey wait a second.. Brian.. i didn’t know this" AJ said
"me nether" Nick said
"Well Jim told me not to tell you till we got here"
"Why? Kevin doesn’t he trust us?" Nick said
"I guess he wanted to surprise us"
"Well Howie.. he surprised me and Nick that’s for sure" said AJ smiling then they all laughed.
"Okay now what" i said as i put on the CD that i made
"I guess i will put on Umbrella now" so i walked up to my stereo and put on Number 2 Umbrella, when the song played i turned it up really loud and i walked to my bed and just sat there and then laid there.
"What the hell is that..Again"
"Um..AJ i think it is music" Nick said laughing a bit
"I know but why is it so loud"
"Maybe ashley likes loud music AJ" Nick said
"Maybe" Brian said starting to laugh
"Well who is coming with me"
"um...were exactly AJ"
"Well um.. Howie To go help me turn down the freakin' music" said AJ. Then they all nodded and went upstairs.
Chapter 3 by KaosLover123
Author's Notes:
Okay all u have been waiting for the 3 chapter LOL Thanx u all for ur nice comments it means alot to me. I hope u like this next one.
"Geez, hey guys cover your ears" Brian said
"Well..someone knock on the door"
"I’m not Kevin" said AJ and Nick at the same time
"Geez, will you guys just move, i will knock"
"Okay Brian"
"Shh..Nick...Hello....HELLO anyone in there"
"Geez what the..." AJ said. I gasped then i screamed
"Who the hell are you..." i said as they all looked at me while AJ was turning down the music.
"umm...umm..Hi" they all said, then i slowly turned around to look at my BSB poster, then i turned back around and said guys The Backstreet Boys right?" i said while looking at them and thinking "why are they here"
"umm..yes we are"
"Kevin uh.. what are you and the guys doing here?"
"Well ashley we are here to watch you while your family is away" Brian said moving a bit forward
"and we just wanted to turn the music down a bit"
"oh okay sorry if the loud music bothered you and the guys AJ" i said blushing a bit
"no no don't worry about it, it's okay" Nick said flashing his famous Carter grin at me
"We didn't mean to bother"
"Oh it's okay Howie, i was going to turn it down anyways"
Looking away and sat on my bed again.
"What the.."
then i got up again cause i head the telephone ring
"Oh shit" i said
"Well well well..someone's got a temper"
"AJ sush" i said smiling
"Hello..uh huh.....yeah I’m fine......okay dad bye"
"ugh finally" i said putting the phone done. Then i walked downstairs and went to lay down on the couch
"Hey are you okay" Nick said sitting on the floor sitting next to me
"I am not sure Nick"
Then Brian placed his hand on my forehead
"well ashley your not sick"
"ashley what’s wrong?"'s nothing AJ"
"Yes there is"
Kevin nothing is wrong"
"Come on ashley tell us"
Okay Howie..Well this has to do with school okay"
"Okay so shoot" Nick said
"Okay it is just that all my friends aren't what i thought they were. I think they are all backstabbers except one, they will all start rumors about me and a lot of other stuff and i have no one to talk about this with"
I said while tears were forming in my eyes
"Oh ashley don't cry" Nick said while giving me a hug.
"Thanks Nick i needed that" then i pulled back and whipped my tears away and said
"Okay i have to ask you guys this. How old are all of you? Kevin you start, then Howie, then Brian, then AJ then Nick okay."
"Well i am 22"
"I’m 20"
"I am 16"
"and i am 15"
And you are..." Nick and Brian said
"who me.." i said laughing
"Yep" Brian said
"I am 15 years old"
"Really same as Nick" Brian said. Then i saw Nick Nick smile cause we are the same age
"So are you guys hungry"
"Sure ashley we can eat"
"okay Kevin, so you guys follow me" i said as they followed me to the kitchen
"so what do you guys want?"
Whatever your having" they all said
"Okay" i said as i pulled all the stuff i needed to make a sandwich.
Chapter 4 by KaosLover123
Author's Notes:
I am sooooooooo sorry you guys for the long wait i have sooo busy and school starts for me soon, so i hope u like this chapter. It's kinda short but i am working on the 5th chapter so i hope it will be up soon.
Enjoy this chapter.
So then Nick said
“so Ashley why did your parents leave you hear” I looked at him while I was making my sandwich
“well I didn’t want to go.. like I just didn’t feel like going.. Why are you asking this you don’t like being here with me?” I said putting on my puppy dog eye look.
“No not that I was just asking Ashley”
Oh okay.. Nick”
“Okay Ashley can I have my sandwich now”
“Geez AJ what’s the hurry”
“Sorry Ashley” AJ said while looking down on the ground
“It’s okay AJ” I said while giving him his sandwich and then he smiled and grabbed his sandwich.
“Okay AJ al good now?”
“Yep thank you Ashley”
“No problem” So as I finished making the sandwiches I sat down and started to eat.
“So Ashley when is your Birthday?” Kevin asked
“Umm…It is January 29th” I said
“Really? One day after Nick’s Ashley”
“Yeah I now Brian” I said laughing
“Well you and Nick are the same age and your birthdays are in the same month.. Weird”
“No it’s not Howie”
“Okay Nick.. Whatever you say” Howie said starting to laugh.
“Hey that is not funny Howie” Nick said starting to laugh a little
“Are you guys always this weird”
“For your information Ashley… umm yes we are… just kidding”
“Okay Nick… I knew that you guys have to act serious at times… Right?”
“yeah of course Ashley” Kevin said
“Okay cause I was thinking that you guys didn’t…. just kidding”
“Okay that is what I thought” Kevin said
“Yeah Yeah I am so sure Kevin” I said laughing. Then I turned around and looked at the clock, it said 6:46AM so then I looked at the phone then back at the guys and said
“So why did my dad say for you guys to stay over these four weeks?”
“Well.. Ashley I think it was because he wanted to introduce us to you or something like that” Howie said
“oh okay” then I heard the phone ring then I ran to it and picked it up.
“Hello” I said
“hello hey Ashley”
“oh my gosh hey andreja what’s up?
“Nothing much just looking at the Backstreet Boys pictures again”
“Man… when will you ever stop looking at there pictures” I said
“Hey unlike me you have all these posters and pictures of them on your wall.. Even though I will have pictures of them on my wall soon”
“Okay Andreja… so what else have you been doing other then looking at The Backstreet Boys Pictures” I said a little loud enough for them to hear.
“Like I said nothing much” andreja said laughing
“Oh okay well I will talk to you later”
“Okay Ashley then I will ask you who is staying over with you”
“Okay Andreja” I said smiling while I turned around to see the guys staring at me
“Talk to you soon okay bye”
“Bye” then I hung up the phone.
Chapter 5 by KaosLover123
Author's Notes:
Okay yall this is chapter 5 i hope u like it, i will work on chapter 6 soon and put it up.

