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Summary: When my parents family leave for vacation i am left alone for four weeks, but first i am Ashly Kikilidis i am 15 years old and a fan of the Backstreet Boys i have always had a crush on them but mostly Nick and Brian mostly Nick though but i have been starting to like them all even though i do love them all but differently if that makes sense. Anyways when my family is gone i didnt know that my dad gets... gets...The Backstreet Boys to watch me...Oh My gosh i was so suprised.

But what happens when i find out of the first couple of days that i learn that they have a crush on me...ME are you kinding little old me and Nick, Brian, AJ, Howie and Kevin all like me...wow what a shocker... So when they leave i am really sad cause i will miss them dearly. Five years later my dad calls me and tells me to come home cause he has a suprise for me so now i am 20 years old now my dad calls me and tells me to come home for a while..wtf..but anyways i go home and Oh My Gosh the guys are there..Oh My God it had been so long since i last saw them..all i am thinking is

"do they still like me" do they are dont they?...Read and Find Out..

(I suck at summeris)
Rated: R
Categories: Fanfiction > Backstreet Boys
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Genres: Romance
Warnings: Graphic Sexual Content
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Chapters: 8
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Word count: 4778
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Published: 08/02/07
Updated: 09/27/07

1. Chapter 1 by KaosLover123 [ - ] (408 words)
This is the first Chapter of this story. And there is little about bsb, but in the rest of the chapters there will be okay. I hope you like it. It is not that long right now but i wont be here till Sunday so i will update them okay.

2. Chapter 2 by KaosLover123 [ - ] (236 words)
Okay sorry for the long wait, i was out of town last week and i didnt have time to post more. So here is the second Chapter so leave some Reviews also tell me what u think at ashleykik@comcast.net okay.

3. Chapter 3 by KaosLover123 [ - ] (546 words)
Okay all u have been waiting for the 3 chapter LOL Thanx u all for ur nice comments it means alot to me. I hope u like this next one.

4. Chapter 4 by KaosLover123 [ - ] (507 words)
I am sooooooooo sorry you guys for the long wait i have sooo busy and school starts for me soon, so i hope u like this chapter. It's kinda short but i am working on the 5th chapter so i hope it will be up soon.
Enjoy this chapter.

5. Chapter 5 by KaosLover123 [ - ] (652 words)
Okay yall this is chapter 5 i hope u like it, i will work on chapter 6 soon and put it up.

Okay i have to tell you i am remaking the summery and i forgot (stupid me) to add something to the summery that happens a lot later in the story so i will put that up now okay so R&R.Thanxs

6. Chapter 6 by KaosLover123 [ - ] (508 words)
Okay here is the 6th chapter and this is mostly with Nick (lol) so R&R and i hope u like it!!!

7. Chapter 7 by KaosLover123 [ - ] (1399 words)
here is the 7th chapter this is my fave chapter and i hope u like it to, this one is a long chapter and i will make more long chapters.
So R&R thanxs.

8. Chapter 8 by KaosLover123 [ - ] (522 words)

Here is chapter 8...read end notes of why i didnt add this one for a while...PLZ R&R thanks