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Nick Carter’s Point of View

“Brian, why is Donnie insisting that his daughter is our opening act? No one even really knows who she is. I’ve never seen her in the tabloids and I’ve never heard her music.” I sighed as we sat around Brian’s lounge room discussing our part of the NKOTBSB tour.


We had decided we’ like Jordin Sparks as the opening act but the New Kids on the Block kept insisting that Donnie’s daughter Maddy should be our opening act because she was an up and coming singer. Our debate to that was, Jordin is a better-known singer and will amp up the crowds better for when we all come out to perform because we have found that if we open with lesser known bands, the crowds are disappointed. We struck a deal with the boys that we would let Donnie’s daughter audition and Jordin would too. The tour manager was going to decide the person who will be opening for the tour.

“You know Nick, you could end up being friends with her if she comes on the tour. Don’t judge her so fast. You’ve never met her before.” Howie replied.

“Shut up Howard.”
“Nick, we know you’re bitter because you broke it off with Lauren but just be a bit more open please. This isn’t just our tour. Who knows, maybe Maddy could be hot and you could fall head over heels for her and realise Lauren was a total bitch and you don’t miss her at all.” AJ suggested.

I had just broken up with my girlfriend of two years, Lauren Kitt about a week or so ago because the guys didn’t like her and you can’t really work in the environment I do and be in a relationship with someone who your best friends don’t like. I was bitter, yes but I realised life had to go on. I was thirty and mature. I don’t need the guys reminding me of my mistakes every day. I’m so tired of it.


Maddy’s Point of View

 I went back upstairs and tried to finish off my album thank yous. On my computer screen I had up old album thank yous from the NKOTB albums as ideas for what to say. Dad always had the bible passage at the start of his thank yous. My brothers and I were brought up Catholic but once I turned eighteen I stopped going to Church. I figured why pursue something if I really don’t believe it? Dad didn’t mind, he told me it was my life and I could do and believe what I like.


Fame will go by and, so long, I've had you, fame. If it goes by, I've always known it was fickle. So at least it's something I experience, but that's not where I live.  – Marilyn Monroe

Being a Wahlberg has never been easy but for every tear and every happy moment, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Now at twenty-two, being a Wahlberg is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Not for the fame, but for the feeling of family. My Dad is the most loving Father ever, he would do anything for his kids and he has helped me so much over the years. Through all the sport competitions and the music lessons, the friendship dramas and the boy dramas, he has always been there. My Uncle Mark, he’s been there for me at times when I couldn’t tell Dad anything, he’s taught me all I need to know about acting and how to be a Wahlberg. My two step-brothers Xavier and Elijah, thank you for dealing with all my crazy issues and thanks for all the talks late at night and all your input on this album. To Jordan, Jonathan, Danny and Joey, thank you for being a second family, for being there through everything, for answering all my late night phone calls, for letting me have some input in your albums and for all the music lessons. It’s thanks to you guys I am where I am today. To all the people at Interscope Records, thank you for believeing in me and not just signing me because I’m “Donnie Wahlberg’s Daughter”. I’m going to prove to everyone that I’m not a spoilt girl whose using her Dad’s fame to become famous. Thanks to everyone who buys this album, I hope you enjoy this album and can relate to it because that’s what the whole point of writing music is for me, for everyone to relate with it somehow. It doesn’t matter if it relates to an old relationship, a new one, your family, a friendship, a hard time you went through or even a happy time. Just enjoy the music because there is so much more to come.

Lots of love for always,

Madeline Wahlberg xx


I emailed the thank yous to Dad to send off to Interscope and I went downstairs again and sat at the breakfast bar with the boys.


“Okay so Maddy, we need to come up with some auditon material. You so deserve this opening slot.” Jonathan said enthusiastically.

“When is the audition?” I asked.

“Two days…” Dad replied quietly.

“Two days?! What?”

“Well we need to have all the details for the tour by Fridays so we have three days and that way you have a day to find out and we have a day to organise it and work it into schedules.” Jordan sighed, “It’d be so much easier if they just listened to us and let us have you open.”

“It’ll all workout in the way it’s meant to happen.” I replied.

“So Maddy, you need to perform two songs. I’m thinking you should do Fantasy and your version of Two in the Morning.” Dad suggested.

“Who is actually judging the auditions?” I asked.

“The tour manager, so there’s no bias.” Danny reassured me.

“Alright, that’s okay then.”
“Tomorrow we’re going to take you to meet the BackStreet Boys so it won’t be as awkward.” Joey said before he took a sip of his beer.

“Brilliant, because I totally want to meet the guys who don’t want me to open for them because I’m just a nobody.”
“Maddy, they’re actually really nice guys. You’re just going to have to talk Nick around. He’s a bit of a douche sometimes. It’s more Nick than the others you’re going to have to talk around. He has a bit of a bee in his bonnet at the moment cause he broke up with his girlfriend.” Jonathan reassured me.


That night, I couldn’t sleep. I sat up in Dad’s studio out the back of our property just playing around on my guitar, practicing for the audition. I was actually really nervous about meeting the BackStreet Boys. As a childhood fan, it was always a dream of mine to meet them. At premieres with my Uncle Mark, I always saw them in the distance but I never introduced myself. I mean who would want to meet a simple girl from Boston?

I heard footsteps coming towards the studio. I looked out the window and there was Dad coming towards the studio. I kept playing and when he walked in, he sat next to me on the couch.

“Are you alright gorgeous?” Dad asked.

“I just can’t sleep and thought I’d better practice for the audtion.”

“I have a feeling it’s more than that. I read your thank yous before. They’re really good. But seriously Madeline, is there something more going on?”
“No Dad, I’m fine.”
“You know you can talk to me about anything.”

“I know Dad. I promise I’ll tell you if something is up. I’m just nervous about the audition is all.”
“You’ll ace it baby. You deserve it more than Jordin does. This will sky rocket your career. Hers has already hit the big time.”

“Dad, maybe she deserves this more than me. I have never performed in front of a big crowd, she has.”
“It’ll be good practice for you.”


I put my guitar down and just snuggled in Dad’s arms. I know I’m too old for this but  sometimes there are just times when I need a hug from my Dad.

“Baby girl, I know things are starting to become hectic and everything and I promise I’ll be here every step of the way.”
“Thanks Dadda. I’ll go to bed now.”
“Good idea baby, it’s three in the morning. We’ll head off to meet the boys at ten okay?”
“Alright, when do Xavier and Eli get back from Kim’s?” I asked.

“They’re staying for another three weeks. They don’t get back until your birthday.”
“Oh brilliant.”
“Yeah I know right, she knows how to ruin everything.” Dad sighed.

Chapter End Notes:

so here's the next chapter. sorry it took so long. I've been having a bit of a rough week. I hope you enjoy it. it's a bit of a filler before Maddy meets the BSB :D Please review I guess x