Okay i have to tell you i am remaking the summery and i forgot (stupid me) to add something to the summery that happens a lot later in the story so i will put that up now okay so R&R.Thanxs
“So who was that… ?”
“Why do you want to know.. Nick” I said smiling
“Oh well you said that she is looking at pictures of us” Brian said
“Oh… and your point is?
“Well are point is that is she a fan?”
“Well duh Nick she is looking at your guys pictures” I said laughing a bit while the other guys just smiled and looked at me.
“So what’s her name Ashley?”
“Why do you want to know Nick… you like her more then me now”
“ooohhh she got you there Nicky”
“Shut up AJ”
“I am Kidding Nick” I said laughing while Nick looked at me sad, but I knew that he was just doing that to get me.. So I played along with it.
“Awww Nick I didn’t mean it I swear!”
“Well Ashley that was mean to say, I don’t even know her” he said while he put on a sad face
“Aww Nick” I said while I gave him a hug and the other guys looked at me and I whispered to them
“He is tricking me, so I am playing along” and they smiled
“ Do you believe me know Nick” I said putting on my sad but worried look
“Yes I do” and he smiled at me and they guys were laughing quietly and Nick turned around
“What is so funny”
“Nothing Nick” then he turned back at me and I gave him a peck on the lips and said
“you wanted me to feel sad so I played along with you” I said laughing and he just looked at me with a smile and said
“how did u know that? Oh and thanks for the kiss” and he gave me a kiss back
“I just knew.. I am smart.. Right? Oh and thanks for the kiss back”
“Yes you are and no problem” Nick said and I laughed cause he kissed me back and for what he said
“awww so cute”
“what is so cute Brian?”
“you and Nick.. You guys look so cute together and when you kissed.. That was cute”
“Brian you are just saying that cause you want a kiss from Ashley to”
“Nick.. What! Why would you say that” and I looked at him and I walked to him and gave him a peck on the lips to
“Happy know.. You got what you wanted” I said laughing while Brian looked at me funny
“aww thanks babe” Brian said in a funny tone
“it’s nothing Baby” I said to him while I was laughing.
“Hey what AJ”
“You and Brian got a kiss from Ashley.. What about us three”
“Oh.. Am I senescing some jealousy here? Oh okay to make it even..” I walked to AJ, Kevin, and Howie and gave them pecks on the lips to
“Okay ya’ll happy now”
“Yeppers” they all said
“Boys” I said while I was laughing. Then I said
“well what do you guys want to do? Since we are here for four weeks”
“well whatever you want to do babe” Brian said
“Okay Baby whatever I want to do it is” I said walking to the TV room. Then all I was thinking was
“I think this four weeks won’t be that bad after all”
“Oh Ashley”
“Yes baby” I said to Nick while I saw him blush a bit
“Oh my god.. Is Nick blushing?”
“Shut up AJ.. Anyways I didn’t answer my question”
“What question baby” I said while I was having fun with this
“who called you?”
“Oh that was my good friend Andreja.. We have been friends for some time now.. She is really nice”
“Oh that’s cool babe.. And I thought you only called me baby babe”
“yea it is.. Oh and sorry Brian.. I mean baby” I said laughing while sitting down on the couch turning on the TV.
Chapter 6 by KaosLover123
Author's Notes:
Okay here is the 6th chapter and this is mostly with Nick (lol) so R&R and i hope u like it!!!
So as I was flipping through the channels I saw Nick staring at me then I said
“What are you looking at?”
“What I can’t stare at you Ashley?”
“No you can, but why are you staring at me?”
“Well I … I think your beautiful”
“Wha… what did you say?” I said all shocked and I saw the shock in everyone else’s eye’s
“I said you …. You are beautiful”
“Oh my gosh Nick, stop playing, you …. You don’t really mean it do you?”
“Ye…. Yes I mean it”
“what the fu….” AJ was about to say until Kevin hit him in the back of the head to shut him up
“what the heck was that for Kev?”
“Shut up AJ!! I want to hear what there saying”
“Okay geez, you didn’t have to hit me though”
“Shhhh!!” Kevin said.
“Nick…. Are you serious, I mean you actually think that of me”
“yes I do” then Nick looked at the guys then they knew that they had to go, but I knew that he wasn’t the only one that likes me… But why do they like me to?

