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“So you haven't told me any more about this magazine you are working on, and the possible move to London.” AJ asked while they rode to the karaoke club together. He had so much fun the last time they went that he jumped at the chance to go with Karin again. This time they were dressed as retro pinups. Karin dressed as Rosie the Riveter, make-up done in the forty's style, red bandana over her curly brown hair. She borrowed a blue dress shirt from him, and he had to admit she liked how his shirt looked on her and hoped that he would get to see her only in that shirt later.

This would be AJ and Karin's fourth date, though they had an intense make out session they had not moved further than that. AJ hoped tonight would be the night.

“Well as of right now I am working with the editor on getting the magazine off the ground. I did the make-up for a runway show this past weekend and we talked about me getting to hire an entire team for another one. It's so exciting to be in on something from the ground floor.” She grinned at him and placed her hand on his thigh. “I love your outfit,” she laughed.

AJ was wearing a shirt that looked like it was a retro poster. A man was dressed as a fisherman with his thumb up. Across the top it said 'Fishing' and across the bottom it stated 'the way to a man's heart is through his fly.' She leaned in and planted her lips on his, pressing firmly.

“Maybe later we can see how well this one fits you too.” AJ whispered after she pulled away.

“Perhaps.” She winked at him as she sat back in her seat.

“What are you going to sing tonight?” He asked playing with a stray curl from under her bandana. He blew on the hair slightly, encouraged when he noticed the goosebumps appear on her collar.

“I was thinking Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy for my first song, but I don't know if I will be able to sing another tonight.”

“Why is that?” His finger had trailed from her curl and was now tracing her jawline.

She smiled at him and reached for the door handle. “We're here.”

“You little minx.” He muttered to himself as he watched her get out of the cab and wait for him on the sidewalk. He exited and slid his arms around her waist to walk into the club together.

AJ watched Karin as she smiled as others song renditions of many different songs. Karin explained to him that the theme applied more to the dress than the songs sung that night. “When are you getting up there?” He probed.

“After you.” She laughed. “You will have no chance of getting out of it tonight.”

With a smirk of his own, AJ stood when the the microphone emptied and marched to the stage. This is for my saucy 'lil minx.” He winked in Karin's direction, taking note of the blonde behind her waving at him.

Karin laughed when she realized the song he was singing from the deepening of his voice and the first few lines.
“Hello baby, yeah, this is the Big Bopper speaking. Oh you sweet thing. Do I what...Will I what....Oh baby, you know what I like.” He broke into Chantilly Lace gyrating and winking his way around the audience.

“That was awesome,” Karin kissed him when he returned to the table.

“Your turn.” AJ smacked Karin's ass as she walked towards the stage. He watched her move towards the stage only to be beaten out by another singer. Instead of heading back to the table, she waited her turn, a line formed deciding what songs to sing, AJ had inspired more people to join in the singing.

AJ decided to get a drink while waiting for Karin to get on the stage. He moved towards the bar and barked out his order and waited for the bartender to finish serving the person next to him.

“That was fantastic.” a soft voice said in his ear as he waited.

AJ turned to face the blonde that had waved to him while he was on stage. “Hey, thanks.” He said and turned back to the bar.

He felt the girl's fingers brush his arm. “You got me hot.” She whispered directly into his ear.

AJ perked up at this, and turned back to the girl taking in her appearance. She appeared to be no more than twenty-five, her sleek body dressed for a night out, blond hair cascading past her shoulders. “What brings you out tonight?” He asked, ignoring the drinks now placed in front of him at the bar.

“It's my zero out bash.” She held up her wrist, the timer showing a mere one hour and thirty minutes to go, exactly the time until midnight. “Tomorrow I meet my one and only, I am out for a wild night out. I see you have a timer, you aren't out for a zero out bash either are you?”

He held up his timer, 1015 days, 1 hour and 30 min. showed on the display. “Nope.”

The girl's smile widened. “Perfect.” Her entire hand was running the length of AJ's arm now, the light touch on his skin was enticing. “I want you to be my final fling before I find my true love, if that's acceptable to you.” Her voice was almost a purr in his ear.

Karin's voice singing into the microphone grabbed AJ's attention away from the blonde. “I'm flattered, but I am here with someone.” He waved his hand towards the stage, grabbed the drinks and started to head back to the table.

“I will be here until closing if you change your mind.” She squeezed his arm one last time and turned back to her group.

AJ made it to his table in time to watch Karin preform the song she said she would, receiving a huge response from the patrons watching.

“Fantastic,” AJ held her tight when she returned to the table. “Are you ready to head out of here?” He nuzzled her neck, the curl escaping from under her bandana was turning him on tonight and he wanted desperately to be alone with Karin.

“If you'd like.” She grabbed her stuff and his arm and pulled him towards the exit.

AJ caught a quick glimpse of the blonde that flirted with him earlier, she pouted and waved sadly to him as he went out the door with another woman.

The entire drive back to Karin's place was hot and heavy, AJ was sure the cab driver would need to get home and take a cold shower after dropping them off. They reached her door and AJ moved to join her inside. “Coming up?” She pulled him closer and kissed him deeply. “I want to show you something.”

Excited about what it was Karin was going to show him, AJ followed her like a puppy up the stairs to her apartment. When they reached her door, she couldn't unlock the door fast enough. As soon as they entered he was enveloping Karin and placing kisses all over her face and neck. Karin laughed and pushed him away, “Just a second.”

She moved towards the table and held out a magazine for him. “Unless it has an article on how to be a better lover I am not in the mood for reading.” In two quick steps he was holding her tightly again.

“AJ, this is the magazine I work for now.” She put it between her face and his lips. “I wanted you to see it before it hits stores next week.”

Humoring her, he took the magazine from her and flipped through it. “Nice.” He muttered and tossed it back on the table. “Is that the 'only' reason you asked me up tonight?”

“I am going to New York in two days.” She blurted out.

“What?” He stepped back and looked at her. “For good?”

She shook her head, “No, only for a training course in using different techniques in applying make up.”

“How long?” He couldn't believe it, she was leaving, right as he was getting to know her.

“Two months.”

“Two months to learn how to apply make-up? Couldn't you take a class here?” He wanted her close, he wanted to be back in her arms, he wanted to be in her bed right now, not discussing make-up classes in New York.

“The one I need is only offered there. I wanted to tell you earlier, but I didn't want to ruin your night.”

'Too late,' he thought. “Karin, I am going to head out.” AJ opened the door and started down the stairs.

“I was hoping you'd visit.” She called out after him but he was already out the front door and hailing a cab.

He dropped his head into his hands as the cab drove towards his place. He didn't understand why it upset him this much that she was going to be gone. He wasn't looking for a serious relationship. Sure she was fun to be around, but he wasn't looking for a serious relationship. There would be enough of that when his timer zeroed out.

“Zeroed out.” He muttered.

“What was that?” the cab driver asked.

AJ asked the cab driver to switch directions, practically jumping out of the cab when he arrived. He ran back into the club and scoured the room. He spotted her dancing with a group of girl friends on the floor.

“Hi.” He said after walking up to her. She stopped and smiled at him. Taking her hand in his they moved towards the exit and out into the night together.