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Troubles for Traveling Backstreet Boys: Water Rescues, Arrests, and Hospital Visits in Boulder
Pop Stuff Online - Tobias Winterson

The Backstreet Boys' nomadic Trio - Brian Littrell, Nick Carter, and Amanda Golde - have been facing their fair share of difficulties over the last couple of days in Boulder, Colorado.

After bungee jumping from a footbridge during their Lost Paddle River Adventures tour, they faced the danger of accelerated white caps in the river, which caused member Brian Littrell to be thrown from the raft. Witness to the event, co-adventurer Lee Coulter, 53, whose family shared a raft with the trio, said that Littrell was rescued by the heroics of his best friend, Carter. "[Nick Carter] dove into the water without any hesitation," Coulter explained in amazement.

Carter, who is a certified scuba diver, pulled Littrell back to the raft.

Recent news has revealed that Littrell was checked into the local hospital less than 48-hours later, and speculation has arisen suggesting that Brian was suffering from shock after taking the dive into the ice-cold river water.

If these troubles were not enough, an interesting bit appeared in the Denver Post's account of Boulder's police log:

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter was
arrested after being pulled over
for driving with a busted tail light.
The pop star was found to be
driving illegally without a license
on his person, and when presented
with the $300 ticket, became highly
emotional and was brought in to the
station after ripping up the ticket.
Bail was posted and the Backstreet
Boy left within two hours. The incident
will not be put on his permanent record.

When Pop Stuff Online contacted the Backstreet Boys' manager and ex-member, Richardson refused to comment.

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