“Nick…” I said but he put a finger to my lips and said
“shhh don’t say anything Ashley, I really do like you” he said as he came close to me and brushed his lips against mine and kissed me. I felt like just passing out right there, his kisses are so sweet and just kisses me with such great passion. But then he started to get it going, so he took his tongue and he was trying to enter my mouth. So I let him in and he started to kiss me more passionate and It felt good but kind of wrong at the same time
“Nick!” I said trying to stop him
“Ashley, I want to kiss you”
“Nick stop it!” I said as I slapped him on the face and ran out the door. Then they other guys came in and AJ said as Brian ran out the door and the other guys didn’t notice him leave.
And AJ said to Nick
“What the fuck did you do Nick”
“All I was doing was giving Ashley a kiss”
“But where did she go Nick?”
“I have no clue she just ran out of the house, and I didn’t mean to hurt her”
“But why did you do it Nick?”
“I don’t know Kevin…. I don’t Know”
“Hey… Where’s Brian at?” Howie said looking around, then they heard the door close and Kevin said
“Oh No! He went after Ashley”
“Oh My…. I hope he finds her”
“Shut up Nick, it’s your fault that she is gone”
“Like I said Howie I didn’t mean to hurt her, god does anyone here listen”
“Well let’s just hope that they get back here safely” and they just sat down on the couch wondering where Brian was, and especially me.
Chapter 7 by KaosLover123
Author's Notes:
here is the 7th chapter this is my fave chapter and i hope u like it to, this one is a long chapter and i will make more long chapters.
So R&R thanxs.
“ASHLEY!… WHERE ARE YOU BABE!” Brian screamed as he was walking along the neighborhood and a little close to the wood’s. Then Brian walked a little closer to the wood’s and called out again
“ASHLEY! BABE WHERE ARE YA!” then this time I heard him and said
“Brian! Where are ya baby!”
“I am over here Ashley” then he ran toward me and gave me a big hug, and little tears came to my eyes
“Oh my god Brian I didn’t mean to scare you and the guys, I was just scared and I just need to get out of there. I was just shocked, he just came out and told me that and I didn’t know what to do… I am so sorry baby
“It’s okay babe I know what you mean” Brian said whipping all my tears away with his thumb
“You do Brian”
“Yeah, that happened to me before but I didn’t really did what you did”
Oh okay baby” I said laughing a little
“Ashley… you know that we all have a crush on you right?”
“I was thinking that but I wasn’t sure, but I am like shocked to hear that. I mean how? Why?”
“We just like how you are, you aren’t like the other girls we saw before, and I don’t know how to explain it babe.. But it’s true. And I think since nick never knew a girl like you before I think he just wanted to show you how he felt about you”
“Oh I see know”
“So your not mad at him?”
“I was never mad at him, I was just a little scared, but I’m okay now”
“Okay babe” then he looked at me and he looked so cute, he had on his serious but kind of worry/happy look on his face and he just looked so cute when he put that face on
“Yeah Brian”
“can I…. can I give you a kiss. But not a peck like before?”
“…Yeah…. Yeah you can, thank you for asking”
“No problem babe” he said smiling goofy and brushing his lips against mine and kissing me ever so softly. His kisses don’t even compare to nick’s, Brian’s kisses like show how much he cares and there so passionate to. Then when he slowly pulled back I said
“Brian… that kiss was lovely”
“Thank you babe, and so was yours”
“Thanks” then he gave me another kiss

