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They went into the restaurant and the waiter pointed them a table. They sat down and the only thing Irina could look at was his face. He was so beautiful and so sweet. She couldn't believe she hadn't recognised him. She felt so ashamed and hoped he didn't think she was weird. She just never really watched football, because she had bad memories of it. Ofcourse she knew who won the world cup and everything, but she just didn't care about the rest. All she wanted right now was just sit there with him talking about other things than football.

Cristiano looked at Irina and wondered what she could be thinking about. He also wondered why she obviously didn't want to talk about football. They had a great night. They talked about everything but avoided the subject of her family or football. They didn't talk about Real Madrid or Portugal and for once Cristiano realy liked that. By the end of the night, he felt like he had seen her more than just two times. His heart beated faster everytime they looked in eachothers eyes. What is happening to me? He thought. I have never felt this way before. Ofcourse he had girlfriends, but he was never in love with them. They were beautiful girls but there was never any more to them than just their looks. He really liked Irina and he didn't know how to handle this feeling

When they finished, Cristiano payed and they went outside. He took her hand again and they started walking through the city. ''So did you enjoy the food?'' He asked. ''Yes i loved it'' ''How was your time with your brother?'' She looked down and Cris really wanted to know what was going on. ''Not great'' she said. ''I'm sorry you don't have to tell me'' ''But i want to'' She said. Cristiano smiled at her, and she started to talk. ''My parents divorced when i was young, my father cheated my mother and i was the one who found out. My mother got into an depression and my father left home for 10 years, so my brother basically raised me. Two years ago everything changed. My dad came back and my mother seriously considered taking him back, which is what she's done as you know they now live together here in Madrid. I'm still so mad at him for just coming back and expect everything to turn back to normal. Then my brother got a girlfriend, who i really don't like. I feel like I've lost that one person i need the most right now. I feel like i have no family anymore. All he cares about is his stupid girlfriend and my mom just acts like the last 10 years never happened.'' They were both quiet. ''I'm so sorry'' Cristiano said. ''I'm sorry I don't like football'' She said. ''It is probably the most important thing in your life''. ''Yes but it's okay'' He answered. ''Why don't you like it?'' ''I always used to go to football matches with my dad when I was young, when he left I never went there again, and i always avoid the subject everywhere''. Cristiano stopped walking, and they were standing beside a fountain. It was a really romantic place. Cristiano looked into her eyes and she looked back. He thought about if love at first sight really did exist. He never believed in all that crap before, but now he wasn't sure anymore. He wasn't sure about anything. Then he leaned forward and kissed her.