“Ashley…. Do you love me?
“Well baby I love all you guys, and I certainly love you baby… don’t ever forget that okay?
“Trust me I won’t” he smiled again and I felt like passing out right there, his smile is so beautiful and it makes me weak in the knee.
“So ya do love me… yay!! Cause I love you to”
“awww thanks Brian, I will always love ya and the other guys”
“Yay!! I am loved by the most beautiful girl in the world… Score” then he got up and danced really goofy
“Okay Brian I think the whole world heard you”
“Yeah I think so to” then we laughed then Brian grabbed my hand and kissed it and looked at me a little serious and said
“Ashley… instead of me kissing you this time, how about you kiss me?”
“I am not really good at kissing Brian”
“Well you can’t be bad at that… trust me”
“Okay” so I came close to him, closed my eyes and brushed my lips against his and gave him a kiss. I felt so safe around Brian and like I can talk to him about anything, and kissing him made me trust him more.
“wow…. Ashley, that was amazing ”
“yeah I know” then he looked at me and said
“Ashley…. I really love you, we all do and…. I feel really safe around you”
“I feel really safe around you to Brian” he smiled

“Ashley…. You have to give us all a chance okay? Cause we all like you
“yeah I know, but I love you.. You know that
“yeah I love you to, but you still have to give everyone else a chance… because the other guys told me that they love you to and they would love to be like a friend or your boyfriend”
“wow really, but you guys aren’t jealousy that you guys all like me?”
“Na we just respect that only one of us might be your boyfriend but we will always be you friend”
“Okay…. I know that already..… I love you Brian”
“I love ya to babe” he kissed me again then said
“let’s go back, I think the other guys are worried about us, especially nick”
“Okay baby… let’s go” then he got a hold of my hand and we walked back together hand in hand.

“Oh I hope that there okay” Nick said as the other guys were just sitting on the couch and just thinking
“Well nick, with Brian there with Ashley you know that they’re safe okay?”
“Yeah your right AJ”

*10 minutes later*

“Hey do you guys her that? It sounds like the door opened”
“Yeah I heard that to Howie”
“Wait…. Can it be?”
“Hey guys”
“BRIAN!!” all the guys said then Brian turned around and looked at me.
“Brian… where is Ashley?, I …. I need to tell her something”
“Nick…. She’s right here”
“ASHLEY!!” the guys said as they looked worried but happy at the same time. Then little tears came to my eyes and I said
“oh my god guys I am sooooo sorry that i ran out, I was just so shocked that I didn’t know what to do….” I looked at Nick
“Nick… I…. I am sorry for scaring you like that, and I am sorry for slapping you”
“No Ashley I am sorry, I shouldn’t have done that so quickly, I should have asked you first and it’s okay I deserved it” he said putting on his puppy dog look
“Aww your so cute when you do that” then he smiled, and I said to him
“is it okay if I give you a kiss Nick?”
“Yeah that’s fine, I’d like that”
“Okay” I said laughing and giving a soft and passionate kiss on the lips.
“Wow Ashley, you are some good kisser”
“No I’m not.... i suck at it”
“No your not”
“okay I’m not” then we started laughing and Brian said
“Hey babe what about me”
“Hey you had your share of kisses already” then Nick looked at me
“you guys did huh?” the nick smiled at Brian
“Brian I thought that you wanted to wait a while till you would kiss Ashley… but I guess not”
“Hey, it’s not my fault when you are with a beautiful girl like her”
“Yeah true… true”
“Okay guys I have been called beautiful to many times okay”
“Okay” they all said and I was glad to be back.

“Hey Ashley”
“Yeah AJ”
“Can I have a kiss to like you gave Brian and Nick?”
“Sure thing Buddy” I said as I gave him a kiss
“wow, you guys were right she is a good kisser”
“Shut up” I said laughing
“Now… what about you to” I at looked at Kevin and Howie
“Yeah I think me and Howie can go for a kiss”
“Okay whatever you say” then I walked up to Kevin and gave him a kiss, but this was a little longer then the other but I am glad no one noticed
“Okay Howie your turn” so I walked up to Howie and also gave him a kiss, a little bit longer then Kevin’s and still no one noticed. Then I looked at the clock and it said 5:10PM then I said
“wow time flies when your kissing does it?
“yeah that is what it looks like babe” Brian said and I was glad that for right now, that I feel loved… by four guys, but mostly from Brian and Nick. I am still going to see how it goes with the other guys but right now Brian and Nick, and AJ to are the main ones for right now.
Chapter 8 by KaosLover123
Author's Notes:

Here is chapter end notes of why i didnt add this one for a while...PLZ R&R thanks

So then I looked at Brian and then at Nick and said
“so what do ya guys wanna do?”
“hmm… let’s see know” then AJ said
“hey guys move back let Nick think”
“Shut up AJ”
“Okay” then he was laughing
“Well Ashley do you have an video games?”
“well lets see Brian… I have lots of video games that my brother and sister play, I mean I play at times but not all the time”
“Oh really that cool Ashley”
“Well Nick.. I guess it is but I never really played video games in a while, cause I use to beat my brother and sister in video games”
“nu uh” Brian said
“yes huh, that is so true Brian”
“Oh yeah well show me”
“why? You can’t make me” I said as I was walking slowly to him
“Yes…oh yes I so can” Brian said walking slowly to me
“oh yeah then go right ahead…baby” I said to him in my sexy voice. Then he flashed his sexy smile and came to me and pick me up and asked me
“why do ya have to make this so hard Ashley?”
“cause I wanted to… Gotta problem baby?”
“uh.. Nope not really… I love to pick you up”
“umm babe this is your first time you picked me up”
“oh really… oh well you might want to get use to it”
“oh really…why?”
“Cause I will be doing this often”
“oh okay baby” and I smiled at him and he asked me
“so where is the Nintendo at?”
“umm… I’m not telling”
“oh yes you will”
“okay… it’s downstairs”
“okay.. Come on guys, lets she what she can do” so the guys nodded and they followed Brian downstairs while Brian still had me over his shoulders. While we were going downstairs Nick said to Kevin
“hey Kevin do ya see something going to between Ashley and Brian?
“uh yea I do, well they are good friends and they do seem like they have a good relationship”
“oh okay I was just making sure”
“Okay…why did you ask.. Wait… nick are you jealous of Brian?”
“what me? No… I’m not jealous” but all Nick was thinking of was
“ why does Ashley hang out more with Brian then with me and the other guys? Does she love him a lot more?” Then he just stopped thinking about that and he just thought that we were just friends and that I was going to pick him to be my boyfriend… but who knows.

“Brian put me down this instant!”
“why baby girl?”
“Baby girl? that’s a new one”
“yeah I know, but I’m still gonna call ya babe ok?”
“Okay cool baby… uh but can ya put me down now?”
“well hold on till we get down the stairs”
“ok okay geez” I said smiling while we reached the last step and he put me down and I said
“why thank you baby”
No problem baby girl” then he gave me a soft kiss and then the other guys came down the stairs. Then when Kevin saw us he cleared his throat and said
“well are you guys gonna go play that video game or what?”
“Oh yeah thanks for reminded us Kevin”
“No problem Brian” then Brian grabbed my hand and pulled me to the game room to see how good I am at playing video games
End Notes:
Ok all i am soooo sorry for not posting..with all these hw and school i havent had time..i know this is short but i was gonna work on it more but i didnt have time so here is chapter 8 PLZ R&R thanks.
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